Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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It’s a few hours later, 4 PM now and we head over to Malfoy Manor so Sky, Pansy and Ginny help mum cook dinner.

The moment we use the floo and get to Malfoy Manor, Bella runs to mum. “Mumsy! Mumsy!”

“Yes Bella?” Mum replies to Bella’s screaming from the living room to the kitchen. “Mumsy, we want mommy and daddy to give us another brother! Severus isn’t fun anymore!”

Mum chokes on her wine that she just put into her mouth, looking at me and Sky as we walk into the kitchen. “Have you told mommy and daddy this?” mum asks Bella

“Yeah, daddy told me to ask you about it.” Bella says. Mum looks at her, “Oh he did now, did he?” Bella innocently looks at mum, “He did. So can we have another brother?!” Mum takes a few minutes and a few gulps of her wine before she responds to Bella. “Go play and I will talk to daddy. Go play now baby.”

As Bella runs out of the kitchen and upstairs to play with the rest of the kids, mum, Sky, Pansy, Fred, George, and Ginny all shift their attention towards me.

“Draco Lucius Malfoy! Did you tell her to ask me that?!” mum yells at me

“No. She asked us this morning.” I tell her. Rolling her eyes at me, “I don’t believe you young man.”

Sky gets mum’s attention, “He’s actually telling the truth. He was cooking us breakfast this morning and she nonchalantly informs us that they want another brother. I couldn’t believe my ears that I choked on my orange juice like you did on your wine.” In that moment, my beautiful wife became my saving grace just like always.

“Why would she ask me about it?” Mum asks. “you told us to wait for more kids and figured if she asked you, then maybe you would tell us if it was okay or not.” I reply to her

All mum can do is shake her head at me. She goes to the fridge to grab another bottle of wine, a bigger glass and pours her wine, then offering some to Sky, Pansy and Ginny. “Well, you did wait 2-3 years, so I guess I’ll be able to handle one more. I hope she knows it’s not guaranteed to be a boy.” I shoot my head up, “So, is that a yes?!” Mum gives off a slight laugh and sigh, “Draco, you know that you actually didn’t have to wait. I was kidding and it is your lives. But yes, yes you can have another baby.”

I look at Sky with a fire of testosterone running through my veins, wanting her right her and now. She gives me the look, “Don’t you even say it Draco Lucius.”

Fred and George both yells out wicked, while George says, “It’d be wicked to have another boy around. All the estrogen in this house is going crazy.”

“Okay, so this stays between us in this room. Does not leave, but does Goyle have a girlfriend?” Ginny asks. Fred looks across the kitchen at Ginny, “Oooo, Ginny has a crush”

Pansy starts laughing, “It’s better than Crabbe. At least Goyle has some common sense unlike Crabbe.” “Pansy, stop. But no Gin he doesn’t have a girlfriend.” Sky smiles at Ginny


I grabbed my phone and text Goyle since he’s with our fathers

Beginning of texts

“Hey Goyle, I have a question”

He texts back, “What’s up Malfoy. Before you ask your question, does your friend Ginny Weasley have a boyfriend?

“Oh my, I was just about to tell you that she has a crush on you. She asked us a few minutes ago if you had a girlfriend. You should ask her out Goyle!” I replied back

After a few minutes he replies back, “I was going to whenever we get back. Will you and Draco help me set something up to ask her? I’ve never done this before.”

I silently laugh to myself, “Of course we will help you! Y’all just hurry up and get home so you can ask her”

End of texting Goyle

I show Draco my phone and the texts from Goyle and he says, “We can definitely do that.”

“Do what?” Pansy asks. Still standing at the counter finishing up the mac n cheese, “Oh nothing, something for the house.”

“KIDS! Dinner is ready. Wash up and sit at the table please!” Mumsy yells for the kids.

For dinner we have steak, shrimp, baked potatoes, mac n cheese, green beans, and a bread. The kids get chicken tenders, mac n cheese, green beans, and bread. In the middle of dinner Bella stops eating

“So, mum, dad are we getting a brother?”

I look up from my food and over at Bella, “We will talk about it later Bella. Please just finish eating and then go play. Another brother is something that mommy and daddy need to discuss in private.”

After dinner, the kids are off playing and the Weasley twins are doing the dishes. Every Sunday we take turns on who washes the dishes, making it for on everyone. Sunday dinners have gotten better over the years. I’ve been attending Malfoy Sunday Dinners since I was 5. It used to be boring and it was always business with the parents. Now, family dinner is livelier since we had Lycissa and Servius, then adding Pansy, Blaise, Crabbe, Goyle, Fred, George, Ginny, and all the kids. The manor in general doesn’t seem gloomy and horrid; now, it’s bright, childproof and always laughter.

“Mumsy, did I leave one of my skirts here from when we moved? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere since the move.” I asked her. Not looking up she says, “Go look in y’all’s old room. You don’t have to ask; this is still your home too.”


About 15 minutes later, I don’t hear the kids and Sky isn’t back from the bedroom. “Where are the kids? They’re being really quiet.”

Blaise laughs, “Well go look mate? Your kids are probably torturing mine somehow.”

I search and find the kids in the theatre room, so I decide to go see what Sky is going in our room. When I walk into our old room, I see her looking under the bed for her skirt. Her beautiful features even from behind drive me absolutely crazy.

“Well damn, this view is absolutely amazing” I say while shutting the bedroom door

While still on the floor she turns her head towards me, “Babe, stop! You’re supposed to be looking for the kids!” I smile at her, “I found them in the theatre room watching a movie and I figured I would come find my beautiful, lovely wife. She just makes that mhmm sound.

I pick her up off the floor, pushing her against the wall, kissing her neck, leaving love bites on her neck and chest. She lets out a soft moan, “Dray, stop. Not here.” “Why not? This is where the rest of the kids were conceived, so why not this one?” I ask her while still kissing on her neck and chest

“We need to at least conceive one of our kids at our house, not your parents.” She tells me while still running her hands through my hair and knocking her head back. “Fine, I have an idea then” I tell her while putting her back on the ground, kissing her forehead. She blushes, “Come on, let’s get back down there. I found my skirt.” I look down in her hand and see that Black and Green plaid skirt that I know so well, smirking at her, “Ooo, I know that skirt.”

We walk back downstairs, her walking in front of me so I can walk her butt move. After all these years, I am still so attractive to her. She is unconditionally perfect in my eyes. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go to hell.

“I see love bites. I know what y’all did.” Blaise says laughing looking up and down.

Sky looks at him, “No, I stopped him. All he got to do is the love bites.”

“Damn, got dissed by your own wife Malfoy” George starts to say.

Before I could even reply, we hear someone apparate in the manor, and it’s father and Goyle.

“We’re home for a few days” Father says while kissing mum’s cheek.

Mum smiles, “It’s good to have you home”

Goyle looks at us, “Draco, Sky, you ready?” We both nod our heads

We apparate to Hogwarts, very confused on why he chose there. “Goyle, why are we at Hogwarts?”

“Well, this is where I first met Ginny. I accidentally ran into her in third year and her books dropped and I helped her pick them up. Ever since I thought she was super beautiful, and I liked her a lot.” He tells us. “Thanks for helping me out guys. It means a lot”

Sky looks over at him, “Of course. Now I have all the food ready, so all we have to do is set everything up.”

“Goyle, I can’t believe you may actually get a girlfriend.” I laugh

“We still have to talk about y’all hiding stuff from us.” Goyle says

As Sky starts setting everything up, she says, “Okay, what do you want to know?” She continues to pass me stuff out of her bag with the extending charm. Goyle asks us, “Why did y’all hide your relationship until second year?

“We felt it was better and when we started dating, we didn’t know if we would actually last, considering who our fathers are.” She said.

I added “But when we hit second year, we knew that we weren’t going to break up. Having to constantly act like we hated each other, or we were just friends became bloody miserable for me. So when I got the chance, I asked her to be my girlfriend for a second time, I wanted to make it more special; not only for her, but for me as well.” I pull her into my arms, kissing her beautiful, soft, and plump lips

“So, it was for a good reason? And when we went to the cave, there was a special connection for both of you? Malfoy, how long have you been in love with Sky?” Goyle continues to question

Sky paused for a minute and looked up at the Sky and I could tell the tears were starting to form in her eyes, “We would apparate there when things would get nasty with my parents. I would sneak off to Malfoy Manor and me and Draco would go to the cave. It was fun watching the sunset, fish, and just be together. He was the only person who knew everything that went on with my parents. Draco was my best friend back when we were kids and he still is my best friend.”

Pulling her close to me, grabbing her hands, “I would do it all over again love. I hated seeing you come in my room with tears running down your cheek and knowing that I couldn’t change everything, so I found the only way to get you away for a little bit. Please don’t cry, everything is okay now baby girl.”

We get done setting everything up, “Here Goyle, how does this look? Sky asks. She has a cloth half tent with lights around the rails, a small table with candles and Red and Pink flowers, pillows on the ground and a bottle of fire whiskey

“Sky! This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!” Goyle says hugging her and kissing her cheek, “You are an absolute life saver and a goddess! Malfoy, don’t ever let her go!”

“Trust me I know, I would never. Now let’s get your girl man!” I say


If it weren’t for Sky and Malfoy, none of this would be possible, especially Sky. We apparate back to Malfoy Manor and we go to the kitchen and I see Ginny sitting in the swivel talking to Pansy. Her Red hair and Blue eyes are stunning, along with her laugh and smile.

“Hey Ginny. I was wondering if you would like to go out with me tonight?” I ask her

She looks at me wide eyed, I could see her glancing at Sky behind me, “Uh, yeah, I’d like that.”

I smile, “Great. Do you want to change or anything? You don’t have to; you look great the way you are.”

“Let me freshen up and I’ll be ready” She says, hopping up out the swivel and prancing upstairs to the bathroom. A few minutes later she comes back down in a beautiful Grey and Black dress and her hair is draped over her shoulders with a clip holding her bangs back.

“You look beautiful Ginny!” I say with panic

Both Fred and George look at me. George says, “You better take care of our sister.” Then Fred says, “Yeah, or we will hurt you.”

Sky laughs, “Calm down boys, he’s more scared of me. Hurt her and I’ll crucio your Gregory!”

I take Ginny’s hand and we apparate to Hogwarts in the courtyard. “What are we doing at Hogwarts?” Ginny asks me

“Well, I figured that since this is where we first met, it would be a perfect place. Your hand?” I announce and ask. She lays her hand in mine and I lead her to the spot we have everything set up. “This is so beautiful. You did this for me?” She asks. “I did and I was hoping you would like it.” I told her. She let off a smile, “I love it. It’s wonderful. Who knew the courtyard could look so magical.”

After a few hours of talking, getting to know each other more than we already did, laughing at memories from school. I could feel the bubbles in my stomach knotting up. “Ginny, I’ve been wanting to ask you something for a while, but I never had the courage. But I really need to ask you.”

“What is it?” She asks. I hesitate for a minute, “Ginny, will you be my girlfriend?”

“I would love to! I’ve been waiting for you to ask me since my fifth year” She says running to my arms.

“Let’s get back before your brothers have Sky crucio me for keeping you out late.” I laugh in seriousness


Goyle and Ginny have been gone a few hours and we have put the kids to sleep. Lycissa has fell asleep in Draco’s arms, while he read her a story and when he went to lay her down, she got upset but he told her he would check on her in a little bit. She will always be a daddy’s girl no matter how old she gets. We sit in the den when we hear Ginny and Goyle get back.

“We’re back” we hear Goyle say

With them walking in the den, I ask them, “How’d it go?”

Ginny smiles at me and looks at Goyle, “Well... I’m no longer single!” Goyle says, “It went great!” he mouths to me and Draco ‘thank you’

Draco puts his arm around my waist and kisses my forehead smiling while I nod at Goyle. I can tell how happy Goyle and Ginny are. She looks so alive right now and it’s wonderful.

“Congrats you two!” Pansy yells hugging Gin

“Treat her right,” Fred says as George continues with, “Y’know the consequences.”

Goyle quickly replies, “I will. We will have a greater love story than Draco and Sky.” Draco eyes him, “You wish. There will never be a better love story than me and my beautiful wife.” I kiss his cheek, “You got that right baby”

“Do you think we should tell everyone?” Draco asks me

Goyle looks at us, “You really should. No one will think differently of y’all. We all love you and our best friends.” Pansy looks confused as always, “Tell us what?”

“What’s going on?” Mumsy asks us

Draco grabs my hand and sits me on his lap, sinking us down into the leather couch, “Okay... So, y’know how we told you we started dating two months into first year? Well, we actually we starting dating before that.”

“What do you mean before then?” my dad asks

I turn towards him, “So when you, mum and Shane would argue over who got me or if I was going to Hogwarts or that muggle school. I would go to Malfoy Manor, me and Draco would apparate to a place I felt safe. We did this for about ten months.” Dad looks at me, “Where was this safe spot?”

“The cave, where I hid the horcrux. I knew it was safe there since only me and Draco knew about it.”

Pansy questions, “When did you two actually start dating then?”

As I lay my head on Draco’s shoulder he replies “Within those ten months of going to the cave. I think it was around month three. The first two was just going to keep her mind off of everything and spending time together.” He pauses lifting my chin up, “But when you watch the sunset or the storms with the same person every night for two months, smiling consistently, wanting to make sure they are safe and protect them all the time. We were young and didn’t know if we would last.”

“That’s why we never said anything back then. We were 10 when the arguing started getting worse. So if you count from age 10, then it would be 15 years. The best 15 years of my life.” I say looking into Draco’s eyes

Mumsy looks at us with a few tears and Lucius hugging her, “You could’ve told us. You didn’t have to hide it from us. We would’ve supported the relationship regardless of how old you were. It was bound to happen.”

“Of course, but I understand. You were both worried about when you got to Hogwarts.” Lucius included.

“Exactly. I thought when we got to Hogwarts, Draco would find someone else who made him happier and we would break up. First day Millicent was making heart eyes at him and it scared me.” I said with tears starting to run down my cheeks. Draco wipes the tears off my cheek, “Baby, I love you so much. I have since day one and I will until the world ends. I didn’t want anyone else at Hogwarts other than you. Millicent was annoying and no girls at that school ever compared to you. I love you, more than anything Sky. Forever”

“I love you more Dray” I say

Blaise makes fake gagging noises, “This got gross and uncomfortable. Get a room.”

“I’m sorry we hid it from y’all. We thought it was best at the time.” I say

Fred without any hesitation, “We understand. Something like that is difficult but look. You’re still together after all these years, and the love hasn’t died out.”

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