Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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We apparate back to the manor and I can’t let the babies go. Scared that if I let them go that something will happen to them. One scare is enough for me; the way Draco is pacing back and forth I can tell he blames himself for what happened even though it’s not his fault. He had good intentions.

I lay the babies in the bassinets, “Draco, you know that Ginny, Fred and George have always been there for us, and reassurance that Ron got what he deserved, something has come to my mind.”

“Are you thinking what I’m thing love?” He turns to me while he still paces

I walk over to him and grab his hand to stop him from pacing. It’s honestly making me sick and dizzy him constantly walking back and forth, “I am. How do you feel about it? I feel like it’s the right thing to do, considering everything that has happened recently.”

“They helped us save our babies, that’s the biggest thing that helped me want to do this. Let’s go ask them,” he gives a faint smile, kissing my forehead. He grabs Lycissa as I grab Servius.


Draco and Sky are in the den with twins. They’ve been in there for 2 hours, and the one time I looked in there all I saw was Draco treading back and forth as Sky was holding the twins tightly. I can’t blame either of them.

Fred, George, and Ginny are arguing with that dull-witted Ravenclaw girl, Loon-, I mean Luna Lovegood. A very odd character if you ask me.

“They don’t deserve those kids! They killed your brother!” Lovegood yells at them

Ginny snapped her head back towards her, “He kidnapped their kids! He deserved it! Brother or not. You do NOT kidnap someone’s kids and we know you aren’t pregnant. You lied so Voldemort wouldn’t kill Harry!”

“Fuck you. Your time is coming Malfoy’s! Harry Potter will destroy you and those bastard children of yours!” Lovegood spat back


"Oh my god! Lycissa, Servius! Sky, I’m so sorry this happened. I’m a terrible grandmother!” My mum said with tears in her eyes. It killed me whenever my mum or Sky cried. Anyone else could go to hell. Those two women mean everything to me

Sky walked over to mum and hugged her tightly, ” It’s okay mumsy, it would’ve happened either way. They won’t be kidnapped again. The babies are safe. You are not a terrible grandmother. I couldn’t ask for a more loving, caring, beautiful woman to have as my mum-in-love and the best mumsy there could be to our kids. We love you and so do the twins. Will you watch the twins? We need to do something in the other room.”

Mum took them without any hesitation. I don’t know who held them tighter, mum or Sky

We take the Weasley’s into the den privately so we can talk to them. I can feel the nervousness in the way she is gripping my hand.

“Ginny, Fred, George. I am really sorry about Ron. I really am. But my babies come first.” She says with the cracking in her voice

Fred looks at me and I give him a nod, he walks over to her and hugs her, “Sky, look at me. He got himself in a situation, and I’m sure I speak for all three of us. Your children’s lives matter more than the person who kidnapped them. Those babies come first in all situations. I don’t care if he was our brother or not, our parents would have disowned him for that behavior.”

I look at them, “That’s why we want you three to be the aunt and uncles of Lycissa and Servius. You have helped protect them and you helped us save our babies. And for that I am forever thankful for you three so much.”

All of them at the same time yelled, ”YES, WE WOULD LOVE TO!”

We bring them with us into the kitchen where everyone is at. “Everyone, we have an announcement.” I spoke up

Dad steps up, “Before you continue Draco... Weasley’s thank you for helping save my grandchildren. I am sorry for what had to happen to your brother, but it needed to be done. I may not see eye to eye with your father, but he raised you three right and he has my respect.”

“Dad, quiet please. With the help of the Weasleys and getting the babies back, been supportive of us and our relationship the whole time. They even tried to get The Golden Trio to leave us alone. With that being said, me and Sky have decided they would be wonderful uncles and aunt to the twins. They put our kids before their blood” I interrupt him

George stands up from the swivel, “We want them safe. They don’t deserve it. Sky and Draco have always been nice to us, anyone that sees them can see the love they have for each other, their kids, family, and friends. They do what they have to and we stand by them on it.”

“Okay enough, let’s eat. I made enough food for 50-75 people.” Mum says with a big smile


Everyone sits down in the dining room as mumsy, me, Pansy, and Ginny put the food on the table.

“Mrs. Malfoy, this all looks wonderful. Thank you for inviting us to stay for dinner.” George says ecstatically

She looks up smiling, “It’s the least I can do after you saved our grand babies. And I suspect you three will be around a lot more.”

“Narcissa, this Pot Roast and potatoes are amazing. Tastes better than normal,” Lucius cuts in

“Thank you, Lucius, Blaise. Sky actually gave me her recipe to try with different herbs and spices that I could use from the garden,” Mumsy replies

Draco looks up laughing at us, “I think Lycissa likes the broth for it. Love, have they been fed?” he notices I don’t respond. “Sky? Mum, where is she?”

“Calm down babe, I’m getting their bottles and a bowl of broth for them” giggling walking back to the dining room

My dad looks over at Draco, ”Malfoy! Stop hogging Lycissa and Servius. Let the grandads have their turn with the kids.”

“Not only does Sky make Draco melt at her fingertips, but the twins make Snape melt at their fingertips,” Fred jokes then realizes dad is giving him the death stare

Still giving him that look, “Remember Weasleys, you still have a year left with me and I can give you detention for the full year if you mention this to anyone outside of this room.”

After dinner and dessert, everyone goes to the den and watches two movies. The manor has enough rooms for everyone to stay and have their own room. I’m just ready to lay down and cuddle with my husband. After the movies are over, we get off the floor

“Draco, Sky, show the Weasley’s to their rooms, please.” Narcissa asks politely

I smile, “Yes mumsy. Come on guys.” We walk upstairs and I ask, “Do you two want separate room or sleep in the same?”

In unison they say, “DIFFERENT”

I can’t help but laugh, “Ginny, this is your room. It was mine when I first started coming here when I was super young with dad. If you need anything, just let me know.”

Her eyes widen when I open the door and she sees my old room. My room was the brightest room in the whole manor. It was a lighter Grey with a Green accent wall. I had one Black fur rug and one Green fur rug. My room, Draco’s Narcissa and Lucius’ rooms were the ones with bathrooms in them. I had pictures of sunsets, flower fields, and multiple family portraits of the Malfoy’s; with a few family portraits of me included with them. They always made me feel welcomed and apart of the family. Lucius and dad were gone most of the time, so it was mainly me, Draco, and Narcissa at the manor.

“WOW! This is beautiful. How many bedrooms does this place have?” Ginny asks in amazement of my room.

I let out a slight giggle as I say, “21 bedrooms and 20 baths. Enough that when family or friends stay, we will all have our rooms. At one point they were going to add more, but Lucius decided not to for now.”

“Sorry to interrupt, but are you ready for bed darling?” Draco whispers

I smile at him, “let me show the twins their rooms, get the twins their bottles and heat their swaddles up and I’ll be in.”

“Hey Sky, I got their bottles, and they are already changed and, in their swaddles, ready for bed. I laid them in their bassinets, and they are already asleep.” Pansy tells me lowly, so she doesn’t wake the twins up.

I hug her, “This is why you are their Godmother. You are amazing!”

Draco kept the bassinet on his side of the bed. I could tell he was really worried about the twins. The love he has for them is so indubitable; I know our kids will always be loved. I couldn’t ask for a better man to be their dad.


“Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?” I question Sky as I see her start to open her eyes, moving the hair out of her face.

Yawning before replying, “Morning. I slept amazing. How did you sleep? I’m shocked they slept all night”

I hold her close, “Lycissa woke up once for a bottle and Servius woke up twice. Once for a bottle and the other was a changing.”

Seeing the hurt in her eyes, “Why didn’t you wake me? I would’ve done it babe. You need your rest.”

“You were sleeping so peacefully"


Peacefully, a word that I never knew could ever come to mind until I held her in my arms the first night we shared a dorm.

"Is it cold in here or is just me?” she asked me “Here, just put my hoodie on” I threw her my hoodie.

It’s 2 AM and I can hear her tossing and turning in the bed, which is keeping me up. I wanted to get an attitude with her, but I can’t do that, not to her. “Sky, you okay? You keep tossing and turning and making noises.”

I hear the cracking and shivering in her voice, “I’m sorry, I can’t get warm.” I lift my duvet up “Come get in bed with me and cuddle with me. I’ll keep you warm.” Her sweet voice, “really?” Looking up with her with my heavy eyes, “Yes, really Sky. Hurry up beautiful. If you want to get warm and get some sleep before classes.”

Having her in my arms was a dream come true. I waited so long to have them. If there was anything I wanted more in my life, it’s this. I wanted her in my arms forever, to show her how much I love and care about her. And want her for myself. She was cuddled up in my arms, head on my chest. I kissed her forehead and whispered, “Goodnight beautiful. I love you so much.”

Thinking she was asleep until she tilted her head up, kisses my cheek, laying her head back down and said, “Goodnight Dray. I love you so much more.” When I woke up she was sleeping so peacefully, I didn’t want to wake her up, so I slipped out of bed, kissing her forehead and went to get us breakfast.

" I didn’t want to wake you. It’s my job to do it too, not just yours. You went plenty of nights without sleep when you were pregnant with them, so I want you to sleep as much as possible princess.” I say to her

We both look down at the bassinet and see how peacefully they are sleeping. Lycissa has her head on Servius’ leg and the same with him for Lycissa. “They’re so perfect. I can’t believe we created these little perfect humans” she said laying her head on me

“We sure did. They definitely have your nose and chubby cheeks” I reply with a chuckle

Of course she rolls her eyes at me, “Everything else is all you Malfoy”


“Morning everyone! Where’s dad and Snape?” Draco asks while holding Lycissa and acting like she’s a plane

Narcissa looks up from cutting apples, “They had some business to take care of. They’ll be gone for a while. How would everyone like a vacation trip?”

We all respond cheerfully. Going upstairs, get packed and leave. She takes us to a beach on the other side of England just as a small getaway after everything we’ve all been through.

2 Months pass by and we are still on vacation. It’s the last week here; dad and Lucius have been busy with ‘ministry’ stuff.


“Look at them. Pans, maybe one day we can have a kid” I smile at Pansy

Goyle looks at us, “Oi, no! I’m not dealing with your kids. The Malfoy’s are going to be difficult enough; I’m not going to deal with Zabini brats too!”

I can hear Aunt Bella ask Narcissa, “Cissa, did you ever think Draco would have two precious babies and be married to Severus’ daughter”

“Not until they started dating, honestly. They were close when they were young, but when they started dating, they became inseparable. Growing up they hated each other, mainly due to Draco being a git to her for no reason. When Severus and Lydia started fighting is when they became close. She really showed him how to open up and love. He’s never smiled before her.” Narcissa replied to Aunt Bella. Hearing people talk about how Malfoy was before Sky always opens my eyes about love.

Aunt Bella laughed at Narcissa and replied, “He’s a totally different person now. He’s a great dad to the kids and a husband to Sky. The way he looks at her is what true love looks like. Even when times got rough, he never gave up. He did what he had to do to protect her. She never gave up on him, no matter how difficult he became, just like Lucius.”

“Look at them; that’s a couple who has been through hell together and it made them closer. In all 16 years I’ve known Sky, I’ve never seen her so happy in life than she is with Draco,” Pansy leans against me as we watch Draco hug Sky from behind standing in the water, watching the sunset. “That’s what I want Blaise”


The past two months have been amazing, the babies are growing so fast, me and Draco have gotten so many date nights without the kids, and our love has grown stronger. I couldn’t imagine life without him. I wish sometimes we could tell the others the truth about us, but it’s better we tell them later.

“I hate to break up the happiness, but we have to get y’all to the spot. NOW!” Lucius shows up yelling at us.

Within 20 minutes of packing, we apparate to the spot.

I look at Draco, “4 months we spent here, just me and you. This time we have our babies and our family with us.”

“WICKED! This place is awesome! It even has a bowling alley, laser tag and movie room! Why would anyone want to leave here?” George yells

Blaise looked at Draco and I, “Mate, I would’ve never left here if I was y’all. Perfect place to raise a family.”

“Lucius, why did we have to come here? What’s wrong?” Narcissa asks with a scared tone

He looked at us in complete worrisome, “Lovegood and P-P-Potter knew y’all were there and this is the only safe place for you. Draco, Blaise, take care of everyone. Goyle, you’re coming with me. Your dad wants you.”

“Why can’t me and Blaise go?” Draco questions

He looks at Draco then me, “Draco, you have a family. You have a wife and two kids that need you here. You and Blaise have to protect them. Now, do as I say Draco.”

“Yes father.” Draco replies

After Lucius and Goyle apparate out of the safe spot, Draco becomes mad

“Baby, are you okay?” I question, knowing he isn’t, but type of wife would I be if I didn’t ask.

He paces the room, “I feel like I’m doing nothing here. I need to be helping them!”

Narcissa responds before I could even think of what to say, “Draco... Sweetie, you have a family now. Your father wants you here to keep them safe. Sky needs you, Lycissa and Servius need their dad. Being here, protecting your family is your job. That is you helping.”

“I feel like there’s more I can be doing to help” he grunts

Aunt Bella chimes in as usual, “Your family is the most important thing. You take care of them and make sure they’re safe. Your fathers can handle this. Think of your babies that need you.”


The constant thought of me helping more than just being here irks my nerves. I understand my family needs me, but me out there helping our fathers would be making me more useful rather than sitting in this fucking place!

Sky grabs my hand and pulls me to the room where we spent 4 months of the pregnancy

“WHAT BABE?!” I scream at her, knowing I fucked up as I see the tears start to form in her eyes

She just looks at me, “Draco Lucius Malfoy! Listen to me, RIGHT NOW!”

“Oka-” before I could finish she cut me off

“NO! Listen, don’t talk. You are doing more than enough. I know you want to help our dads and Goyle, but you know those 2 tiny humans downstairs that I birthed, just for them to look like you?! Well, they need you safe! I, your wife, need you safe. We need you here with us. You are here to protect us. I may be strong and powerful as fuck, but when you’re going and out battling, I’m not strong!”

Pausing for a second, “Don’t you fucking get it?! You being gone, all I do is worry. I need you here with me. We need you Draco!”

There’s that word, need. I never used that word until her parents started to fight and she would show up to the manor and mum let her in. She never told Snape she was there because they never even noticed. She would always come to my room and lay in bed. I needed to protect her and keep her safe. That was the first mission my father ever gave me was to protect her.

The last thing I remember my parents saying when me and Sky were running to the express on the platform on our first day at Hogwarts, “Take care of her Draco. Protect her at all costs!”

I will always need to protect her, she’s my everything

I grab ahold of her as she trembles and I hold her close as I life her chin up, “Baby, I want to make sure you, Lycissa and Servius are safe. I have to, I can’t let anything happen to y’all. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I want to be able to protect you three the best I can. I love you more than you will ever know and be able to understand”

“You are protecting us. Being here. Not only are you protecting us, but you’re protecting everyone in this house. We all need you. I know you want to do more, but this is where you are needed the most. I love you so much Dray. And we would all die if Blaise was protecting us, he’s not the brightest one of the bunch.”

She knows exactly how to make me laugh and feel better, but I guess that’s why she’s my wife. Knows me better than I know myself.

“Come on, let’s get back to the others. I love you, thank you for setting me straight.” I say with a giggle


“Are you guys okay?” Fred asks

“Yeah, we’re good, Fred. Thanks” Draco responds

Dad apparates to the house, “Draco, can we trust Crabbe if we needed him?”

I hear dad’s voice, “DAD! Are you okay?!”

“Yes sir, you can trust him. He’s a little slow, but trustworthy.” Draco responds

“I’m fine Sky. Cissa, Lucius and Goyle are fine. Draco, I need some of your hair. We are going to turn Crabbe into you with Polyjuice potion to lure Potter out. Crabbe’s dad gladly offered him to do it, so you didn’t have to get involved.”

Draco yanks a few pieces of hair out, “Here, this should work. It’ll last 2-3 hours.” Dad apparates out, and Draco hugs me to reassure me everything is okay.

“Oi, Crabbe turning into Malfoy. That’d be a sight to see. Hopefully, he won’t eat everything in sight while he’s you and blow his cover,” Blaise jokes

We all laugh, “Shut it Zabini, with the taste of Polyjuice he won’t want to eat; it tastes fucking disgusting!”


“Damn Crabbe, that’s the best you’ve ever looked!”

Crabbe snarled back, “Shut up git!”

The Dark Lord rises, “Both of you shut up! We have to find Lovegood and Potter before they know we are here.”

“Shut it, I hear something” Snape says

“We need to grab the Lovegood child and go to the manor” Dark Lord says

Crabbe walks out and gets the attention of Luna, “Lovegood, where’s your little boyfriend Pottah?”

“Wouldn’t you love to know Malfoy!” She snarls back at him, “He is safe is all you need to know. You won’t find him”

Crabbe(Polyjuice Draco) says, “Oi, I think we will with the help of you”

Me and Snape grab her and apparate back to Malfoy Manor

“Go get Sky, Draco,” The Dark Lord Orders


“Crabbe is everything okay? God, am I really this ugly?”

“You’re not ugly babe!” Sky yells at me

He replies, “The Dark Lord wants Sky at the manor”

Father apparates, “Sky, the Dark Lord wants you. Draco, you’re coming too. Crabbe be yourself again. Can’t have you screw it up, cuz the real Draco is super protective over Sky”

“Let me go kiss the babies.” Sky runs to mumsy tells her everything then kisses the twins, “Bye Lycissa, Servius. Mommy and daddy love you and will be back soon.”

FUCK! The sight of her with our kids just makes me want fuck her brains out and get her pregnant again... Stop Draco, not yet, I told myself I’ll wait until the twins turn 1.

“Sky, thank you for coming on such short notice.” The Dark Lord says

“Yes Lord.” She responds

He gives off that creepy thing he calls a smile, “Work your magic young one”

“Luna, Luna, Luna. Haven’t you learned by now? That messing with family is the last thing you want to do. Especially the Malfoy/Snape family.” Sky says walking in circles around Luna.

Luna looks at her, “You’re not going to get me to tell you. You can torture me all you want, I won’t talk.”

“Boys step out for a minute, me and her need to have a talk. Girl to girl.” She replies

I look at her, “Babe, do you want me to stay?”

She winks at me, “You can stand outside the door. I’ll let you know if I need you”


“Now Luna, come on tell me where Potter is. Less pain for you”

She growls at me, “NO! I will never tell you where he is!”

“Come on, we were friends, I saved your life from that filthy mudblood Hermione when she tried to kill you.”

“I’d let her if I’d never have to see or tell you where Harry is,” the daft dimbo responded

Out of pure entertainment I used the Cruciatus curse on her. Her screams are so loud I can’t help but laugh a little, “Come on Luna, just tell me”



As we stand outside the door, we hear Sky torturing Lovegood

“Remind me never to piss her off Draco,” Goyle commented

I looked at him, “No, y’all remind me. Think, I’m married to her. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda scared of my own wife, but it’s super hot when she’s like this. Like damn!"

“Malfoy, remember that’s still my daughter. She knows more spells and curses than she lets on. She can cause more pain without saying a word.” Snape says

Sky opens the door, “I need the Pensieve. The little bitch erased the memory of where he is, but if I can get her to cry, I can use her tears to find him?”

“I’ll be back” Snape says. 15 minutes pass by and he shows up with the Pensieve, “Here Sky”

She grabs it and looks at us, “It may get loud for a few minutes, dad I need you in here, I’m going to do something and she will need you. You two stay here, best if you don’t see this”


“Come on Luna, make this easy on yourself!”

“NO!” Luna yells

“Crucio” I yell 5 times, but nothing

Her screams are horrendously loud and discomforting.

“Dad be prepared” I pause and point my wand at her and silently cast the sectumsempra curse on her. Causing her so much pain from the sword cuts and the blood pouring out she finally gives me enough tears to work with

I run out of the room as dad heals the whiney bitch


“Where is he?” The Dark Lord responds

I look at him, “In Godrick’s Hallow. He’s looking for a horcrux.”

“I will send Nagini. She will be able to trap him. Sky, erase her memory completely” Dark Lord orders

I go back in the room and say, ”obliviate” I say twice to ensure it’s erased.

I come back out, “My lord is there anything else?”

“Not tonight Sky. You are free to go. Give me a minute with young mister Malfoy, will you?”

“Yes sir.”


“Draco, I know you want to help, but I must demand you stay with Sky and the rest of them. Mr. Zabini and the Weasley’s are powerful, but not like you. Sky and your children need you. If I need you I will summon you.” The Dark Lord says

“Yes lord, thank you.”

“Babe, where are you? I shout for Sky

I hear her shout back, “In our room”

I run up there stairs and to our room. I stand beside her, “What are your doing up here princess?”

She leaned on me, “Just reminiscing of all the memories and love made in here. Have you ever wondered where the twins were conceived? Here or at school?”

I hold on to her waist from behind, kissing her neck and whispering in her ear, “Oh baby, I know exactly when and where they were conceived.”

She looked at me with what little innocence was left in her, “Oh do you now. How about you tell me then”

“Better yet, how about I show you”

I shut the door, lock it, put the muffliato spell on the room, that way whoever is here can’t hear her screaming and moaning for more.

I push her against the wall, kissing her neck, ripping her shirt off and throwing it somewhere on the floor.

“Jump” I demand, and she obeys what I say. She wraps her legs around my torso, “Good girl”

She takes my shirt off and I leave love bites all down her chest. I take her to the bed, kissing her neck, making my way down. As I get down to her thighs, I spread them open, rubbing my finger on her clit, feeling her arching her back. I shove a finger in as I hear her moan, I shove another one in.

“You don’t have to be quiet, it’s just me and you princess”

“Oh-uhh-DRACO! FUCK!!! I want you!"

“Say it louder, what do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me hard! Please daddy” She screams

I align my hard dick with her entrance, rubbing it against her soaking wet pussy and without notice I shove it in. She winces in pain, not giving her time to adjust to my size.


“Tell daddy what you want you naughty girl” I say as I grab her throat, leaving indentions from my ring

“Daddy, I’m gonna cum...” She says

"Beg for it” I demand, ”Beg for me to let you cum princess”

“Please daddy, let me cum. I want to cum all over your dick”

I reposition her legs on my shoulders, giving me the opportunity to go deeper in her tight little pussy. “Cum for daddy then princess.” I grab her throat a little tighter.

“F-Fuck, I’m coming for you princess. You want all my juices deep inside don’t you?” I say degradingly

“Yes, I want it all deep in me. Oh-fuck baby.” She moans loudly

After we finish, I see It’s been 3 hours, we get cleaned up, “And that’s how the twins were conceived my love.” I plant a kiss on her lips noticing the mark from my ring on her neck.

We apparate back to the safe spot


Pansy and Blaise look at each other, “Ooh, I know what they were doing!!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Pansy,” Sky tries to play it off cool

“Shut it Parkinson!” I spat back

Blaise looks at me, “Oi, he only calls us by last names when they get caught. Nice mate. Get you some.” We high-five

“Seriously? What caused it this time?” Mum asks

“Well, the lord wanted to talk to me, so Sky was supposed to wait by the door, but decided to go up to our room and reminisce of the memories and love made in the room, then asked me a question” I say

Pansy looks at Sky, “What did you ask him?”

She looks away in embarrassment, “I asked if he ever wondered where the twins were conceived. Either at the manor or Hogwarts. He said he knew and when I asked him to tell me about it, he told me he would show me instead... So that’s what caused it this time”

“You two are something else, I tell ya. But I’m glad the love is still there after having kids, and considering the situation.” Mum says

I look at her, “Plus, after hearing what Sky was doing to Lovegood trying to get her memory was a huge turn on, so she started it. Not me”

“Always blaming me. Typical Draco. When you’re the one who can’t keep his hands to himself.”

“Well, did you get the information?” Aunt Bella asks

Sky looks up from the floor, “Yeah. He’s in Godrick’s Hallow looking for horcruxes. Dark Lord sent Nagini.”

“Very well. One day he will let me have some fun” Aunt Bella said madly

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