Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Two years later, everyone was finally able to come out of hiding. Me and Draco bought acres with 18 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms house next to Mumsy and Lucius’ manor. The Weasley’s are living down the road from us. Blaise and Pansy live on the other side Lucius and Mumsy. They had another little boy named Houston. Him and Aurora love harassing each other. If they don’t end up together, we will all be shocked. We all have floo systems in the houses to go to each other’s houses. It’s great having everyone we love right there near us.

“Are you ready my love” Draco asks from the bedroom as I’m in the bathroom. I shout back, “Give me a second. I’m finishing up now. I’ll be down in a minute.” I can hear him shut the bedroom door and walk down the stairs. After a few minutes I come downstairs and look at how amazing Draco looks.

Lycissa and Servius are 4 ½, Bella and Aurora are almost 3.

“DADDY, DADDY!” Lycissa screams at the top of her lungs pulling Draco’s jacket. He looks down at her, “what baby? Are you okay?” All I hear next is Lucius turning around saying, “Oh wow, Draco.” At that moment Mumsy and Draco turn around.

Mumsy says, “Woah!” I can see a little bit of drool come from Draco’s mouth when he sees me. I’m wearing an Emerald Green Silk dress that stops midthigh, V-line chest wearing Black heels. I have my hair up with a few strands down and curled with light makeup.

“Hot damn, you look amazing baby” Draco says as he grabs my hand helping me down the stairs. Servius looks at me, “Mommy, you look really pretty” I smile at him “Thank you Servius. You ready to have fun with Mumsy and Papa Lucius?”

All of the kids scream, “YESSS!” Draco gives me a smirk, “I’m ready to have fun with mommy tonight.” He says kissing my cheek. Mumsy looks at Draco and hits his arms, “You better use a vial if you do. I don’t want anymore grandkids for at least 2-3 years please. 4 under 5 is not easy on any of us. Especially you two.”

We hug the kids as we leave, telling them to be good for mumsy and Lucius, knowing they are going to run them ragged trying to play with everything. This is the first date night we’ve had together since Aurora and Bella were born. It feels nice to have some alone time with Draco, nervous about this date. It feels like our first date all over again. The butterflies still live in my stomach because of this man.

“Did you really say, ′I’m going to have fun with mommy’ in front of our kids?!” I say with an aggravated tone. Looking at me with a serious face, running his fingers through his hair, “I didn’t specify what kind of fun”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy! We all know what you meant when you said fun!"

He pulls me close to him and kisses me, running his hand down my cheek, “I can’t help my wife is so hot and that after all these years I’m still so attracted to you baby.” I let off a soft giggle, “Have you seen yourself? You’re the hottest around my love.” “I am not,” he responds. He went from being a cocky asshole who thought he was Merlin’s gift to women, to being modest.

“I we didn’t already have 4 kids I would ask for one right now.” I tell him, “Where are we going anyway?”

“Right here beautiful.” He says as we stop in the woods where there is a table with a lantern and food on it, with a bonfire next to it. “Draco, this is amazing. So sweet after all these years. I don’t know what I did to deserve it or you.” I tell him

He pulls my chair out as we sit down, he smiles at me, grabbing my hands saying, “You’re you, that’s what you did. I’m more in love with you now than I was when we started dating. Princess, you are my absolute everything and more. You deserve the entire world and then some. I will do anything and everything in my power to give that to you.” “You’re absolutely amazing. I love you Draco” I respond to him.

“I love you so much Skyra. Did you realize this is the first date we’ve been on since Aurora and Bella were born and that was almost 3 years ago.” Draco speaks.

I look at him as I finish my food, “I know. We really need to do it more often. It gives me a reason to look beautiful and not homeless while chasing the kids and cleaning.” As we walk over to the blanket next to the bonfire, he looks at me, “Baby, you are always beautiful. Every day, no matter what you’re wearing. You look amazing chasing our babies around and all the stuff you do for us.”

We sit by the fire for 3 hours talking, laughing, and just enjoying each other’s company. While talking all I can do is admire his chiseled jawline, the way his lip curls up when he talk, the glistening of his Grey eyes and his smile. After all these years I still admire his features as if it were my first time looking at him. Boy let me tell you, he is perfect. While we were in school, all the girls wanted him, at one point Pansy had a crush on him; hell, being his girlfriend I wanted him. I’m lucky that he wanted to be with me, I couldn’t imagine my life without Draco Malfoy in it.

“Oh shit, we probably need to get home before the kids kill you dad” I tell Draco laughing

We apparate back home and as we walk in Draco says, “We’re home mum.” No one answers so we walk to the living room and see Lucius passed out on the couch. The girls must’ve wanted to play dress up or princesses, because Lucius had a tiara on with nail polish, a light Green and Pink boa and lipstick. “Looks like they wore your dad completely out. Quick you may want to get a picture to hold this over him when he says you’ve gone soft on everyone.” I say

“Oh, you’re home. What time is it?” Mumsy appears from the kitchen with peppermint tea in her hand. He looks at her and says, “Nearly midnight.” She questions if we had fun and I respond, “We did. I forgot what it was like to be near the fire, talking and laughing for hours, just us two. Did y’all have fun? He glances at Lucius passed out on the couch, giggling she says, “We did. Blaise and Pansy brought the boys over and they all played. 6 kids is a lot for us old people. Let me wake your father up and we will get going so you can go to bed.”

Draco glances at Lucius and sees he’s comfortable, “Y’all can just stay here. No need to wake dad, just cover him with a blanket. Just pick whatever room you like.”

I go upstairs and check on all the kids. They’re all sleeping in the playroom in a fort that looks like the one Lucius used to make me and Draco when we were small. I go to the bedroom and changed into sweats and one of Draco’s old quidditch shirts.

Draco walks in the room and sees me in the bed, “Couldn’t wait for me I see princess.” I giggle, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to lay down. My feet are killing me from the heels.” He lifts the duvet at the foot of the bed, “Here beautiful” he squirts some lotion on his hand and rubs my feet. I fall asleep and can feel him climb in bed next to me, cuddling me. “Goodnight my love. I love you so much beautiful”


Every Sunday, everyone meets at Malfoy Manor for breakfast and a day of fun. All the kids are running around playing and of course the Malfoy kids are the ones being buffoons.

“Avander stop!” Lycissa yells. “What’re you going to do about it Lycissa?” Avander taunts her. Of course her being my daughter she shouts back, “If you don’t, my father will hear about this!” Servius cuts in like always, “Both of you stop, or I’ll tell both our dads!!”

“Draco, will you please get your daughter.” Sky asks me.

Bella and Houston are playing as she tells us that Houston pushed her. “Houston, stop pushing Bella around!” Pansy firmly says to Houston. “Did you ever think our kids would be doing this crap?” Pansy asks Sky. Mum chimes in as she brings us more tea, “The joys of being a grandparent. I send all these hellions home with y’all after giving them candy and chocolate.”

“Narcissa. Lucius, this is what our lives are now. 4 biological grandkids and 2 adopted.” Snape says. Father responds to Snape, “I love it. Brings this house joy. Remember Draco and Sky running around trying to hex each other without wands.”

Ginny walks back outside, “Thank you for always including us with family things Mumsy and Mr. Lucius. It’s nice to have this type of family stuff again.” Father looks at Ginny, “Always sweetheart. You and your brothers are always welcome here.” He looks over, “Bella, Houston stop hitting each other!”

“I’m telling my father you little cockroach!” Bella screams as she runs towards me. I can’t help but sigh, “Lycissa, Servius, Bella, Aurora! ENOUGH! If you don’t stop, you will be in time out the rest of the day. You know better than to act like this. Now say sorry to Mumsy and go wash up for breakfast!”

Later in the afternoon, we are all sitting outside watching the kids running around playing. The life we always wanted is happening before our eyes. Although Blaise and Pansy was an odd couple but they’re happy and it’s great to have friends that’s a couple, and it’s better that we’ve been friends for years.

“Malfoy, you can never say those kids aren’t yours.” Blaise says as he looks in the yard

“Mate, I’d never deny those kids. I know they’re mine, no doubt. My babies. I want at least 1 more boy, even though I want an army of kids.” I say looking at Sky as she sips her tea. “We’ll talk about baby” She responds.

We all know Goyle isn’t the smartest one of the group, but sometimes I just want to hit the git with what he says. “Blaise doesn’t mean that Sky cheated, cuz we all know she only has eyes for you. But he means they act just like you.” I give him this what the actual fuck look. “I know she wouldn’t cheat on me. And no they don’t act like me.”

They all look at each other with a you’re kidding me look.

“Malfoy, don’t lie” George says. With Fred adding, “Yeah, because they definitely act just like you.” I roll my eyes, “How do you figure?”

They all proceed to say:

Sky: “My father will hear about this.” Goyle: ”This is ridiculous.” Pansy and Ginny, ”It’s killed meh! It’s killed meh!" Fred: ”You’re going to regret this.” George: ”Training for the Ballet.” Crabbe: ”No one asked your opinion." Blaise: ”You filthy little mudblood”

“Okay, okay. I get it. Maybe they act a little like me” I reply. Sky shifts her body towards me, “A little?! Lycissa and Servius act just like you. Especially Lycissa. I already know she’s going to be my trouble child when she gets to Hogwarts. Be glad that you’re working in the ministry.”

Houston and Aurora are wrestling like always, “Stop it you little cockroach! I’ll punch you!” Aurora says to him. Sky gets up and yells, “Aurora Jayne Malfoy! You will NOT punch or hit. Do you hear me!?” The kids keep wresting until we hear, “Ouch! She bit me!”

Before Sky can get anything out of her mouth I yell, “Aurora don’t bite! What did your mum tell you?!” Aurora looks at me, “Daddy, she said not to hit or punch. She never said no biting” I just sigh at her, “Time out. Now Aurora. 10 minutes!”

“We literally created 4 mini Draco monsters. Merlin’s Beard help me” Sky announces. “They’re half you too!” I respond to her.

Pansy laughs at us, “Draco, Lycissa and Servius are you 100%. Looks and attitude. Bella and Aurora look like Sky but act like both of you, mainly you. They talk just like you with Sky’s stubbornness.”

“Arguing over the demon children, are we?” Snape says as he walks by. “Oh shut it dad.” Sky says

Fred and George joke around, “Where’s the popcorn for this show?”

We hear Avander in the back, “If you don’t stop saying, ′my father will hear about this,′ then my foot will go up your butt and you can tell your father that!”

“That’s definitely your kid Blaise.” Sky says laughing. Pansy looks at her, “Don’t get him started. He still swears that Houston is Dean Thomas’ kid.”

“HE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM! NO ARGUING TO DO!” Blaise screams at Pansy. She gets snarky back, “Blaise, when have I ever been around that stupid ass Gryffindor!? NEVER! You are the only person I have ever slept with!!! Why can’t you get it through your thick ass skull! Fuck dude!”

“How about the time you went to visit your parents without me and then 3 weeks later you mysteriously end up fucking pregnant?! And Dean lives by your parents! So don’t play stupid with me!” Sky looks at Blaise, “Blaise, Pansy would never cheat on you. She loves you!” Blaise gets close to Sky, “Stay the fuck out of it. No one asked you, now did we?! Mind your fucking business!”

I become so furious I throw my cup down, “Don’t ever talk to her like that! Stop being a fucking git! She did nothing wrong!” Blaise walks towards me, “Well, stupid bitch doesn’t know if Pansy cheated or not. She wasn’t there was she? Didn’t think so!!”

“Dray just bring the kids home when you’re ready to come home. I’m leaving. I’m not going to let him talk to me like this. I have better shit to do than deal with this!” Sky says kissing my cheek, “Oh, Blaise, if you’re so fucking insecure about Pansy cheating, just ask my dad for Veritaserum. Maybe you’ll stop being an asshole to everyone!” She says that then apparates home before I could say anything.

“Draco, where did Sky go?” mum asks me. I drop my head, “Blaise and Pansy got into it over Dean Thomas again and Sky told him that Pansy would never cheat, and he yelled at her, so she went home. Snape, will you give Pansy a truth potion so we can find out the truth?” George looks at me, “Is Sky going to be okay Draco? She seemed really upset.”

Snape goes to Hogwarts and then comes back with a Veritaserum, “here Pansy, drink this. Ask her anything Blaise.”

“Did you sleep with Dean Thomas?” Blaise asks. “No” Pansy responds. “Have you had sex with anyone other than me?” Blaise questions. Pansy looks at him, “No, you’re the only person I’ve ever slept with. You were my first kiss, my time shagging, my first everything. Houston is your son. He is the perfect combination of you and your dad.”

Blaise slams his hands down, ”FUCK!" Now I have to go apologize to Sky..” I look at him, “Yeah, you do. And Pansy. But you ever talk to my wife like that again, I will crucio then avada your ass. Her and Pansy tell each other everything, so if Pansy cheated, she would’ve told Sky.”


“Sky, can I talk to you?” Blaise apparated in the kitchen of mine and Draco’s house.

“What do you want Blaise? Come to yell at me more?”

He sits down in the swivel and looks at me as I pour some fire whiskey, “No, I want to apologize. Your dad gave Pansy veritaserum. She didn’t cheat or anything.” I look over at him taking a big swig of the fire whiskey, it still burns my throat after all these years, “I told you! If she was going to cheat, she would’ve told me. She tells me everything! You know this!”

“I know and I’m sorry. I really am. I should’ve never talked to you like that. I hate myself. All you’ve ever done is be my friend and I know you would’ve talked her out of cheating”

I take a breather before responding, “You shouldn’t have, but I forgive you. Do it again and I will crucio your ass worse than anything you’ve ever experienced.” His eyes open wide, “I know you will, and I’ll never do it again. Now please come back. Draco is bloody pissed at me and if you don’t come back he will avada me.”

We apparate back to Malfoy Manor and walk outside, “Y’all work everything out?” Draco asks while pulling me to his lap. “Ye, we did. He knows the next time he talks to me like that then I’ll crucio his ass and make him beg for me to stop or avada him”

“I believe she would too” George says.

Blaise takes Pansy’s hands, “Pansy, my love, I’m really sorry. I should’ve believed you. Mainly since I know you would never cheat on me.” She looks in his eyes, “Exactly! You know I wouldn’t cheat, but you still fucking accused me of it!” He pulls her in his arms, “Please forgive me sweetheart. I’ll never accuse you of anything again. I promise. I love you so much!”

“Houston stop pulling me hair! I’ll tell father!” Avander says

Pansy gets irritated, “Great, now Avander is saying it. Malfoy! Stop teaching your kids your saying from when we were in school.” “Oi, sorry, no can do. They know all of them already.” Draco responds.

I can’t help but laugh, “Bella’s first words were, ′Scared Malfoy?” Mumsy adds in, “And when Aurora saw Servius on his little broom she said, ′Training for the Ballet Malfoy?”

“Umm weird question and off topic, but has anyone seen Crabbe or Goyle? Crabbe has been gone for a few days and I haven’t seen Goyle in a while and they didn’t go home. I owled their parents.” I ask with curiosity. We all look at each other, including Lucius and dad. They always know where those two gits are.

The Dark Lord apparates to the manor, “Crabbe and Goyle have been kidnapped by Lovegood and her little army. Lucius, Snape, Draco, Blaise with me. Draco and Blaise will be back tonight. Lucius and Snape will be gone longer.”

I hate when Draco has to go with the Dark Lord, and I can’t go along. Not being able to protect him or know he’s okay, it scares me.

Draco walks over and leans down to the kids and wraps his arms around them, “Daddy has to go take care of some business but will be back later. Be good for mommy. I love you babies.” He gets up and hugs me tightly seeing the tears starting to form in my eyes, “I love you beautiful. I will be back soon. I promise.” He wipes the tears off my cheek. I gaze into his Grey eyes, “I love you. Please be careful. I need you to come back in one piece. You hear me Draco Malfoy.” He grins at me, “I will baby. If not, you can crucio me.” As he says that, he walks away and apparates away with the rest of them.”

“Mum, where did daddy go?” Lycissa comes running to me. “He has some work he has to do with your papas. He will be home soon sweetie. Are you okay?” She looks up at me with her white hair, Silvery Blue eyes, “I just miss him. I wanted him to read me a bedtime story.”

I look at Fred and George and knew exactly what would cheer little miss daddy’s girl up. “How about Uncle Fred and Uncle George read all of you a bedtime story tonight, if they want to.” Fred looks at her, ”Wicked, let’s do it kiddo!” All the kids, Fred and George are upstairs, and I can hear the kids telling them which stories they want to hear. Poor Fred and George, they have their hands full, but they always say they love helping with the kids. It’s a twin thing, I guess.

Me, mumsy, Pansy, Aunt Bella, and Ginny are talking about how much of d daddy’s girl Lycissa is, “You have no idea. At home, she is literally his shadow. Follows him everywhere, has to do everything her daddy does. It’s annoying sometimes.”

Out of nowhere Draco appears in the kitchen, Babe! We need you” “Okay, I’m coming! Can y’all watch the kids?” They say “Of course. Be careful”

“Hey, what’s going on?” I ask Draco. He looks at me, “We found Crabbe and Goyle and we need your powers to break the shield down.”

“Longbottom put a shielding spell over their hideout, but we can’t figure out what spell it is.” Blaise says. As I walk towards it Blaise whispers to Draco, “5 Galleons that she can’t figure it out.” He looks at him, “5 Galleons she can.” Draco knows too well I will figure it out. My knowledge of spells is beyond any of their brains combined.

I look back at them, “Be ready in case this works.” I say. All the guys say, “Ready”

I take a deep breath and think hard, ”Finite Incantatum!” The shield breaks down around their hideout

Draco looks at Blaise laughing, “5 Galleons Blaise. You really underestimate her. The Dark Lord says, “Draco, go with Sky. Make sure she’s okay and protect her.”

“Come on love. You know what to do.” Draco says standing next to me as Longbottom comes out. I see him, ”Expelliarmus, Crucio.” “Damn that’s hot” Draco says. I see Crabbe and Goyle, “Come on Goyle, Crabbe!”

Crabbe says as he runs towards us, “Once again she saves us!” Goyle follows with, “She’s our saving grace.” I walk towards Longbottom as I tell Draco, “Excuse me. I have some torturing to do.” I wink at Draco; he knew exactly what I meant when I said that.

Neville looks at me, ”Expelliarmus! You’re not getting out of here now Skyra.” I block his spell, ”Protego! Legilimens!” He threw a few useless spells at me, he really thought he could affect me. ”Imperio! Crucio!” I glance back at Goyle and Crabbe, “Crabbe, Goyle, get him! Blaise, Draco get Lovegood. Take them to the cellars!”

We apparate back to Malfoy Manor and I go in the kitchen, “We’re back. Can y’all take all the kids to my house. I don’t want them here while we have guests. While talking to them the Dark Lord comes in the kitchen, “Bellatrix or Pansy, either one, stay with Sky. Our guests need some attention.” Aunt Bella looks over to Pans, “Pansy, you haven’t had fun in a while. You stay with her. Let that motherly anger out on them.

“Which one do you want Pans?” I ask her

She grins, “Which one is feistier?” “Longbottom for sure. He thinks he’s actually going to get somewhere.”

"Langlock!” She yells

“Really? Out of everything you chose to glue his tongue to the top of his mouth?” I say. She looks at me “You know how long I’ve wanted to do that to all 6 of the kids?” I laugh, “Yeah, but I like hearing the screams from Longbottom and Luna.” I glance over at Luna, “Oh sweet Luna, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. We shall start yours in a minute.”

She looks and spits at me, “You don’t scare me. Either of you!” I grin at her, ”Silencio! You’re right Pans, it’s nice when this one is quiet.”

"Imperio!” Pansy yells. ”Crucio!” I yell

Blaise whispers to Draco, “Is it bad not only am I scared but this is very hot right now and I want to fuck the shit out of Pansy?” Draco whispers back, “Dude, I told you. Now you see why I can’t keep my hands off Sky.”

“Both of you shut up! It’s about to get messy!” I turn back to Luna, “Oh come on Luna, just tell me where your little boyfriend is. I just want to talk to him.”

She looks up at me, “Never bitch!” Draco looks at me then at her, “Oooo, someone’s bold.” Every time he does that sound it reminds me of third year when Buckbeak broke his arm. I can’t help but glance at him smile.

“If you tell me where he is or even a small hint, then maybe I’ll be gentle with you. Confundus!”

Pansy screams, ”Imperio.”


Narcissa looks at Bellatrix, “Did you ever think that there would be witch scarier than you? Her torturing is scary.” Bellatrix looks at Mumsy, “Not at all, but I like her style and I’m glad she’s family. Because if not, she would be gone.”

“Mumsy, where did mum go?” Lycissa comes downstairs and ask

“She had to go help your daddy. They’ll be back home soon sweetie. Come on let me get you back in bed.”

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