Embers Beginning

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This is the story of how a common human called Ember decided to leave her town and her loved ones and help protect her country by becoming a werewolf. This is her story of her trying to become a protector but later down the line there is something wrong with her wolf is it a curse.

Fantasy / Romance
Amy Wadhams
Age Rating:


The world is now much different as the supernatural has reviled themselves to humankind. Werewolf’s and witches have sworn to protect the humans and have created a border around the land of findora from anyone who wishes to harm the humans.

the vampires, rouges, and witches still want to harm them for ether there own gain but they lurk outside of the border but have small strongholds of gangs inside the towns and cities of findora.

The werewolves protect the humans and had turned their army years ago into werewolves so they had the strength and the protection of the wolf within from enhanced speed, strength, healing, pack telepathy, and the ability to turn into the wolf that was now living in their body and spirit.

New joiners would have to go through 2 stages of training with the first one being the worst and the second just learning their trade and how to fit in from being in a strict environment to a more relaxed but you knew your place.

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