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BOOK 3 IN THE REMEMBER SERIES A new girl in town brings bad news to the brothers and they need to figure out what they can do to help her stop the war between two clans. Clans that have been fighting since the beginning of time.

Fantasy / Romance
Mama Hoe ♥️
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The moon was full and lit up the night sky, little to no clouds floating by and the stars sparkled as I watched them. The sky had always been beautiful to me even during a storm. It seemed to be the only thing that was able to calm me. Just the smell of rain took my emotions and smoothed them out, getting rid of any emotions I didn’t want to feel.

I breathed in and enjoyed the faint smell of food mixed in with the gentle breeze flowing through my hair. I knew that I would be called back to the house but I liked to be alone. I didn’t trust many and those who I did trust, knew when to leave me alone. The only one who got away with most things was Willow. She knew of my past and what I had been through. She understood me more than others ever did.

Just like her, I was an unwanted offspring. One that was against the rules. Growing up was hard for me. My parents always tried to make me chose sides, so I wasn’t treated like an outcast, so when I ran away they understood what side I took. My own. I wasn’t going to pick a side because I was part of both of them. They both loved each other and found it difficult to raise me. I was half-vampire and half-werewolf. I was a gift to them but a curse to others.

I sniffed the air once more and licked my lips before jumping down from the rock I sat on. I walked through the trees listening out for animals roaming around under the night sky. Most of the time they avoided me because they knew I could kill them with ease if need be. I didn’t kill animals because I was one myself. I was sad that they didn’t come near me but I guess they learnt from previous experiences when faced with a wolf.

I picked up the pace and jumped over fallen trees heading in the direction of the house. I licked my lips as the smell of food got stronger and I started to run, enjoying how the breeze hit me and rushed through my fur. I shot through the forest at a fast pace, faster than any other werewolf and I got closer to the house.

I came to an abrupt stop and went on my hind legs peeking through the kitchen window. Xander was standing at the cooker stirring something and his brothers were sitting around him, watching him, waiting for the food to be ready. I huffed, as I hoped that they weren’t in the kitchen when I got back but I had no choice but to walk past them.

My clothes had been folded up on the step by the backdoor and I sniffed them, wondering who had done that for me. I quickly changed back into my human form, ignoring the snaps and cracks of pain as my bones snapped back. I shivered as the breeze hit my naked body and I stuffed myself back into my clothes and pulled half of my hair into a ponytail. I slipped my boots back on and opened the back door.

The vampires looked up at me and Xander was the only one to smile.

“Are you hungry?” He asked, “I’ve made enough food for you,”

My stomach growled before I could turn it down, and I cursed at myself. I looked up at him and nodded “I’ll eat,”

“Emily and Willow are setting the table,” He said, “You can wait with them. I need to speak to my brothers,”

I nodded once more and walked by the brothers who were glaring at me. Theo and Leo were the only ones who didn’t glare but I wasn’t sure if they trusted me. I knew that Theo didn’t. He didn’t like me because I had snapped at his mate. It wasn’t intentional but she didn’t shut up and it was pissing me off.

Funny thing was, she wasn’t even talking to me. She was just talking and talking. No one seemed to care about how much she talked. It was only me. I snapped and I could feel her fear as I shouted. I had no idea why she was so scared but it made me feel guilty. I had wanted to apologise but Theo jumped to her defence as any mate would. I walked out before I lost my temper and locked myself in the room wishing I had more control at times.

I walked into the dining room and the girls looked up at me. Emily stopped smiling and she carried on with what she was doing. Willow looked at me then at Emily, obviously wanting me to say sorry.

I sighed “Emily, can we talk?”

“I’m sorry,” She said, and I frowned “I know I talk a lot sometimes but I can’t help it. I won’t talk as much. I don’t want to annoy you,”

“You shouldn’t say sorry,” I muttered, “You did nothing wrong,”


“I didn’t mean to scare you,” I said looking at her, “I snapped because I hadn’t changed into my wolf form for a while. The tension builds up if I don’t change for a while and I snap at the smallest of things,”

“Oh,” She said, “Well, are you feeling better now?”

“I don’t want you to be scared of me,” I said, “Willow likes you, so that must mean you are a good person,”

“She’s a loser,” Willow said.

“No, you are!” Emily argued “You are turning into Leo and it’s becoming weird,”

“I am not!” Willow said, “You are just like Theo and-”

“Thank you for folding my clothes, Emily,” I said and she looked over at me “I didn’t realise who it was until now. You smell like strawberries,”

Emily sniffed her arm “I always wondered how people can tell because I can’t smell me,”

“You won’t,” Willow said, “You’ve been a vampire long enough to know that. Shit. Does Theo not teach you anything? Apart from different sex positions?”

“Stop being so mean to me!” Emily exclaimed, “Why is everyone being so mean to me today? Leo flicked my forehead, Max threw a cushion at me, Aaron stole my seat, Callum turned the channel not letting me watch a film. Xander said I couldn’t eat the food in the fridge and Dylan said that I snore, which I do not!”

“You really are on one today,” Willow laughed, “So, what did Theo do?”

Emily pouted slightly “He laughed at what his horrible brothers did to me,”

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