Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Mystery Mum

After a few hours of talking and celebrating Goyle and Ginny’s newfound relationship, Draco looks at the clock and sees the time


“Oh wow, it’s late!” I look towards Sky, “We need to get the kiddos and go home.” She nods her head in agreement.

Blaise looks up at the clock, “Oi! It’s already 11:30! Yeah, we need to get the boys home Pans.” She’s half asleep so she would agree to just about anything at this point. Which is always funny; last time she agreed to cook mashed potatoes and roast with butterbeer and Pearl dust.

Father sits down in his Black velvet armchair with a glass of Hog’s Head, “Nonsense, don’t wake those kids up. Leave them here for the night and pick them up tomorrow afternoon. Go home and sleep. All of you. Me and Narcissa have the kids handled.”

“Bye Goyle, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ginny says as she hugs him. Fred laughs a little, “Gin, he can come over. He just has to sleep in another room.”

We apparate back home and make our way to the kitchen. Sky grabs a glass of wine, looks over at me, “I’m going to go upstairs and get a shower. Please don’t be too long.” I look up from taking the food out of the bags, “I won’t love. I’m just going to put the food up and I’ll be up. She kisses me cheek and fills her glass full of wine then turns and walks up the stairs to the bedroom.

Mum always sends us, Pansy, and Blaise home with tons of leftovers. Father will only eat leftovers the next day after the meal was cooked, so we always get tons of food. The kids absolutely love leftovers and will demolish them, no matter what it is. If their mumsy cooked it, they’ll eat it. So to say that our fridge will always be full on Sunday afternoons is to be light.

As I put finish putting the food in the fridge and cleaning the counter off, I think to myself, this is the perfect opportunity. No kids are here tonight, just me and my lovely wife. I walk upstairs and quietly open the bedroom door. I notice she’s in just a towel, rummaging through her drawers of the wardrobe to find her night clothes.

“Damn, I always get a good view. Perfect timing.” I say with a light chuckle in my voice.

“Oi! Draco Lucius! You scared me!” She jumps and screams. I walk in the bedroom, shutting the door behind me, “I’m sorry my love.” She rolls her eyes, “Sure you are”

Walking up behind her, I pick her up by her thighs; her soft, perfect thighs. She wraps her legs around my torso and arms around my neck. I push her against the wall, start kissing her earlobes and down her neck. I untie her towel, dropping it to the floor, kissing from her neck down to her chest. Leaving wet kisses and love bites everywhere as she throws her head back letting off a very low moan, thinking I can’t hear it.

“So about what Bella asked us,” I start to ask her while still kissing her neck and chest

She tilts her head up and whispers in my ear, “Shhh, less talking handsome.” I smirk, “Say less my beautiful”


Our slow kisses turn into deep, passionate, lust filled making out. We couldn’t stop; we were fighting for a breath of air, but neither of us wanted it that bad. We wanted each other. He walks us towards the bed and throws me down on the bed, looking my naked body up and down, biting his lip. He climbs on top of me taking one of his hands to hold my hands above my head. He takes his other hand and wraps it around my throat, giving a soft moan. He knows how much I enjoy it.

“Draco.. I need more!” I let out

“What’s my name? Say if for me” He says. I throw my head back into the bed as his grip around my throat tightens. “Please daddy. I need more. Please!”

He smirks at me, “As you wish princess.” He kisses my jaw and down my exposed body. He rubs his tip against my heat and slowly slides it in. Pumping in and out slowly, getting faster each time.

I can feel the aggression and the passion behind each thrust. He was letting all the anger out, which was always wonderful pleasure for me. Each time I threw my head back, screaming his name and moaning louder and louder, I could see how much I was driving him crazy. I’ve been craving his touch for so long, that I wanted every second of this. I bucked my hips into him, making his length go deeper inside of me.

He lets out a loud groan, “Fuck baby. Keep doing that and I’m going to cum soon.” I grab his neck and pull his face into mine, kissing him, letting my tongue swirl inside his mouth, fighting with his tongue. He gripped tighter at my neck, as I ran my hands through his hair, him moaning louder.

I whisper into his ear, “Maybe I want you to cum for me”

He thrusts into my harder and deeper making me whimper in pure pleasure. “FUCK DRACO! I’m about to cum! Oh--- Fuuuuck!” I scream as I release myself on his dick as he is still pounding into me.

“Just like that princess.” He continues to let his thrusts go harder, “I’m going to cum. Mmm, yes baby, you like that don’t you?” He drops next me to as I can feel my vagina twitching and all his cum finds it way deep inside me.

At this point the sun is rising, not realizing it’s been 5 hours of pure aggressive pleasure. “You did amazing, my love.” He kisses my forehead and pulls me closer to him. “I love you beautiful”

“I love you more. You always know how to make me weak and vulnerable for you.” I reply back to him

“That’s my job. Now lets get a shower and take a nap before we go get the kiddos.” He says as he lifts me up and carries me to the bathroom, sitting me on the counter while he gets the water at the perfect temperature between steaming hot and warm.

A few hours later

“Babe! Wake up!” I say, nudging Draco

“Noooo, I’m comfy and sleepy. Come back and cuddle me.” He says in a pitiful voice, that I can’t help but giggle at, ” It’s almost 6:30 PM.”

He grunts, “They can stay at my parents. I just want to sleep.”

“Fine. I doubt Mumsy will mind since the kids are probably watching movies with your dad.” I say, and we sleep the rest of the day into tomorrow.

The next day, we go and get the kids from Mumsy and Lucius. Lucius and the kids were still in bed. The kids love their Papa Lucius that Mumsy always gets kicked out of bed so the kids can lay close to their Papa.

A month passes by and things have been great other than feeling sick, sleepy, and moody recently

Draco walks up to me, “Take this” he hands me a pregnancy test and I go into the bathroom

3 minutes pass by and I go back into the bathroom, “Draco.” I can hear him in the bedroom say, “It’s positive isn’t it?” I walk into the bedroom with the test and hand it to him.

He sits the test on the dresser, picks me up and spins me around while kissing me. “I love you so much. This is going to be absolutely amazing!”

“Dray, you act like I’ve never been pregnant before.” I giggle

“I know you have. I just can’t help being happy about adding another baby to the family and creating an army of Malfoy babies. I love you” He says

“I love you, I can’t wait” I say. He looks into my eyes, “Let’s go tell mum and dad, and let everyone know.


We head to Malfoy Manor and go into the kitchen, “Hey everyone, we have some great news!” I say

“We do too!” Blaise replies

Sky yells, “I’M PREGNANT!” with Pansy saying, “I AM TOO!”

Blaise looks up wide-eyed, “You are?!”

“You didn’t tell Blaise?!” Sky asks Pansy

He looks up at her, “You told me we were adopting a dog, not having a baby!”

Mum not even paying any attention to what Blaise is saying, “Congratulations to all four of you! Mumsy is gaining new babies!” My mum always loves hearing someone is pregnant, especially since Sky and Pansy let her dress the girls up.

Right when I thought things were going to be great, “Malfoy, again? Really?!” Snape says. “Why do you keep doing this to my daughter?!”

“DAD! Calm down! This is a blessing for us and the family in general.” Sky says, I can see the tears forming in her eyes. So I grab her on hug her tightly whispering that everything is okay.

Father steps in, “Severus, you’ll have another grand baby to love. They’re still as in love as they were when they first started dating. That’s a major success, mainly after how many years they have been together.”

“Are you happy about this Sky? Did you consent to this?” Snape asks Sky. She looks at him in disbelief, “Of course I consented to it! What the hell is that even supposed to mean dad?! I’m absolutely ecstatic about another Malfoy baby!”

Snape looks at me with his eyes burning holes through my flesh, “I’m still not happy with you Malfoy.” I gulp, “Yes sir, sorry sir.”

“So when were you going to tell me you’re pregnant and that we aren’t actually adopting a dog Pansy?” Blaise pesters her. “Today, I wanted it to be a surprise. I’m sorry” she replies. All he says is, “We’ll talk about this later.”

Sky nudges my arm, “Come on Pans, come with me. We’ll have a girls day. Mumsy, Aunt Bella, Ginny do y’all want to come?”

“I’m good. Thanks Sky” Aunt Bella says

“No thank you sweetie.” Mum says

Ginny smiles, “I’m so in!”

I pull my wallet out of my back pocket, “Here’s my card. Don’t worry about how much you spend. Go have fun with the girls. I got the kiddos. Be careful and have fun. I love you princess.” I hug and kiss her. She wraps her petite arms around my neck, kissing me, “Thank you baby. I love you.” Her, Pansy and Ginny leave


Us girls head to the muggle world for the day. We get on the train and find an empty compartment. For the first fifteen minutes of the train ride, none of us say anything.

“I don’t get it! Why isn’t Blaise happy about me being pregnant?” Pansy questions. I grab her hand, “Pans, you told him you were adopting a dog. A dog and a baby are totally different. I’m sure he’s happy, but he’s confused and scared at the moment. Give him some time.”

Ginny looks at Pansy, “I’m sure everything will be fine when we get back. Just don’t stress. I can’t get over that both of you are pregnant! This is so exciting! Sky, how does this keep happening to you?” she giggles

“Well, you know how Draco is. Every chance he gets, he takes it. He said his mission is to create an army of Malfoy babies.” I giggle. “I just wish my dad would stop getting on his case about getting me pregnant.”

“Your dad will always get on his case about it” Pansy says

Ginny has her head down, then lifts it up, her Red hair and her Blue eyes look at me like she already feels bad about something. “I don’t want to pry into your personal life Sky. You don’t have to answer, but why don’t you talk about your mum a lot?”

I sink into my seat of the train and just stare at her, “Honestly, I don’t really know much about her. I didn’t see her much as a kid, and when I did her and my dad were always fighting. She wanted me to go to some muggle school called St. Catherine’s instead of Hogwarts. But when I got my letter, dad let me choose, and I obviously chose Hogwarts. It was my dream as a kid. Plus, Pansy and Draco were going, and they were already my friends, and me and Draco were already dating, and I didn’t want to leave and find new friends.” Tears start to fill my eyes and Pansy and Ginny hug me. Pansy knows that I always wanted my mum to see how powerful I’ve become.

“You really should ask your dad. I’ve been telling you this for years. You deserve to finally know. He should’ve told you the first time you ever asked. It’s your right to know about your mum and possibly see her. That’s your choice.” Pansy says, hugging me. I wipe my tears away, “I’m going to ask when we get back. I’m going to force it out of him.”

We spent most of the day going from shop to shop looking for cute stuff for the houses and the kids. After about 5 hours we decide to head back home before it gets too dark.

“Hey everyone! The girls are back!” We all yell. Draco comes in the foyer, “Hey beautiful, hey my little apple” he rubs my stomach, “How was girls day?”

I kiss him, “It was fun. Thank you for letting me go. I think Pansy is a little calmer now. How’s Blaise?”

He turns his head towards the den, turning it back to me, “He’s still shocked, kinda upset that they’re not getting a dog. But he’s happy about the baby.” I shake my head, not shocked one bit, “Typical Blaise being upset about not getting a dog. Have you seen my dad? I need to talk to him.”

“He’s in the office with father.” I hug him and turn towards the office.

“Hey Lucius, can I borrow my dad for a minute?” I interrupt what I didn’t care was important or not. Lucius looks up from his paper, “Of course sweetheart.”


I can tell this conversation is going to be exactly what I don’t want it to be. It’s going to be the same conversation we have had a handful of times, and it’s the same outcome. She gets aggravated with me because I don’t want her to know the hurt, she’s going to feel, but it’s time I suppose; she’s old enough to know the truth.

“What’s wrong Sky?” I ask pretending not to know

She sighs and sits down in Lucius’ chair, kicking her feet up on the desk like she owns the place. She’s probably the only person who can do this and not get scorned; he treats her like she’s the head princess. “We need to talk about two things.”

“Which are what?” I question. She looks up, “One, why do you keep hounding Draco about getting me pregnant?”

I roll my eyes at her, knowing this question would soon come. “Because Sky. He’s the git who continuously gets you pregnant. I never thought you two would actually last as a couple; he’s a Malfoy for Merlin’s sake. I figured he would be a manwhore and I didn’t want that for you.”

She drops her feet off the desk, sitting up straight like she’s the Headmaster of Malfoy Manor, “Dad, listen. Draco has been there for me since I was ten. He’s never left my side. He has always protected me. I didn’t think we would last throughout school, thinking he was going to find someone else. But guess what? He chose me out of everyone! ME, dad!” She pauses, “In my opinion I’m the luckiest girl in the world to say I’ve been with the same guy since I was ten years old! That man is my best friend, the best father to out kids! He loves, cares, and protects not only me, but our kids.”

I attempt to say something, but she cuts me off, “No dad, listen. I have never seen Draco cry for anyone else other than me or the kids. Malfoy men don’t cry, you know this. He’s not a git, he’s your son-in-law. He has been for years! He’s the father to your grandkids, the husband to your only child. We chose to have another baby. That’s between me and him; even if we decide to have more after this one, that’s our business. This is the life we always talked about having together, and I’m beyond thankful we get to live it. The Battle of Hogwarts could’ve ended a whole lot different, but Draco did everything he could to protect me, Lycissa, and Servius. You have to accept that I’m not a little girl anymore, and Draco isn’t going anywhere. Ever!”

I stay quiet a few moments, one to make sure she’s done ridiculing me, and second to process what my daughter just said to me. She laid it all on the table for this one topic. “Wow, I’ve never heard you talk like this before. I’m just concerned you have a lot going on as it is, what a new baby will do.”

“Dad, he has one of the best jobs at the ministry. A job that allows him to be home as much as possible but work from home with occasional trips to the ministry. And I plan on teaching at Hogwarts eventually. We have this under control. I promise." She assures me.

“I believe you. I’m sorry I keep scorning him every time you get pregnant. I ostensibly always will too, but that’s because your my little demon daughter and I love you. I just want what’s best for you.” I say. “What’s the other thing you wanted to talk about?”

I can sense her tensing up, “My mum. I want to know who she is. You never told me anything about her. Who her parents are or anything. I haven’t seen her since I was nine and I don’t remember anything about her.”

“Well... You know her father pretty well.” I reply. She looks at me with confusion, “Who? A professor at Hogwarts?”

I talk a gulp, “I wanted to tell you but me and her decided a long time ago it was best that you didn’t know for reasons. Especially while you were in school.”

“Just fucking tell me already dad!” She screams at me. “Your mum’s name when we were in school was... Riddle.” I choked as I let it out. She glared at me with the most rage I have ever seen in all my life.

Her eyes turned sanguine and the ground started shaking. “Are you telling me that my mother is Lord Voldemort’s daughter?! And that I’m his granddaughter?!” With immense fear I respond, “Skyra, please calm down.”

“Are you being fucking serious about this or are you pulling a joke on me?” She queried. I returned with, “I’m being dead serious.”

After sitting there for a few moments, “After 24 years on this earth, you are just now telling me this?! I have been asking for years! Why the hell would you hide this from me?! Does he even know I’m his granddaughter?!”

“Of course he knows. It was best not telling you. I was protecting you, but I realize you have taken care of yourself, and you deserved to know.” I said. Sky responded, “Is that why he has always been so sincere with me and wanted me safe during war? Not because I’m a strong witch?!”

Without any hesitation in thought I said, “He would’ve done it regardless! Mainly because you are the greatest and strongest weapon. You have your mother’s and grandfather’s powers and my magic skills. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” She looks at me with sadness and anger, “I have to go. I don’t want to stress the baby out more. I don’t want to see you for a few days, please.”


As I walk out of the office and into the den as Pansy gets up, “Did you find out?” Draco gets up from the chair and walks over, “Find out what love?”

“About my mum. I made him tell me finally and I cant wrap my head around it all.” I reply

“Well what’d you find out Sky? Ginny asks me. I frown a little knowing that some of the next words that I say can change my life so much. “Promise none of you will hate me and you won’t leave me Draco?”

Pansy and Ginny in unison say, “Hate you? Seriously?! NEVER!” Draco reaches down and takes my hand, “I will never leave you. I’m here forever love. I promised that at our wedding and I will always honor that until the second I take my last breath.”

“Well... my mum is Lydia... Riddle... The Dark Lord’s daughter” The words escape my mouth as I see everyone’s eyes widen in shock

I hear Narcissa speak up, “Severus, you finally told her. After how many years of Lucius and I telling you she had a right to know about her life.” Draco steps forward, “Mum, y’all knew?!”

“Indeed we knew. We all went to school together. Severus loved Lydia sort of like you love Sky, but you love Sky a lot more.” Lucius implied. Pansy rolled her eyes, “Sky, we aren’t going anywhere. You’re my best friend, that will never change. I promise.” Ginny continued as Pansy paused, “You can’t control who your parents are. It’s not your fault at all.”

Draco embraces me and looks down at me with his Blue Grey eyes, “Baby, please don’t stress yourself out about it. It’s not good for you and our little apple. I love you beautiful and just because who your mum and grandfather is, that will not change my love for you. Ever. I’m by your side through it all. Okay? Now please stop crying, it’s going to be okay. I promise.”

“Okay. I love you. Thank you all for being by my side. This is shocking. I wish I could meet her, but she hasn’t been around since I chose to go to Hogwarts, and she was barely around before that. So I can’t remember what she looks like.” I announce

About ten minutes late dad walks in, “Sky. There’s someone I want you to meet.” I can see mumsy and Lucius smile. “Skyra, you’ve grown so much sweetheart. Beautiful as ever.

There she stood. 5 foot 2, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, tan skin. She’s nothing like I remembered, but then again last time I saw her I was ten and was constantly crying and running to Malfoy Manor to get away from the arguing. I don’t know whether to be happy that she’s standing in front of me or be angry for her not attempting to have any contact with me for fourteen years. Not even one happy birthday, happy Christmas, or just to see how I am.

“This is your mum, Lydia Riddle” dad says. “Hey Nar, Lucius, Bella” Lydia says

“Hey Lydia” Lucius replies. “Lydia, dear, you haven’t aged at all.” Mumsy voices. “Lydia Riddle in the flesh. Been way too long” Aunt Bella utters

“Woah!” Fred says. “Wicked!” George says

Blaise looks at me then looks at Lydia, “Sky looks just like her mum other than Sky’s alabaster skin, the nose and cheeks.”

“Come on guys, let’s let them all have a minute.” Ginny enunciates

Everyone other than me, Draco, dad, Lucius, mumsy, and Aunt Bella leave the room. This is my family. The people who have never left my side, besides Pansy and Blaise too.

“Wow, I never thought I would actually get to meet you” I tell her. She smiles, “Same here. Your dad protected you for far too long”

Bella comes running in, “Mommy! We’re hungry. Can you make us a grilled cheese?”

“You have a child?” Lydia asks. I bend down to Bella and look at Lydia, ” four actually, with another on the way. Bella, go get your siblings. There’s someone I want you to meet.” Bella looks at me and hugs me, “Okay mommy!” she says running away

Lydia looks at me with big eyes, “Wow, four kids and one on the way. You’ve grown up too much.”

All the kids come in the den. “Babies, I want you to meet my mum. Your grandma Lydia.” All the kids say hey.

She glances down at the kids then back up at me, “Two sets of twins. Is the father apart of their lives?”

“He sure is. He’s the best husband and dad around” I say wrapping my arm around Draco’s waist as he puts his arm around you, “I’m lucky to have him.” Dad looks at Lydia, “Yeah Lydia, this is the git our daughter ended up marrying and having kids with. Or should I say he proposed, they got married, then a few weeks later, they found out she was three and a half months pregnant.”

Lydia rotates her body, “Severus stop. They’re a beautiful couple and have a beautiful family. How long have you two been together?”

“Since you and dad decided to always fight over if I go to Hogwarts or not. I would apparate from my bedroom to Malfoy Manor, and neither of you ever noticed I was gone! I was always with Draco. We’ve been together since we were ten, so what fifteen years” I articulate

Lycissa goes to mumsy and asks, “Mumsy, will you make us grilled cheese and cut up apples?” I look at her, “She will in a minute baby. These two are Draco’s minis. Lycissa and Servius”

“Beautiful names” Lydia says. “We combined Lydia and Narcissa for Lycissa. Severus and Lucius for Servius.” I say. “And these two are?” She asks. Draco picks them up, “Bella and Aurora.”

“Mumsy will you make them food? I hate asking.” I tell her. She smiles at me, “You know I love cooking their food. Take your time. Come on Lucius, Bellatrix, kids. Let’s give these four sometime.”


“Severus, I always told you she would end up with the Malfoy boy. But you never believed me” Lydia said while giving him this look

I blush and pull Sky on my lap, one hand on her thigh and my arm around her waist and my hand on her stomach. I can’t help but smile, knowing I’m good looking and can’t help but be cocky about it. I kiss Sky’s cheek as she smiles and turns her head to face me.

I see Snape give Lydia the same look he has given me for years, “I know Lydia. I am aware of this. Just hoped she would’ve explored her options first, rather than settled with the first guy she dated.”

“Seriously dad?! He may have been the first guy I ever dated but guess what?! He’s still the love of my life and we have been together for fifteen years and I fall more in love with him every day!” Sky shouts. I pull her closer to me, rubbing her stomach and playing with her hair, knowing this calm her down, “It’s okay love. It’s still me and you, forever. I love you beautiful.” She whispers in my ear, “I love you more.”

Lydia looks at Sky and back at Snape, “Does my father know you told her?” He answers, “No, not yet. But he knows about her.” Out of nowhere the Dark Lord appears in the den of Malfoy Manor

“I thought I smelt a Riddle” He said walking towards Lydia. She hugs him, “Hey dad” The Dark Lord looks at Snape, “So Severus, I’m guessing you finally told her.”

Sky jumps up out of my lap, “I only had to ask for 13 years!”

“Is she anything like me?” Lydia ponders. Dark Lord looks at her, “Lydia, she’s more powerful than you. She has your powers but much stronger, and she has the witch in her without a doubt. She’s the greatest weapon of all time.”

Snape cut in, “She made the ground shake and her eyes turned Red when I told her who you were.” The Dark Lord looks my way, “Draco, dear boy. How do you feel about your wife being my granddaughter?”

“I’m glad she finally knows who her mum us. Maybe now the kids will have all their grandparents in their lives. Including you. As far as you being her grandfather, it doesn’t bother me. I love her regardless, she’s my everything.” I respond holding Sky close to me.

She smirks at me, “I agree completely. But right now, we have a doctors appointment to go to. So, we will be back later.”

“Severus, Lydia, you are coming with me. Sky, Draco, be careful. Your parents will be back in a few days, maybe a week Sky, so if you need anything Lucius and Narcissa are here” The Dark Lord announces as we walk to the floo to travel to St. Mungos.

A few months have passed by and everything is great, having Lydia back in Sky’s life and getting to know her. Narcissa will always be Sky’s mum, as she basically raised Sky.


“So Sky, what was lifelike with Severus Snape as a father and a professor? What was is like living with him?” Lydia questions me

I take a moment to think back at life with Snape as my dad, “Most of the time when we weren’t in school, I spent it here with the Malfoy’s. Narcissa raised me and taught me just about everything I know.” Lydia smiles as she looks towards Mumsy, “Thank you Narcissa for watching over her and being the mother she needed.”

“Always. She was and still is the best blessing to this family. Even though her and Draco couldn’t stay out of trouble at school.” Mumsy said while she laughs.

Me and Draco smirk and snicker as he says, “It was pure fun is what it was.” I cackle and say, “Mindless vandalism you may call it.” Lydia faces Mumsy, “Can’t decide if that’s the Riddle or Snape in her.”

"Draco Lucius, don’t even say it” I snarl at him as he replies with, “Yes beautiful”

Pansy comes running in the den, “SKY! Feel the kicks of this baby!”

Pansy and I have both discussed with Draco and Blaise and came to the decision that we don’t want to know the genders of either of our babies until they are born.

“Damn Pans, that’s definitely a strong kick! Definitely a Parkinson and Zabini baby.” I say as I have my hand on her stomach and hers on mine

Lydia glares at both of us, “The fact you are both still best friends is amazing. And you’re raising your kids together too.” Blaise wraps his arm around Pansy, “Hell, our kids are best friends too. Well, maybe not Bella and Avander. They continuously hit and bite other”

I look towards Blaise, “They’re going to end up together when they’re older. Me and Draco used to be the same way. But I didn’t bite him like Bella bites Avander.”

Author’s POV

All the parents are getting along, and everything is going amazing. Both Pansy and Sky are close to 9 months pregnant. The past week the girls have been running Blaise and Draco bonkers with all these random cravings. Pansy is constantly wanting popcorn with tacos. Sky on the other hand has been wanting pickles, hot sauce and cinnamon tea. Draco was concerned on what type of child she was bearing inside her for wanting this strange craving; considering she never had cravings this bad with the other pregnancies.

“DRACO!” Sky yells

“BLAISE ZABINI!” Pansy screams

“Oh my! Mum, it’s time!” Draco shouts for Mumsy. Blaise runs in the room shouting as well, “HERE TOO!”

George in shock says, “Their water broke at the same time?!” Fred chimed in, “You’re kidding me!”

Mumsy comes in the room, “Okay, off to St. Mungos we go. Girls just breathe. You’ve done this before. It’s okay. Boys, take your wives hand.” Narcissa is always the calm one, ensuring that nothing is going to happen. She makes sure that Draco and Blaise take care of themselves as they take care of Pansy and Sky and the kids when the girls need help.

As they arrive at St. Mungos, Madam Pomfrey comes up, “Which of the girls is it?” Both Draco and Blaise loudly announce, “BOTH!” All Madam Pomfrey can do is take all four of them back and getting two rooms. One for the Zabini’s and one for the Malfoy’s.

As Sky was being rolled back, she turns her head towards Draco and vociferates during contractions, ”Why did you do this to me Draco Lucius Malfoy?!”

“She says this every time she goes into labor. Kinda like you saying, ′Again really Malfoy?′ every time she has gotten pregnant.” Mumsy says to Snape. “Quiet Narciss” Snape snarls back at her.

Back in the delivery room with Draco and Sky

“You’re doing amazing baby. Just keep breathing for me.” Draco says as he does the breathing techniques, he learned throughout the years of Sky giving birth

Madam Pomfrey comes in and sees that Sky is already at 10 centimeters, “Okay Sky, are you ready to push?”

“Bloody hell yes!” Sky screeches as she grabs on to Draco’s hand, knowing she’s most likely going to break it

“Here’s baby number one. A beautiful boy.” Madam Pomfrey states. Draco looks up confused, “Number one?!”

Madam Pomfrey says “Push Sky, number two is almost here!” As Sky screams in pain, they can also hear Pansy screaming at Blaise. Focus goes back on Sky, “Here we are. Another precious baby boy. Congratulations Malfoys on these two beautiful boys.”

Draco peers down at his newborn sons in his beautiful wife’s arms, gleaming down at the twin boys. “Twins. Wow. I thought we were only having one this time.”

“Are you mad it’s twins?” Sky questions. Draco leans down and kisses her forehead, “Never my love. Our life has been nothing but twins. I thought it was weird only having one, but twins are amazing,” Sky smiles at his answer, “Go get our parents love.”


I go get our parents and bring them in our room. Obviously since we didn’t know we were having twins, they sure didn’t. I could never be mad about how many kids we have. The bigger the family, the happier the home is. I want an army of kids with Sky. She’s the love of my life and I can’t imagine this life with anyone other than her.

Mum comes in the room, “Let’s see the precious baby!” Sky speaks up, “Babies”

“Twins?” Father asks

I smile and announce, “Mum, dad, Ms. Riddle, Professor. Meet the twins”

They all look down at the boys and smile with no ending when Lydia announces, “They look just like you Sky. Everything about them is you. And Draco, it’s Lydia Snape.”

Snape includes, “We decided to give things another shot. And Malfoy, I mean Draco, just call me Severus. You’ve been in this family long enough.” Mum interrupts Snape, “Any name ideas yet?”

As I hold one of the boys and Sky holds the other, she says, “This handsome boy is Thomas Draco Malfoy.” And I look down at the handsome blue eyed baby boy I held, “And this is Eli Nathan Malfoy”

Father leaves the room and goes to check on Pansy and Blaise since neither of their family ever comes around. Blaise’s mum hasn’t been heard from in years, and the Parkinson’s are an odd family. Pansy seems decent compared to her parents.

“Always twins with you two. They are precious.” Snape says as he smiles at the twins.

Father comes back in, “Blaise and Pansy want to come in, is that okay?” Without hesitation Sky says, “Well of course!”

Pansy and Blaise come in our room, “Sky, Draco, we want you to meet the twins!”

Sky hands me Thomas, “Pansy you had twins!” MERLIN’S BEARD! OH MY GOSH!” Blaise holds one of the girls in his arms and Pansy holds the other. Blaise says, “This is Kyra Sky Zabini, and the cutie Pansy is holding is Naomi Grace Zabini.” Pansy smiles at Sky seeing the tears rolling down her cheeks, “I wanted one to have your name as their middle like you did Marie for Bella.”

“We want to introduce you to our twins.” Sky says. Holding the boys I announce, “This is Thomas Draco Malfoy and Eli Nathan Malfoy”

Pansy giggles, “Three sets of twins in your family. I knew it. You owe me 3 Galleons Blaise.” Sky looking somewhat angry, “Does everyone bet on us having twins?!”

Blaise quickly cuts Sky off, “We wanted to know if you would be the godparents to the twins? Just like Avander and Houston.” I look at Blaise with the really look. “You know the answer is yes. Will you be the godparents to ours? Like Lycissa and Servius?” Pansy yells at me, “DUH MALFOY! STUPID ASS!”

As our parents leave the hospital, it leaves Blaise, Pansy, me, Sky and all four babies. Blaise sighs and gestures, “Mate, I’m definitely going to need help adjusting to twin life.”

A week later, you’re at home. 4 new babies in the manor and it’s great. Maybe not so great for Blaise.

“These kids fucking hate me I swear! I haven’t slept at all. How have you handled three sets of twins and still sleep?!” Blaise shouts at me with a tired and aggravated voice. “Blaise, I’m just really good with kids I guess.” I reply to him.

Sky looks at me, “You’re amazing with them love. I still can’t get over you had twins Pansy!” Pansy responds, “Now I know what you went through all three times now.” Ginny stares at all four of the babies, “They’re all beautiful. Goyle, maybe one day we can have a few of those one day.”

“I’d love that precious. You’ll be a wonderful mum.” Goyle says. Fred and George both say, “Hey now! Wait until you’re married until you have kids!”

Blaise winks at all of us as he hands the twins to Ginny, “Speaking of marriage.”

I put my arm around Sky while I hold Eli and her Thomas.

Blaise gets down on one knee, “Pansy Marie Parkinson, I should’ve done this years ago. You have given me four beautiful children, years of happiness, and even madness, but I’m glad it’s all with you. Will you marry me?”


Sky obviously cries in happiness for her best friend, “It’s about damn time Blaise!” I glare down at her, removing my arm from her waist, “Baby, don’t cry. I know they’re happy tears, but just smile and be happy. I love you beautiful.” I kiss her forehead

Fred and George both take all four kids, “Let us take the twins. Sky and Draco, you need a nap. Pansy and Blaise, so do you. Especially you Blaise. Please sleep as long as you need. We have this under control.”

Me and Sky go up to our room and I can tell there’s something on her mind. “Come here beautiful, lay your head on my chest and tell me what’s on your mind.” She lays down with her head on my chest, snuggled up tight, “I’m happy for Blaise and Pansy. I’m glad they finally got their girl. Two at that. And I’m just so happy and grateful for where our life is right now. So many people who love us.”

“It’s great isn’t it. I always knew our life would be like this. I want to give you everything you could possibly dream of” I tell her while running my fingers through her soft and silky hair.

Sky leans up looking me in the eyes. Her beautiful Blue eyes, soft alabaster skin and a smile that would make everyone fall in love with her, “You’ve done just that Draco Malfoy. You’ve given me more than I could ever dream of. Six beautiful kids, a beautiful house and land, a family who loves us. I wouldn’t want any other life with anyone else.”

“You’re the only person I could ever dream of having a life with. You’ve always been my everything and will continue to be until I die. With whatever else we are blessed with. I want it all with you. I love you Skyra Marie Malfoy. My beautiful, perfect, loving, amazing, wife.” I confess to her.

“I love you Draco Lucius Malfoy. The perfect husband, father, best friend, just everything.” Sky says, kissing me and wedging her head back into my chest, wrapping he arm around my torso, and me wrapping both arms around her.

“Goodnight my beautiful. I can’t wait for many more years and kids together. I love you so much. I’m beyond thankful for you every day. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life.” I whisper to her as she’s asleep.

I hate the fact I even think of this as something good, mainly how much heartbreak and stress it put on Sky. But I’m thankful for her parents always fighting when we were younger. If they didn’t... We wouldn’t have snuck to the cave for 10 months; I possibly wouldn’t have fallen in love with her. She would’ve been Snape’s annoying daughter. So I’m thankful for their fighting, the fighting that caused her to always apparate to my house and always come to me. The fact she felt safe with me, knowing I would protect her just because she didn’t deserve what she was going through. I’ve always wanted to thank Snape for it, but how do you tell your father-in-law, ”Hey thanks for always arguing with your wife whether your daughter would go to Hogwarts or some muggle school. Because if you didn’t always argue then she would’ve never run to me for comfort and a sense of love. Thank you for pushing her into my arms and us starting our lives together at the age of ten because you were complete nutters and never even noticed she was missing”

Sky is my entire world and has been since we were ten years old. Maybe even before that. I tried so hard to hate her but there was always something about her that drug me to her. I wouldn’t change our life for anything. I was that selfish, git of a boy who was always told to sit up straight, never embarrass the family name, everything I did would reflect of my father. As I got older I realized that as long as she was by my side and kept me on the straight and narrow, father had nothing to worry about. Although, there were times I had to break up fights that she had gotten in. The temper on this girl... Oooo, she’s a spitfire, but bloody hell, she’d give Merlin himself a run for his money. Salazar Slytherin would be petrified of how scary she is when she’s mad; the house of Slytherin would be named the house of Skyra if she was a founder of Hogwarts. It wouldn’t surprise me if she frightened the Dark Lord himself, knowing that his granddaughter is much more powerful than her own mother and the damage she could do if she knew all her powers and how to control them.

She fell for the Malfoy boy. I fell for the Snape girl. And this is how the life of the Snape-Malfoy’s began. All because Snape and Lydia couldn’t stop fighting. Little did we know, our life was just beginning with the 6 kids. What’s in store next for us, Merlin can only imagine.

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