The Grim Princess

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The Mad King Fowler wrote thousands of prophecies after he lost his mind. Most of his prophecies were wrong, all except his last one. The prophecy tells of a young girl, a descendant of his, would defeat the Shadows, beings of pure evil. Millennia later, the girl is found, as the prophecy foretold. Around the same time, the last living descendant of the Fowlers' sworn enemy appears and is looking to cause trouble. The two must battle it out. The victor will walk away as the most powerful person in the world. Their name will be written in every history book to exist. People will now to their glory and power until the world ends. They will be known as the victor of The Second Closed War. They will be know as The Grim Princess.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Open & Closed Doors

It's the middle of the night and someone's knocking at the door. Each knock shakes the midnight silence of the house. Stretching her arms, she walk up to the front door. She grabs the keys from the table in the hallway and unlocks the door. Swinging the door open, she huffs, "What?"

There's no one there. She glances around. Nobody. She calls out. Nothing. She come back in and throws the door closed and locks it.

Then she makes her way towards the kitchen. She doesn't have time to mess about. She too tired to put up with anybody fooling around.

She opens the cupboard above the sink and brings down a mug. After flicking the kettle on she grabs a teabag. The kettle whistles as she puts two teaspoons of sugar then the teabag in her mug. She fills the mug three quarters of the way with boiling water then puts in a bit of milk.

As she stirs her tea, she hears a thin, whining howl. She stops, listening out. Hearing nothing, she continues to stir, the spoon clinking against the mug.

She stops again. There it is again. The spoon fall into the mug as she moves towards the kitchen door.

From the bottom of the stairs she looks down the passage to the front door. It's slightly ajar, cold air rushing into the house. She walks back over to the door. It creaks as she pushs it open.

I did close it, didn't I? She looks out over the wide, winding driveway. I definitely closed it. And locked ut as well.

A curtain of driving rain blurs the jagged hills. Water drips steadily through the gaps in the roof of the porch. She pokes her head out of the doorway to look left and right. Nothing.

Nothing but a pearlescent jewel. Every colour possible swirls together like a hurricane. Again, she looks around. She leans out to pick up the jewel. Spots of obsidian bloom where her fingers touch it. As her hand closes around it, an explosive cloud of grey and black clouds the jewel.

She sets it down on the kitchen table and goes about her day as normal, making sure the front door is properly locked before leaving the house.
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