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A boy named Alex goes on to a dock one day and he sees something magical in the water swimming and jumping has fins and gills and long hair him and the creature become friends and falls in love with it but he can’t Date the creature because there love is for bidden

Fantasy / Romance
Karley baldwin
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Step step”Dad can I go to the beach”says Alex “of course son make sure to get some rocks “”why dad?””cus I going to paint them””ok dad whenever you say bye”Alex walks out of his bright blue house as he walks he has on a blue shirt with jeans and messy brown hair with light blue eyes.He walks past the stores and pass the neighbors to the rocks next to the dock Alex go to the dock every Monday and every Friday.Alex walks to the biggest rock and sit on it but then he falls back because of a necklace “AAAA shit what was that”Alex picks up the necklace it has pearls down the neck but a shell at the tip
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