Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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“Today, we have to finish the cabinet. While you’ve been doing amazing love, I need to finish it,” I say smiling at Draco

Blaise looks at me, “What do we need to do?”

“Blaise, Goyle, Crabbe, Draco, y’all can go to class. Pansy stay with me. I have to get you a little more trained up.” I glance at the guys, “Meet here after dinner, so we can discuss what’s next.”

“Okay,” Blaise says

“See you then” Goyle says

Draco grabs my hand, “Be careful babe. If you need anything, come find me. I’ll bring you both lunch and dinner, so you can train more. I love you princess.” He kisses my forehead and hugs me tightly

I hug him back tight, “I love you too. Thank you love. Stay out of trouble, focus on classes, and let my dad know where me and Pansy are.”

The guys leave for class, Draco stops and looks back at me as he walks out of the room.

Throughout the day, I’ve gone to the bathroom 4-5 times puking. Thinking to myself, Fuck, this mission really has my stomach in knots.

Five hours of training Pansy has gone great. She’s a quick learner for sure, making it easier on me, because God forbid Crabbe learn something in a week at that.

“You’re doing great Pans. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner about everything.”

She laughs, “It’s fine, I could tell you and Draco were always stressed and it doesn’t help you decided to get married during this too. I’m proud of both of you.” Smilingly she says, “Y’know, y’all have really grown since 1st year. He was a rude, obnoxious, self-centered asshole, and you were a sweet but stubborn bitch. Now y’all have calmed down, married to each other, and are leading us to greatness. I think Draco is a little jealous I get to skip class with you, instead of him”

“I’m glad you’re my best friend. Thank you for always understand and keeping me sane through the years. Draco just hates classes other than Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts” I tell her

We look at each other and just laugh because everyone know Draco didn’t care about any classes at all, but Dark Arts was a class he always fancied.

“I’ll always be there. You’re my best friend. Maybe after the war, you and Draco can make some cute little Malfoy demon babies,” she giggles but is serious

We hear a very familiar voice, “I planned on getting her pregnant after the war anyway, but thanks for the suggestion Pansy”

I turn around and it’s Draco, walking towards me, grabbing my hips kissing me.


“Y’all, please, we have to focus. Everything happens next week.” Sky says with the stress in her voice

Goyle walks up to her, “Here’s a cupcake. I figured after training you needed one”

Blaise slaps his hand, dropping the cupcake, “Goyle, stop trying to get on her good side. She’s going to find out regardless”

You can see the anger build up in her eyes, “GOYLE! What did you do?!”

“Well...” He begins

I look at her and tell her, “Goyle here, thought it would be fun to trip Weaslebee down the stairs and McGonagall saw and lost us 75 points from Slytherin and got us detention tonight. But luckily your dad stepped in and said he would take us to detention. Here we are.”

She gets super pissed and snarls at him, “GOYLE, SERIOUSLY! We have talked about this how many times?! This is time sensitive and you are so distracted torturing the damn Golden Trio. Wait until next week. Shit man. Y’know what?! Go to your damn dorm, I don’t want to look at you right now”

“Sorry Sky, just trying to keep it normal and not weird,” Goyle says

Out of nowhere Sky runs out of the room. She’s been doing this for almost 2 months, but considering the mission is so critical, her nerves must’ve been shot. But honestly something feels off, I feel like I need to be gentle with her.

“Is she okay Pansy?” I ask her

She looks at me, “She’s puked 4-5 times today. She thinks it’s the stress of the mission, and she doesn’t want to mess up.”

I run to the bathroom near the Room of Requirements and find her in a stall

“Babe, are you alright?” I ask her

I pull her hair back as she says, “Yeah, I’m fine. I think the stress of the mission is getting to me”

“I really think you should go see Madam Pomfrey to help your puking,” I recommend

“I’m fine. Really” She tries to tell me.

“Baby, please for me. I’m worried about you,” I say

After her keep saying she’s fine, she agrees to let me take her to Madam Pomfrey

The older lady greets us with a smile, “Hello dears, what can I do for you?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s nothing but stress, but I’ve been puking a lot recently,” Sky says

I look at Madam Pomfrey, “More like the past 2 months”

Madam Pomfrey interrupts me before I can finish, “Mr. Malfoy, I can take care of Miss Snape. You may go”

Sky grabs my hand, “Actually, it’s Skyra Malfoy now. We got married”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Congratulations you two. Let’s see here. I’m going to use some spells to see something.” Madam Pomfrey says

Something inside me tells me that it’s more than stress causing her to puke all the time.

Madam Pomfrey says a few spells then pauses, “Oh dear. Skyra it’s not stress that’s causing you to puke”

“What is it then? Am I dying?” Sky asks

“Is it what I think? May I?” I ask politely

“Certainly, Mr. Malfoy”

“Reperio Fordus” I mutter

I sit silently for a minute and begin to cry. Not only because I’m scared. I am petrified, but the mission will stress her out, and this will stress her even more.


Why is Draco crying? Am I dying and he doesn’t want to tell me? I’m so scared right now. Then out of nowhere Narcissa apparates to the hospital wing.

“Draco, Sky” Narcissa says

“Mum, can it be? Is it?” Draco says with tears in his eyes. I keep puking, of course.

“It is sweetie” Narcissa says

Madam Pomfrey buts in, “It certainly is”

At this point I am livid due to the lack of fucking communication everyone in this room is giving me.

“ummm.... HELLO!!! Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” I pause, “Oh fuck. Trash can hurry!”

Draco gives me the trash can and pulls my hair behind my back and holds it, rubbing my back.

“Sweet Sky” Narcissa says

“Mrs. Malfoy. Skyra I mean, you’re pregnant. 3 ½ months to be exact.” Madam Pomfrey says

“WHAT?!?! I can’t be” I yell loudly

“I’ll give you moment,” Madam Pomfrey says, walking away

I begin to sob uncontrollably, and Draco holds me, “I can’t be. I have to finish the mission, or we can all be in danger. Oh no, I’m going to be a failure, and the Dark Lord will kill me.”

Narcissa rubs my head, “You will not fail. And he won’t kill you. You will be even more protected and valued now. We have to have a meeting with everyone about this, to let them know.”

Narcissa apparates to Malfoy Manor, while you and Draco use the floo, since apparating is dangerous while pregnant.

Fuck, my dad is going to find out I’m pregnant this way. At a Death Eaters meeting. Dad is going to kill Draco for this

“Quiet everyone! Narcissa has brought us here tonight, so listen!” The Dark Lord shouts

Narcissa stays calm but somewhat worried, “Well. Tonight Sky was taken to the hospital wing for constant puking”

“Ahh Cissy, is this what I think? The feeling?” Aunt Bella interrupts

“Yes, Bella it is” She responds

My dad looks at them in a highly pissed off way, “Will someone please elaborate on this feeling?”

“Whenever someone we love is pregnant, we can feel the heartbeat of the child inside. Sky thought it was the stress of the mission making her sick, making sure she doesn’t mess up the mission. But in fact she’s pregnant.” Narcissa says while looking at me and Draco

Draco is holding my hand. My hand is sweating, and I want to cry so much

“Skyra Snape Malfoy! You are pregnant and didn’t even tell you father?!” My dad yells at me

Of course, I start crying because my dad yelled at me, but pregnancy hormones. Explains why I’ve been so emotional lately

“Severus, she just found out before we got here. She didn’t have time to tell you.” Narcissa looks at dad

“I’m sorry Lord. I have failed this mission. I understand the consequences of these actions,” I say looking down after I spoke

The Dark Lord says without any confusion, “Child, what are you talking about? You have not failed this mission. You have completed the tasks I have given you. You have handled them well and are a great leader to your classmates. No consequences are given. We will make sure you have extra protection during war. There will be the invisibility cloak and you will have a shield around you, Draco and this child.”

“How far along are you” dad asks

Draco still holding my hand, puts his hand on my stomach smiling, “She’s 3 ½ months”

“That explains the constant puking!” Pansy screams

Blaise walks up to us, “Congrats mates. This is awesome. A little Malfoy running around. Hopefully, it looks like their mum and be pretty”

Lucius walks up and hugs me, “Congratulations you two. You will be wonderful parents.”

I smile, “Thank you everyone, but I really want to focus on the mission and doing the last thing to the cabinet. Having the mission complete through and through.”

Dark Lord smiles, “Dedication, cunning, great leader and ambitious. You played your cards right young Mr. Malfoy. Get back to whatever you were doing, and we will set up additional protection barriers for you Skyra and Draco. And congratulations.”

“Thank you, sir. Let’s go guys. We need to finish the last part of the cabinet, then I’m going my sleepy ass to bed”


I was in the bathroom taking a shower and getting ready for the day, hopefully getting all my puking out when I heard the door open thinking it was Draco. So I went in the room in just my bra and underwear and I look up

“Oh shit! Well, y’all aren’t Draco!” I scream, looking up seeing Narcissa and Aunt Bella

Aunt Bella had to go under the invisibility cloak since she escaped Azkaban

“No sweetie we aren’t,” Narcissa says smiling, I’m rushing to throw clothes on

I look at them embarrassed as ever, “I’m sorry, you just scared me.”

“Don’t be embarrassed sweetie. We are all women; we know what parts we have.” Narcissa giggles, “We should’ve told you we were coming. We wanted to check up on you”

“We wanted to feel the baby’s heartbeat, if that’s okay with you.” Aunt Bella says

I smile at them, “Of course you can. I go to Madam Pomfrey later for a sonogram if you’d like to join us. Draco should be back in a few minutes. He went to get me breakfast”

Narcissa smiles at me, and rubs my hair, “He’s always had a sweet spot for you, ever since you were kids. You’re the only person too”


I go to get Sky breakfast since she can only keep soup and apples down. I hate seeing her like this, it breaks my heart.

“Mum, Aunt Bella, what are you doing here?” I ask

“Aunt Bella smiles at me, “We wanted to come feel the baby’s heartbeat”

I laugh while handing Sky her soup, “We go to Madam Pomfrey when Sky gets done eating, you can join if that’s okay with Sky”

Sky gets done eating and I put my robe on her to keep her warm

We get to Madam Pomfrey and she does the sonogram.

“Look at our precious little baby,” I kiss Sky’s forehead as I hold her hand

Of course mum starts to cry, “I’m so proud of you two. You’re going to be great parents”

Aunt Bella looks at the sonogram, “That’s going to be one powerful little baby. Malfoy and Snape blood running through their veins, no doubt a Slytherin"

Sky grips my hand a little tighter, “It’s so perfect”

“We created that my love. That little baby is ours” I say with a smile on my face

“We need to get going, we have to finish some stuff at the house. If you need anything, let us know,” mum tells us as her and Aunt Bella begin to apparate

Aunt Bella laughs, “Don’t eat too many apples Sky. The baby will turn into one. I’m honestly shocked Draco hasn’t turned into an apple as many as he eats a day.” She says apparating out of the hospital wing


We get back to the dorm, Draco is laying on the bed staring and smiling at the sonogram. Then he begins to cry

“Draco, what’s wrong?”

He pulls me on the bed with him, “I just can’t believe that we created this tiny human. I’m so happy but I’m scared”

“Why’re you scared babe?” I ask him

“I don’t want you getting hurt in the war, you or the baby. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. You’re my world and so is our unborn baby.” He holds me as he cries

I put his head on my chest, “Hey now, don’t cry. I’m the pregnant one, you cry, I cry. But me and lil Apple here are going to be fine. Me and you will both be covered with the cloak and a shield. No one will even see us. We will be okay baby, I promise.” Kissing his head

“I just worry about you love. You are my everything, I want you safe is all” he says

I hold Draco tight as I hold my tears back, so it won’t upset him more.

He moves his head from my chest to my lap, rubbing my stomach with one hand while holding my hand, talking to the baby.

“I know you can’t hear me, but I’m your daddy, and I’m going to love you so much. I will always make sure that you and your mum are safe. I love you both so much.” He kisses my stomach

He falls asleep with his head in my lap. Shockingly, I’m comfortable, so I cover him up, and we sleep like this all night.

"Good morning beautiful. Good morning little apple. You sleep good?” He asks kissing my stomach and then my lips

I kiss him back, “I’m good, I’ve just had to pee for the pass 45 minutes, but didn’t want to wake you”

He gets up so I can pee. “Oooo, I feel so much better. SHIT!” I puke in the toilet. “I hate this sickness, I can’t wait for it to go away, even though it’s worth it.”

“I’m going to go down and get you breakfast baby. I’ll be back” He says

“No, I’ll go with you. I want to see our friends. Should I hide the bump?”

He looks at me, smiling, “Absolutely not. You look absolutely beautiful with that bump. Don’t dress up either, be comfy baby”

I throw on a pair of Draco’s Black sweatpants and his Slytherin hoodie that I love so much

“You’re glowing baby. You and our little apple are so perfect. Let’s go get you some food” Draco smiles grabbing my hand


I grab Sky’s hand and we walk to the Great Hall. No one has seen her bump yet, so I expect everyone to stare and talk.

Pansy runs up to Sky and hugs her the moment she sees her, “Sky! I’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you Pans. How has everything been?” Sky responds

I walk back to Sky and them, “Oatmeal and an apple with peanut butter and orange juice, for my darling”

“You know me all too well babe.” She says with a giggle

Blaise sits down, “Are you ready for the mission in 2 days? Will you be safe Sky?”

“I will be safe, I have protection. I’m just worried about you guys. I hope I trained you enough to protect you,” Sky says with a worried look

Goyle interrupts her, “You trained us amazingly, I doubt anyone could’ve taught us what you did. Hell, you’ve been giving Malfoy some private lessons, which caused that baby”

“Shut it Goyle!” Draco yells, “This baby was made in love, not from extra lessons. This was strictly extra credit” I smirks and looks at Sky

“Both of you shut it. I’m right here, and very emotional, so either keep on and get slapped and I will cry or I won’t cry. Sky says

I look at her, and kiss her cheek, “Baby, don’t cry. I’m sorry. Please don’t slap me, you can slap Goyle”

“Come on, we have a little training to do.” Sky says

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