A Sirens Voice

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Chapter 9

I’m finally done with my exams and can finally publish this chapter! Enjoy!


Aizawa’s pov:

I watched as Koe’s eye shut and his body going limp. His skin going paler as the minutes ticked by, sweat clinging to his forehead. His heart monitor beeping slowly until it flatlined.

“We’re losing him!”

I watched worried as the EMT’s did everything they could to revive Koe and stop his bleeding before the doctors at the hospital could save him there. After about three minutes of trying to jump start his heart, it finally started beeping and I let out a long sigh and sat back down. He let out a gasp as his eyes flew open, glowing a dull blue before disappearing, the water and sweat from his forehead that I just noticed floating in the air around him before it fell to the floor and him passing out again.

“I’ve never seen someone awaken a second quirk before, and although rare, a hidden quirk can manifest from trauma. He might have PTSD so I suggest getting him therapy and possibly an emotional support animal or service dog to help him. He might not like that idea, but it will help him calm down if he has an attack or a flashback and do not let him hear or even listen to any of the songs that he sang, it could trigger an attack.”

Aizawa knodded and followed the nurses and doctors inside the hospital, waiting outside the operating room. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep waiting for the doctors to come out and tell me his diagnosis and what needs to be done when he wakes up.


I jolted awake and looked at the doctor and stood up.

“How is he?”

The doctor sighed, “we were in surgery for four hours. He had shattered rubs, a broken collar bone, an artery that we had to remove it was so badly damaged and a deflated lung from the broken rib pieces piercing it. We removed the broken pieces and fixed his lung as well as everything else. He’ll need therapy to regain his strength in his arm since his collar bone also affected it.”

I nodded and sighed heavily, “we’ll do everything we can to get the help he needs. Can I go in a see him?” the doctor nodded and I went into his room. He had a tub in his mouth to help him breath, bandages wrapped around him and his skin a deathly pale. I ran my fingers through his hair, a little damp from the sweat but still soft. I sat down in a chair beside him and just watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful right now.

“Glad to have you back, problem child” he whispered out.


Koe’s pov:

I pried my eyes open then quickly shut them again as a blinding white light invaded m vision. I opened my eyes again and blinked away the blurriness and looked around. I was in a hospital room as I saw the heart monitor then realized I had a breathing tube in my mouth as well. I saw Aizawa sleeping in a chair beside me and I weekly reached my hand out to touch his hand. He quickly shot his head up, eyes landing on me before he quickly pushed the button beside my bed and ran out of the room.

A nurse quickly rushed in followed quickly by Aizawa.

“Koe-san! you shouldn’t be awake this early since your injuries are major. You need to rest some more.” I looked up the nurse as she began fussing at me and worrying and I just fell back asleep as she continued to talk. It felt so good to sleep. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes again that I saw Aizawa and Present Mic signing some papers. I tried to sit up, but the machine beside me let out continuous loud beeps giving me away on what I was trying to do.

Aizawa looked up and quickly walked over to me and gently pushed me back down, “you still need to rest. You can’t get up just yet but I can help prop you up so you don’t do it yourself and open your wounds.” I nodded and he propped me up with some pillows and sat down beside me.

“We need to discuss some things with you. Even though you don’t talk at all unless you need to, I noticed that on your file that you didn’t put down your parents. Why?”

I grabbed a notebook and started before showing them the page, “My parents died when I was a young age. I blamed myself for their death because of my qurik and how my eyes looked. It wasn’t natural from what my mom told me since she grew up and was raised by a group of people who mainly had water type quirks. So when mine developed, she was surprised but also disappointed so I didn’t talk anymore after that unless I needed to and she didn’t like my eyes either. The markings I have I was born with apart from the scarification on my arms, legs and back. I got those at the age of four when my quirk appeared since it is tradition where my mother is from.

After they died, family relatives and even the people my mom grew up with wanted nothing to do with me. They made it clear when they beat me so the point of hospitalization. My mother wasn’t in a hurry to stop those, she thought it might toughen me up as I grew older. After that, My family died from an accident and I stayed in the house my parents lived in because it was already paid off. I’m still treated differently by some people I pass on the street for how I look, some even go as far as to try and beat me. But since training with you, I’ve gotten better.” Aizawa and Present Mic stared at me for a minute before looking at each other.

“Plus, I kept having dreams of my parents and siblings before they died, mostly my mom and me when I was younger before everything happened” speaking in a nonchalant voice and shrugged.

They both looked at each other, “how would you feel with us adopting you? Me and Hizashi have been married for a few years and already have a son. We already saw you as one of our own and you always worry me.”

I smiled as I felt tears burn behind my eyes and I nodded. They both smiled and gently hugged me. I felt happy.


A few days later, I was able to leave the hospital after some healing treatments and the nurse telling me I need to come back once every week for therapy to regain muscle movement in my arm. She also told me that I had gained a quirk, a trauma induced one at that. I can now manipulate the weather and nature apparently, which was cool. I loved nature.

“While you were in your induced coma, the school built dorms for the students to stay in because of the incident. You can decorate your room however you like as well. Your on the fourth floor. Don’t push yourself when your decorating.” Aizawa rubbed his head and lead him to the dorms where no one was.

“Everyone is busy right now since it is a Saturday. We bought some stuff for you for your dorm, I hope you don’t mind.” I looked at what they had bought for me and I smiled as I saw all the plants they had.

“I like them.” I said while I hugged them and and began to take them to my room and began decorating and completely changing the room all together.

(Here’s what his room looks like)

Once I was done with everything, I looked at the time and saw that it was almost five o’clock. My stomach growled so I went down the the ground floor and headed to the kitchen to make something to eat. I grabbed some ingredients and began to make some tomato basil parmesan crisps and baked parmesan shrimp. Once I put them on the oven I sat down on the sofa and played on my phone.

“Ohhh something smells heavenly! Bakubro, did you leave something in the oven until we got back?”

“Hah? Of course not racoon eyes!”

I looked up and noticed the class had come back and almost instantly did a majority of them notice me. The Deku Squad ran over to me and gently hugged me as most of my bandages can be seen from under my shirt.

“Koe-kun! We missed you! Oh my gosh we were so worried and scared after what we saw broadcasted to the nation. How are you feeling?” Midoriya sat down beside me as he started to check me over and worry. I ruffled his hair, “I’m fine.”

He smiled at me as the worry washed away from his face and he hugged me again and everyone else came over to see how I was doing. “Ohh and before we forget, Mineta was kicked out of school. They expelled him.” Tsu said with a smirk on her face said and I smiled and laughed. Good, he needed expelled.

Once everyone sat down in a seat or went to their rooms or the kitchen, I got up and began taking out the food and setting up the table for those who wanted to eat, which was everybody.

“Mmm! This is so good! It’s like heaven in my mouth.” Jirou said as she let out a blissful sigh. Everyone quickly ate their food before I gathered the plates and put them in the sink to wash them. I didn’t notice that Bakugou came up behind me along with Kirishima as I was cleaning plates.

“Oi.” I yelped and almost dropped a plate before turning around to look at them. I tilted my head in questioning and Bakugou gently grabbed my arm and began to lead me away from the kitchen. They both took me upstairs before both of them turned to look at me.

“We just wanted to say that we’re both happy that you’re safe and back again. We want to tell you something important and serious. You were always in our peripheral view, never leaving it until that day. We want to tell you this so you don’t leave it again or us. We both like you. Romantically.” Kirishima rushed out and Bakugou scowled at him before looking at me and nodding. I smiled widely at them and hugged them both.

“I like you too.” I whispered out and they both hugged me tightly in their arms as I felt their faces in my hair and nosing my shoulders. I let out a breathy laugh and pulled away from them before taking them back down to the ground floor where everyone was waiting.

“So since you moved in today, we want to see your room! It’s tradition now!” Mina yelled out and I smiled at them and lead them to my room. Everyone gasped at my room. Plants littered the room as well as some other things like incense, meditation spot. The floor however was made of a rock flooring tiles.

“This room is amazing! Best one I’ve seen so far!” I laughed and went over to the plants. I felt them buzzing with life, like a happy hum when I touched the leaves and they even moved a little. I stroked a leaf and walked over to my bed and sat down. It was past nine o’clock and I was tired.

“Ok you extra’s, out of the room so he can go to sleep.” Everyone left except Bakugou and Kirishima. The walked over to me and stroked my head gently, which made me want to sleep even more.

“Do you want us to stay with you in case anything happens?” Bakugou asked and I nodded my head. I scooched over to make room for them and they got in beside me. Bakugou wrapped his arms around me as well as Kirishima. I closed my eyes as I felt peace wash over me as my eye slid shut, not worrying that in the night, my dream will turn into a nightmare.

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