A Sirens Voice

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Chapter 7

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Koe's pov:

I packed a suitcase of everything that I needed and grabbed my phone, charger and my earphones then headed off to meet everyone at the bus. I didn't bring my headband, but I did have my sunglasses on so I noticed Midoriya and everyone else and went up to them.

"Koe-kun, are you excited for this trip? I heard Class 1-B is also coming." I nodded my head I put my stuff on the buss and had a conversation with my friends before we left. I boarded the buss and sat alone while I played on my phone and noticed Bakugou's friend group was across from me. I looked at the window then felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Kirishima beside me.

I smiled at him, "Hey Kirishima, what can I help you with?"

"Well I was curious about this since you came into our class, but I noticed you have some tattoo's as well as some piercings that I noticed as well."

"Ahh well my mother come from a long line of an ancient water tribe, so when I came of age I was given the tattoo's as well as the scarification on my arms. As for the piercings, I just wanted them"

I grinned at him, my smiley piercing probably poking out a little bit. I also had a tongue piercing as well as nipple piercings and a frenum piercing, which I did myself. He blushed and giggled while rubbing the back of his head and then went back to his seat. We reached our destination and we all pilled out of the bus and was met with pro hero's the Wild Wild Pussycats.

I noticed a little boy standing with them that looked like he wanted noting more then to cuss someone out. Next thing I know, the ground under us collapsed and all of us landed near a forest. I looked around and noticed a monster not far from us that Mineta was running straight too. Midoriya saved him and we all ran into the forest and started defeating the rock monsters that one of the hero's created with their quirk. I took my jacket off and I defeated one after the other and got there ahead of everyone else.

Once I reached the destination, I saw Aizawa, the Wild Pussycat's and the kid. They were all shocked that I arrived first and then three minutes later Bakugou, Midoriya and Shoto arrived, followed by everyone else. I went over to Midoriya and offered him a towel. He took it and smiled at me and I ruffled his hair.

"Tch" I heard Bakugou say as he stomped off. One of the Pussycats started meowing weird and then pointed at me, Iida, Shoto, Bakugou and Midoriya then pounced towards us. I just stood there until we all stalked off towards a dinning hall with everyone else. I got my fill of food and said my thanks before stalking off towards the hot springs here.

I was the first one here so I sat down in the water and leaned my head back. I looked around and started singing ( I imagine my characters voice sounds like the singer Steelix or Alec Benjamin).

Lay your head on my pillow x2

Lay it down x3, oh lay it down

Lay your head on my pillow

I ain't Casanova, me and Romeo ain't never been friends

But tonight girl I'ma show you how much I love you

Let the party begin, I'ma do something I never did to you girl

I'ma turn you out, I'll show you a new you girl

Tell your friends you ain't coming out to tonight

Wrap your hair girl, tie it up tonight

Lay your head on my-

"Woah Koe, your so good!" I heard the sound of Midoriya yell out and I jumped on surprise. I quickly closed my eyes and looked towards them. I smiled nervously and sat on a rock. I saw Midoirya come towards me and we began talking until I heard a commotion over to my left and noticed Mineta's aura scaling the wall. I shook my head and got out of the water and changed into my sleep wear. I brushed my teeth then sat down outside and looked at them moon.

"Pretty isn't it?" I looked up and saw one of the Wild Pussycats and looked back at the moon.

"Yes, it is."

"Your eyes are beautiful as well, they shine brightly when looking at the moon." I smiled and thanked her.

"You better get back inside and go to sleep, you have a busy day tomorrow" I nodded and went inside heading to my bed. I covered up and went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


I got out of bed and changed into my workout gear and put on my two finger hand gloves, my middle and ring fingers are covered and headed out to the training field.

"Koe, you're training with me today since you already know how to fight. We'll be using weapon training, like how mine is a scarf and yours is that portable staff."

I nodded and followed him to a location away from the other students. I took my portable staff out and clicked the button in and it extended all the way. Aizawa got his scarf ready and we both got into position.

"Let's get started" he ran towards me and I dodged his attack and swung my staff at him. He quickly dodged my attack but not before I got a hit on him. He skidded back and stopped while I did a staff trick and landed in a fighting stance before I dashed at him attacking him with my staff. We fought with each other until it was late in the afternoon and headed back to camp.

I took off my dirty clothes and washed myself then put on some lounge wear, which was black joggers, a loose white V-neck shirt and some slip on vans. I went outside and started helping everyone make dinner. We all sat down and started eating while conversing with one another.

"So Koe-kun, how's your training going so far?" I looked at Midoriya and thought about it.

"To be honest, all my and Aizawa's been doing is fighting against each other with our weapons because he said I already know how to fight, I just need more practice with my weapon."

Midoriya looked at me in surprise and wonder and I smiled at him. I helped clean up everything with the others and headed to bed.


"You're getting better at this, keep it up and come at me with more force and power."

"Yes sir!"

I rushed at him and started attacking him with my staff, getting in some hits here and there, until he wrapped his scarf around my arm and I went flying towards him. I quickly stuck my arm out and punched him in the face and jumped away from him. He wiped his mouth and spit blood out of his mouth and smirked at me.

"I think our training is done for today" I nodded and he patted my head and we both went to camp in the late afternoon where everybody already was. I ate my food and helped clean up, but we were soon lead to a part of the woods for a type of training. I was in my lounge wear when we were told to come here. we split up and I went by myself until I smelt smoke in the air. I quickly turned around to go back to the starting point but was met with a villain.

They cackled at me and grinned, "we have orders to take you in as well as a Katsuki Bakugou and take down any others who stand in our way, so come quietly" I took my staff out and unclipped it then pointed it at them and dashed towards them, landing a hit in. They grunted and snarled at me before charging towards me. I dodged their attacks and attacked them back landing a few hits. I finally thrusted my staff forward and hit him in the face, knocking him out.

I hear clapping not far from me and I turned around to see who it was and was met with a tall man with black spikey hair and looking like a burnt piece of ham.

"Pretty good for a kid"

"Hmph, I didn't know that I had "get a compliment from a burnt piece of ham" on my bucket list"

He barked a laugh and smiled a wide smiled at me. He snapped his fingers and a man with a hat and mask came out of no where.

"Greetings, I am here to whisk you away"

"Not a chance." I lunged forward and started attacking them with my staff. They dodged all my attacks, but managed to get a few hits on me. I stepped back breathing heavily and wiped my face. I got in a stance about to attack them until I felt a hard hit to the back of my head. I hit the ground hard with a loud thud, the feeling of hot blood running down my face and neck.

"He was on the list so bring him" was all I heard before I fell unconscious.

Third person's pov:

Koe landed with a hard and loud on the ground, blood pooling around his head as he goes unconscious. Compress takes out a marble and puts the unconscious boy inside of it. He turns to Dabi and takes a bow before leaving to go find the other person on their list. Katsuki Bakugou.


After everything settled down, Midoriya was getting treatment for his wounds at a hospital, all the while everyone was worried about Bakugou, and everyone until they realized something. You were missing.

What did the league want with Koe? What will happen to him? and most of all, they were wondering how they were going to get Koe and Bakugou back.

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