Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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The Cave


“Do you guys hear that?” Draco asks us. Blaise looks at him like he’s crazy, “Hear what mate?”

“I hear a shuffling noise” I reply, “Babe, you know the drill.” He smirks back at me, ”Homenum Revelio. Blaise, go in the other rooms and do the same." Blaise starts to walk out of the room and before he even gets out of the doorway, he turns around, “It was only Nagini coming down the stairs.”

Pansy being Pansy gets impatient and doesn’t want to wait any longer, ”CRUCIO! You little twirp.” She looks in Blaise’s direction, “Blaise ask the Dark Lord if Longbottom needs to live or if the piece of shit is just dead weight to us now.” Blaise leaves the room and is gone for about five minutes and comes back.

“He said if we can get his you know what then he is dead weight” Blaise tells Pansy.

"Imperio. Crucio” Pansy throws at Neville. It causes him pain and discomfort but not enough for tears. “Sky, you have anything that will make him?”

Draco looks up at me while having this smug and ready to go to war look on my face. A face that only he has seen on few occasions where I become my feistiest.

He gulps, “Oh no. I know that look all too well. This is going to get interesting for sure. I suggest you standing back Blaise.”

“Malfoy, what’s about to happen?” Blaise asks with the worrisome voice

"Sectumsempra!” I yell out at Neville. He starts pouring tears and I get enough for a vial. I pour the tears into the Pensieve and stick my head in, revealing Longbottom’s memories. “Go get the rest! Now! They need to see this!” I scream

The Dark Lord and the rest of them come in, “What is it Sky?”

“Watch it my Lord” I reply back to him.

He watches it, “Ahh, very well. Ms. Parkinson, you may continue. Then the four of you are excused to leave and return home.”

“Blaise be afraid of her after this. I promise this will haunt you forever” I say with a little giggle behind it.

Pansy does a little giggle, “Oh Neville, I wish I could say that it has been a pleasure knowing you, but you are a weak and pathetic excuse of a Pure-Blood. Sky, you ready?”

“Ready as ever Pans.”

We look at each other and smile, and in unison, ”AVADA KEDAVRA!” The bolts of Green light flash before our eyes; a wonderful sight seeing that piece of shit Pure-Blood fall to the ground and watch his body disappear.

Blaise looks at Draco with his eyes widening, “Um well fuck.. Shit.. I think I’m going to step over here before she decides to kill me next.”

I stand there a little quiet, angry, but I show no fear because I’m a strong and powerful bitch! ”IMPERIO!”

“Sky?” Pansy says

“My Lord, is there anything else you need?” I question

He replies, “go home and be with the kids. Sky, don’t think about what you just saw. Save your powers for later.”

We leave the cellars

“Sky what did you see?” Blaise questions me

I look down then back up towards Draco. “Draco, remember when I told you I didn’t trust Dumbledore being on our side?” He replied, “Yeah, what about it?”

“He’s raising an army for war. He’s helping Potter with finding the Horcruxes” I say while my eyes start glowing Red in anger.

He walks up to me, putting his hands on my arms, “Baby, calm down. He’s not going to make it far. He’s not going to hurt our families. I promise you that.”

“Hey, so are we going to hunt down these horcruxes to keep them safe? Do you still have the invisibility cloak you stole from Potter in 5th year?” Goyle asks

I turn towards him, “Yeah I do. It’s hidden where no one will find it. Only I know where it is”

He walks closer to me, “Good, keep it there and we will need you to hide the others there or somewhere no one other than you will find them.”

“Do you know where one of them is?” I ask Goyle. He looks at me and with no hesitation, “Not really. He doesn’t know where one of them is hidden.”

I sigh, “It’s in the middle of the ocean. In a cave. You need to cut your hand and use your blood as payment to enter. You will have to drink the water in the ice statue. The water will make you want to die, quit, question where you are, but don’t give up. I suggest that Crabbe drinks the water, since he is the weaker of the two of you.”

“Sky, I probably don’t want to know the answer, but how do you know this?” Goyle and Crabbe ask me.

Draco looks at me then to them, “She’s the one who hid it there. It was the last one he needed hid and he trusted her enough to hid it because of Snape. Behind my Aunt Bella, she is his most trusted follower. And that when everyone else tried getting answers from him, he can honestly say he doesn’t know where it is. She would be the last and only anyone would ever think of knowing exactly where it lays.”

“I will say this to you two, be careful because it will be dangerous. Whatever you do, don’t show fear.” I tell them

Crabbe looks in Draco’s direction, “You really scare me Sky. Malfoy, how do you not get scared of her?” He smirks, “I’ve gotten used to it over the years. Now, go on you gits. Begin looking for it.”


We all walk into the kitchen of mine and Sky’s manor. Mum and everyone is sitting in the kitchen

“Hey guys” I say

Sky has this upset and worried look on her face, “I’m going to go check on the kids. I’ll be back in a few.” She walks out of the kitchen and heads towards the stairs

“Is she okay?” Mum asks her. I look over at mum, “She saw something from Longbottom’s tears and she’s worried, mad, scared, and every emotion in between.”

“What did she see?” Ginny asks

I sit down in the swivel and knock my head back, “She always told me she didn’t trust Dumbledore being on the same side as the Dark Lord. I assured her it was fine... Well, she was right.” I bring my head back up, “Dumbledore is starting an army and he’s helping to find the horcruxes. Crabbe and Goyle are out looking for them now.”

Mum walks next to me and puts her hand gently on my arm. Besides Sky, mum is the only person who the touch of their hand can help calm my nerves. In this case, the only thing that can calm my nerves is knowing Sky is going to be okay.

“Did she tell them?” Mum asks. “Yeah, she told them. I know she wants to go, mainly since she’s the one who put it there and they will obey her. But the Lord wants her here with the kids.”

Before mum can say anything, Blaise interrupts, “But can we talk about how hot Pansy and she were torturing them? Like damn” Pansy rolls her eyes at him, “It was the motherly anger built up inside. It really felt good to let go of that anger. Thank you for letting me go Aunt Bella.”

“Always honey” Aunt Bella nods. “Now, I know why Malfoy can’t keep his hands to himself. Cuz I don’t want to keep mine to myself right now” Blaise announces

“I’m going to check on Sky, she’s been gone awhile” I tell everyone

I leave the kitchen and start walking upstairs; when I reach the top, I see Sky sitting there crying. The sight of her crying breaks my heart and all I want to do is hold and comfort her more than anything.

I sit down next to her, putting my arm around her, “baby, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I feel like sending Crabbe and Goyle in there is going to kill them and it’s my fault.” She tells me, crying even more. I turn her head towards me, “How is it your fault?”

Her crying increases and leans her head into my chest, “I put 40 dementors in there along with some other things to make it where whoever goes in, they won’t make it out alive. I need to go Dray. Because I’m the only one who they obey. They won’t even obey the Dark Lord. I can’t be the reason Crabbe and Goyle die. I can’t; they’re two of our best friends."

“Listen, if you’re that worried, how about we go talk to him and we will both go. I won’t let you go alone. I can’t let you” I tell her wiping her tears away. “Okay, but I’m telling you it’s dangerous. The horcrux itself is dangerous.” She tells me

We get up and go into the office where our fathers and the Dark Lord are. “Lord, I need you to let me get the horcrux. If Goyle and Crabbe go in, they’ll die. They will never make it through. They only obey me; they won’t even obey you.” Sky announces to them.

Snape being the father he is absolutely forbids her going due to the dangers of it. “DAD! Stop. I’m the one who put it there. I need to be the one to get it out. It’s safer with me than those two.” She says

Before Snape can say anything, I tell him, “Plus, I’m going too. I refuse to let her go alone. She will be telling me what to do, I don’t her hurt.” The Dark Lord chimes in, “Severus, it may be easier. That way we don’t lose the two dimwits. You may go, but Sky, hide it well like the others.”


We apparate to where Crabbe and Goyle are, “I thought the Lord didn’t want you coming?” Goyle asks

“Well Goyle, it’s either me come and get it or you two gits die trying to get it. Now come on, you came to the wrong place.” We apparate to the cave where I hid the horcrux.

“How did you think to hide it here?” Crabbe asks. Draco looks at me, “You hid it in our spot?” Goyle looks at him, “You guys have been here before?”

Draco grabs my hand, “Yeah, we used to come here a lot. Our parents never knew and still don’t to this day.” “What do you mean Malfoy?” Crabbe asks

I start to tear up, “Me and Draco were friends before Hogwarts, obviously because of our parents. When my mum, dad, and stepdad would get into it over who got me when or about me going to Hogwarts, I would go to Malfoy Manor and we would apparate here. I called it my safe place. We spend so much time here and it’s where our relationship started.”

“So how long have y’all actually been dating?” Goyle asks. “I can’t even remember. But even when we were kids, I knew she was the one.” Draco says while grabbing my hand.

Crabbe looks dumbfounded, “You’re saying that y’all were together before first year? I thought you started secretly dating 2nd semester of first year.” “No, we were together before then. We just kept that a secret too. Add another year together. He’s the only one I have ever felt safe with. He’s my everything.” I add.

“Back to the mission please. Then we can discuss the hiding information from everyone.” Goyle says. We enter the cave and Crabbe looks at me, “This is creepy. Makes me even more scared of you.” I give a blank look to him, “Trust me, it gets worse. Just have your wands ready and stay back a little. Draco, please don’t argue with me.”

We enter deeper into the cave, “why didn’t you need to cut your hand to get in?” Crabbe questions.

Draco responds, “They know their master is present, so no blood is required to enter.” I look at them and breathe, “Please, be careful and listen to whatever I say. There are 40 dementors and 3 Inferius. Crabbe, I’m sorry but I still need you to drink the water. I won’t let them harm you, but it’s the only way for the horcrux to be revealed itself in the cave.”

The dementors know their master is here so they don’t attack us. As Crabbe drinks the water, he becomes weak, forgets where he is, begs us to let him stop drinking it, and for him to die. He finishes the water, and a little boat appears. I row to where the horcrux presented itself. I reach the horcrux and the Inferius appear. I avada’d two of the three.

“Come on, let’s get out of here and get Crabbe back to the manor. Crabbe, I’m sorry you had to do that.” I say.

For the first time ever, he hugs me, “Sky, it’s okay. I felt safer with you guys around and I trust you enough that I knew you knew what you were doing. But I am scared of you.”

“So what exactly is this horcrux?” Goyle asks. I lift it up and Draco’s eyes go wide, “Is that?”

I glance up, “Yes, it’s Salazar Slytherin’s locket. I knew Potter would go looking for it, so I put a fake one somewhere easy for him to find, that way he couldn’t find the real one.”

As we get back to the manor, I disappear for 15 minutes and then return to the office.

“Is it done?” the Dark Lord asks me. “Yes sir, it’s hidden. No one will find it” I respond.

I glance over at Crabbe, “How are you feeling Crabbe?” He tilts his head up, “I feel better now. Thank you for protecting us.”

Before I can respond to him, I faint out of nowhere.


All I can think is what is happening. What’s wrong with my wife, the woman of my dreams. Please don’t die on me. I need her so much; if she lives I will never take another moment for granted.

“BABY?! Can you hear me?! Please answer me. Wake up darling. I need you.” I scream with tears falling from my eyes.

Snape asks, “What happened in that cave Malfoy?”

“Nothing, Crabbe drank the water, she grabbed the horcrux and killed two Inferius.” I inform him, holding her in my arms

“Severus, go get the potion.” Dark Lord tells Snape to do. “What’s wrong with her? Is she going to be okay?” I plead

“It’s the Inferius. The one she didn’t kill put a hex on her. Snape has a special potion for situations just like this.” The Dark Lord tells me

Snape comes back 10 minutes later, pours the potion down Sky’s throat. “It will start working in a few minutes. She’s going to be very weak for 2 days, so I suggest she stay in bed. It’s a good possibility she will sleep the whole time.”

She starts to wake up, “D-Draco? What happened?” I hold her tightly as Snape tells her, “You passed out. The Inferius hexed you for killing the other two. You’re going to be weak and you need to stay in bed.” She looks up at me, “Draco, why are you crying?”

“I was so scared I lost you. I was worried about you. I’m not leaving your side for the next couple days. I will get you everything you need. Come on let’s get you home and in bed.” I say picking her up and carrying her. She insists she walk, but Snape told her that she can’t walk, and she needs to let me take care of her.

I carry her in our house, and everyone is worried about her, but I tell them she will be okay.

“I just wanna sleep and see the kids.” She tells me. I lay her on the bed, “Okay baby, let me get you changed, and I will get the kids.” After getting both of us changed I asked her if she wanted me to get the kids and she told me to wait until tomorrow, she just wanted to cuddle. Without any hesitation, I take my shirt off and climb into bed and I pull her close to me, letting her know that everything will be okay and that I’m not going anywhere.

“I’m sorry this happened baby. It should’ve been me, not you.” I say as I stroke her hair and holding body close to me. “You did what I told you. It’s okay, I’m still here. You can’t get rid of me that easy or quickly.


Draco and Sky are upstairs; Lucius, Severus and the rest of the Death Eaters are in the office talking and concerned.

“That could’ve been a lot worse than it was. She can’t go after horcruxes again, my Lord.” Lucius says

The Dark Lord looks him and Severus, “I agree. Be thankful she was only hexed because Inferius typically do more than hex a person. She’s lucky. Now you two go after the other horcruxes.”


I slept for three days straight without waking up at all, “What day is it?” I ask

“Hey beautiful, it’s Thursday. You slept for three days. How are you feeling?” He asks me

“I feel okay, still weak though. Have you been here the whole time?”

He smiles at me, “Yeah and so have the kids. Look on your other side.” I roll over and see the babies laying next to me, cuddling one another.

“MOMMY! Are you better?!” Bella asks me hugging me. “Yes baby, mommy feels better.” I tell her, kissing her forehead

Aurora looks at Draco, “Daddy, I’m hungry” We both smile, “Okay, go downstairs and let me help mommy and we will be down, and I will start cooking.” The kids run downstairs leaving you and Draco in the room.

“I am so glad you’re okay. I don’t know what I would’ve done id something happened to you. You can’t do that again, please. Me and the babies need you more than anything; especially me. I can’t raise the babies without you. I need you love. I love you so much Skyra Marie Snape Malfoy.” He says as he pulls me into a close and loving embrace. I can feel the hurt in the hug, him worried about something happening to me. “I love you even more Draco Lucius Malfoy”

“DADDY! I WANT PANCAKES AND BACON WITH ORANGE JUICE!” Lycissa yells as she sees us coming downstairs.

Draco glances at me, “She’s your kid when it comes to her breakfast.” I smile back at him, “That’s the only thing she gets from me. The rest is all you”

In the middle of eating Bella says, “Mommy, daddy, we want another brother.” Her saying this causes me to choke on my Orange juice. I turn my head facing Draco, “That’s all you love.”

“When we go to Mumsy’s later, you can ask her about it Bella.” Draco tells her

I walk over and whisper in his ear, “Just throw your mum under the bus why don’t you love.”

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