The Emmerals: Frozen Burg

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Luca and Alex Hunter are twins. There are rumors that twins have some sort of telepathy ability between them. Well for this brother and sister there is more than just telepathy. Its a whole new and undiscovered world filled with forces they have never seen before. So when they find out that their father was taken from them by the malicious Drazor, they must make alliances and fight for the freedom of their father. Will it be a happy ending? or will it lead to a terrible ending that all begun because of a curse.

Fantasy / Other
Jonah Miles
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The Beginning

Centuries ago before your grandmother had tea with the Queen probably not, hurtling towards earth in the distance, was a meteorite.

And as it passed along the earth, it caused strange anomalies, like volcanic eruptions, spontaneous fire bursts and boiling of water bodies.

Luckily it headed, towards the North Pole. It crash landed deep into the icy underground.

Now as Years go by, World scientists are looking for a renewable and better source of energy. Now a group of workers from the Directory of Human Resource Researchers. (DoHRR) received intell that a powerful energy source was spotted in the Arctic.

Intruiged, they sent 6 of there best workers to handle the project.

These were William, Theresa, Ju li, Bruce, Kinyan, Jane.

With other workers, they went to the Arctic and set up a station. They were able to locate the source of the energy and were appalled.

It took a month to drill a hole big enough to to reach it. And surprisingly instead, the hole filled up with green liquid. And they immediately found out it was toxic to humans after an unfortunate event. Poor John.

So they all needed to wear protective suits.

Now being in the Arctic, means that it is always cold. The closest they got to warmth was when they each went to test the substance they had found.

Thats all they ever did, test, test, test. And to Bruce, it was beyond unbearable. The levels were always constant meaning nothing exciting happened. The only thing remotely funny that happened was when he pulled a prank on William.

One day, he got tired. The room were the substance was, was always sealed. And as a rule, they weren't allowed to bring in anything alive.

Bruce decided it was a good idea to bring in a dead rat. He thought.

They said don't bring anything alive, but they didn't say anything about something dead.

With an evil grin spread across his face he snuck the rat in, during his shift.

In a hurry he put on his suit, forgetting to zip it up. He entered the room and was met by a powerful stench, in his mind he thought it was the rat.

He leant over the substance and just dropped the dead rat. Nothing really happened, so he just sat and saw it sink. He pouted.

Suddenly Kinyan bursts through the door.

"Bruce, what are you doing?"

"I haven't done anything. Why do you assume I did something?"

"Well one of the workers saw you and they thought you were up to your shenanigans."

Then Bruce whispered to himself. Must be Rachel, that snitch.
His thoughts were stopped by the sound of bubbling and burning.

"Do you smell that? Something is burning?"

"I don't smell that cause I'm wearing the suit, and how would... Bruce!!! Step away from the edge.... NOW!!?!"

Kinyan looked shocked. When Bruce turned to see what he was looking at and he realised, that he was the one on fire.


Kinyan run to the com and called for back up. Th2n he went to try and help Bruce. He then noticed that Bruce's suit wasn't zipped up.

"Bruce, calm down. It seems that you never zipped up before entering, maybe..."


Just then the rest of the team came rushing in. And were alarmed to see what was happening.

Bruce was running around flailing and screaming "IT BURNS"

Then Ju li asked him. "What did you do?"


"Buce we need to know what happened."

"Ughh, fine I, brought a dead rat and dropped it into the goo..."

Jane face palmed herself. "Bruce, there are rules for a reason."

"Yeah but it was a dead rat, it wasn't alive."

They all shook there heads. But Theresa started to worry.

"Wait, but how come, it didn't react when you put in the rat?"

He rolled his eyes as Ju li was bandaging him.

"Am I supposed to know?" She still wasn't convinced.

So just they were about to leave, something jumped out of the goo. When they went closer to take a look .....


Splashing all pf them with the goo. Bruce got the worst of it. He was started running around then he slipped and fell into the goo.

Everyone else was panicking trying to rub off the goo but it was burning through their suits. When they saw Bruce fall in the went historical.

The alarms were blaring. Help was on its way, but not fast enough the goo started bubbling, Bruce was in excruciating pain. Imagine a million bees, ten scorpions, and a thousand fire ants... it was a hundred times worse.

The others forgot about themselves and tried to help him. Ju li ran to the controls.

"Guys, its levels have risen at a high rate, if we don't get out know, thus building will explode...."

As if on que the building started to rumble... worles were evacuating as quickly as possible. Only they remained.

"GUYS... WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!!!" William yelled.

"BUT WE CANT LEAVE BRUCE..." Theresa yelled back.

He made a rash decision as chips of the building started to fall into the goo splashing more on them. At this point there suits were burnt off and it was burning there skin they couldn't hold on to the rope any longer.

William said. "We have to leave him..."

They all yelled at him. "ARE YOU CRAZY... WE CAN'T_"


They weren't going to but the rope snapped and they and The last words Bruce heard as he sunk were. "Goodbye Bruce"

Down he went as the anger burnt his skin.


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