Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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After your water breaks, you start having contractions more than you did the past few days.

“Mum, what do we do?! We can’t go to St. Mungos, it’s not safe.” Draco says

Narcissa looks at him, “I will bring Madam Pomfrey here. Get her comfortable. I’ll be back.”

Pansy gets me settled where I’m comfortable and the contractions are getting closer and worse

“DRAAACOOO!” I yell as loud as I can

“That’s all you mate,” Blaise says concerned and freaked out

Draco comes in the room, “Yes my beautiful? What do you need? Water, food, more pillows?”

“Something to squeeze because these contractions are bloody horrid!” I say, “WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME MALFOY?!”

Mumsy and Madam Pomfrey arrive and come in the room getting everyone other than Draco, mumsy and Aunt Bella out

“Skyra, how are you doing? I’m going to see how dilated you are.” She says. She checks and feels around, “You’re at 6 CM, we need you at 10 before you can start pushing. How long ago did your water break?”

“About 25 minutes ago” Draco tells her

“Breathe baby, squeeze my hand when you need. I’m right here” He says

Aunt Bella looks at him, “She may break your hand Draco”

He glances at her, “It’s okay, I’m the one who got her pregnant. I’m willing to take a broken hand for it.”

13 hours has passed by; the contractions are 3 minutes apart and worse than ever

“Let’s check now.” Madam Pomfrey says, “Ahh, you’re 9 CM. Prepare to push”

You are able to start pushing. After 45 minutes of pushing, the babies are born. They are both perfect angels. Looks just like Draco, with his Grey/Blue eyes, White hair.

“Oh baby, they are absolutely perfect. You did amazing darling” Draco says to me

“I’m sorry I broke your hand; I didn’t mean to”

“I signed up for it the moment we found out you were pregnant. I’d let you break my hand forever for this.” He proclaims

Everyone is brought is

“Pansy, Blaise, we have something to ask y’all.” I say

Draco smiles at me, then looks at them, “We want you to be the god parents of the twins. What do you say?”

“OMG YES! I would love to!” Pansy screams

“Hell yeah mate.” Blaise says high fiving Draco

Me and Draco are holding the babies and he can’t stop smiling at the babies.

Mumsy is smiling at us, starting to tear up, “Have you decided on names for the angels?”

We look at each other and smile. He’s holding baby boy and I’m holding baby girl

“Well, this handsome mini me is Servius Oliver Malfoy” Drays says

I give a big grin, “This beautiful Malfoy princess is Lycissa Amelie Malfoy”

“Those names are so pretty. How did you come up with them?” Pansy asks

Draco sits on the bed with me, “Servius is a combination of Severus and Lucius”

“And Lycissa is a combination of Lydia and Narcissa,” I say

“I am so honored, and I know your mum would be honored too” Narcissa says, kissing Draco’s head


2 weeks have gone by, you and Sky are absolutely in love with your little family but now you have to go handle business, and unfortunately the babies have to come too

“I hate we have to bring the babies with us for this. It makes me feel uneasy,” I say as I hold Lycissa. She grabs my finger

Sky kisses my forehead, “I hate it too, but think of everyone who is around to protect the babies. No one will hurt them”

Snape walks in, “I have the most perfect grandchildren; regardless of them having all of Malfoy’s features other than the noses and cheeks.”

“Severus, you know the Malfoy genes run strong. I’m sure the next kid will look like the Snape side,” Lucius laughs

Both of the babies are asleep; they’ve already become accustom to the noises of the manor.

I pull Sky in close and hold her close to me, smiling at Servius as I kiss her forehead

“Our babies are so perfect. I love you so much Draco,” Sky said while we stare at the twins

“I love you more beautiful. I love the little family we created. Who knew how precious and perfect they would be?”

The Dark Lord apparates into the manor, “Let me see the newest Malfoy babies.”

You move out of the way so he can see them. He stares at them

“There is no denying they are Draco’s. Spitting image of him. Congratulations you two. Are you ready to face Potter?” He asks

“Your Lord, may I ask a little favor?” Sky asks

He laughs his evil disgusting laugh, “Yes, you may slap, punch or beat Potter. But leave the destroying to me.”

Yaxley and Goyle’s dad bring Potter up from the cellars. I can feel Sky squeeze my hand tightly as she wants to pull away and kill him, but I hold her back

“Ha! Look at this. Had the twins already? Can’t wait to get rid of them like Pansy got rid of my Hermione,” Potter spits at us

Sky hands Servius to mum and I hand Lycissa to Pansy.


“You stupid son of a mudblood bitch! You touch my kids; I will make you beg for the Dark Lord to kill you. It will be the worst mistake that you ever do.” I punch him straight in the jaw and nose

I grab him by the throat, “Didn’t mummy ever tell you not to be rude to babies or an angry mum?” Draco snarls

Draco giggles, “Oh yeah. She was dead before you could wipe the drool off your chin.” He punches Potter then stomps on his face.

“TO HOGWARTS WE GO! Let everyone see the famous Harry Potter” The Dark Lord says

Everyone apparates to Hogwarts. We still have to use the floo since the twins are small and I’m still a little weak

“You ready my love?” Draco asks

“I am darling” I reply

We arrive at Hogwarts and everyone is outside. Me, Draco, and the twins are surrounded by Lucius, your dad, a few death eaters and of course Aunt Bella is blocking you.

You hear everyone talking thinking that you and Draco were kidnapped and being held by Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort, if they only knew the truth

“Today is the day the world sees Harry Potter for the monster he truly is,” Dark Lord announces “Not only has he deceived every one of you, but almost got Cedric Diggory killed due to selfishness. He has threatened a mother with newborn twins and expects to get away with it. Sky, Draco, please step forward.”

Me and Draco step forward holding the twins as all of Hogwarts is staring and talking

“I told you Draco was a death eater! Sky is too sweet to be one. She’s being held captive” Neville Longbottom says

“WOAH!” Fred Weasley says

“The kids are definitely Malfoy’s minis for sure” George Weasley says

“She’s even more beautiful with the twins” Ginny says

I laugh at Longbottom, “I hate to tell you, but I’m not being held captive. This is the life I chose and that was I was chosen for”

“How could you let your children be near Voldemort!? He will kill them! Along with Bellatrix Lestrange!” Longbottom yells

“He knows how to play. Itty.. Bitty.. Baby... Longbottom.” Aunt Bella taunts him

Draco looks at him, “These are the heirs of the Malfoy’s. Our children are safe and will have a wonderful life.”

Luna Lovegood speaks up, “Sky is telling the truth. Her being Snape’s daughter and married to a Malfoy, she was going to be apart of the dark mark regardless.”

“For your information, I got the mark before I was pregnant and before we got married. Draco tried stopping me, it was my choice. The Dark Lord will not kill them. Potter tried killing me while I was pregnant and then threatened to me again earlier today. And you people call him your friend.” I bitch

Pansy stands next to me, “No need to explain Sky. You are a wonderful mother and did what you felt was right”

“Stand up Potter. It’s time to face the consequences of what you have started” The Dark Lord says

Harry stands up and you hear Luna yell, “Harry, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I’m pregnant!”

“Shall we kill her my lord?” Aunt Bella asks

“No Bellatrix. We do NOT kill pregnant people. Plus, she will have to love without having the father of her child around.” The Dark Lord says

"Sectumsempra!” Harry yells

"Protego" I say, “You really think you’re going to use my dad’s spell against me? That’s right, my dad is the Half-Blood Prince. When will you learn Potter?”

“That’s right Potter. I’m a half-blood, and Sky’s mum is a powerful pureblood. She is just like her mother, just a whole lot stronger” Dad says

This catches Harry off guard about dad being the half-blood prince, it gives me perfect opportunity. I hand the Servius to Pansy

"Crucio!” I cast out. Potter falls to the ground screaming in excruciating pain. “Mess with me or my family again, I dare you Potter"


“Why does that turn me on? She’s so fucking hot right now. I married that” I say in complete awe of my wife

Blaise says, “I must agree that was hot, sorry babe”

“Same” Goyle says

“It’s fine Blaise. It was really hot!” Pansy says

I realize what I just heard, “WOAH! Are you and Pansy dating?!”

Blaise looks at me, “Yeah, we started dating about 3 months ago, when y’all were in hiding”

“I’m happy for y’all, but we should really pay attention to this crap” Sky says very irritated

“Right, sorry Sky” Pansy says giggling

Potter looks at me, “Oi, Malfoy, you really think you’re going to be great parents? All you’re going to be is disappointments to those kids”

Sky doesn’t know I know she put a shield around me. I walk toward Harry

“Do not talk about the type of parents we are. Our kids will forever be loved and cared for! You wouldn’t know, your parents died. Your aunt and uncle hated you; hell you slept under the stairs in a closet.” I spat back

“They’ll realize their parents are murderers and will hate you,” Potter says

I hear the Dark Lord say, “Now now Draco, let’s not get him too worked up, he may cry. Let Sky handle him. She’s waited long enough”

I can tell Aunt Bella has something up her sleeve, as always

As Sky walks towards Harry, Longbottom throws a spell at her

"Expelliarmus" Neville says

“Protego” Sky throws back silently, “Longbottom, don’t start something you can’t finish. Incarcerous”

She looks back at Potter, “Now, what should we do with you? Threatening me and my kids? Hmmm”

“Torture him with his memories” Pansy yells

“Babe, you kinda scare me. Not as much as Sky, but still” Blaise says

Sky laughs, “So smart Pans. I knew there was a reason you’re my bestfriend!”


"STOP!” Potter shouts

Aunt Bella walks over to Voldemort and whispers in his ear, “To ensure pure torture and loss of loved ones, would that one spell work? That way you can get rid of him easier later?”

“Bellatrix, you are a bright witch. I think that is wonderful” The Dark Lord says

“Would you like me or Sky to do it?” Bella asks

The Dark Lord looks at her then me, “Let’s let young Draco do it. Let him have some fun”

Aunt Bella whispers the spell in my ear.

I point my wand at Harry and say quietly, “Obliviate”

Potter looks up and looks confused, “Who are you people? Where am I? What is this place?”

“Harry baby, it’s me. Your girlfriend” Luna says

He looks at her, “I’m sorry I don’t know you. You’re pretty and all, but I don’t know you and I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Everyone back to the office” the Dark Lord says


“Malfoy! That was brilliant!” Blaise says to Draco

I kiss Draco’s cheek, “You did wonderful love”

Pansy says, “Sky, you totally tortured him. Serves him right for trying to kill you and the twins.”

“I just want to know why they chose to erase his memories instead of getting rid of him. It would’ve been easier” Draco complains

I hug him and look up at him, “He does everything for a reason love. He will probably remember soon once someone says a memory. Dumbledore will take him under his wing. I don’t trust Dumbledore at all.”

All of you look down at Lycissa and Servius and can’t help but think how adorable they are when they’re sleeping.

“I love them so much. Who knew something so small could make such a difference in your attitude and perspective of life,” Draco says as he stands behind me holding me.”

Goyle laughs at him, “Oi, Malfoy, you’re getting softer on us. We knew that Sky made you melt at her fingertips, but the twins are even worse.”

“Shut it Goyle. He loves his kids and his wife. We’re going to leave you two alone with the babies. If you need anything, we’ll be in bed” Blaise says

“Pans, you stay, we have to talk.” I say

The rest of them leave the room, Draco included

“So, tell me about you and Blaise” I say giggling like a kid

“Well, when you and Draco went into safety, I was upset and pissed the hell off. Blaise was there and held me most nights when I was worried about you” Pansy told me

“Why were you worried about me? You know Dray was taking care of me”

“I know, I just missed my best friend. I know he took care of you.” She said

“Are y’all happy? Does he hurt you?” I ask

“No, he doesn’t hurt me. We got into little fights, but nothing bad. Yes we are happy.” She smiles

I smile back, “Good because I’m going to put all the bloody fear into him. And next time there’s a war, let me kill the mudbloods that causes issues. I’m mad/upset at you, but I love you.”

“I’m sorry. I had to do it. I couldn’t let you do it because of the babies, and she just pissed me off saying you chickened out.” Pans says

The Next Day

“Hey beautiful, get dressed, me and you are going out” Draco comes in and says

“Okay, let me get the babies ready”

He comes over to me and rubs my cheek, “No, just me and you. No babies. Mum is going to watch them. They say we need a break and to relax. Dress comfy because I have something planned for you.”


“Thank you for letting me use your place. I know she needs something relaxing” I say

“Everything is already set up. You have both had a long few weeks and need a break without the babies.” Snape says

“Thank you. I hope she enjoys it” I tell him

He looks at me, “Malfoy, I’ve seen you and Sky grow together. You could take her to a field of flowers, sit there and she would love it. She doesn’t care where you take her. It’s you she wants to be with, not the location.”

Sky comes down in a pair of my Black sweatpants, a Slytherin Quidditch shirt and hoodie.

“You literally still make all my clothes look better on me than princess” I say kissing her cheek

“Shhh. Mumsy are you sure you can handle them?” Sky asks

Mum walks over to her, “Sweetie, go have fun. Say out as late as you want. The babies will be fine”

“We got this under control.” Pansy says

You both apparate to Snape’s house.

“Dray, why are we at my dad’s?”

I pick her up and carry her inside to everything set up. All of our favorite foods, snacks, drinks. A fort built with blankets and lights with the television hooked up to Netflix

“You did all of this for me?” She asks

“I planned it out, Pansy set it up for me.” I tell her while walking her over to the fort.

“You’re the best. Y’know that right? Anytime I’m stressed, upset, or anything, you know how to make everything better.” She says

I smile at her, laying her down and pulling her close to me, “You’re my wife, I know you. I figured a movie night would be better than a big fancy dinner. Just me and you beautiful”

She looks up at me, “Just like old times, before the war and babies. I love Lycissa and Servius, but I miss us time”

“I do too baby. But luckily our kids have grandparents who will never give them back” I tell her

I put on her favorite movie, cuddle up next to her and hold her tightly.

“Thank you for everything you have done for me over the years. Protecting, loving, caring for me, and giving me 2 perfect babies, even if they are your minis. I couldn’t be more thankful for you and the life we are creating with each other” She says with her eyes on the tv

I pull her closer to me, “I knew from day 1 that I wanted you to be my wife. Not only are you the sweetest, but the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. Other than our baby girl. The fact Snape could have a daughter as amazing as you. Just think, our lives are just beginning, and we have a lifetime together.”

Sky falls asleep in my arms, for the first time since the twins have been born.

“Goodnight my beautiful love. I am so lucky to call you my wife and the mum of my children.” I whisper, kissing her forehead and covering her up with the blanket.


“Narcissa! Do you have the twins?” I shout from the den

“No Pansy, I don’t. Why?” She shouts back

I become instantly worried, “Uhh, well.... They’re not in their bassinets! And I can’t find them anywhere!”

“WHAT?! The babies are missing?!” Bellatrix yells while questioning

Blaise looks at me, “Oi, Malfoy and Sky are going to kill us!”

“We have to find them! NOW!” Goyle yells at us

Narcissa screams, “LUCIUS! SEVERUS! COME HERE NOW!!!”

“What Narcissa?” Lucius says

“Yes” Snape asks

She takes a deep breath, “The twins are missing! We can’t find them anywhere. We went to the kitchen to grab them a bottle and Pansy came back in and they’re gone!"

“They’re never going to let us watch them again. Great. We fucked up big time!” Bellatrix says

“Calm down, we will find them! Everyone take a different area of the house!” Lucius tell us

We can’t find the twins anywhere and meet in the den.

“Who could’ve possibly taken them?” Narcissa asks while shedding tears

I hug her, “We have to find them. Sky is going to straight up Avada Kedavra us.”

Out of nowhere Ron Weasley shows up

“Looking for these two” He says

“Put them down Weasley! They haven’t done anything to you!” Blaise says

He laughs, “No they haven’t, but it’s the only way to get Draco and Skyra to surrender”


“Draco! Wake up!” I yell while shaking him

He jumps up, “What’s wrong baby? Are you okay?”

I start crying and shaking, “Something feels wrong. I don’t know what it is, but we have to get back to the manor. Please”

He hugs me, “Okay baby, we will go”

We apparate back to the manor



“Oh shit, they’re here. What do we do?” I ask Narcissa

“Pansy, we have to tell them. We can’t lie about their babies” She says


“In here” I hear Narcissa call

“What’s wrong? I can feel something’s wrong!” I say

Draco looks around, “Where is Lycissa and Servius?”

Narcissa looks down for a minute then proceeds to say, “Well, so that Weasley boy kidnapped the kids when we were making their bottles and heating their blankets”

“WHAAAT?!” I say while my eyes turn red and the ground shakes

“Weaslebee took our kids?! He’s done for!!” Draco screams

I get so pissed I apparate without anyone else and go straight to the Weasley Burrow


“Fuck! She’s going alone! Come on, we have to go get her before anything happens! Why the fuck did she do that?!” I scream



“Sky, what’s going on?” Fred comes outside

“Where is Ron?! He kidnapped my kids!!” I yell

George walks outside, “He hasn’t been here since before the war. He’s with Luna and Potter. Luna kissed Ron and all of Harry’s memories came back.

“Where is he?” I say as me, Pansy and Blaise apparate to the Burrow

“He hasn’t been here since before war.” George says

Pansy looks at him, “Harry doesn’t remember them”

“Luna kissed Ron and all his memories came back. He’s out for revenge and your kids are what your weakness is.” Ginny says

I start crying, “I’m sorry, I know he’s your brother but when I see Ron, he will not be alive. He fucked up taking my kids!”

I fall to the ground crying and everyone runs up to me

“Baby, we will get them back. I promise. We won’t stop looking until we get them back.” Draco says holding me

George says, “Count us in. If they have a problem with y’all, then it should be handled with you, not your kids”

“Our parents raised him better than that. Our parents will be pissed” Fred said

“I will help in any way possible” Ginny says


We apparate back to the manor

“We’re back, and we got help” I say

Father looks at me, “What are they doing here?”

“Father they haven’t seen him and want to help.” I say

George walks up to father and looks him in the eyes, “Mr. Malfoy, we were raised a lot better than he is acting. Hurting babies is definitely not what to do, especially if the problem is with the parents. Kids are off limits.”

Aunt Bella apparates in, “The snatchers have seen them! They’re in Swinley Forest!”

“Let’s go! NOW! I’m getting my babies back. Weasleys, please forgive me on what may happen to Ron!” Sky says

Ginny looks at her, “He made his bed, let him deal with the consequences of the choices.”

“I love you Skyra, we are going to get our Lycissa and Servius back. Come on princess. Let’s go kill this motherfucker!” I say to her, grabbing her hand

“I love you Dray” She grabs my hand

The Weasley twins whisper to each other, “That’s the type of love I want one day.”

We all apparate to Swinley Forest

“You guys hide, he will come out for us” George tells us

“Ron?!” Ginny yells

Fred yells out, “Ron, come out, where are you?”

“What the hell are you guys doing here?!” Ron comes out

Ginny tells him, “The Malfoy’s are looking for you! Why did you steal their kids?! Are you fucking stupid?! Do you realize who they hell they have on their side?!”

“Gin listen, Harry thinks it’s best. He wants to get rid of Malfoy and Skyra. They’re bad people and don’t deserve kids” Ron announces

George looks at him, “No they aren’t. They are good people and damn good parents. How do you think mum and dad would feel if they found out you kidnapped two kids for Harry?! Harry is the one getting everyone killed because he won’t stop crap!”

“It’s for the best George. Now come on and get in the tent before they show up!” Ron proclaims

They go in the tent with him and Ginny comes out

“Come on, hurry. We have them tied up. Get the babies”

George says, “Here take the twins and go”

“I want your brother outside”

Fred and George drag him outside

“Ron, you made this mess, now pay for it. Mum and dad would agree with Skyra and her reasoning.” Fred says

“Stand up you piece of shit! You take my babies and think you’ll get away with it? Ha, think not!” I shout

He stands up and picks his wand up.

"Sectumsempra” He throws at me

“Protego!” I whisper to myself. “Goodbye Ronald Weasley. AVADA KEDAVRA!”

“I’m sorry George, Fred, and Ginny. I had to do it, for the safety of my kids” I say

“Don’t apologize. He deserved it. He truly did” Fred said


“Oh Lycissa, Servius. Mommy loves you so much. I’m so sorry I left you. Never again will I do that.” Sky says

I run over to Sky and the babies. Holding them close and kissing Sky’s forehead. I can’t help but cry, knowing we may have never seen our babies again. It would’ve been my fault I made her leave them

“I’m never letting you three go. I’m sorry I made you do date night with no babies. From now on, we take the babies, or we do date night at the manor with everyone there. I love you so much, please don’t hate me” I say while I cry

Sky hands the twins to Blaise and Pansy, “I don’t hate you. I love you more than anything. But we are NEVER leaving them again.”

She puts her arms around my neck as I pick her up and kiss her passionately

“That right there is true love Fred. There’s no doubting the love with them.” George whispers

“Blaise, are we going to end up like them? Pansy asks

Blaise’s response would make Sky slap me if I said some shit like that, “If we don’t piss each other off to make the other leave, then possibly.”

Luna apparates, “Why did you give them the kids back? You let her kill your brother!!”

Ginny steps forward, “It’s their kids you daft bimbo! You don’t hold kids against their parents; if you have a problem with parents, take it up with the parents. NOT THE KIDS! You are sick and twisted for even agreeing to do it”

“Fuck you Weasleys! Betrayed your own blood for these Death Eaters!” Luna yells

“Those Death Eaters are amazing people. They have been more like family than Ron ever was. Now get the hell away from them! If you have a problem with them, you have to go through us three.” George says

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