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what would you do if your kingdom is under attacked would you stay and fight for your family and kingdom

Briana Marquardt
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Chapter 1

once upon a time there lived a royal family in a beautiful castle in france everything was as perfect as can be for a royal family but princess Aria felt like something wasn't right. She went to her parents Queen Grecia and King Zander to tell them that wasn't right but her parents didn't believe her all her parents said is “ nonsense im sure its nothing Aria” nobody believed her. There is still one person that Princess Aria could tell her younger brother Jax. “But it is hopeless he’s just a little boy what will he do” says Princess Aria.

Maybe her grandma and grandpa would believe her. Queen Grecia says “Aria are you sure that this feeling you have is true”. “yes i'm sure mom” says Princess Aria “then go and find out what it is take one of the flying horses or jaquin” says Queen Grecia. As Princess Aria gets on a flying horse she is having second thoughts about going on this mission her faOmily could be grave danger and she wouldn't be there to save them just to make sure she goes to check on them.
Queen Grecia says “Aria you should be gone by now” “i know i am just checking to make sure that everything is okay mom” says Princess “Aria everything is fine now go” says Queen Grecia “okay mom i'll be back before you know it “says Princess Aria “okay stay safe and be careful” says Queen Grecia

. As Princess Aria takes off on her mission she's thinking what would happen if this feeling she has is true what would it be “there's only one way to find out” says Princess Aria. she's getting close to her destination she hears something down below her she lands to find out what that noise is it's just a little girl playing her flute as she gets back on her flying horse back to where she was when she gets there she visits the wizard

“Maybe she could tell me what this feeling” is says Princess Aria. once shes inside she feels something isn't right but she ignores the feeling and talks the magical wizard

excuse mrs wizard says Princess Aria “I have a name you know” says elizabeth “oh sorry what's your name” says Princess Aria “its Elizabeth” says wizard Elizabeth. “Elizabeth i am wondering if you could tell me about this feeling i have” says Princess “of course my dear please step forward” says wizard Elizabeth.
as Princess Aria steps forward to the wizard she is in grave danger now because she stepped right into a trap but she doesn’t know it yet. “Oh my” says the wizard “what is it” says Princess Aria “i sense that your family is in great danger” says the wizard “what do you mean by that” says Princess Aria “i can’t tell you that you must go now before it's too late” says the wizard “too late for what” says Princess Aria “i can’t explain that” says the wizard.

As Princess Aria gets on her flying horse and heads back to her castle she realizes that the feeling she had is real she should have known now what will she do once she gets there. The evil wizard planned the whole thing but the princess didn’t know it “oh that princess is so global it's too bad that her kingdom will be mine soon oh i can’t wait to finally live somewhere other then this” says Elizabeth. Once the princess arrives at her castle she goes and checks on her family once more.

Princess Aria says “mom and dad i’m home” Aria your back i thought something bad was going happen to you” says Queen Grecia “no mom i’m fine don’t worry” says Princess Aria. Hopefully she wasn’t too late to save her family from great danger. “Did you figure what that feeling you had was” says Queen Grecia “yes the wizard told me that something dark is coming to take over our kingdom” “oh my what do we do” says Queen Grecia.

Princess Aria and her family only have a matter time before that darkness comes to take over their kingdom. “Wait you went the wizard” says Queen Grecia “yes why” says Princess Aria “that wizard is bad news Aria” says Queen Grecia “why says” Princess Aria “that wizard is evol ever since we kicked her out of the castle she wants to over kingdom and vanishes us to where we can’t to get to her or do anything to stop” says Queen Grecia

“it can’t be she helped me mom” says Princess Aria “i know you dont you want to believe it but it's true she wants to vanished dancing and singing along with us as well” says queen Grecia. The darkness is getting closer to them what will they do to stop the wizard from taking over their kingdom “i’m sorry mom” says Princess Aria. “it’s okay you didn’t know i should have told you before you went there” says Queen Grecia. There only one thing they can do stop the wizard from taking over their kingdom there's a special spell they must cast to vanish her but will they find the spell in time to vanish her forever. “Aria go to up to the tower and ask the royal wizard for a vanishing spell “says Queen Grecia “Okay mom” says Princess Aria.
As she reaches the top of tower she asked the royal wizard for the spell Alan “i need a vanishing” spell says Princess Aria “i’m sorry princess i don’t have a vanishing spell” says Alan “what you don’t know what do we do” says Princess Aria “i did hear legend about that spell being hidden somewhere in the castle princess” says the Alan “great did it tell you where the spell is hidden”says Princess Aria “no it didn’t sorry princess” says Alan.

as the princess goes searching for spell around the castle she is running out time there’s only a matter of time before it’s too late will the princess find the spell in time to safe her kingdom she goes to her mom. “Mom the royal wizard doesn’t the spell” says Princess Aria “how is that possible” says Queen Grecia “he did tell that the spell is hidden somewhere in the castle but it doesn’t where it’s hidden” says Princess Aria “what are we waiting for let's get searching we don’t have a lot time” says Queen Grecia.

As they go searching for the spell it's too late the evil wizard is already there “what do we do now mom” says Princess Aria “there’s only one thing we can do “says Queen Grecia “what’s that” says Princess Aria. “FIGHT” says Queen Grecia. “I found the vanishing spell” says King Zander “how did you find it dad” says Princess Aria. “ i remember your great grandfather told me a story about it when i was little and i just looked where the story told me to look” says King Zander “but how” says Princess Aria. “it's easy just follow the hints there’s hints all around the castle that would lead to the spell” says King Zander. Well looks like the king found the spell but does he know how to use it. “Dad do you know how to use the spell” says Princess Aria “no but i know who does” says King zander “who” says Princess Aria “the royal wizard he knows how to use it go get him for me” says King Zander “okay” says Princess Aria. As the princess gets the royal wizard they head back the stairs and head outside to cast the spell that spell saved the day and the royal family and their kingdom is saved and evil wizard Elizabeth vanishes forever and they all lived happily ever after,
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