Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Four almost five months go by and everyone is outside watching the babies play. Avander is almost nine months old and the twins like playing with him a lot.

“LOOK! Avander is walking. Finally!” Pansy screams as she falls back from the chair. Blaise jumps up, “Oh shit! That’s my boy!”

George is standing there drinking his Pumpkin juice, “Damn, when did all three of these kids grow up?! This isn’t wicked at all.”

“Just wait George. Baby Malfoy will be here any day now, then you get to experience it from the beginning. But please, for Merlin’s sake do NOT teach this kid the word wicked.” I say laughing but with a serious face. Draco has me in his lap, with his hand on my stomach feeling the baby kick, “I can’t wait. Our precious baby will be here and it’s going to be amazing”

Later that night after dinner, you’re in the kitchen washing dishes while everyone is in the den watching the babies play

Blaise walks in to grab a bottle for Avander, “Damn Sky, making a mess as always are we?”

I give Blaise the I’m going to stab you look, “Blaise...” He looks at me with eyes bigger than apples, “MALFOY! It’s Sky! It happened again!”

Draco walks in, “What baby?” He sees the mess on the floor and eyes grow wide, “Oh baby! MUM IT’S TIME!” Narcissa comes strolling in, “What do you mean?” She looks down, “Oh bloody hell! It’s time!”

My only reaction is “Well, I fucking figured that much with all the mess on the floor! FUUUCK!” Draco turns to Blaise, “Blaise how the hell are you always the one to find her when her water breaks?!” Blaise just looks around, “Um, well I’ve been asking myself the same question since the moment it just happened.”

Draco goes and grabs the hospital bag, a few pairs of clothes for him, and gives the twins to Aunt Bella, Pansy, and Ginny. All I can think about are these horrible contractions that are getting worse by the minute. Hating Draco for ever getting me pregnant, and the moment this kid is born, he is going to get his ass kicked for ever shagging me.

We arrive at St. Mungos and Madam Pomfrey greets us, “Good evening Malfoy’s, it’s that time. Come on let’s get you in a room.” She takes us to a room and gets me checked out, “Okay, you’re only 4 centimeters dilated. We still have a little while”.

This labor is nothing like the last. It has been 29 hours and you’re only at 6 centimeters. Draco hasn’t left your side unless it was for food or a drink.


I hate seeing her in so much pain. It takes a toll on my mental health knowing I can’t take this pain away from her; I would in a heartbeat if I could. She’s so beautiful and I just want to hold her, but I know that won’t help her pain. Other than rubbing her shoulders on singing to her stomach, nothing really helps relax her.

“You’re doing wonderful my love” I kiss her forehead as she squeezes my hand during a contraction. She looks at me with tears in her eyes from the pain, “I’m trying not to squeeze your hand so hard Dray. I’m sorry” I put my free hand on her stomach and rub it, “Baby, if you break my hand, it will be okay. I’m not worried about it.”


“This is taking longer than the last time” I say to everyone

Pansy relaxing in the chair, “This baby is already acting like a Malfoy with all the stubbornness.” Ginny shoots her eyes over to Pansy, “Pansy, stop. Sky is just as stubborn as Draco. If not worse.”

“Draco is the jealous/overprotective one, while Sky is the stubborn one” George says

Bellatrix is bouncing Lycissa on her knee, this being the only way to keep her from crying, “Sky is the only person that Draco has ever been overprotective of. That’s when we all know that was his soulmate. She’s the only one he would ever kill over”


6 hours go by and we are at 35 hours of labor when Madam Pomfrey comes in and checks Sky out. “You’re finally at 10 centimeters. It’s time to start pushing. Do the rest know what I told you at your doctor’s appointment?” Sky looks at her, “No ma’am. We kept it to ourselves.”

After 20 minutes of pushing our beautiful baby is here.

“Pure perfection. You did perfect princess. You never cease to amaze me. And no broken hand this time.” I say kissing her forehead. Holding the baby she says, “I told you I would try not to. Let’s bring the others back.”

I walk to the waiting room where everyone jumps up, “You guys can come back.” We walk to the room and I block Sky from everyone seeing her.

“We would like to introduce you to Bella Marie Malfoy” I say holding her in my arms. I move out of the way and Sky says, “And Aurora Jayne Malfoy.”

Our babies are absolutely perfect. They look just like their mum, with my eyes. I could already tell Bella is going to be just like her mum with the way her little lips pucker up right before she cries. Have the brown hair like Snape.

“TWINS AGAIN?!” Pansy yells. George looks at us, “That Malfoy gene must run strong with twins”

Mum looks at me smiling, “They are absolutely beautiful. How does it feel to know you have 3 daughters and 1 son, Draco?”

“I’m a good girl dad. Servius is going to be protective over his sisters without a doubt.” I say looking at our beautiful kids.

Blaise walks over and puts his hand on my back, “Congratulations you two. We will let you guys rest and see you in a few days.” Sky looks up from the babies, “Thanks everyone. Thank you for watching Lycissa and Servius while we are here. We love you”

“Of course sweetie. We love you. Now get some rest” mum says

As everyone leaves, it’s just me, Sky, and our beautiful babies. I can’t believe how perfect they are. It amazes me that we could create something so perfectly beautiful.

“They are definitely you minis my love.” I say looking at Sky. “I know, but they have those Malfoy eyes” she smiles back at me. I sit next to her on the bed, “We have the perfect kids.” She lays her head on my shoulder and just stares at the girls, “Can you believe it; we are almost 20 and two sets of twins. Our lives are going to be so crazy”

“Baby, our lives may be crazy, but it will always be full of happiness and love. So will our house.” I push her hair behind her ear, smiling at her, “You look absolutely breathtaking” She rolls her eyes at me like normal, “I look horrible Dray. I just went through 35 hours of labor and gave birth.”

I just look down at her and admire her beauty. If she only knew how she looks through my eyes. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life and I can’t imagine a life with anyone else. This is what I want. No one could ever give me the happiness this woman gives me. “Like I said, breathtaking. You always look amazing, but the sight of you holding our newborn twins, it makes me fall in love with you all over again. I love you Skyra Malfoy”

“I love you Draco Malfoy. I’m glad you’re my husband and the father of my kids” she says as moving closer to me. I put my arm around her and lay her head on my chest, “I wasn’t going to let anyone else have you. You were always mine since day 1. I always knew I was going to make you Mrs. Malfoy when we grew up.”


I absolutely love this life that I have with Draco. Never would I have thought growing up I would be married to and have kids, especially to Draco Malfoy. The boy that hated my presence until we were 10. Until 10 he tortured me, called rude names, and even called me a mudblood, thinking of it, how did I not kill him back then. Anyways, I’m glad he finally warmed up to me. Who knew that my parents constant arguing would be what brought us closer together and now married with 4 beautiful kids.

“Fuck! Your dad is going to kill me. Not only did I get you pregnant again, but with twins... Again.” Draco’s eyes grew larger than ever. He knew my dad was going to kill him.

I laugh at him, “He’s not going to kill you. He may give you that same stare he did when we started dating and would skip classes to goof off or to shag, but that’s all he will do.” He stopped in his tracks, “I’d rather be dead than get that look again. If looks could kill, that would be the look that caused my death. I don’t want to die. I want to be here with you and the babies.”

“Well, there’s my beautiful daughter and the git who got her pregnant... again.” Dad said as he walks into the hospital room. I look at him in shock, “Dad, Lucius, Goyle, Crabbe. What are y’all doing here?” Lucius walks up seeing Draco hold Bella, “Narcissa sent an owl and told us you gave birth, and we had to come see the new baby.”

Draco gulps, “It’s new babies.” They all look at him and dad is giving THE look. “Babies, as in more than one?” Goyle asks. I sigh in absolute amazement that he’s made it so far in school being so dumb, “Yes Goyle. I know you’re not that great at counting, but babies, insinuates more than one. Two comes after one.”

“Meet Bella Marie Malfoy and Aurora Jayne Malfoy.” I say holding them in my arms. Dad walks over to me glaring at them, “They definitely have the Snape gene this time, just Malfoy eyes.”

Crabbe normally is quiet but says, “Congrats you two. You really are amazing parents. You really straightened Malfoy up Sky.”

“You two created the four most beautiful children ever. Now can you please wait 3-4 years before you have anymore?” Lucius says with his stern voice. I can never tell when he’s joking or being serious because his voice never changes, even when giving the nicest compliments. I guess it’s a Malfoy man thing because Draco’s grandfather is the same way.

“We have to get going, we just wanted to see the new baby, that turned into babies. Malfoy, you better take care of my daughter and my grandkids.” My dad states while giving him the same look that he gave Draco back in school. Draco gulps and almost chokes on his spit, “Yes sir. Always”

A month passes by and we are home will all four kids


“I don’t see how you two can be completely fine with four kids. We have one and I’m still a disaster.” Blaise complains looking down at the ground. He looks like he hasn’t slept in years

I look at this git, “Blaise, it gets hard, but y’know mate. That beautiful woman I married is amazing and the babies love her so much”

“Don’t take this the wrong way Draco, but how is it she gives birth to 2 sets of twins and she still looks as perfect as she did before she got pregnant?” George asks. Mum gives a small chuckle, “That darling is called good genes. I remember when her mum Lydia gave birth to her. She looked like she was having twins, but it was just Skyra’s 10 pound self. Lydia was in complete shock when it was just one baby.”

Sky looks up at mum, “Was I really 10 pounds?” Mum walks away and comes back handing Sky a picture and she read the back, “Skyra Marie Snape. Born June 23, 1980. 10 pounds 3 oz. 18 inches long” Sky was shocked to say the least, “No way! Oh my god!” “You were huge” Blaise says. I laugh a little, “Damn babe”

Aunt Bella looks over at me when she sees the tears forming in Sky’s eyes, “Draco, you were 9 pounds, so you have no room to joke. And you were short” My eyes shot up fast, “I was not!” Mum looked at me, “Yes Draco you surely were. But look at both of you now. Two amazingly beautiful people, and the best looking couple.” Mum nudges me with a little anger in her eyes knowing that I just upset my wife.

I walk over and sit Sky on my lap and just hold her, but she doesn’t want anything to do with me. “You were fucking huge too Malfoy!” Blaise yells at me. Knowing how to make her laugh I respond with, “My father will hear about this.” It doesn’t faze her, and everyone can tell how bad I truly upset her.

“No he won’t. You have said that since first year and the only thing he ever heard about is when Buckbeak broke your arm in third year because you wanted to be a showoff and prove that Potter wasn’t special.” Pansy exclaims while laughing. As much as I wanted to yell at her, Sky laughed, so it was worth it.

“Nice one Pans!” Sky says, high fiving her. I turn her head towards me, “Really babe?!” I wasn’t mad, just had to make it seem that way. “Well you called me a fat baby. I’m sure my father will hear about that! Two can play that game Malfoy.” She said rolling her eyes at me. “Oh, you’re on Malfoy” I snarl back at her while kissing her cheek, but she pushed my face away.

“This is amusing. Best entertainment in a while.” Aunt Bella says. Fred responds with, “I’m right there with you Ms. Bellatrix.” “How many times do I have to tell you Fred, just call me Aunt Bella. We are all family here.” She tells him

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