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Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Life Before Hogwarts

Age 10: Skyra’s POV

“Draco, come on, we need to go downstairs!” I yell

“Calm down, I’m almost done. Why are you always rushing me woman?!” Draco screams back

Tonight my dad, the Malfoy’s and the Parkinson’s are holding an event at Malfoy Manor. Pansy and Draco are the only friends I have since mum and dad don’t let me see anyone else. Things with my parents haven’t been the best the past 2 years; all they have done is bloody fight. I turn 11 in less than 3 weeks and they are arguing over me going to Hogwarts or not.

“Skyra, Draco, now that the event is over go up to your room. We have some business to handle.” Draco’s mom, Narcissa says. She’s beautiful, Black hair with Blonde strips in it. She’s always been so nice to me. When my parents argue she always lets me come over, so I don’t have to hear the bullshit anymore.

Me and Draco go up to his room and we hear my parents arguing, and I look at Draco with tears in my eyes.

“Come on Sky, let’s go to our spot. I don’t want you to hear it” Draco says, grabbing my hand and us apparating from the manor to a cave that we found a few months ago when the arguing started.

I can’t help but cry, “Dray?”

“Yes?” he replies

I look at him with my face so red and tears falling from my eyes, “Dray, why do they fight all the time? Why can’t they just agree to let me go to Hogwarts? Did I do something wrong that they want to send me to muggle school?”

“Heavens no, you didn’t do anything. I have a feeling your stepdad, Shane has something to do with it” he grabs my shoulder and pulls me closer to him.

Draco’s POV

I think to myself, “how can they put her through this. She has been my best friend basically since birth. I wish she realized that...”

“I love her more than anything” I say, not realizing I said it out loud.

Sky looks at me in utter shock, “What’d you say?

“Nothing, just thinking about how great our safe place is” I tell her, shit she almost heard me.

“Oh, okay. I love you too Draco” She says to me even with tears in her eyes

The girl I want to spend my life with just told me she loves me back. I don’t think she realizes I mean it in more than just a friend way. She’s the person I want to hold every second of everyday.

She’s my best friend and I think the absolute world of her. I would do anything to protect her and make her happy through the fighting. She never really sees her mum, and when she does her parents are always fighting.

She didn’t get to grow up in a household where both parents cared about her; unlike me, where my parents loved me. They love her too and always include her on our family trips, just so she isn’t alone.

Skyra’s POV

Did Draco Malfoy just say he loves me?

There’s no way

If he only knew that I love him more than just a friend, and I have for a year

“We probably should get back before they realize we’re gone. Plus I’m hungry again,” I say laughing through the tears

He laughs at me, “You’re always hungry Sky. Especially when you cry.”

“Oi, shut up Malfoy. You eat Green Apples all day. How you haven’t turned into one yet is a shock to me!” I splat back at him

He smiles at me, grabs my hand and we apparate back to Malfoy Manor. I change into a pair of his sweatpants and his favorite hoodie and lay down in his bed.

The smell of his cologne on his hoodie makes me smile.

Normally he sleeps on the couch in his room, but tonight was different. Tonight he laid in his bed with me; he stayed above the covers while I was under them, but he cuddled up to me and had his arm around me.

This felt like I was supposed to be here, in his arms. I smile and quickly doze off.

3 Weeks Later

“DAD! I GOT MY LETTER FOR HOGWARTS!!” I yell running down the stairs into my father’s study.

“I heard you Skyra. I’m glad you got it. You get to choose if you want to go to Hogwarts or if you want to go to St. Catherine’s in the muggle world and live with your mum and Shane.” My dad says, in hopes I’ll choose Hogwarts

I give the biggest smile I have ever had, “I want to go to Hogwarts! I’m going to pack!”

The Malfoy’s apparate to your house and Draco runs up to you and hugs you.

“Did you get your letter?” He holds his up

I hold mine up, “We’re going to Hogwarts! You’re going to be Slytherin without a doubt. Your whole family has been.”

“Well, yours has too. There’s no way you’ll be sorted into another house. But if you are, I’ll still be your best friend,” he smiles at me.

Draco has the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. He always smells like expensive cologne and mint. The Malfoy’s are really the only people my dad trusts me to stay the night with. Pansy may be my best friend too, but she always has to stay at our house.

“Come on Draco, you have to pack. You’ll see Skyra tomorrow on the Hogwarts Express,” Narcissa says as she touches Draco’s arm.

Why does he still give me butterflies after all these years?

I really hope I get sorted into Slytherin. I don’t want to be a disappointment to my dad

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