Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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“Did you lose so much sleep with the twins?” Blaise gestures tot Draco

“No, not really. They were pretty good about not waking up unless it was once or twice. They got to where they slept all night at around 2-3 months.” Draco says stuffing his face with eggs

Blaise turns to Pansy and says with a meh tone, “I told you our kid hates us Pansy!” I roll my eyes as I look at Blaise, “He doesn’t hate you. You just haven’t found the right method that helps him sleep. The first 3 weeks were pure hell. You’ll learn what makes him sleep. Lycissa’s was humming while rocking. Servius’ was packing back and forth while bouncing him and singing.”

“I couldn’t hum the song right, so Sky had to rock Lycissa and I had to sing and pace with Servius. But yet he’s a momma’s boy.”

It’s been three months since dad, Lucius and Goyle have been searching for Potter. They have visited a few times but not for long. We asked to help but the Dark Lord requires us to be patience and wait until he needs us.

Me and Draco have had more wonderful nights that were just like before the twins. Life is perfect. The twins are walking, more like running and can say so many words.

“I can’t believe the twins are saying wicked. Like really Fred and George.” I announce

Draco grabs my waist, “It’s actually really cute when they say it. Lycissa says “icked” since she can’t say the “W” right. And instead of Weasley, its “Easley” now” he laughs as Fred and George do too.

“Hey Sky, can I borrow one of the twins’ old bottles? Blaise has somehow lost Avander’s and can’t find it anywhere” Pansy yells from the kitchen. I yell back, “Of course silly”

A few weeks later

The past few weeks I’ve noticed Draco has been very gentle during sec, which is very unlike him because he loves being rough and the dominant. He’s let me be dominant and super gentle with the way he touches me.

“Hey babe, can I ask you something?” I mumble

“Yeah love, what is it?” He responds

I look up at him, nervous to ask the question. Thinking that maybe he doesn’t love me anymore or I did something wrong, “Why have you been so gentle with me lately? You love it rough.”

“Well, I know your body Sky,” he says biting his lip, with a worriedness look on his face. “I know the way it looks, the way it feels, and everything about it. And umm... I’ve noticed changes lately. Changes that only I could probably notice because like I said, I know your body”

I love that he knows my body so well. Noticing things about me that I’ve never noticed about myself. It’s amazing

“Okay...” I respond

He takes my hand under his and puts it on my stomach, “Reperio Fordus”

“Is- is that?” I ask

He looks up at me, “Yeah, it is. I wanted to make sure before I told you. I checked last night while you’re asleep.”

“I’m scared...” I say

He pulls me in close to him, kissing my forehead, “I know, I am too. But this time we will take every measure to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” I lay my head against his chest, “I can’t believe this”

“Me either, but I’m so happy. I love you princess.”

“I love you more. I’m going to take a test just to make sure. Is that okay?“” I question him. He smiles, “Of course baby.” A few minutes go by and you come out with two tests, the lines super dark, “Well, it’s official. I’m pregnant”


I can’t believe she’s pregnant. I can sense the fear running through both of our bodies as we don’t want to lose another baby.

We walk into the kitchen while everyone is waiting for breakfast to finish, “Hey guys, we have an announcement.” I say holding Sky’s hand in a tight grip

Everyone says at the same time, “What is it?” Sky sits the pregnancy tests on the counter, and everyone looks at it.

“CONGRATULATIONS!” They all run and hug us. “I’m going to be a mumsy again! This is wonderful!” Mum says with a huge smile across her face.

Holding her hand a little tighter, “This time we are going to do everything we can to make sure we don’t have another scary situation again.”

“Are you excited? This is wicked!” George says. “I’m overjoyed but scared” Sky says as she leans her head on my chest

“Let’s go to tell the twins!” I say and grab her hand and drag her

We went to tell the twins, of course they didn’t know what we were saying but they were smiling and laughing. I am so happy that I pick her up and spin her around, kissing her. I can tell she can see the worry in my eyes even through the happiness


“How is it after so many years, they’re still as happy as they were since the day they started dating? Even with all the bad that’s happened.” Ginny says staring at Draco and Sky from the kitchen

I smile at her and say, “Ginny, darling, that’s what you call true and pure love. Not even Lucius and I have that. Most of the time we can’t stand each other. Been that way since we met. Draco is the only Malfoy man I have ever seen be so in love like this and I love it.”

“I remember when she would sneak of her dorm after curfew and meet up with Draco and they would go out to the enchanted forest or go to Hogsmeade for dates.” Pansy smiled

Blaise staring at them, “They both came back happier than ever. And then when they moved into the same dorm, it was game over. For everyone”

I love seeing the happiness on my son’s face. I’ve never thought he would find someone who he loved so much. To think that we were going to do an arrange marriage to Astoria Greengrass if he never found anyone; so glad that didn’t have to happen. I don’t care for the Greengrass family at all. Skyra and Draco come back in

“I remember the first night I moved in the dorm with him. It was super cold, he gave me his hoodie to sleep in, then I accidentally woke him up at 2 AM because I couldn’t stop tossing and turning to get warm. Regardless of having his hoodie on” Skyra says as she looks up at him and him down at her.

He picks her up and put her in the swivel kissing her forehead before saying, “I told her to come lay in my bed so I can keep her warm, and maybe possibly get some sleep. That’s when it all started. The night I realize that Sky was going to be the girl I married and the only person I would do anything for.”

“He didn’t waste any time because the next day he asked me to be his girlfriend. And that’s when the Skyra Snape and Draco Malfoy love story truly began.” She said smiling.

“I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. The good, bad, ugly and the beautiful.” He says as he kisses her hand

George says, “One day, I want a love story like them.”

“I remember when both of you got detention because of Hermione telling on you in potions.” Fred says

Sky looks up with him with a look of anger, “Fred! Why did you have to bring that up?!”

Ginny laughed, “It was literally the best thing ever. Hermione didn’t know what hit her. LITERALLY!”

“What happened? Why did y’all get detention?!” I ask, wondering if I really want to know or not.


I gulp and look down, “Well... We were in potions and we sat in the back of the class since we were working on other stuff. But Draco here decided he wanted to tease me a little bit and Granger thought it would be fun to tell dad. He obviously had to give us detention but after class...”

“After class, Sky walked up to Granger and punched the shit out of her and said” Pansy started

Pansy, Ginny, Fred, George, Blaise, and Draco all at the same time started to say, “Granger, if you kept your nose out of other people’s business, maybe someone other than Ron and Mr. “I’m the Chosen One” would like you. Plus no one likes a know-it-all mudblood. One day I’ll make sure you aren’t, you filthy mudblood.” Then she punched her again and walked off.

Narcissa looks at Aunt Bella and said, “Bella are you sure that Sky isn’t your child? That’s some crap you would say and do!”

“Dumb mudblood should’ve minded her own business and she wouldn’t have gotten hit.” I say

Draco looks at me, “I loved it when you were mean to her. It was a turn on”

“That’s how you ended up with those two over there.” Pansy says as we all look at Lycissa and Servius. Draco puts his arm around me as we look at the babies, “I don’t regret it one second. The best thing that’s ever happened to us”

I kiss him, “You got that right. This new baby is going to be so loved and have amazing siblings and family who love it.” Blaise asks, “How many kids do you plan on having?”

“I want a big family, so 6-7 kids” Draco says smiling

Narcissa looks at me, “Are you good with that many kids?”

“We’ve already talked about. It’s a number we both agree on. If we are blessed with more, then we will be happy with it.” I respond smiling at Draco.

“Blaise, how many are we going to have?” Pansy asks. He looks at her like why the hell are we talking about this? “3 is the max I will give. I can barely handle the one we have. He still hates me.”

“Blaise! He doesn’t hate you. He can sense your fear which makes it worse on him. You need to relax. He’s almost 4 months and you are still scared of him” I yell at him

Draco adds in, “He had a dream that Avander grew to be the same size of Hagrid and he ate him. That’s why he’s scared of his own kid.”

“Sky, when are you going to find out the gender of the baby?” Pansy asks. I look at her and say, “Tomorrow. I kinda don’t want to know until I give birth”

“We are just going to make sure that the baby is healthy. We want the gender to be a surprise.” Draco says

At the doctors appointment you find out shocking news but keep it a secret until the baby is born. Both of you are happy but worried.

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