Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Draco’s POV

Lorenzo walks up to us, “Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, can I talk to you about something important?”

The thought of my daughter dating this git is going to tear me to shreds. My little girl is not old enough to have a boyfriend. Mainly a Parkinson, Pansy’s younger brother! I want to throw this kid across the hall right now for even holding her hand, but I know Sky would avada my ass and Lycissa would never talk to me again. Is this what parenthood is? Wanting to avada your child’s boyfriend or girlfriend just for them wanting to talk to you about something important?

I raise my eyebrows at him, “Yes Lorenzo? What can we help you with?”

Sky and I share a look as I respond, “Yes, you may, but if you hurt her, I will make sure your sister knows and I will allow Servius to break every bone in your body.” Sky tugs at my arm, “Draco calm down. Yes Lorenzo, you can ask her out.”

“Thank you so much! I will never hurt her. She’s perfect in all ways and makes me the happiest person in the world” Lorenzo exclaim running to hug Sky. I smile at how happy she is knowing that our daughter will be happy, “Go on now Lorenzo, go get her! Remember what I said though!” Lorenzo runs off towards the common room to find Cissa.

Sky wraps her arms around me, looking at me with her blue eyes, “Y’know, you sound just like my dad when we started dating. He’s rubbing off on you.” I glance at her with a smug look, “Oh be quiet beautiful. He’s not rubbing off on me. I still think she’s too young for a boyfriend.”

“You’re still as big as a flirt as you were when we started dating. And she’s the same age as we were when we were dating, so calm down.” She says pulling me down giving me a kiss on the cheek. I kiss her and as she pulls away, I say, “I will forever be a flirt when it comes to you. I love you more than anything.” Feeling her cheeks turn red, “I love you more. I don’t ever want the flirting to stop. You still give me the butterflies just like you did when we were 10. How do you think Cissa will do in her first Quidditch match?” As we walk down the corridors I respond, “She’s going to kick ass. Y’know that Adam’s boy is the seeker for Gryffindor, so you know she’s going to do her best to get her revenge.”

Quidditch Day

Skyra’s POV

The whole family came to watch Lycissa’s first game, to support her, and secretly see if she’s better than Draco was when he was the seeker for Slytherin during our time in school.

“Do you think sissy is going to win the game?” Servius questions and Lucius’ responds, “If she’s anything like your dad in Quidditch then she will for sure win the game.”

As they finish talking, Lycissa and the Slytherin team flies out the field. Pansy turns towards me, “Look at her. Draco Jr., got his number and all.” I see Cissa looking at me, so I smile at her from the Slytherin stands and mouth, ”You got this baby girl. I love you.” She smiles back at me and I hear Lorenzo say, “She’s absolutely gorgeous.” Pansy swings her body in his direction, “What did you just say Lorenzo Parkinson?! Do not let Draco Malfoy ever hear you call his daughter gorgeous. He will kill you in less than a second!” Lorenzo snarled back, “I said, she is gorgeous! I’m not scared to say it!”

Servius looks at Pansy, “He has a crush on her and isn’t afraid of hiding it from anyone.” I pull Servius next to me, “Be quiet, I know about your crush on that little Hufflepuff girl. Remember, I am a professor, I hear everything, and so does your dad. And Pans, Lorenzo asked for Draco’s blessing and he gave the okay. Already threatened him too.” Pansy smiles, “I swear you hurt her, Draco will hurt you.” Dad adds in, “Hell, I would be worried about Lycissa hurting him. She punched the shit out of the Adam’s boy and broke his nose.”

The game begins and course Adams wants to try to push Cissa off her broom, but from the lessons as a small kid from Draco has paid off. She does a full 360 on her broom distracting him.

McGonagall goes over the speaker, “Slytherin is winning 60 to 10 against Gryffindor.”

Adams can’t control his broom, looking as if he has never ridden a broom before. Lycissa laughs as she flies back towards him, ”Training for the ballet Adams?”

“There’s no denying that she’s Draco’s child.” Blaise laughs. Aunt Bellatrix adds, “A million percent his child. Looks and personality. The world is in trouble with her.”

“Lycissa Malfoy and Anthony Adams are head to head for the Golden Snitch.” McGonagall announces. A few moments later, “Adams is down, and Malfoy has caught the Golden Snitch. 150 points to Slytherin. SLYTHERIN WINS!” Everyone in the Slytherin stands cheer loud as possible.

“That’s my girlfriend! Go Cissa!” Lorenzo shouts at the top of his lungs, not even caring everyone in the stands, especially the whole family is looking at him. Pansy puts her face in the palm of her hands, “He’s going to die, in the hands of Draco.” I laugh, “He’s going to be fine; Draco won’t kill him.” Draco strolls over, “Congratulations Cissa. You did great darling.” “I’m so proud of you sweetie.” I say to her.

Lucius being the man he is, always wanting to throw things in Draco’s face, “You did better than your dad did in his first game. He lost to Potter, of all people.” “She really has it in her to be her dad’s mini.” Lydia says with a giggle. As the family is congratulating Lycissa on her first win and against Gryffindor Adams walks up, “You’re going down next time Malfoy.”

Lycissa sitting on the edge of the corridor wall, she says, “Me and my brother have a bet you see. I don’t think you’re going to last 10 minutes next tournament.” She jumps down next to Servius as they laugh walking towards Adams, Servius adds in, ”I disagree, I don’t think you’ll last 5.”

“Who the hell does that sound like?!” Pansy exclaims in pure laughter.

Without any hesitation, everyone turns and in sync they say, “Draco!” Blaise laughs while looking at Draco, “She’s going to get in so much trouble acting like you mate.” Draco wraps his arm around Lycissa’s shoulder and my waist, “What can I say, she’s my daughter. Taught’r everything she knows.” Everyone laughs at Draco. “Can I take Lycissa for butter beer before we leave for break?” Lorenzo asks us as he hugs Lycissa. “Only if she wants to.” I reply as Draco says, “Just have your bags ready before you go.”

“My brother and Lycissa. How weird but it’s kinda cool.” Pansy says with a nervous face. Blaise grabs her hand, “Don’t worry, if he acts up, she will most definitely put him in his place.”

Walking back with the family, I tell Draco, “I really wish that you didn’t teach them all your sayings, because now Lycissa is going to be saying them all the time.” Draco pulling me into his grasp, “Princess, she will come up with her own. Maybe worse than mine. She’s going to be fine; I promise.” Dad announces, “Do y’all have everything packed for winter break?” I nod my head yes.

“Is Lorenzo coming home with us for break?” Draco questions Pansy, as she replies, “Yes, he is. Our parents are going to America for a month, so I’m in charge of the little git.” Lycissa walks up to us, “Mum, is it okay if I sit with Enzo on the train ride home?” “Yes, sweetie but behave. And do not start anything.” I tell her in a stern voice. Mumsy laugh, “She is her father’s daughter.” Draco with a smirk and a chuckle, “She’s my little demon.”

Twenty minutes into the train ride, “Dad, can I have a galleon for some pasties off the trolley please?” Servius questions Draco. Draco reaches into the pocket of his slacks, pulling a couple of galleons out, “Here son. Share with your sister and Lorenzo.”

Leaving me, Draco, Pansy, and Blaise in the compartment alone, talking about the semester and all the craziness that has gone on and the fact that Lorenzo is dating Lycissa. A Parkinson and a Malfoy.

“I can’t believe they’re dating. They act like you two.” Pansy gestures towards Draco and I.

Blaise gives Draco a chuckle, one that reminded me of sixth year on the train to Hogwarts. “Yeah, Lorenzo acts like Malfoy, being flirty as hell.”

Beginning of Flashback

It was going into sixth year on the train, me and Draco have been engaged for a few months and everything was wonderful. The wedding planning has been dreadful, but amazing. Draco was putting something in my bag in an adjoining rack, when all out of no where the whole train had black smoke arising.

Looking concerned, Draco posed “What was that? Blaise?” Blaise responded, “I don’t know mate.”

“Relax boys. It’s most likely just a little first-year messing around with spells.” Pansy says.

I turn facing Draco, “Come on Draco love. Sit down. We’ll be at Hogwarts soon.” He walks back to the seat, sitting down next to me, placing his hand on my thigh as I place my hand on his.

In the seats across from us sit Crabbe and Goyle in their natural habitat... Eating. More like shoving all the pasties from the trolley in their lard mouths. Blaise reaching over, grabbing the last pastie in Goyle’s pile. “What the bloody hell Blaise? That was my last pastie.” Goyle says in a smug tone. Blaise not responding, just splitting the pastie between him and Pansy as Goyle gives the stare of death to lot of them.

Draco sits there staring out the window with one eye, the other is locked on me, “Hogwarts.—” He pauses as he shifts his head back facing Blaise and Pansy while his hand still on my thigh, “What a pathetic excuse for a school. I think I’d pitch myself off the Astronomy Tower if I had to continue here for another two damn years.” Pansy with a confused and concerning look on her face says, “What’s that supposed to mean Draco? Sky, what is he talking about?”

“No idea.” I respond. Draco lifts our hands to the table, glancing over at Pansy, “Let me just say, I don’t think you’ll see us wasting our time in Potions class next year.” Blaise lets off a small chuckle. I look at him, “Amused much Blaise?” We’ll see who’s laughing in the end.” Draco and I hear a noise from the storage rack above and when we look, we see the bags moving.”

End of Flashback

Draco’s POV

As we sit there talking, we hear a familiar scream. One that I’ve heard since the day she was born. I jolt up from my seat as Sky, Blaise, and Pansy follow. Sky trying to push me out of the way.

“Touch me again and it will be the last fucking thing you ever do Adams! You understand me you prat?!” Lycissa screams

I push through the crowd of people standing around them, “What the hell is going on here?!” Lorenzo steps up, “He grabbed her butt and she punched him.”

A student that I have never seen before, wearing Gryffindor robes spoke up, “She’s a hoe. She’s used to guys touching her ass.”

“Shut the hell up. That’s my sister you git!” Servius says trying to go after the boy.

Adams gets up and flinches when Lycissa walks towards him, “Scared Adams? And you—” turning to the Gryffindor boy, “—You ever call me a hoe again, I’ll help you meet the Dark Lord himself.”

Snape steps in before I can even begin on where to scowl these two boys, “Mr. Adams, keep your hands to yourself. When we return from break, you have a month of detention. You do not touch girls like that.” As Adams walks back to his compartment. “Lycissa Amelie Malfoy, you cannot tell people you will help them meet the Dark Lord.” Snape continues. I chuckle at the fact that she can actually threaten people with meeting the Dark Lord. “Malfoy why are you laughing?” Snape questions

“I’m proud of her for standing her ground, and it’s kinda funny that she can actually make them muster with the Dark Lord. I mean, how bloody brilliant is it that the Dark Lord is her great granddad, and he would come at the snap of a finger.” Without any hesitation or notice Snape smacks the back of my head with the Professors Defense Against the Dark Arts book. “What the hell Snape?!”

Snape looks at me in anger, “It may be funny to you, but your child is out of control! She’s threatening students with meeting the Dark Lord! Y’know how dangerous that is, especially since that student is a muggle!” I look at him as the anger forms throughout my body, “You’re telling me that mublood called my daughter, a child that is part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, and the great granddaughter of the Dark Lord, called my daughter—”

Sky gulps to get my attention. Sometimes I forget she birthed Lycissa, as much as she acts like me. “—Our daughter, a hoe. No mudblood will speak of my— our daughter like that and get away with it.”

Sky cuts me off, “Dray, she will handle it. She is your child. Remember? She is every ounce of Malfoy, with just a few drops of Riddle/Snape in her. She’s capable of handling this herself.”

We arrive home for break and everyone has a great time. Mum loves having everyone home for breaks, especially when she hears the sound of all the kids playing quidditch in the mini field we have. As break ends, we head to King’s Crossing to get onto Platform 9 ¾ . Pansy kisses Avander and Lorenzo’s foreheads, “Please watch over Avander. Make sure nothing happens to him Lorenzo.”

“I will Pansy! But if he keeps eyeballing my girlfriend, then I’ll hurt him.” Lorenzo says giving Avander the side eye. “No you won’t. That is your nephew. Help him find a girl if he is having trouble.” Pansy replies.

Sky holding on to me, “Come on kiddos, time to get on the train. Find a compartment that’s empty and stay together! Servius, watch out for Avander, please.” “Yes mum” Servius says, leading the way to an empty compartment. As me, Sky, and Snape find an empty compartment, “Any guesses on Avander’s house?” Sky questions.

Snape looks at her with uncertainty, “Hmm, I honestly don’t know. There’s really no way he will be a Slytherin.” I nod my head in agreement, “It’s hard, but I may saw Ravenclaw.” Sky looks a little worried, “Yeah, I don’t know either. I just hope no matter what they don’t tease him.”

“They won’t. That’s basically their brother. They love him regardless.”

Skyra’s POV

As everyone gets settled in the Great Hall; Draco, me, and dad get settled in our seats at the professors table on the stage.

McGonagall brings in the first years to be sorted. “When I call your name please come forward to be sorted into your houses.”

“Avander Zabini”

The Sorting Hat begins:

“I sense Intelligence” “Wittiness.”

“Wisdom” “A sense of cunning and resourcefulness”

“Difficult... Hmm. Very difficult.” “let it be...”


All the kids look up at me and Draco with wariness

Down at the Slytherin table with the kids

“No way!” Lycissa says

Lorenzo goes wide-eyed, “Oh Merlin’s beard”

“This isn’t good at all.” Servius quietly says

Back up at the professors table

“He’s the first one of the Zabini family to be sorted out of Slytherin. This isn’t good at all.” I say

Draco whispers in my ear, “Go send Blaise and Pansy an owl so they know what to expect.”

I make my way up to the owlery and scribe a letter to Pansy and Blaise.


I just wanted to let you know that Avander was sorted into Ravenclaw. We will keep an eye on him and protect him. The kids are upset and worried about him, feeling excluded. Draco is talking to Dumbledore about allowing Avander to room with Servius. They all send their love. Tell Blaise not to lose his shit.


Skyra Malfoy

Author’s POV

Zabini Residence

“Blaise!” Pansy exclaims.

Blaise comes running down the stairs into the den, “Everything okay darling?”

Pansy gulps with her nerves shot, as she grabs her glass of wine off the table, gaining the courage to tell her husband that their first born son was sorted into a different house. “Sky sent us an owl. Avander—” She pauses scared of the reaction about to happen, “Avander.. He was sorted into Ravenclaw...”

“Excuse me?” Blaise walks over to the bar area, grabbing a glass, trying to determine if Brandy or Fire Whiskey would be strong enough to handle the anger building up in his soul. He chooses Brandy with a shot of Fire Whiskey. “There is no fucking way that our son was sorting into bloody Ravenclaw! NO! FUCKING! WAY! He is the child of Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson, one of which are part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight! That sorting hat has gone mental! It’s wrong. FUCKING WRONG Pansy! We are going to Hogwarts right now and getting this bullshit straightened out!”

He starts to walk towards the apparition point in the house and turns around, “Pansy! Come on! We have to get this fixed. NOW!”

Pansy sits her wine glass down, walked to him, “Blaise, the hat never lies. Draco is talking to Dumbledore about getting Avander to share a dorm with Servius in the Slytherin dorms. They have it under control. Draco and Sky are handling it. Do you trust them?” Blaise leans his head down realizing that if there is anyone other than Pansy, he trusts more, that it’s Draco and Sky Malfoy. “Of course I trust them. I just don’t see how he’s in Ravenclaw, but I trust Sky and Draco. They will handle it. I’m sorry babe. I love you. I’m sorry for the outburst” Pansy kisses his cheek, “I love you Blaise Zabini. You’re a great father but calm your fucking shit.”

Skyra’s POV

Back at Hogwarts

Avander walks up to me in tears, “Aunt Sky, will mum and dad be mad at me for not making it into Slytherin?” I hug Avander, “Of course not sweetie. They will be proud of you regardless of which house you are in. Ravenclaw has a wonderful wizard with you. Your Uncle Draco is talking to Dumbledore about you and Serv sharing a dorm.”

Cissa comes up hugging Avander, “You can still with us Avander. We have your back. Always.” “Thanks Cissa” Avander says hugging her back. Serv smiles at him, “Yeah, no one will mess with you while we’re around. Remember who both of our families are. Cissa will just call our Great Grandpa Tom on anyone who messes with you.” “Just stay away from Anthony Adams, he’s bad news.”

“Ready to get your ass handed to you this year in Quidditch, Malfoy?” Adams says walking by

Cissa snarls, “Ha! You wish Adams! You’ll be training for the ballet again you git!” Lorenzo grabs her hand, “Cissa baby, stop. You’re better than him. Let’s go back to your dorm.”

“Lorenzo, you take care of her or I’ll hurt you.” Draco says wrapping his arms around me. Lycissa grunts, “Dad, stop it!”

I chuckle at him, “If you don’t sound like my dad when we were dating.” He kisses my forehead, “And if she doesn’t sound like you.”

“Both of you stop. That kid is both of you, mainly Malfoy, but with your stubbornness Sky. Get to your room. Tomorrow I’ll be doing the Amortentia potion with them, so we shall see if they’re the perfect couple. It’s during both of your free classes if you would like to join.” Dad says. Me and Draco both say we will be there as Draco grabs my hand and starts leading me towards the room.

As we get to the room, Draco shuts the door, “Your dad thinks he’s still funny with that shit.” I giggle, “He means it every time. Hurt me and my father will hear about this.” “Scared Malfoy?” he jokes as he pushes me against the wall, as I whisper in his ear, “You wish.”

As he puts my arms above my head, kissing my neck, “One night with me and they’ll call you the new Moaning Myrtle of Hogwarts”

“We’ve had more than one of those nights. And last time I checked, you liked it when I moaned for you.” As I let off a slight moan in his ear to get him riled up.

The next day

Draco and I wake up, get showers, and as I brush my teeth, Draco comes up behind me kissing my neck, “Good morning beautiful.” I move my head to his, “Good morning handsome.”

“Are you ready for your dad’s class? Feels like old times getting ready for his class. I wonder if he would give us detention for being late.” Draco starts laughing, continuing, “Do you think Lorenzo and Lycissa are soulmates?” I kiss him, “I hope so. He acts like you when it comes to her.”

“What do you mean love?” He ponders. I smile towards him, “The way he looks at her, protects her, smiles at the sight of her, and flirts with her. It’s the same way you did and still do with me. Even after all these years.” He spins me around into his arms, “I guess he does. And the way she looks at him, talks to him, reacts to me threatening him, is all you. They’re the mini version of us.”

Draco looks down at me and lifts my head up, “Baby, why are you crying?”

“Dray, I don’t want her to grow up and fall in love.”

“I know, but she’s 14, we can’t baby her forever, no matter how much we want to.” He says hugging me tightly. “Still, she’s my first born child. My first girl. I worry about her so much.” I say as I cry into his arms.

We walk into dad’s class, a few minutes late, per request of Draco wanting to see if we get detention. Dad looks in our direction and shakes his head, “Nice of you two to join us. I will speak to you after class.” Dad pauses, then continues, “Morning class. Today we will be learning about the Amortentia potion. It is a love potion that changes to each person’s scent of their soulmate and who you truly desire. Skyra, Draco will you demonstrate please.”

“Yes professor” we both say in unison. “Mr. Malfoy, you first” dad says

Draco walks up to the potion and smells it, with a smile on his face, “I smell Peaches, Sunflowers/Lillies, and the beach.”

“Skyra your turn”

I get up from the desk and walk towards the potion as Draco sits down and looks at me like he did when we were in school, “I smell expensive cologne, Green Apples, and Mint.”

“After all these years, your scents haven’t changed. It’s been how many years since you two have done the potion?” Dad questions. I start doing the math in my head, “Uhh, maybe 17 years. Not really sure. We learned it in our second year, we were 12. We are 29 now.”

Draco walks up to me and kisses my forehead, “But we dated before we even learned about the potion, we dated two years before hand.”

“Mum, dad STOP! You’re being embarrassing and gross again!” Lycissa yells. “Lycissa Amelie, don’t start young lady!” I say. Lycissa and two of her friends go, ”Ooooo”

Dad looks at Draco, “She’s definitely a Malfoy! Lorenzo you may go first with the potion. What do you smell?”

Lorenzo smells it, “Apple Pie, Strawberry lotion, and Quidditch.” “Now you Lycissa” Dad said. Cissa walks up to her potion, “I smell peppermint, parchment, and cologne.”

I look at Draco then back at Lycissa and Lorenzo as dad says, “We have found our first match. You are a soulmates. Just like Sky and Draco. Don’t be disgusting and loving all the time.”

“Are you Scared Snape? my father will hear about this!” Lycissa says laughing with the same Malfoy grin Draco has given dad for years. Draco shakes his head laughing while him, Lycissa, Lorenzo, and Servius all go, “Oooo.” The whole class laughs, and someone says, “Professor Snape, is this what class was like with both your daughter and Professor Malfoy in your class together?”

Dad looks up at her, “Unfortunately yes. Plus I had 5 other students in the same class who did not help with the terror of teaching them. Plus those bloody Weasley twins were class clowns. Between Skyra, Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, Adrian, and the Weasley Twins, this class was the absolute worst class there ever was.” I swiftly turn my head towards him, “Excuse me? If it weren’t for us, your class would have been boring, and no one would’ve paid attention. Especially with your dull, monotone voice. Don’t be ridiculous dad.”

Draco added in, “Hell, this class was ridiculous.”

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