To The Red Line

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A Chosen One. Trapped in a war against time. Her Past Forgotten. Her Destiny unknown. Mika, a young amnesiac knight, lives in the Military Kingdom of Luyas in Fulaina, the Human World. One day, while on an important mission to a neighbouring town, her team encountered a group of the blood-thirsty creatures known as 'Spirits' that said to have mysteriously disappeared during the Great War between mankind and the Spirits, decades ago. Now, decades later, filled hatred and rage, the Spirits return and sought revenge against mankind. Trapped between the world she once knew, and long forgotten past, Mika's world suddenly turned upside down as she is forcefully thrown into an unknown world filled with war, conspiracies and hidden secrets.

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Prologue: The Birth of the Twins

THE Universe contained two realms: The Human Realm, Fulaina, and the Spirit Realm.

The leaders of the Five Kingdoms in Fulaina and the Spirit Royal Family have forged a peace treaty known as the ‘Humanity-Spirit Treaty’. For centuries, these realms have lived in co-existence in peace and harmony.


Heavy footsteps stormed harshly on the marbled floors of the empty hallways. A young Spirit King in golden armour with the Spirit family’s crest printed on his chest ran speedily across the empty corridors. He listened to the sound of his heart beating loudly against his chest. Long maroon hair that was tied in a high ponytail swung swiftly as he hurried to reach his destination before finally, he stopped at the dark coral painted door.

The Master bedroom.

With trembled hands, the Spirit King slowly reached out to the doorknob and held onto it for a moment. Taking a long deep breath, he exhaled and slowly turned the doorknob. Dark emerald eyes caught instantly the attention of the two figures standing at the centre of the private chamber. Both whom the King trusted with his whole being, gazed back at him.

Before the Spirit King could utter a word, one of them, a tall and bulky knight with the same Phoenix-printed crest on his chest, approached him. The knight raised his hand onto the latter’s shoulders in a firm grip.

“I’m sorry, Ferid. We… Couldn’t save her.”

King Ferid fell on his knees. Head lowered and hands covered his hands, he wept in grief for losing the love of his life: his beautiful Reliana.

The King continued to weep like a lost child when a gentle hand reached out and gently touched his shoulder. Ferid slowly looked up and met with a beautiful, slender young woman clad in semi-full white silk attire that covered most of her figure. The woman held a sad gaze.

“Though Her Royal Highness the Queen may have gone to the Heavens, we mustn’t forget the gifts she’d left us behind, Your Majesty,” The young woman spoke gently, tilting her head at a small cradle behind her.

Ferid instantly froze.

“Your Majesty,” the male Knight cleared his throat. With a firm pat on the King’s back, the knight smiled encouragingly.

“Go ahead.”

Ferid swallowed hard and nervously approached to the cradle. His expression slowly changed from grief having to lose his beloved Queen, to a sad smile. His heart filled with warmness as his eyes laid at the sight of an infant wrapped comfortably in a pink bundle, sleeping soundly.

Gently, the Spirit King lifted the fragile newborn and carefully held her in his arms.

“May I present to you, The Crown Princess and future Queen of this kingdom.”

“My daughter,” Ferid whispered softly, tears rolling down his cheeks. A smile broke on the grief-stricken King’s lips as he kissed his newborn on the forehead.

“There’s more to it, Your Majesty,” The knight behind him cleared his throat. In his arms, he held another infant wrapped in a blue blanket.

Ferid’s eyes widened, gasping softly.

“A double blessing, Sire. Even the Oracle did not predict this forthcoming.”

Golden eyes gazed down at the infant in his arms, who woke up and began to cry furiously. The knight softly cooed the infant in his arms, before placing him inside the cradle, beside his twin.

“What shall you do with the little one?” The knight asked cautiously.

Ferid frowned deeply.

Fraternal twins, in the Spirit traditional custom, is a rare blessing. Parents who were being blessed with fraternal twins would often in dilemma in choosing those two. At times, the family would cast away from society due to the Spirits’ traditional belief that females born would bring endless prosperities and great fortunes while males born are cursed and would bring great misfortunate to the family.

The Spirit Royal Family is no exception. It was rare enough within the Royal Spirit family to have a pair of twins, let alone, fraternal twins. The birth of a Princess would be celebrated in a grand ceremony filled with joy from the people throughout the entire realm, whereas male infants would often be burned alive or even killed. Those who did survive the misfortunes would never dream to inherited the Throne and be forced to send away for an arranged political marriage.

Thick empty silence between them grew as time passed by. The two subordinates held to their breath while waiting anxiously for the King’s response. The male knight refused to barge from his spot nearby the young Prince who was sleeping soundly. He’d prepared to lay his life and even went as far as raising his own sword at the man whom he’d sworn to protect, should the latter choose to get rid of the infant.

Ferid turned his gaze upon the two infants in the cradle. Deep Emerald eyes stared intensively at their peaceful sleeping faces. A broad smile broke his lips.

“We’ll keep them both,” Ferid reached out one hand and played with the Prince’s small and fragile fingers. “No child of mine is cursed. This child is the product of love that the late Queen and I have conceived. This Prince shall rise and helps to rule the kingdom with the future Queen. Both of them shall keep the nation safe and sound from any unwanted threats.”

His two subordinates let out a long relieved sigh upon hearing his words. Smiling at his King, the male knight proceed by asking.

“What will you name them, Your Majesty?”

“I shall name them... Makai and Mika. ‘Makai’ means ‘Protector’ while ‘Mika’ means ‘Future’ in our mother-tongue, Ancient Aspaniac. These two shall be the hopes and protectors of our future.”

Nodded at the King’s declaration, the two subordinates saluted at the King and the newly born twins.

SOON, news of the Queen and the birth of the fraternal twins circulated around the Kingdom. Many were deeply saddened by the late Queen’s passing. In their grief, however, the Spirits were pleased to receive the happy news of the birth of the future Queen. When it was announced that the future Queen has in fact, a twin brother, it caused a great commotion. Many feared the catastrophe that would befall them should the young Prince continued to live. Hence, they demanded the young Prince to be executed.

Meanwhile, when news of the fraternal born twins reached the ears of the upperclassmen and the great leaders of Fulaina, most of them accepted the twins with joy while others cursed them out of fear. Fearing for the safety of his children, King Ferid unwillingly had ordered the twins to stay away from the public’s eyes. He had arranged to build a small private Manor, within the castle.

Years when by and though the twins were confined most of the time in the manor, they were inseparable. They lived happily while keeping each other’s company. The only regular visitors they’d often received over were the King and his Royal Advisor and personal bodyguard, whom they had affectionately referred to as ‘Uncle Leo’.

Never once were they allowed to step outside of the manor’s compound, except for a special occasion such as birthdays.

It wasn’t until the twins’ seventh birthday when things had changed dramatically. On that same year, a big scale war known as the ‘Great War’, broke out between the two realms. Blinded by selfishness and greed, the humans had sabotaged and kidnapped the Spirit Crown Princess.

The battlefield that had taken place later known as the ‘Red Line’— a passage between Fulaina and the Spirit’s World.

The long and endless battles lasted for months — close to a full season before an unknown force landed in the middle of the battlefield. It caught both sides off-guarded with an unstoppable and powerful blast, hence, ended the Great War.

Miraculously, mankind survived in the blast. The Spirit Army, however, had vanished completely without any traces. Nobody knew what’d happened to the Spirits that fateful day.

A magical powerful seal had been placed on a portal that connected the Spirit Realm and Fulaina to keep the two races apart from colliding with each other ever again, by a man known as the Master Oracle Khulai.

Time went by, men slowly picked up themselves and rebuilt their lives after the Great War. Very few people knew about the existence of the Spirits and the friendly political relations they once had with the World Leaders of Fulaina. Those who had lived throughout the war had sworn not to ever forgive nor forget what the Spirits had done to their homes and families. They’d spread horror stories about the Spirit to the young generations, feeding theirs loathes and hatred toward the Spirits.

The existence of the Spirits and how it had mysteriously disappeared during the Great War, were soon erased and forgotten completely by mankind…

Until now...

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