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Save Me Mr. Alpha

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Chapter Two

I feel a pounding in my head. A bright, white light shines through my closed eye lids. I open them slowly and see a ceiling light as the cause of the blinding brightness. I turn my head and let out a shriek. Two inches from my face was the girl from earlier staring at me, her eyes wide.

“TY! SHE’S AWAKE!” she screeches in shock. I hear a stampede of feet heading my way. The double doors are thrown open and Tyson runs in with two other men, he runs over to me, knocking the girl over and looking at me from head to toe, his hazel eyes checking me for for anything wrong.

“Are you alright?” he asks me.

“My head hurts. Where are my brothers. We need to go home.” I try and sit up, but Tyson’s proximity to my face limits my movement. Any more movement and our lips would be only centimeters apart, and it seems Tyson realizes this as well. His smirk was enough to tell me that he wanted my movement. I lay back down and roll off the chaise in the opposite direction, standing up quickly, blood rushing to my head and spots appearing in my eyes again. I take a deep breath and slowly they disappear.

“You can’t leave.” He tells me.

“I sure as hell can.” I snap. “Where are my brothers? I remember you sending Brandon to go and get them, I want to see them.”

“It was Brad, and they’re fine. They’ll be happy to see you I’m sure, but you can’t leave. Now you said you remember that, what else do you remember?”

“We are leaving. CHARLES, CHASE!” I yell. I push back the giant in front of me, forcing myself to the door, swinging it open.

“Cassie, wait!” Tyson grabs my arm and pulls me back. I growl and yank my arms away, for good measure I hit him in the face again and turn away from the three men and the girl who sits on the ground from Tyson’s brutality.

“Do we have an issue to deal with?” one of the men asks Tyson from behind me.

“No, I have a woman to chase after and woo, and you have troops to change, it looks like I found our new Luna, Thomas.”

He follows me as I turn left to start looking for my brothers. “Cassie!” he grabs my shoulder trying to stop him, but he’s gentle and I’m easily able to break away.

“Leave me alone! I WANT MY BROTHERS!” I yell at him, my words harsh. “CHARLES, CHASE!” I scream. I hear laughter from the opposite end of the hall and I turn, recognizing the familiar yells of laughter from my brothers. I walk forward, but end up running into the thick chest of Tyson.

“Move.” I snap, trying to go around him, but his body dwarves the hall, making him impassible.

“Listen to me, Cassie, just listen.” He responds. “You can’t leave, so tracking down your brothers gives you no advantage.”

“I CAN and I WILL leave. I want my brothers, so move yourself out of my way before I take drastic measures.” He chuckles at my threat.

“Ok, Princess, drastic measures it is then.” He smirks.

I quirk an eyebrow, swing my leg back, kicking him in the family jewels. He hits the floor like a block of concrete and I walk over him towards my brothers. He moans from behind me, swear words leaving his mouth.

I follow the sound of my brothers’ familiar laughter and their voices until I reach a door with music and gunshots filling the background. I slam it open and see my brothers sitting with about 10 other boys, playing videogames.

“HEY!” I yell. Everyone freezes. “Boys, here, now!”

My brothers scurry off the couch and over to me.

“Cassie! Your face, are you ok, we saw the car.” The words spill out of their mouths.

“Outside, NOW.” My patience was gone for the day and they could tell.

“Luna, can we get you anything?” one of the boys asks. It takes me a moment to realize that he is directing the question at me.

“Attention,” I say sarcastically. Immediately, everyone in the room stands and salutes me. Their backs stiff and straight as they look at me with deep respect. “You can get me back to my home, now.” I direct. “I want a vehicle, I will return it to you, I want to go home.” I say, half joking. The first boy who had spoken started barking off orders and immediately the room was a scurry of activity. Two boys ran out of the room. The others started pulling on shoes and followed the two out. One leads me down the hall, down the stairs and escorts me to a red Mustang. Charles and Chase stand outside of it excitedly. The boys that were playing videogames with my brothers stand at attention on either side of the vehicle. Charles hands me the keys and they climb in, arguing over shotgun like usual.

“Weirdos.” I start the car and drive, the boys sitting in the front seat, squished and arguing. “CASSIE!” a voice shouts from behind.

“Let’s go.” I demand. A headache forms as I speed down the drive and back onto the highway towards my home. The boys laugh and grin at me.

“Cass, you’re such a badass!” Charles cheers. “Who knew?!”

“WOO!” Chase shrieks.

“Shh, headache.” I complain. They nod, but keep smiling as I drive back to my little yellow house with the green roof.

“Mom will think you’re so cool when she hears about this!” Charles grins. The car is quiet, tears fill my eyes, and the boys’ grins disappear.

“Yeah, she would have.” I respond. I finally arrive at our house and we stop in front of the house, climbing out, and entering the house, a somber tone following us like a storm cloud. I enter my living room, hop on the bright blue couch and feel my headache worsen. I close my eyes and allow dreams of handsome men and crashed minivans to fill my mind.

“Cassie,” a voice whispers in my ear. “Cassie, wake up!” the voice hisses, nudging my shoulder. I open my eyes and see my brothers looking at me, fear and worry apparent in their eyes. “He’s here.”

“Who is?” I ask. Pounding comes at the front door, my headache hasn’t disappeared and I frown at the distraction from my nap. I stand up and grab the baseball bat hiding behind the couch.

“That guy, Mr. Bergson!” Charles whispers.

“Go into my room, in my closet is a shotgun. Stay there until I come for you, I don’t know what this psychopath wants, but you have to go. Now.” I point to my room and the run away.

I make sure the chain is locked before slowly cracking the door open. Tyson stands on the other side, his eyes wild. When he sees me, he tries to push the door open further, but the lock holds it firmly in place.

“What do you want? Your car?” I throw the keys at him and try to shut the door, but his muscular arm blocks me from doing so.

“Kicking me in my family pride was not very nice.” Tyson smirks.

“Trying to force me to stay wasn’t very nice.” I mock, pushing on the door again. “Now, leave.”

“No thanks, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me now, Princess.”

“Oh, joy.” I roll my eyes. “Leave before I call the cops, Mr. Bergson.”

“I told you not to call me that.”

“And I told you to leave, what would you rather me call you? Creepy stalker? Guy who won’t leave me alone? Or maybe that stupid nickname your friends gave you, Alpha, or maybe, Mr. Alpha?” I smirk as I see Tyson’s head turn red in anger.

“Say that again?” He responds.

“Why do you get some sick turn on from me calling you that stupid nickname?”

“Something like that.” He grins. “Now, open up the door or I’ll force it down.”

“You are not the big bad wolf; you can’t just blow my house in.” I starkly reply. He shoots me a toe tingling grin.

“You see, but I am the Big Bad Wolf.” He smiles and starts to press on the door. I step back as the locks begin to buckle, and within seconds the chain snaps off the door and the door is forced open.

I let out a scream, raise my metal baseball bat and hit him.

“Not a very good idea, Mate.”

“LEAVE ME ALONE.” I snarl.

I swing again, but he easily deflects the blow. He lunges for me and I scream again. He grabs me. My head pounds and black spots fill my eyes, but then, everything freezes. My headache is gone, my wounds stop hurting, everything is golden.

Tyson’s lips are soft as he kisses me, the pain and headaches have dissolved and I feel my body reacting to his touch. Then I realize what’s happening. I take my knee and hit him in the family jewels again and he lets go, but doesn’t writhe in pain like last time.

“I figured you’d try that again, Little Mate, this time I came prepared.”

“Don’t call me that.” I demand. “What do you want?” I force myself away from the psychopath in front of me.

“To talk.” He answers.

“You can do that without forcing your way into my home.” I snap, clutching at my baseball bat. His large form takes up most of the room in my living room, but he doesn’t make a move to grab me again. Instead he makes his way further into my house and into my kitchen where he opens my fridge and takes a beer out. “Want one?” he asks.

“Saying as they’re mine, no I don’t want one, especially being hurt and taking medication.”

“You still have the headache?” he asks, bewildered.

“No, but-- wait what?”

“Now that we’ve kissed the headache should be gone and most of your wounds will start to heal and be gone relatively soon.”

“What?” I ask, my head spinning.

“It’s part of the mating process, Primo aspect, or first sight. After the first sight of your mate, the headache forms, becoming worse and worse until physical contact, basically a safeguard from mates rejecting one another.”

“Mates, primavera, what in the hell are you going on about?” I demand.

“­You are my mate, my soulmate, the one destined for me, the one to spend the rest of my life with, but there are drawbacks to being the Alpha’s mate—”

“Alpha, what in the hell are you talking about?” My temper starts to rise and I start to pace the living room.

“I’m a werewolf, and you are my mate.”

That’s when I lose it. Laughter and tears start as giggles erupt from me. I bend over, laughter streaming from me. “Werewolves right, that’s rich. Let’s call Taylor Lautner and the pack and start the imprinting.” I chortle. Tyson scowls and stands up.

“I’ll prove it.”

Thirty seconds later, a massive wolf stood in my living room. And that’s when I start screaming. I throw my bat at the animal and run from the room and towards my bedroom. I hear massive foot—paw prints following me. I slam the door shut.

“Charles, give me the—” the door slams open, the giant wolf’s head peeking through curiously.

My brother hands me the gun, and I start to fire shots at the animal. ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR. Three make contact with the chest of the beast, and the other hits the wall behind him. The animal hits the floor, whimpers being let from him. I watch as the wolf transforms from the beast and back into a nude male on my floor.

“HOLY SHIT!” Chase shrieks. His eyes roll back in head and he falls back into the waiting arms of Charles who looks equally as perturbed as how I feel. Pain fills my chest as I look at the man lying on the floor. He lets out a moan and turns onto his back, letting my eyes be graced with his full nudity. Charles lets out a moan and falls to the ground, fainting just like his brother. I let out a sigh, grabbing my white duvet off of my bed and covering Tyson’s naked body. My cheeks fill with a blush at his well toned figure.

“Cassie,” Tyson calls out, grabbing my hand. “They’re coming, let them take you.” He whispers before falling unconscious.

Five minutes later, a stampede of people run in the house. Five men, three women, including the girl from earlier storm the room.

“ALPHA!” A man yells, the men lean over Tyson and check his condition.

“Who did this to him?” the girl screams.

All eyes in the room turn to me, the shotgun still in my hands.

“When you have a giant wolf chase after you, you’ll also shoot to protect your family.” I point the gun at them as they step closer to me. I push my brothers’ limp bodies further back.

“YOU did this?” A man questions. “The Luna shot the Alpha?”

The room is quiet as they stare at me.

“Impossible.” One cries out.

“It doesn’t matter, grab the girl and the boys and let’s get the Alpha back to the house. Katie take the Luna and the boys in Tyson’s Mustang.”

“NO. I am staying right here with my brothers, take your boss, I don’t care. I am staying right here.”

The strangers exchange looks before claiming in unison. “Snatch her.”

Arms grab for me and I stumble backwards. I fire two more shots, hitting two of the men. After running out of shots, I take the gun and use it like a baseball hat to hit one woman and another man in the stomach.

“BACK OFF.” I snarl. One of the boys starts to stir underneath me and I feel my Older Sister Bear instincts kick in. I throw the gun at one of the last men, swinging my arm back to hit the last woman in the chest and a leg to the stomach of the last man.

“Stop.” Tyson moans, “Cassie, don’t hurt Cassie.” His eyes roll back in his head, but not before he latches onto my hand with an unbreakable grip.

One of the women sits up, and I realize that it’s the car crash girl, Katie, sits up with a groan and looks at me with wide eyes. “Don’t shoot me!” she squeals. She looks at Tyson and lets out a dreamy sigh. Everyone in the room is still it seems as we watch the girl stare between Tyson and I.

“My brother is a lot of things, and determined is one of them, he’s going to keep chasing you it seems.”

“He just changed into a beast, I reacted.” Katie lets out a laugh.

“He would do that, always a flair of dramatic for the ladies, especially now that he’s found you.” She grins. She lays back with a groan. “Maybe next time one of my brothers finds a mate she’ll be a were and not so, spunky.” Tyson begins to stir again.

“Yeah, maybe,” said Tyson with a groan. His hand is still wrapped around my arm, he finally releases my arm and takes his hand to his chest. I watch as Tyson takes his hand to drag the slugs from his muscular chest. My stomach pinches as his hands come up bloody, three pieces of mangled metal being retrieved. “But I wouldn’t want it any other way, or any other girl. Good shot, Princess.”

“Are you alright?” I ask him, feeling worry and pain consume me. Worry that wasn’t my own.

“I’ll be fine, but you have to do one thing for me first, it is fair since you did shoot me.” He smirks.

“And what is that?”

“Kiss me.”

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