Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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**SEXUAL CONTENT. Viewers Discretion is Advised**

After your fun, you realize you have to hurry up before you miss potions, and your dad kills both of you.


“Babe, have you seen my robe?” Draco calls while I’m in the bathroom

I roll my eyes, we go through this so much, “Did you check under the bed? You have the tendency of kicking it under there.”

I walk out of the bathroom wearing a Green and Black plaid skirt, with fishnet stockings, thigh high socks, White Slytherin long sleeve button up shirt and Black ankle high boots. Draco gets up off the floor from finding his damn robe under the bed... Typical Draco

“Oh hell no! Go change. RIGHT NOW!” He demands

“Why? What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I say rudely

He looks me up and down in disbelief, “What’s wrong with it? You look too fucking good for your own good. I don’t want everyone looking at you. You’re mine, and mine only”

I like when he gets possessive over me

“Baby, I know I’m yours and yours only. But no matter what I wear people will look” I tell him

“Fine. But put your robe on and hide your love bites. Especially from your father. I don’t want to die today, ” He says with a grim look on his face

I walk over to Draco, stand on my tippy toes kissing him.

Walking over to my side of the bed, I bend over to pick my robe up off the floor, knowing Draco was staring at my ass. He walks up behind me and grabs my ass, squeezing it a little.

“Draco Lucius Malfoy! Stop that. We have to go to class!” I yell at him

He looks at me, “We can skip class today and just have some fun”

I smirk at him, “I think we can do that babe”

I push Draco against the wall, start making out with him for a few minutes and when I know he’s going to try to act on it, I grab my stuff and walk out the room. Smirking because I know I just gave him a boner he can’t fix until tonight.

I get to class with a few minutes to spare and then Draco comes in the class and sits next to me, smirking at him.

“That was really rude babe. You can’t get me in the mood and leave me like that. You’ll pay for that.” He says with a look of evil in his eyes

I giggle, “We’ll see about that”

We made it through charms class and next is potions. Me and Draco sit in the back of the class. We are typically working on things for the Death Eaters or something along those lines, but today you didn’t have anything to work on for them.


All I can think about is her teasing me giving me blue balls. I wanted to get payback for what she did to me, and I know exactly how to do.

She’s pretending to pay attention to what her dad is teaching but I can see the wheels turning in her head.

I put my hand on her thigh, with my cold rings pressing into her thigh, making my way up her thigh. She’s not even phased by what I’m doing to her, which turns me on even more. I move her lace underwear to the side, rubbing on her clit, sticking one finger in, while I rub her clit. She squirms a little in her chair, still acting like the bad little bitch she is. I give her a little smirk; I can tell she’s getting really turned on from this. I can hear her quiet little moans, so I stick another finger in and do the ‘come hither’ motion with my fingers against her g-spot. I get away with this for five minutes, then I start to feel he pussy walls start to tighten up, so I pull my fingers out.

I look at her and suck on my fingers, biting my lip and whisper in her ear, “How does it feel to get teased like that?”

She doesn’t respond, I lean closer to her and whisper, “You’re so juicy and taste so sweet, just like Apples and Peaches.”

She’s annoyed with me, “You’re so wrong for that. That’s it, after class, we’re going to the room.”

“Nah, I’m good love” I wink at her

“That wasn’t a request. It was a demand,” She says with that ‘I’m going to fuck your brains out’ look

Once class is finished, I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder, taking her to the room, locking the door.

I wanted her so bad, I needed her

I push her against the wall, ripping her shirt off, kissing her neck and chest.

“Jump” I demand. She does as I say, taking my shirt off and us making out. I unclasp her bra, throwing it somewhere in the room.

“What are you going to do to me?” She questions

“I’m going to punish you. You’ve been a bad girl, and bad girls get punished for teasing” I explain to her

She kisses my neck as I kiss hers, she throws her head back moaning so loud it makes me want to skip all the foreplay

I throw her down on the bed, “take it off. Take all of it off. Now.” I demand of her

“Yes daddy” She says as she takes her clothes off.

I look at her body up and down, thinking of everything I want to do to her, but right now, I just want to fuck the shit out of her. I want all of my cum dripping inside of her, moaning, and screaming my name.

“Baby, give me a safe word” I tell her

“Safe word?” She asks me

“I want a safe word that way if I get too rough, you say it and I’ll stop” I explain

“Umm. Lace.” She responds looking at her underwear that’s on the floor

I pick her up by the thighs, holding her where he back is facing the floor and her legs are on my shoulders. I slide my hard dick in her tight pussy, me letting out a soft grunt, signaling that it feels amazing. I slam my dick in and out of her, going faster and deeper. After 20 minutes of this, I put her on the bed and demand she gets on her hands and knees.

I stick my finger in her soaking vagina and start teasing her a little bit.

“Draaaco. Please, I want your dick in my pussy. Please, I need it. I want to feel you inside me” She begs

I shove my dick in her pussy, pounding her so hard. 45 minutes goes by and I hear her moans getting louder and I feel her walls starting to tighten

“Is my little slut going to cum?” I antagonize her

“Uhh, yes” she says

“Yes what?” I snarl back at her

“I’m going to cum Dray!” she screams at me

“Good, cum all over my dick, and take your punishment” I reply

I can feel her walls tighten on my dick and all her sweet cum flows everywhere. I spank her and call her my little whore. She likes when I call her that, she thrusts back, fucking me back.

“Can you handle me coming for you baby?” I ask her

“Yes, cum for me daddy. I want it. I’ve been a bad girl. I deserve it” she says

I let my load out, knocking my hear back as we both moan. I pull out of her, noticing my cum is coming out of her, so I shove my fingers inside of her and push it back in. Laying a pillow under her waist so if any comes out it will be on the extra pillow we don’t use. She has it there for decoration.

“No more teasing before classes or what happened in class will happen again princess.” I say kissing her forehead.

“But I like what happened in class, even with the mess you caused me to have in my seat.” She says.


As we leave the room and go into the corridor, I hear people talking.

“Did you hear the noise coming from the Slytherin dorms?”

“Someone was having a good time, no doubt”

I heard one Ravenclaw girl say, “What I would do to fuck Draco Malfoy, just one time”

I walked over to her, “Bitch, you’ll never know what it’s like to fuck Draco Malfoy. Only person who will ever know, is ME! So keep wishing”

“Damn, someone is feisty and protective over me,” Draco says with his hand around my hip.

I giggle, “Well, I don’t want little daft bimbos talking about wanting your dick in them. That’s for me only. And I will fuck a bitch up over it too!”

He pushes me against a wall, “Baby, you never have to worry about that ever happening. Only person I will ever fuck is you. Only person I will ever have in my bed or have wake up in my arms, is you. No one else. That’s just for me and you Princess” he leans down, and our lips crash together

The whole school was talking about the noises in the Slytherin dorms, me and Draco played it off cool. Pansy and they think we were working on something for my dad. That’s what we always told her, since she doesn’t have the mark yet, she can’t know.

“Did you two have fun?” Blaise asks laughing

“Blaise, they were helping Mr. Malfoy” Pansy says

“Pansy, you really believe that’s what they were doing? You don’t think it was a coincidence that they were both gone while all the noises from our dorms were made.” Blaise looks at her

I look at Draco and grab his hand.

"OH MY GOD! YOU TWO WERE THE ONES SHAGGING IN THE SLYTHERIN DORMS?!” Pansy yells where everyone can hear

Draco rolls his eyes and looks at Pansy, “No shit sherlock! What other couple is as kinky as us?”

"Dray, stop it!”

“I’m sorry beautiful, I can’t help it. I’m not ashamed one bit of it.


She’s so beautiful, I can’t help but think how lucky I am, that I get to call her mine.

“So, princess have you thought anything about our wedding?”

She gives off this biggest grin, “Actually I have. Pans, Gin I really want you to be my bridesmaids.”

"ABSOLUTELY! I would love to be by your side at your wedding!” Pansy yells in my ear

“Sky, I would love to!” Ginny says in her Weasley happy voice

“Blaise, Goyle will you be my groomsmen?” Draco asks nonchalantly

“Of course mate” Blaise responds with no emotion

“For sure dude” Goyle says happily

“Well, let’s go shopping this weekend!” I say

Draco looks at me, “Baby, don’t forget my mum and dad are taking us to the muggle world for the weekend. But we will see if we can do the shopping there.”

After classes are over, me and Draco apparate to Malfoy Manor

“Mum, Dad are you here?” Draco shouts

“In the kitchen dear” Narcissa says

“What are you two doing here this late?” Lucius asks us

Draco lifts me up into the swivel next to the counter, “So, you know how you are taking us to the muggle world this weekend?”

Lucius and Narcissa looks at him, “Yes, is everything okay?”

“Yes, we were just wondering if we could bring Pansy, Ginny, Goyle and Blaise with us. We want to do a little wedding shopping.” I ask

“Oh yes sweetie, that is perfectly fine. The guys will do their shopping and we will do ours. And don’t worry we will pay for the rooms and all” Narcissa says

“Thank you so much! I love y’all!” I say smiling like a 10 year old

Lucius just laughs at me, “We love you too Sky. You will finally be a part of the family.”

The weekend


The Malfoy’s take everyone to New York City and rent the most extravagant apartments. Narcissa and Lucius have their own. Me, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Goyle and Blaise share the other. Our apartment has 3 bedrooms. Me and Draco share one room. Blaise and Pansy share another. Leaving Ginny and Goyle to share a room.

Goyle snores so loud that Blaise went in Goyle’s room and tries to suffocate him with the pillow. I feel bad for Ginny, having to share the room with him.

“Ginny, how the hell did you sleep in the same room as him last night?! He snores louder than the damn express!” Blaise says

“I put headphones in and listened to music until I fell asleep. How did everyone sleep?” Ginny asks

Blaise and Pansy look at each other

"OH MY GOD! Y’all shagged, didn’t you?!” Draco bursts out

“Dude chill, you’re shagging with Sky” Blaise says

“Blaise, they’re engaged, I’m pretty sure engaged people shag, you dimwit!” Pansy snarks at him

He gives Pansy this evil look, “Shut it Parkinson. It was literally just a one night thing for us!”

“Fine, I don’t want you. I just needed some dick, that’s all” She screeches

Me, Narcissa, Pansy and Ginny all go dress, shoe, jewelry shopping, then had lunch. We all met back up at the apartment to got ready for dinner. Goyle and Draco were arguing about the color of the socks.

“Both of you just stop. Black socks! Right Sky?” Lucius asks

“Yes, Black socks. You’re not going to look dumb at the wedding.” I growl at them

The weekend goes by and everything was great. We get back to Hogwarts and have classes the next day, so we go to our room.

“Draco, can you hand me my shorts and a shirt please?” I ask him

“Baby, why don’t you just walk out here? It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before beautiful,” he says softly

I walk out of the bathroom in a towel and grab my clothes, put them on and get in bed and lay my head on his chest.

“Are you okay love?” Draco asks rubbing my head

“Yeah, I’m just tired and thinking of how amazing our wedding will be.”

He smiles at me, “It’s going to be perfect because I get to marry the most amazing, perfect, loving, sweet and beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on.”

“Do you think we’re getting married too young? We will only be 17.”

“Baby, if you don’t want to get married yet, we don’t have to. I want you to be sure this is what you want” He assures me

“I do want to get married. I’d marry you right now if I could. I’ve never been more sure of anything. I just don’t want you to regret it, since you’ve never been with anyone other than me.” I say with a tear falling from my eye.

“Don’t cry beautiful. I would never regret marrying you. I don’t want anyone other than you. When that mudblood kissed me, I knew how much I wanted you and that I never want to be with anyone else. I want you and that’s all I want. Marrying you will be the best thing I will ever do, other than start a family with you.” He reassures me, wiping the tears out of my eyes.


I pull her closer to me so I can hold her tight.

“Listen Sky, I’ve loved you since we were kids, there’s nothing I want more than to marry you. I couldn’t be more sure of anything in this world. I love you princess, and I can’t wait until we say ‘I Do’ You are my world”

“I love you Dray, I can’t wait to marry you.” She says

She digs her head into my chest as she throws her arm around me. This is the life I want. A life with Skyra Snape. She’s my Elizabeth Bennett, but she’s far better than Elizabeth Bennett.

I am in love with her. She’s all I think about

It’s me and you against the world

Life is perfect. I get to marry my best friend.

“Goodnight my beautiful princess. I love you so much.” I kiss her forehead and I drift to sleep

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