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HI!! I am rose, and my age is... I don't know what's my age because I never counted

Let me tell you a secret about me I am an angel I help humans and take death people soul to heaven, human can't see me but I can see me..let's start my story


TEACHER-You all in my cabin right now

TEACHER- why you all have to always fight can't you live without fighting and you lee (Sorry for disturbing let me introduce myself I'm lee the son of principal of this school no one knows that he is my father I like to make musics but my parents never understand me so I decided to live my life by my own) if I see you all fighting again I will kick out all of you..understand!

(Students walked out)

HEON-lee you are lucky that teacher came

LEE-I know who is lucky..

HEON-you little.....

LEE-let me introduce my biggest enemy 'heon' I have so many reasons to dislike him but no reasons to like him..
(Lee was handsome and charming every girl has a crush on him)

SUJIN-lee I listened that you fight did you hurt yourself let me see..

LEE- no I didn't you can go
(She is sujin my father friend daughter only she know about my father)

SUJIN-okay..if you want anything call me.. bye lee♡

( after school Lee was going home when he was crossing the road he was wearing a headphones suddenly a car came and he was going to hit lee then suddenly everyone was freeze then the angel appears and help lee)

LEE- what happened just now?
(And he started walking)

ROSE-AISH...what a human I helped him and he didn't even thanks me oh...I forget that he can't see me..I wish I was human should I give it a try? Let's go to

( is a angle who handle all the angel he is most powerful angel) Are you here ( appears) I want to ask you something!!

MR.KIM-what you want to ask?

ROSE- Can a angel be human

MR.KIM-yes but why??

ROSE-can I be a human??

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