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To The Red Line

By Farah-Aalia Abdul Jalil All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Mika, a young amnesiac knight, who lives in the Military Kingdom of Luyas in Fulaina, the Human World. One day, while on an important mission to a neighbouring town, she encountered a group of Spirits - a blood-thirsty race that was said to have mysteriously disappeared during the Great War decades ago! Now they are back seeking revenge against mankind. Suddenly, Mika's world turned upside down as she is forcefully thrown into an unknown world filled with war, conspiracies and hidden secrets. Trapped between the world once she knew, and a long forgotten past, Mika must races against time by travelling to the end of the world to put an end of an incoming war between Mankind and the Spirits... (COMPLETED)

Chapter 0: The Beginning


Heavy footsteps storms harshly on the marbled floors of the empty hallways. A strikingly handsome and young Spirit King in his late twenties, wearing a piece of heavy golden armour with a family’s crest, a phoenix, printed on his chest, was running at the empty hallways in rapid speed.

With a humanised face and sharply pointed ears, he listened to the echoing and loud sound of his heart beats. His long dark maroon, tied in a high ponytail, was swing left and right as he passed through the hallways, then the corridors, and finally, he reached his destination: a dark coral painted door awaited him.

Panting heavily from the run, his trembled left hand slowly reached out to the doorknob, and held onto it for a moment. Taking a deep breath, the King mentally prepared himself for what lies behind the door.

Breathing out and at the same time, he turned the doorknob.

Two figures whom he knew and trusted with his life stood at the centre of the private chamber, stared back at him. One of them, was a tall, young male Spirit wearing a silver knightly garb, with the same phoenix-printed crest on his chest, while the other one was a beautiful, slender young woman clad in a semi-full white garb that covered most of her body parts, with an exception of her face.

She wore a silver silhouette of three wolves protection plate on her forehead.

The young King cautiously took a few steps forward. He had been told earlier, by the messenger about the bad news. Yet, he refused to believe.

But now, seeing the sorrowful expression on his two most trusted subordinates’ faces as they stood before him with a word, made him realised the news was true after all.

“The Queen?” The King asked, in a hoarse-breaking tone.

The male knight approached the King with steady steps. He stopped in front of the King, raised his hand onto the latter’s shoulder, and gently said, “My deepest condolences for your loss, my King.”

Choked on words, the King lowered his head and wept. While usually, he would never allow anyone to see him in his weakest state, he could no longer hold back his emotions at the tragic loss of the love of his life.

As the young King continuously to weep, all the sudden, a hand gently touched his shoulder. He looked up and met with a kind gaze belonged to the woman.

“Her Royal Highness the Queen may have gone to Heavens, Your Majesty. Nevertheless, she didn’t forget to leave you an honourable gift.”

The young woman began gently pulling him toward a small cradle not far away from her. Inside, there was a little pink bundle. The King abruptly froze when his eyes met with the pink bundle.

“Ferid,” said the male Chevalier informally behind him. He patted the latter’s shoulder and smiled encouragingly.

“Go on.”

Ferid swallowed the big gulp that was in his throat and nervously marched forward to the cradle. His expression slowly changed from grief to joy when he took a peek at the infant bundled in the pink blanket, sleeping soundly.

Gently as he could, Ferid picked the sleeping infant and carefully held it in his arms.

“I have... A daughter.” Ferid said softly.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The woman nodded. “May I present to you, The Crown Princess and future Queen of this kingdom.”

A smile broke on the grief-stricken King’s lips as he pulled the infant closer and repeatedly kissed his newborn child.

“There’s more, Your Majesty.” said the male Spirit nervously behind him. In his arms, he carried another infant wrapped in a blue bundle.

The King’s smile froze. His eyes grew widened at the sight his subordinate was holding in his arms.

“Son?” Ferid whispered.

“It was truly unexpected, Sire. The Oracle did not predict!” Golden eyes looked down worriedly at the male infant in his arms, who began to cry furiously.

The male knight softly cooed the infant in his arms, before putting him down inside the cradle beside his twin sister. Eyeing the infant twins, he decided to ask.

“What will you do with the little one now, Your Majesty?”

He trusted him. He trusted him since the day they befriended years ago when he was just a servant boy while his father had been the previous Queen’s advisor.

Ferid looked at the newborn infants blankly.

Twins. Not just any twins, but fraternal twins.

A deep frown formed on his forehead. It was rare within the Royal Spirit family to have a pair of twins, let alone, fraternal twins.

Moreover, the births of female members of the Royal family would be celebrated in such grand and excitement throughout the Kingdom as it was strongly believed that female Spirits royals were destined to bring great prosperities and fortune to the kingdom and the entire Spirit World.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the male royals as their counterparts, for he was believed to bring destruction and bad luck to the kingdom and the entire world.

For a while, the deep silence tension grew between the trio. His two subordinates held on to their breaths - waiting anxiously for the King to make his decision.

The male knight refused to barge from his spot, near the cradle - in case the worse possible thing could happen, he was prepared to defend the little Prince from his own father.

Meanwhile, Ferid gazed down with a deep frown, upon the two infants in the cradle. Deep emerald eyes gazed intensely at their faces before a wide smile broke his lips.

“We’ll keep them. Both of them.” Approaching the cradle, Ferid reached out one hand and played with the Prince’s small and fragile fingers.

“No child of mine would bring such horrible bad lucks nor destruction to his nation or even the entire world. This Prince shall rise and helps to rule the kingdom together with his sister. Keeping it safe and sound from any unwanted threats.”

His two subordinates let out a long relieved sigh upon hearing his words.

Smiling at his King, the male knight asked, “What will you name them, Your Majesty?”

“I will name them… Makai and Mika. ‘Makai’ means ‘The Guardian’, whereas,’Mika’ means ‘The Future’s Light’, in our mother-tongue, Ancient Aspaniac. These two shall be the hopes and protectors of our future.”

The two subordinates nodded before saluted to the King and the two newborn royals.

An announcement was soon made about the births of the future Queen and the Prince throughout the whole Kingdom and beyond. The news of the newly born fraternal twins caused a great shock and different reactions amongst the public.

Most of them thought a great catastrophe would soon befall them should the Prince continue to live. Very few of them accepted the birth of the Prince with an opened heart.

News of the newborn twins eventually reached the ears of the upper-class men in Fulaina; such as the great leaders of the world. Some of them were happy to learn about the birth of the twins while others despised and even cursed them.

Time moved on fast. Before long, Princess Mika grew up in a loving environment and adored by her people. They looked up to her not only as their princess, as well as the one who destined to bring great Prosperity and fortune to the Spirit World - ‘the Chosen One’.

Unfortunately, the same kind of treatments did not apply for her twin brother.

While the Princess lived in a carefree lifestyle, surrounded by people who adored her, Prince Makai was forced to live in an isolation, for the sake of his own safety as there were many who dared to execute an assassination against him, by all means necessarily.

Even when the odds were against them, the relationship between the two royal siblings never stirred. They had a good and healthy relationship, and they were very close and supportive of each other.

On his part, King Ferid had made sure that the twins shared the same amount of love and respect from him and the servants in the Castle. Any ills-manners and words about the Prince spoke by any of the staff would be punished immediately.

As years went by and political issues rapidly arose, the King became more concerned and feared greatly for the safety and welfare of his children. Thus, in order to keep the twins safe, he had unwillingly arranged them to keep away from the public’s eyes, and confined them in a private Manor, away from the castle. He had left them a cook, few servants and knights around the heavily secured compound.

The twins lived in peace and quietly inside the manor. The only regular visitors they received over the years, were the King and his loyal personal bodyguard and advisor, whom they had affectionately referred to as ‘Uncle Leo’. Never once were allowed to step outside of the manor’s compound, with an exception of a special occasion such as birthdays.

Every year, King Ferid would throw a private grand celebration on the twins’ birthdays at the castle.

It wasn’t until on the twins’ seventh birthday where things had changed dramatically. On that same year, a war broke out between the Spirits and mankind. Blinded by selfishness and greed, men had kidnapped the Spirit’s crown Princess and wanted the prophecy for themselves.

The war was later known as the ‘Great War’. The battlefield that had taken place, was later known to many as the ‘Red Line’ - a passage between Fulaina and the Spirit’s World.

The long and hard battle between the Spirits and mankind lasted for months before an unknown force landed in the middle of the mist battlefield. It caught both sides off-guarded with an unstoppable powerful blast, thus, ending the war.

Mankind miraculously survived the blast. However, the same could not be said for the Spirits as they had mysteriously disappeared with leaving any traces at all.

Nobody knew what happened to the Spirits or where had the powerful blast came from.

After the Great War had ended, a magical and powerful seal was being placed by a man known as the Master Oracle Khulai, on a portal that connected the Spirit World and Fulaina, in order to keep the two races apart from colliding with each other ever again.

As time went by, men slowly picked up themselves and rebuilt their lives after the Great War. Very few of people knew about of the existence of the Spirits and the good and friendly political relationship they once had.

Those who had lived through the war swore not to ever forgive nor forget what the Spirits had done to their homes and families. They whispered bad words to the young ones, feeding their loathes and hatred toward the Spirits.

As years went by, the existence of the Spirits and how it had mysteriously disappeared during the Great War, was forgotten by men…

Until now.

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