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By Anastasija (ShutterTea) All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


Life can seem easy and joyful at the beginning, yet there is this awkward feeling of dreams being too real. And inch by inch you get pulled into madness, deep deep madness, where you begin to realize that your dreams were an actual reality all along, where you are with so much more meaning and worth, yet can you believe that this is the right reality? Travel through worlds, through endless possibilities, become part of a legend, myth, be god. All is within these parallels.

Chapter 1: "Young Winter Morning"

Room is filled with sounds of Radiohead music; it is playing silently on the background, as I stroll to the kitchen to make my morning coffee. Amazing weather outside - all bright and white, although it is rough cold, I am pleased to enjoy it from here, as I am at home. It is always the moments when you just go on shivering from the view of something very chilly, perhaps it’s something that is built inside you to automatically get such reaction.

As I am making my chocolate coffee I observe scenery outside. Sun is reflecting its light upon the white snow, making it blinding obstacle for the eyes to focus. Still I manage to look at the landscape spreading further: great forest valley just underneath, the snow gently covering each tree branch, each rock and keeping earth pleasingly under the white blanket. Just beauties of living quite high on the hill.

To explain a bit about my world: although it might be hard to grasp, but it’s like a parallel to the place called Terra, where Humans live. Though in some things we’re alike, we differ whole lot more. As the Terra is being bit by bit polluted, we here learned to co-exist with our nature. With the fact that we have a nice understanding with our nature, we still progress out with science, we managed to find a great new sources of energy, that do not interfere with the nature. We advance our technology and architecture, take fond love and care towards education and we are pushing individuality. In our world, most population is known to be Different, within all means possible, in here, if you are sharing a lot things within a big group or are alike with a bunch - it is seen as abnormal and is very carefully approached.

Being all that cautious about people becoming a group of same sheer sheep is viewed as dangerous. To explain such phenomena we use the observations we make from watching Terra. The way of approaches to new ideas and ways on Terra is looked at as disgusting treachery, the opposition, the rude intrusion and deformed grotesque outcast which by all means has to be eliminated. Due to such horrid approach Terrans lose a lot of great ideas and they fail to progress within all fields. They tend to circulate around same superstitions and things they relate to as politics, religion, trends and believes.

All that horrible pushing made Terra lose great innovators and leaders, which were capable to improve and make better living for all of them.

My Parallel is advanced not only technologically and scientifically, but we learned about ourselves, our planet and the thing we relate to as AIO. It could be interpreted as soul in other words. It is holding great meaning to all of us. With the good understanding of AIO we got to balance out our creativity, which is a wonderfull companion to every one of us and regarded to as “The Keeper of Greatness and Wisdom”.

I hear the click and look down on the cup - indeed, coffee is done. I take the cup and go to my green conservatory, that’s suited just outside the kitchen. I take a seat at the round marble table, still keeping my eyes on the heartwarming scene of winter morning.

Right at the moment as I take my first sip of coffee I hear footsteps towards me. Apparently my dear Lonely Orchid woke up. She too, made coffee and walked inside to take a seat next to me.

“Lazy Cat?“,- Orchid spoke, - “I am just thinking... But why is that there still are those who try to destroy, who begin wars, who just hurt others, are selfish and think too highly of themselves? What is the point of being submerged to darkness with such extent to not see the light?”

I looked at Orchid, my eyebrow raised, - “Quite interesting conversation to be talked about in the morning. Hmm... Let me think...”

“The existence of such persona in the world sort of maintains the balance between good and bad, to speak in a childish manner. But on the other hand, if you look into it, it is obvious that such people, who chose the deadly companion of darkness went through pain, or just failed to go through one meaningfully.

“When we’re given challenges, we are meant to seek for the solution, the righteous way of the path that takes you through and out, to then understand the core of problem and learn from it, to never return to this pitch black, but to acknowledge it. Some fail to get it, and they look at it and just absorb it, making it their core - something now pushing them towards new generated harsh actions which cause expansion of the darkness and the harm to surroundings.

“Also, as something close to the idea is the course of the strange perception, the one that makes the image which contains the act of “purification” that’s provided by death, pain and suffer, although is being viewed as something which will help to sustain and even make everything better. But that is illusion. Illusion which makes you feel above everyone else, look at them as they are worthless, or just look at others as ones who are worth and do not matter if lost. Quite stupid.

“It takes courage and some time to be able to see the light in the dark. It is a hardship to craft out the means to not give up and not give in. Though might seem as there is no way out and there is nothing left, but it just takes the courage and will to stop and look carefully. When you look into the abyss, put whole self to understand it, but keep some light within yourself to not lose or give in, then see the light that helps cause, or just pulls you out with is something worth of lot of power, which weakens you to make you stronger. You learn by going through it, by giving up on something, or giving something away to gain new knowledge that will make you wiser.

“Some get to fall into darkness, but they get out of it and become better, they again and again are thrown into abyss, but they keep getting out and keep on going. Darkness is hard to bare with each time you fall into it. For each and every single time you get the obstacles harder than before and you have to overcome it. Sometimes to overcome them you have to lose a lot, a mass close to everything you have, to be left with a bare soul and a bag of belongings. Right at that moment you must pull up every drop of power and keep on with your path, build all from the very beginning. That is hard, but no one said it would be easy. Ones who manage that over and over again to then protect what they get to build and raise - are the Wiseman or just bonkers, but still with ton of knowledge and understanding of this knowledge.

“When you get to understand, when you still not lose to the abyss, keep on fighting and don’t give up - you get to acknowledge the importance of the light. When you do - you start to do your best to help others overcome their abyss, to not let them feel pain you felt, keep them away from darkness and letting them know what abyss is filled with and what it does, how much pain it brings, how much life it takes and what you lost to gain back light. Some listen to the ones who went through abyss, others learn it hard way around; some others get stuck and do not wish to go back.”

Silence hung in the air for some good time. Orchid was processing my words, as I felt it, thinking answers for her questions she might have within herself, or just adding dots, where they were necessary. Right then I got up to go back to my study room, as I took steps towards back towards kitchen, Orchid spoke.

“Say, Lazy Cat, it means that each one of us has to manage to raise and summon their own courage and strength and build their own light cores of lanterns inside to not fall for the darkness and be able to go through abyss?”

“Yes, each is responsible for their own lantern light core inside, which they must feed with more light to keep on being strong and be able to overcome abyss, if it dares to claim you, and come out back to the light.” – once again I repeated main thought.
Faint flash of memory rushed through my mind. The way I cried to heavens when I lost my Light. Then I got back.

“I see. Thank you.“, - mumbled Orchid, whilst staring at my back.

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