Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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The First War

As we start to walk out of the Great Hall to go do some extra training before classes start, the Golden Trio and Ginny start talking. Everyone was looking at me because of the baby bump.


As we get up from the Slytherin table and walk past the Gryffindor table we hear talking.

I can feel everyone staring, but I knew it was bound to happen

“Oh, would you look at that! Malfoy knocked Snape up. That’s a shame Draco you have to associate with her. Now you can’t do anything when I kiss your little boyfriend,” Hermione says loud enough the whole Great Hall can hear

“Listen here-” I start to say before Draco cuts me off

“How dare you talk to her that way you filthy little mudblood. Do NOT ever talk to my wife like that!” Draco yells at her

“WIFE?!” Ron, Harry and a few other Gryffindors yell

Hermione starts laughing, “Damn, you had to marry her because you knocked her up. That’s a shame”

“Be glad I’m pregnant so I can’t kick your ass. But just wait, we’ll see who’s laughing in the end mudblood” I snarl back

Pansy steps next to me, “She may be pregnant, but I’m not and I’ll happily kick your ass”

“Don’t worry Pans. I don’t need you fighting my battles. I got it”

Ron grabs Hermione’s arm, “Hermione! No! It’s not worth it. Plus you can be expelled. Let’s go. Congrats Sky, Malfoy”

We didn’t have enough time to go train, so we went straight to potions and Draco notices that I’m pale and seem sick

“Baby, are you okay? You look like you’re going to be sick” Draco whispers to me

“I feel like I’m going to be sick, but I’ll be fine.”

Draco raises his hand, “Professor, may I take Sky to the bathroom, she’s about to puke.”

“Certainly, Malfoy,” dad answers

Draco gets me to the bathroom at the right moment. I get to the bathroom and barely make it to the stall before I puke. He pulls my hair back and rubs my back

“Baby, you don’t have to stay. I know you don’t want to be around a puking woman”

He continues to rub my back, “Oh stop. I’d rather be here taking care of you than in potions dealing with Granger. Do you need me to get you anything?”

“No, I’m fine babe. Thank you. I think I’m good, let’s get back to class.” I say putting a piece of gum in my mouth to get the puke breath out.

“I love you Sky, I’m right here through this whole thing with you” He kisses me and grabs my hand and walks to class.

We get back to class and sit down, dad gives him that look like, you got her pregnant, you take care of her. Which Draco always does. Dad doesn’t see everything that he does for me and the baby already.

“You okay Sky?” Pansy asks

“I’m fine, I’m starting to think this child hates me. All I do is puke.”

Blaise leans over, “When do you find out the gender?”

Before I could even get the answer out Draco blurts out, “Today” with a huge smile on his face

“What do you want the baby to be?” Goyle asks

Draco grabs my hand, “I would love a boy, but I’d be happy with either one”


It’s time to find out the gender and Sky is gripping my hand scared. She keeps saying she feels bigger than what she should be. Women and their paranoia.

“Are you ready to know the gender Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy?” Madam Pomfrey asks

Sky smiles at me, “Yes ma’am”

“Baby number 1 is...”

"A girl!”

“Dray, we’re having a little girl!” Sky hugs me in excitement

“Baby number 2 is...”

“Number 2?! We thought it was only 1.” I say shocked

“2?!” Sky yells

“Yes, you’re having twins.” Madam Pomfrey says

“Baby number 2 is...”

"A boy!”

Sky passes out for a few minutes, then wakes back up

“We’re having twins. Can you believe it baby?” I ask her

She just looks at me confused, ” I just have to wrap my head around it. I’m going to be huge!”

“Princess” I look at her, “You’re carrying 2 lives inside you. You’re beautiful regardless, and I love you unconditionally. Come on, let’s go tell everyone.”

We walk into Snape’s office and Sky places the sonogram on the desk

“YOU’RE HAVING TWINS?!” He says, “When did you find out?”

She looks at him then at me, “Just a few minutes ago. Do you want to know the genders?”

“Well duh I do!” he says

I smile, “Baby A is girl!”

“Baby B is a boy!” Sky says

“I am so happy for you two. Have you told everyone else yet?” Snape asks

She stands up, “No, we are tonight. Before war begins”

We use the floo system to get to Malfoy Manor for the meeting and to give the good news

“Hey everyone, we have some big news” Sky says

“Yes sweetie?” mum says

“What is it?” Aunt Bella asks


Sky lays the sonogram on the table for everyone

“TWINS?! You owe me 4 galleons Cissy” Aunt Bella says

Pansy runs up to Sky, “OMG! 2 babies to spoils. What’re the genders?”

“Baby A is a... GIRL!” Sky shouts

“Baby B is a... BOY!” I exclaim

I look and laugh at mum as she hugs me, “You made a bet with Aunt Bella if we were having twins or not? Wow mum”

The Day of War


“Are y’all ready for this? Do you remember what we practiced and what to do?” I ask everyone

“Yeah, I do” Pansy says

“We got this Sky” Blaise tells me

“It’s time to get it done” Goyle says

Pansy looks at Draco, “Draco, you protect her and those babies”

“Pansy, I know! She’s my wife, I will protect her and our kids with all I am” Draco snarls

I get angry, “FOCUS! We have 5 minutes until we let Bellatrix and the Death Eaters in. Just know, some people we care about may die. But we have to do this. Make our families proud and ensure our safety. Draco, do you have the cloak?”

“I sure do” Draco says

“If anything happens to any of us, remember that I love you all and I’m glad we’ve been friends for all these years.”

“Don’t start that crap Sky. We are going to make it, count on it.” Pansy says

5 minutes pass by and you see the handle of the vanishing cabinet turning. You open it and out comes Aunt Bella and the Death Eaters

“Sweeties are you ready?” Aunt Bella asks

Draco grabs my hand, “Yes Aunt Bella, we’re ready”

“Draco, you and Sky get under the cloak now, and I will put the shield around you, and you will be safe through war. Whatever you do, stay under the cloak no matter what. Understand me?” Aunt Bella tells us firmly


“I love you and I’m sorry you and the babies have to go through this. I tried make sure you didn’t have to get the mark, I just wanted to protect you at all costs.”

She turns to me, “Me and the babies are going to be fine. We have you protecting us, and we have the cloak and shield around us. I love you more handsome”

The battle begins

Me and Sky are under the cloak, standing next to Aunt Bella, throwing out spells and defending each other

Aunt Bella whispers, “You’re doing wonderful Sky, take a break and get some energy back. Me and Draco can handle it”


I see Granger standing there looking around

“Where are the Malfoy idiots? Haven’t seen them anywhere. Probably chickened out” Hermione says

“Mione, stop worrying about them and fight!” Harry yells at her

“HEY GRANGER!” I yell at her

Hermione turns around, “What Parkinson?”

“This is for kissing Draco and threatening my best friend you mudblood” I say, “AVADA KEDAVRA!”

I run closer to Bellatrix and where I know Sky and Draco are and yell, “I got rid of that mudblood”


“Where is he with Potter?” I hear my dad say

I hear the Dark Lord say, “He will come Severus. He’s been stringing Potter along for 6 years now”

“Dray, who are they talking about?”

“You’ll see love. Take a break, the babies need you to have your energy” Draco says “Pansy got rid of Granger for you. Are you mad?”

“What that Granger is dead? Not a chance.” I say, “Pansy being the one doing it? Just a tad”

He laughed, “She pissed Pansy off, and you know how your best friend gets protective over you. More now that you’re pregnant.”

“I know”

“Ahh, there they are” Draco says

“Here is comes my Lord” Lucius says

Me and Draco try to get closer, but everyone keeps getting in the way, and I can’t blow our cover

“Albus, I see you have brought the boy. Very good. Bring him here.” The Dark Lord says

“Dumbledore is the secret person?!” I ask

“Not only Dumbledore baby, look closer” Draco tells me

I look closer and I see Ron Weasley

“RON! How could you betray your best friend, they just killed Hermione!” Lavender yells

“Ha! That know-it-all. Bloody hell, you think I actually liked her and this self-entitled ”The Chosen One” Ron laughs and says

They throw Potter out to duel. They dueled for 45 minutes until Harry’s wand broke

“Ah Harry, you no longer have a wand to duel, this will be interesting” The Dark Lord says

Potter looks at him, “I will not give up Voldemort! I will not!”

Someone throws Harry their wand, but they don’t expect what happens next.

"Expelliarmus" I say pointing my wand at Harry. The wand flying out of his hand.

Someone made a noise catching everyone’s attention, then Potter apparates and is gone

“Who just made that noise and helped Potter?” the Dark Lord yells, “Everyone to the Manor. NOW!

While everyone else apparates to the manor, I have to use the floo. I get back and everyone is in the office around the table. Me and Draco sit down

“We must fine Potter and whoever helped him. Everyone did really well” Dark Lord says

Aunt Bella looks at me, “Sky, you did amazing, how are you feeling?”

“I’m just a little exhausted, but I’m alright” I reply

Dark Lord looks at us, “Draco, take Sky upstairs to rest. Get her some food, I’m sure the twins are hungry. You both did really great”

After getting some food, Draco takes me upstairs and I go to sleep. I told Draco to go back downstairs. I’m suddenly awoken by someone dragging me out of bed. My eyes not fully opening


“Hey Malfoy, want your wife and kid alive?” I turn to see Potter holding Sky with his wand to her neck

I have to hold my tears back, “Let her go Potter. This is between me and you, don’t bring her into it!”

“She was brought into it the moment she started dating you and not me!” Potter replies

“STUPEFY!” Blaise says

When Blaise did this, Potter falls to the ground, freeing Sky. I run up to her and grab her

“Baby, are you okay?! Are you hurt!? Did he touch you inappropriately?!” I ask her, worried

She puts her head into me, “I’m fine, I’m not hurt. Just really scared”

I let her go and kiss her forehead, “Blaise stand with her.” I walk up to Potter, “Don’t ever touch my wife again or I will kill you myself.” I stomp on his nose, breaking it. ”Take him to the dungeons. NOW!”

I grab onto Sky again, pulling her close to me. She’s crying

“I don’t know what I would’ve done if he did something to you. I’m sorry, I should’ve stayed with you upstairs” I tell her

“Baby, calm down, I’m okay. Potter is caught.” She kisses me and cups my face like I do her when she’s scared

Mum walks over to us and puts her hand on my shoulder, “Come on Sky, let’s get you in the kitchen for some tea and milk and food. I know the babies are hungry. Draco, she’s safe now. I have her.”

“BRING HIM TO ME!” I hear Dark Lord screaming

Ron apparates to the manor. Something feels wrong about him being apart of this, but mum says it’s just me not trusting him.

“Nice of you to join us Mr. Weasley”

“Yes Dark Lord” Ron says

Harry is brought up from the dungeons and into the office

“Ready Harry?” Ron says

“Ready Ron!” Harry says

They apparate out of the manor

“Everyone except Draco, Sky, and Narcissa, find Potter!” the Dark Lord yells


Everyone apparates out of the manor leaving me, Draco and Narcissa in the kitchen.

“I’m sorry Narcissa, I know I’m not supposed to have my head on the counter. I just need food and sleep.” I say in a sad voice

She walks over to me and rubs her hand on my back, “Do not apologize one bit. You are absolutely fine sweetie; it’s been a long and rough day for you. Eat this and go lay down in the den.”

I give her a faint smile, “Thank you for being the mum I never really got to experience”

“I will always be here, and if you want, you can call me mum or mumsy. No pressure, it’s your choice if you want to or not” Narcissa says

I hug her, “Thank you mumsy. Thank you for having Draco.”

“Baby, just eat, and let’s get you to sleep. And this time, I’m not leaving your side” Draco says eating his apple

Draco takes me to the den, lays me down and holds me tightly

“You’re safe baby. I promise. You’re going to be okay. I’m sorry baby” Draco says

“Dray, can you let go a little, you’re squeezing me” I say lightly

“Sorry my love. I just want to make sure you’re safe. Are the babies okay?” Making eye contact with me, “Can I check their heartbeats?”

I hug him, “Of course you can. You don’t have to ask me”

“Reperio Fordus” He says

We both feel 2 strong heartbeats. We look at each other and smile

“Strong hearts, just like their daddy” I whisper

As he pulls me to his chest, “I love you so much beautiful. I love these two apples too.” Kisses my forehead, “I know it’s not the best time, but maybe we can come up with some names for our babies”

“I love you so much more. What names do you have in mind?” I ask him

“I like Scorpius Oliver for a boy.” He says

“What about Lydia Amelie for a girl?” I ask

Looking into each other’s eyes, “I think we have our babies names. What do you say?” Draco asks me

“I love them, I love you. I can’t wait for them to be here, for us to hold and love them,” I say

Pansy apparates into the manor and straight to the kitchen where mumsy is

Pansy whispers into mumsy’s ear, “They have to go into hiding, Potter escaped and said he’s coming for Sky and the babies”

“Like hell he is! Draco, take Sky to the spot.

“What’s going on? What spot?” I ask

“Mum, Pansy, what’s going on!?” Draco asks

Pansy walks up to Draco and whispers the same thing into Draco’s ear. I can see he’s pissed and worried

“Come on baby, we need to go. NOW! DON’T JUST STAND THERE, COME ON! I will explain everything when we get there. I promise, but we need to leave, and I need you to trust me”

We use the floo and arrive at a place that looks like no one has used in 1000 years.

“Come on love, we need to get inside” Draco says

While it may look rotted outside, the inside is beautiful just like the manor. Draco puts a shield around the place and uses the muffliato charm

“You need to sit down and rest babe” Draco says

You look at Draco scared, more than ever, “Will you please tell me what all that crap was back at the manor?”

He put me in his lap, holding me. I can tell he’s scared by the way he’s holding me, “Potter escaped again and said he’s specifically coming after you and the twins. I had to bring you here. 1. It’s out of the country. 2. Our family is the only ones who know about this place. It’s the safest place we know and have”


“Do you think they made it there?” I ask Narcissa

“Pansy, I’m sure they did. Draco would’ve contacted us if anything is wrong” Narcissa says


It’s been 4 months since me and Sky have been in the safe house. We miss our family and friends. Even though we have been having an amazing time together.

“Baaabe! Hurry, they’re kicking again!” Sky yells from the couch

“Aunt Bella is right; these babies will be strong. They have some powerful kicks” I laugh

She kisses me, “I can’t believe we have a month or so left until the babies are here. I wish everyone was here with us”

“Draco, Sky, are you here?” I hear mumsy call


They all walk in the room where me and Draco are playing chess

“Mumsy, Aunt Bella, Pansy, Blaise! What’re you doing here?!” I say

Blaise sees you, “Damn you’ve gotten...”

Draco gives him the death stare, like he’s saying, ”choose your next words carefully. She will kill you"

“More beautiful than before” Blaise says

Everyone starts laughing and Pansy says, “Nice save Blaise. How are the babies?”

“Kicking more than ever, sitting on my bladder. I’m ready for these babies to be here” I say

Draco says, “Basically, no puking, having to pee every 3 minutes has taken over”

“You can come out of hiding. They have caught him, and they have him to where he can’t move” Narcissa says hugging me

Blaise looks at me, “Umm, Sky, you just peed yourself”

“That’s not pee, her water broke!” Draco yelled

“Oh shit! What do we do?! Is she dying?! I’m going to be sick!” Blaise says and faints

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