Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Manwhore Chaos

Skyra’s POV

“Good morning class. We will pick up where we left off yesterday.”

As I make my way to the back of the class where the supply cabinet is, I hear a few students whispering amongst each other, “Did you hear? Servius shagged with that Hufflepuff last night and then that Gryffindor girl from Potions class?” I try to ignore what I just heard, “No talking!”

The class door opens, it was Draco, “Professor Malfoy, may I borrow you for a moment please?” The whole class is looking in the direction of the door, “”Of course. No talking or getting out of your seats, and please do your work! Anyone out of their seats will receive detention.” I state walking out into the hallway.

“Have you heard about our son?!” Draco questions in a angry tone. I sigh, “What about the Hufflepuff and the Gryffindor? Yeah, I just heard.” He looks at me with a shocked look on his face, “Try four Gryffindors, two Hufflepuffs, eight Ravenclaws, and one Slytherin.” My face goes white as a ghost, ”Excuse me?!” He nods his head in agreement, “That’s what I’m saying. We have to talk to him. This is ridiculous!”

I feel the tears forming in my eyes, not in sadness, but in anger, “Our son is a manwhore! Pansy doesn’t have to worry about Avander. We have to worry about our playerof a son.” Draco hugs me, “We will talk more at lunch. Get back in there.” Before I even open the door to the classroom, “Mr. Gracier, I know you’re not out of your seat or you’ll be in detention with Professor Snape if I see that you have moved from that chair!” Draco steps back, “You really scare me with that shit y’know.” I shake my head as he starts walking away.

Walking back into the classroom, “Okay class, sorry for the interruption. What have you read so far?”

A young Slytherin girl who reminds me of a younger version of Pansy raises her hand. “Yes, Ms. Baker?” I ponder.

“We have read that there are 3 unforgiveable curses. That dark magic can be used to defend ourselves in time of need.” Ms. Baker answers. In response, “Can anyone tell me what the 3 unforgiveable curses are and why they are unforgiveable?” Avander raises his hand.

I look around to see if any other students have raised their hands, but no one other than Lycissa has. I would call on her, but since she is my daughter, the other students already suspect she knows more than they do, which is true. They don’t know about Avander. “Yes Mr. Zabini”

Avander clears his throat, “The 3 unforgiveable curses consist of 1. The Cruciatus Curse causes excruciating pain to an opponent/enemy. 2. The Imperius Curse gives total control into the one casting the spell. 3 The Killing Curse providing instantaneous death to the opponent. When casting the killing spell a bolt of Green light will appear. They are unforgiveable and will get you sent to Azkaban on a life sentence.”

“Very good Mr. Zabini. Tomorrow we will be learning a few hexes that can be used during duels, but most only be used when necessary.” I say to the class.

Lunch time

I make my way from my classroom towards the Great Hall for lunch I hear students talking. Normally I wouldn’t pay attention to what they are talking about, but these conversations are something that raises concern for me.

Conversations amongst random students in the hallways

“Have you heard about Servius Malfoy?”

One replies, “Yeah, can you believe he’s a third year and has slept with almost half of the Ravenclaw girls?

Two girls are talking, one says, “I heard he’s really good too. I wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that action.” The other says, “Me either.”

End of listening to conversations.


Draco and dad walk up to me, Draco speaking, “oh my Merlin’s, our son is a whore.” Dad looks at me, “At least I can’t blame Malfoy for this one. I can only blame the personality and looks on him. As far as I know, both you and Draco have slept with each other.” I feel the hear rising off my body, “I swear if he gets a girl pregnant!”

A girl walks by blushing, “Hey Servius.” “Hey Amanda.” Servius replies winking at her and stares at her butt as she walks away.

Another girl walks up to him, “Hey Serv” he responds with, “Hey Lace. We still on for tonight beautiful?” She smiles at him, “Most definitely. 8:00 right?” “Most definitely” biting his lip as she walks away.

“How many girls is our son sleeping with?!” Draco becomes furious. “I’d love to fucking know!” I say in a serious tone.

“I had fun earlier Serv” a girl in Hufflepuff robes says. He smirks at her, “I did too angel. Maybe again tomorrow? My dorm after lunch?” She nods her head in acceptance to his offer.

Draco becomes enrages, “Servius Oliver Malfoy! Get your ass over here right now!” Servius walks up to us, “Yes father?” I try grabbing Draco’s hand, but he’s too quick to move it, “Stop being a manwhore! You’re making this family look bad! You will catch a disease or get a girl pregnant! We raised you better than this! You do not sleep around!”

“Calm down, I’m not you and mum. I know what protection is!”

“EXCUSE ME?! For your information Servius, me and your father were each other’s first times. Only people we have ever slept with is each other! So you better get your shit together right now, or I WILL SEND YOU TO DURMSTRANG INSTITUTE! Do you understand me?!” I say in frustration. He looks at me, rolling his eyes, “Fine. I’ll see you guys later!”

Before he chance to walk away, Lycissa comes up to him in an outrage, slapping Servius. “Servius, you need to stop, because now all the guys think I’m just like you and will spread my legs for them! I’m with Lorenzo and I don’t want them. I could possibly lose my boyfriend because of you!” He looks at his sister with an upset looks in his eyes, “Cissa, I didn’t mean to!” With the disbelief look on her face, “REALLY?! You didn’t mean to?! You have slept with half of the girls at Hogwarts! I don’t think that just fucking happens! You’re such a damn git! Do me a favor and stay the fuck away from me!” She runs off with tears pouring down her face.

“Let’s go find and talk to her.” I tell Draco and we go to find her. I knew exactly where she would be, so we make our way to the top of the Astronomy Tower. Draco looks at me, “She’s like you when it comes to hiding.” “I told her that’s where I used to go to think and let off steam. I guess she decided to take that as a safe spot.” I reply

We walk to the top of the Astronomy Tower, me taking a seat next to her, “Hey baby, are you okay?” I ask her seeing her tears. “Mum, all the guys think that I’m like Servius and will sleep with anything that moves. I’ve been called a whore by most of the girls, I just wanna go home.” Draco sits down and sits her on his lap, “Listen to daddy, you’re brother is an idiot. If he doesn’t stop, we are sending him to Durmstrang. We will make this right, don’t worry baby girl. Mommy and daddy, knows you wouldn’t do what he’s doing.” As the tears continue to fall from her eyes, Draco wipes them away as she says, “Thanks dad. I feel like Lorenzo believes it.”

“No he doesn’t sweetie, he’s worried about you. He’s scared about you getting bullied. Don’t worry about your brother, me and your dad will handle him. Ignore everyone and just focus on school, quidditch, and Lorenzo. In that order. We love you honey. You can go to your dorm for the rest of the day if you want.” I tell her as I hold her hand. “Thanks mum. I love y’all too. I’ll probably just do my homework and go to sleep.” Draco stands her up, “I’ll bring you dinner later baby. Go to your room.”


Back in our room

“How can he do this to his sister?!” Draco questions pacing back and forth trying to make sense of everything. “I don’t know. How the hell can he say, ′I’m not like you and mum.” I reply. Draco stops pacing, “I think we just need to go ahead and send him to Durmstrang. They’re sterner on the way of disciplining their students.” I nod, “If he doesn’t quit, that’s exactly where he will be sent.” Finishing our conversation, we hear screaming, and take off running.


Lycissa’s POV

“Get off of me!” As the Gryffindor boy who is twice my size pushes me in a boys bathroom, “You know you like it whore.” I scream back, “I said get off of me you git!” He puts his hand over my mouth, so I can’t scream, tying my hands together as he starts to undress me. Unable to scream or let out any noise, the only thing I can do is cry. He gets all of my clothes off of me, kissing down my body, I try squirming so he can’t do anything. Unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down, he lets his hand slip enough I can let out a slight scream, him rearing his hand back, slapping me.

Lorenzo runs into the bathroom almost a minute after I let out the scream. “Get away from my girlfriend you asshole!” Lorenzo screams, punching the kid in the face knocking him down.


Draco’s POV

Me and Sky run down to where we hear the screaming coming from. The second floor boys bathroom, “What’s going on here?!” I yell running into the bathroom. I see my little girl completely naked, bawling her eyes out. I turn around so she doesn’t feel even more uncomfortable.

“Mum, dad, he tried r-r—” her crying worsening, Sky covering her up with her robe. “He tried raping me. I kept telling him to get off me, but he pushed me in here, tied my hands together and undressed me. I tried squirming so he couldn’t do anything, but he was so close. He was about to shove it in me.”

Servius hears everything his sister just said, “You son of a bitch! You ever touch my sister again, that will be the last fucking thing you ever do. I don’t care if I go to Azkaban! Don’t touch my sister!” Sky stands Lycissa up, “Come on baby, come with mum.” Sky takes her to our room.

I quickly stride back to the room and see Lycissa sitting on our bed, “Are you okay baby girl?” She’s holding on the pillow as if her life truly depended on it, “I’m scared dad. He almost raped me; he almost took my virginity!” I sit on the bed and hold her in my arms letting her cry in my shoulder. I can see the Sky’s heart breaking knowing what happened to our little girl, happened to her. We never bring it up and none of the kids know what happened.

I look at Sky, “She’s staying with Lorenzo tonight and I’m talking to Dumbledore in the morning. That kid is going to be expelled and she’s moving dorms!” Sky gestures towards me, “If you feel that’s the best idea.” Kissing Cissa’s head, “Lorenzo, take Lycissa to your room and watch her. Don’t leave her alone. Hurt her, and you know the consequences.” Lorenzo walks to Lycissa wrapping his arm around her, ” I will never hurt her. I will protect her with everything I have sir. I promise you that!”

As Lorenzo and Lycissa leave and I lock our door, Sky starts bawling. “Baby, why are you crying?” I ask her as she sits on the bed. “Lorenzo said almost the exact thing you said to my dad and Dumbledore the night I moved into your room after what happened. Our little girl is going through exactly what I wished she would never have to.”

“I know baby. She’s going to be safe with Lorenzo. I trust him. You remember the first night that you moved in? You got so cold you wore my hoodie to bed?” I ask her.


Beginning of Flashback

The first night of Sky living in the dorm with me; we just get back from me buying her new clothes since that Mudblood Granger burned all of hers. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You’re just so beautiful,” I say with his cheeks flustered red

She get dressed and turns around, “You’re just saying that. Is it cold in here or is it just me?” “Here, just put my hoodie on” I throw her my favorite hoodie

It’s 2 AM and she can’t get warm even with my hoodie. “Sky, you okay? You keep tossing and turning and making noises” I ask while. “I’m sorry. I can’t get warm still,” She responds in a low and sad tone

“Come get in bed with me and cuddle with me. I’ll keep you warm,” I say as I lifts his duvet up waiting for her to get in bed. “Really?” She ask me with soft eyes. I look at her with my sleepy eyes, “Yes really Sky. Hurry up beautiful. If you want to get warm and get some sleep.”

Having Sky in my arms is like a dream come true. I’ve waited so long to have this. If there’s anything I wanted more than anything, it’s this. I wanted her. I want to show her how much I love and care about her.

She looks so gorgeous sleeping in my hoodie and my bed. I whisper, “Goodnight beautiful. I love you so much.” I thought she was asleep when she said, “Goodnight Dray. I love you more.” She kisses my cheek and lays her head back on my chest and falls asleep.

I wake up a little early, she’s still sleeping peacefully, so I go down and get us breakfast. I walk back in the dorm and see Sky about to leave. “I got you breakfast, Granger is on her bullshit and figured it’d be better to eat in the common room or the room. Whichever you prefer.” I say handing her the tray of food.

She smiled as cutely as ever, “You’re so sweet. Thank you for letting me sleep in your bed last night. I’ll try to a warmer duvet tonight.”

“You don’t have to. You can continue to sleep in my bed if you want. I really enjoyed it and I actually slept last night,” I give her the sense of happiness from what I just said

End of Flashback


Skyra’s POV

I remember that night like it was yesterday” I say as he wipes the tears from my cheek. “Here’s that hoodie. Want to cuddle and recreate that first night, minus you in a different bed?” He questions me. I smile, “I’d love to.” I put his hoodie on, got in the bed, had my head on his chest as he cuddle and held me tightly.

Flashback from the morning after our first night living together

“Good morning beautiful” he says tucking my hair behind my ear, after waking up, realizing it’s only 4:30 in the morning. “Good morning” I say smiling.

“Were you sleeping good? Were you warm enough?” He questions. “I slept amazing and I was very warm. Thank you for letting me sleep in your hoodie and your bed. I’ll get a bigger duvet tonight.” I say.

He quickly says, “NO! I mean, you don’t have to. I really enjoyed last night, and it was the first time I’ve actually slept good in a long time. You can just sleep in my bed from now on if you want to of course.”

“I’d really like that Draco” I saw with a smile ear to ear.

If you ever bring a girl to the room, just tell me and I’ll go sleep in Pansy’s room for the night.” He cups my face in his palm, “The only girl I want in my room or my bed is standing right in front of me.” I look around the room, “MALFOY!” “Y’know, I really did mean what I said last night,” He says while still having his hand on my face.

“I know you did, and I did too.” I reply with that sleepy voice that I’ve had for years. He looks down at the ground, “Sky, I know we’ve been best friends forever and things have gotten pretty serious, well to me they seem to have been serious. What I’m trying to say is, will you be my girlfriend?” I stays silent for a moment, until I realize that he’s thinking horrible thoughts, “ABSOLUTELY DRACO! I WOULD LOVE TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” I scream in happiness jumping into his arms as he spins me around, kissing me.

End of Flashback


“What were you thinking about beautiful?” Draco questions as he tucks my hair behind my ear. I let out a smile, “Oh nothing.” “It was something, it had you smiling and all” he says

“Just our first night rooming together at Hogwarts after the incident.” I say. He kisses my forehead, “Y’know, I dream about that night fairly often. I was so scared to ask you to be my girlfriend officially since I never really asked the first time. We just started dating.” I kiss and hug him, “I love you and all of the memories we’ve made together.” “I love you more princess and I can’t wait to make more memories with you. Now let’s go check on our little demon girl.”

“Okay, but I’m wearing the hoodie.” I say with a giggle. He kisses my forehead, “You make my clothes look better anyway love. Always have, always will.”

We make our way to Lorenzo’s dorm, once arriving Draco knocks on the door. “Who is it?” Lycissa shouts. I answer, “Mum and dad” I hear her say, “Come on in”

“Hey baby girl, how are you feeling?” Draco questions. “I’m better. Thanks for letting me stay with Enzo last night. He really calmed my nerves and made sure I knew I was safe.” She tells her dad. I ponder, “What did y’all do?”

She looks up at me, “He cuddled me all night as I cried. And when I woke up this morning, he had gotten me breakfast, so I didn’t have to go downstairs.” Draco looked at me, smiling. I know that soft smile anywhere. The memories flashed back to him again.

“Well, we are on our way to talk to Dumbledore. Do you want us to get you moved in with another dorm with the girls, or move you in with Lorenzo, if that’s okay with him?” Draco states. She looks down at the floor then back at us, “Would you be mad if I said Enzo?”

I let off a slight giggle, “No sweetie. We really can’t be mad about that.” She questions me on why we can’t be mad if she chooses to room with Lorenzo. I smile at Draco and then look back at Lorenzo and Lycissa, “After an accident that happened with me, Dumbledore and your Grandpa Snape had me move in your dad’s room so I would be safe all the time. We had all but one class together but 99% of the time he would skip the class to make sure I was okay. None of the teachers said anything either.”

“And look where we are now. More in love than when it first happened.” Draco says putting his arm around me. Cissa fake gags, “Dad stop with grossness. Please!” “Thank you for taking care of Cissa last night, Lorenzo.” Draco says with a grateful voice. “I’ll always take care of her.” He replies moving her hair out of her face as she blushes. This brings back so many memories of me and Draco pop into my head. They are the mini version of us.

We leave the room to go talk to Dumbledore, I say, “Our little girl is growing up. Did you see the way she looked at him when he moved the hair out of her face?”

Draco wipes the tear off my cheek, while he cups my face in his hand, “She looks at him the way you still look at me after all these years. She feels safe with him.” I hug him, not even caring if there are students walking by, “He’s her safe place, just like you were and still are mine. We did a great job with her; regardless of her saying your lines. Now if we could get Servius to act right.”

“I think after what happened with him and Lycissa, he will get it together. I saw the hurt and the scared in his eyes when she ran off crying and then the accident last night. I think that woke him up. But I have to admit, after hearing some things, our son has major talent for pleasing girls.”

I stop in my tracks, “DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY! Do not praise our son for being a manwhore!” he looks at me smirking, “I’m not, I’m just saying! At lease I know I passed one thing down to him other than looks.”

“Yeah, and that’s how we ended up with six kids by the age of 26! Remember that when you’re praising our son for pleasing girls.” I say while thinking, ‘if he’s anything like his dad, then no girl will ever be complaining about it.’

As we get into Dumbledore’s office, I see my dad sitting in a chair, “Dad, what’re you doing here?” He looks at me, “Waiting on you two. I heard about what happened last night.” Dumbledore confused, questions on what happened.

“Jacob Miller pushed Lycissa into the second floor boys bathroom and tried raping her. She was completely naked, hands tied up when we found her. She kept telling him to get off, but he told her she liked it. Lorenzo Parkinson punched him to get him off of her. I had her stay with him last night so Sky and I could talk about it without upsetting her more.” Draco states

“Is she okay?” Dumbledore asks concernedly.

Draco pacing, “Yes, she’s better now. Lorenzo kept her safe.” Draco goes into deep thought. I could only imagine the thoughts running through his head. I step in and finish what Draco’s going to say, “And we want to know about getting Miller expelled and getting Lycissa moved in with Lorenzo to ensure her safety when one of us or Servius is around.”

“Of course. We can certainly get both of those things done right away. I’m really sorry and I hope she never has to encounter anything like this again. Hogwarts is supposed to be a safe school for our students. This reminds me of how a certain couple’s love story began many years ago.” Dumbledore says as his eyes follow Draco pacing in his office.

Dad has to say something smart, “At least Lycissa is a littler smarter and Lorenzo is petrified of Malfoy, unlike him with me. Still got my daughter pregnant.” Becoming irritated with him, “For Merlin’s sake dad, stop! Those two demon children out there are your babies, and you love them. We don’t regret them one bit. Never have, never will.” We leave Dumbledore’s office and as we get into the corridor I stop and give dad the meanest look ever.

“Dad, you really have to stop bringing up Draco getting me pregnant while in school. We were 16 almost 17. It happened and we don’t regret it.—” I pause, “Yes, we should’ve taken better precaution, but those babies is what started this family. It’s not like we weren’t getting married anyway. You have loved them since you found out I was pregnant. And don’t lie. You didn’t care if they were a Malfoy, they were your first grandchildren and you still treat them like they are babies. They’re almost 14

Dad rubs my head, “I look at Lycissa and I see you. Not in looks, because she’s all Malfoy, but inside, that heart of her. She is you.” He pauses for a moment. “The way she looks and smiles at Lorenzo, all I see is flashbacks of the way you used to look at Malfoy. It upsets me she’s growing up so past, like you did.” I start crying because he never talks like this. He hates showing emotion. “And when Bella and Aurora start school next year, they will be seen as Lycissa and Servius’ little sisters. I can’t bare the thought of them already being old enough to start Hogwarts.”

Draco and dad both hug me while I have my meltdown. Draco says, “At least with Thomas and Eli we will have until Bella and Aurora are in 4th year before they come to Hogwarts.”

I make my way to Lorenzo’s dorm and tell Lycissa and Lorenzo that they were given today off so they can move all of her stuff into his dorm. As I get back to mine and Draco’s room, Servius is walking up, “Mum, dad, I’m really sorry about everything. I’m going to start doing better.”

“Son I understand your age, you are curious but shit, keep it to one partner at a time. Don’t jump from girl to girl. Find a girl that makes you happy and go from there.” Draco said. He replies, “I just like the change of different girls. Each one makes me feel something different.”

I look at him, letting off a soft sigh, “I will put it like this. Find a girl that matches everything you want in bed and in a relationship and go with it. You need to stop being a manwhore. We don’t care what house she is in; we would prefer her being a pureblood, but please think of your family and your sister. She is really hurt by what happened and it’s your fault that guys think she’s just like you. She needs her brother to protect her, not cause her to get hurt!” I sit down next to him, “She’s moving in with Lorenzo, so you can go to class or you can help your sister. Stop sleeping with multiple girls! Do you understand me Servius Oliver Malfoy?! If not, you will be sent to Durmstrang right now!”

“Yes mum, I understand. I’m sorry. I’m going to help Cissa and Enzo. I’m going to make things right with her, and with you and dad. I will redeem the Malfoy last name and make you proud of me.” Servius responds as he stands up and leaves.

Draco walks up to me, cupping my face, “Why was that so hot you going off on him like that?” He picks me up by the thighs, slowly kissing me, throwing me on the bed. “I love you princess. You are an amazing mum and the best wife a man could ever ask for.” I kiss him back cuddling up next to him, “You’re the best husband and dad to our kids. I love you so much.”

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