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Guarding Celestial Nymph

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All Danica has ever know is her mundane life in a small town with her foster mother who has always been obsessed with celestial beings. One time she meets a man who claims to be her guardian angel. What will happen when Danica is forced to learn about who she really is and that mundane has never been option for her? What happens when she finds out about her extraordinary family and fate to be the greatest hero for mythical world? What to do when you are promised to only life for few days and why forbidden love tastes the sweetest…

Fantasy / Romance
Toria Blue
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Chapter 1 Another usual day

I was at my job in coffee shop when police officers came and picked me up to go to the police station with each day it seemed like they had nothing better to do in this town. I was now waiting with bunch of creepy looking people, I was pretty sure one was homeless man, one was a hooker and few others actually looked like decent people. Actually I wasn’t sure, I actually knew them.

I didn’t live in a big city, so everyone that was here I was familiar with. They possibly didn’t know me, but I knew them. I knew a lot of things about other people. Subconsciously I tended to watch people. Even now I was so deep in my thoughts looking at that homeless man. He’s name was Creed but I wasn’t so sure about his last name, apparently no one was. Sometimes it looked like even he sometimes didn’t know his name more even his last name. It was an understatement that he was old. Wrinkles on his forehead were now so deep that the skin folded over his eyebrows.

Creed was always wondering around the city, he liked to talk to people, I noticed how sometimes he would go up to random people and just sit down next to them and start talking the people he sat next to at times looked uncomfortable talking with homeless man, but he never showed that he was embarrassed of his situation. Most of the people called him drunk, but I had a feeling he wasn’t what he seemed. Yes, he smelled of alcohol but it never looked like he wasn’t aware of what he was doing. The thing was that… I wasn’t sure where his place to live was. I wasn’t completely sure that he was homeless that was just what everyone called him, homeless Creed. He didn’t drink for the purpose of drinking. I noticed that he drank only for the purpose of getting warmer, not once when he had drank it looked like he was enjoying the drinking.

Creed had a long beard that completely cover his short neck and his eyebrows were grown out in every direction. His eyes were narrowed down and he always wore gloves, no matter how warm it was he was wearing gloves. They had holes in them but still he never got away from them. Creed looked up at me and I quickly changed my sight to the floor. He mumbled something under his breath but didn’t tell me anything directly.

I wasn’t popular in my town. The people here knew I existed but that was it, some even didn’t know that. All through my school years I was the outcast, I was just there but nothing special about me. Some managed to call me names of the purpose of irritating me, the most popular of them was orphan. At first it bothered me but by time I realized that I was indeed an orphan. I had a foster mom for me, she was okay. I wasn’t sure why she even wanted a foster child to begin with. She was living alone, old lady she never showed that she loved me as a daughter. I never understood why she wanted a foster kid at all. I guess she liked talking to me maybe that was the reason…

‘’Danica Moore’’ someone called from the other side of the room, I looked over and it was one of the officers. I nodded and got up from my chair and entered the little office. ’’Please sit down” Mr. Wilson, the head of sheriff’s department said. ‘’Few days ago you complained about public harassment’’ he said and that made my eyes roll to the back of my head.

I completely ignored his statement ‘’why is this such a big deal that you actually sent someone to pick me up?’’ I questioned him. ‘’You do know that I actually have work to do? I can’t just go away whenever you please, and you know that I didn’t make that complaint’’

He looked at me resting his arms on the table. ‘’your mother is a dear friend to me’’ he explained.

‘’Foster mother’’ I corrected him. I felt the need to add that because she didn’t feel like my mother. I had no idea what was it like to love mother or to be loved by a mother.

‘’anyways, she made a complaint that you were being harassed by you peers’’ he said. Mrs. Moor always made sure to be the most overprotective person I knew. She didn’t love me, I knew she didn’t but she was looking after me good and she made sure that nothing hurts me.

It wasn’t like I was always being made fun of, it was just the one time my old classmates got drunk and they felt the need to bug me for some time next to my house. Of course Mrs. Moor noticed it and got so overprotective of me. ‘’I am a legal adult I can decide whether to complain or not’’ I said. I was twenty two already and still living with my mom. She was too invested in my life and I hated it but I didn’t have the guts to tell her anything. It wasn’t like I had anywhere else to go to. ‘’they didn’t even do anything… just talked few nasty things… nothing I can’t handle’’ I said and the officer leaned back in sigh.

I noticed there were many files on his table scattered around, Mr. William looked tired. ‘’is everything alright?’’ I questioned.

He let out a sigh ‘’it’s confidential’’ he said. Mr. Wilson was somewhat of a friend to me. At least when we met somewhere outside the police department we chatted for some time. He knew enough about me and I knew enough about him. He was married to Lucie and had two sons, their life wasn’t perfect with few cheatings occasionally but they somehow made it work.

‘’if you ask me about it… if I have seen anything around its part of the investigation’’ I said smirking at him and leaned back in my chair. I also knew he liked to gossip and he wouldn’t miss a chance to tell anyone about the newest case he is working on. That was probably the worst quality of him as a sheriff but still I used it to feed my curiosity.

‘’Alright then…’’ he said getting more comfortable in his chair ‘’have you seen anything strange in the woods?’’ he questioned.

‘’I don’t go there… what about it?’’ I questioned.

He shook his shoulders ‘’not sure. Some people have noticed strange things happening there and they collected signatures for us to look into it. They have seen some weird looking people there and wolfs. Weirdly big wolfs.’’ He said and I raised my eyebrows smirking.

‘’what’s the big deal about it?’’ I asked ‘’wolfs live in these forests, howling’s have been reported. And people… they are just weird’’ I said and there was no limit to how strange could people be.

‘’I don’t know. Something is bothering them and we are trying to figure it out, there are some people who complain that higher force is living in there’’ he said tired.

‘’what higher force?’’ I chuckled.

‘’I don’t know… they say some mythical creatures.’’ He said and I busted out laughing.

‘’I am sure one centaur is running around that forest’ ’I said an even he laughed. I got up ‘’well good look on catching’s those fairy’s and vampires and everything else with powers and everything else’’ I said joking.

‘’Mrs. Moor is a good women’’ he added before I could open the doors ‘’she just wants what’s best’’ he explained and I forcefully nodded just to get out of this place. ‘’take care Danica’’ he said and I got out as fast as I could since it was already late.

I stepped outside and it was early evening and I needed to get home. It wasn’t like I had some kind of curfew but ever since I could remember it was like I had some kind of allergy of the dark… not actually. When it gets darker outside I get nasty headaches and there is ringing sound in my ears.

I wanted to go to doctor and figure out why was I like this but Mrs. Moor said that it wasn’t a big deal. She said that my mother also had the same problem. She said it was some kind of diseases that had no cure and nothing I could do about it.

I walked to my home in a fast pace. I needed to get home before the headache got worse, at home it wouldn’t ease but at least I will be in my house in pain that outside and around all kinds of people.

Entering the house I was greeted by Mrs. Moor she walked up to me. ‘’You shouldn’t stay out that late’’ she said to me, he hair was tied up in a bun and she was wearing elegant black dress with some jewelry around her neck and wrists.

‘’I wouldn’t be out late if you hadn’t complained about my encounter with those boys’’ I said in my defense.

‘’Well. I didn’t like them very much’’ she said. ‘’it’s not the first time they go around and talk around nonsense.’’ She explained ‘’and last month they threw empty beer bottles in my front yard’’ she said.

‘’if you don’t like them then just say so, don’t complicate my time with that.’’ I rolled my eyes taking off my jacket and hanging it in the corridor closet.

‘’I am just making sure you are alright’’ she pointed out.

I turned towards her rolling my eyes at her ‘’you don’t need to do that. I am adult. If you would let me I would be out of this house in no time. Just let me live the way I am.’’ I said. I wanted to leave since I turned eighteen, but Mrs. Moor said that she needed my help because she is old. I knew that was just an excuse to make me stay. Mrs. Moor was old but she didn’t need me around. She was probably the healthiest person in this town.

‘’silly girl. Where would you go?’’ she questioned mockingly. She was never mean to me it was just how she talked with people. With confidence and a feeling that she was better that anyone else.

‘’Anywhere. I make enough money to live on my own, I can actually take care of myself’’’ I said.

‘’why do you even need to work?’’ she questioned laughing. She turned around and gestured around and walked deeper to the living room. I followed her inside. ‘’we live in castle. What more do you need? I have all the money in the world’’ she said proudly.

‘’you have all the money. I don’t’’ I said leaning against the door frame.

She looked at me with raised eyebrow ‘’my money is also your money. In my time I won’t be able to manage to spend it all. When I die it is positive that you will get everything’’ she said ‘’it is you who refuses to live with the income I have’’ she said and sat down on her dark blue velvet couch.

I smirked at her. ‘’your money won’t make me stay’’ I said. ‘’I am here because you asked me to, begged me to’’. She actually begged me to stay but I always knew there was something more than just wanting me to stay with her.

Mrs. Moor just smirked at me ‘’there are far more important things than money’’ she said and looked at me seriously ‘’stars are the ones that are worth more than anything to both of us’’ she said but her expression was rock hard. She was trying to get my expression but I had no idea what she meant.

‘’stars?’’ I questioned with raised eyebrow. ‘’why always stars? And sky?’’

She smirked again ‘’you don’t get it yet but you will eventually, I hope you will.’’ she said in excitement and I had no idea what was she talking about and most of the time I didn’t understand her or her words she was saying.

In sigh I crossed my arms in front of me, she was just so obsessed with stars and space and sky that it drove her crazy. She liked stars so much that everything in this house was covered with them. It looked pleasant but obsessive. All the rooms were in dark blue resembling night sky and she had never explained why she liked it so much. ‘’I know that you are too obsessed with all this… celestial thing…’’ I said but she cut me off standing up with excited look on her face.

‘’You said it’’ she said pointing at me.

I narrowed my eyes at her ‘’what?’’ I questioned.

‘’celestial… you said it’’ she said.

‘’yea… I know that word’’ I said ‘’I went to school and got some education I know some smart words’’ I said in a mocking tone.

‘’I have never heard you say that word before’’ she said. I rolled my eyes at her and walked out the room.

‘’good night Mrs. Moor’’ I said to her ignoring her statement.

‘’sleep tight Danica’’ I heard her call behind me in half a laugh…

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