The Secret Lullaby

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Natalie Parker is a very curios girl, little does she know that she comes from an interesting background according to her family history. Read to find out.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It was a cold night in September. Dull lights shined down the road of Peach Ln. A little girl looked out her small window, letting the light breeze flow through her black hair as she looked up into the midnight sky. The stars danced with each other while the small girl sighed softly. light footsteps walked down the hall with a deep knock on a wooden door. “Come in!” The small girl called. The door then opened revealing a young woman, holding a candle to light up to room. “Natalie my dear, you should be in bed. Come on away from the window, you’ll catch a cold darling.” Natalies mother motioned her hand towards the bed while she set the candle down on the nightstand not to close to the bed. “Yes mama.” Natalie closed the window with a light swoosh as she moved into her bed. Her mother sighed and chuckled to herself. “I don’t know why you insist on opening the window on such a cold night like this. Your father would have a fit.” The mother stated as she tucked her daughter in. Natalie nuzzled her head into her feathery pillow, a small yawn escaping her lips as she answered. “I’m sorry mama, the stars were calling me. I had to watch them dance.” Her mother shook her head taking the candle into her hand once more after kissing her daughters head. “Well I will tell you this my love, the stars are quite daring tonight.” She winked. “Good night mama.” Natalie yawned once more before her eyes had slowly closed shut. “Good night dear.” Natalies mother blew out the candle before shutting the door with a light click, her footsteps receding down the hall back to her bedroom awaiting her own slumber.
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