Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Baby Girl

A month has passes by, Lycissa is beyond happy sharing a dorm with Lorenzo, and their relationship is amazing. Tomorrow everyone leaves to go home for Christmas break. Things with Servius sleeping around have seem to calm down since our talk, but who knows how long that will last. Draco seems to be getting more comfortable with the fact that Lycissa has moved in with Lorenzo, but he can’t be upset since we did the same thing.

I moved in with him for my protection from Cedric and Harry, while Cissa did it because all the guys thinking she was a whore like her brother. When she’s possibly the safest one of the two kids. So we think.

Skyra’s POV

“What has gotten into Servius?” Dad questions Draco and I.

Draco looks at me in confusion, then back at dad, “What do you mean? What’s going on?” Dad looks at Draco, “Well, for starters, the past three weeks he has gotten detention every day. Ever since you two had that talk with him about only sleeping with only one girl, he has been an angry kid. It seems like sleeping around was the way of letting things off his chest.”

I give dad the, you’re absolutely shitting me look. “I know that you of all people aren’t agreeing with him sleeping around! It put Lycissa in danger!”

“Skyra, would you rather him sleep around with protection or continuously getting detention for being a total git to everyone? Including his sister.” Dad says in a serious tone.

“When Draco was under pressure, pissed off, or anything, he didn’t go sleep around with multiple girls. He came to me and had rough, degrading sex. But it was with one person, not multiple!” I say with anger. Draco looks at me, “What if that’s the problem?” “What do you mean?” I ponder

Grabbing my hand, “Just hear me out, then hit me.” Draco continues, “What if he can’t find one person that allows him to have rough, degrading sex with that makes him happy? What if, there are multiple girls who give him something different? One makes him happy and one likes rough and degrading sex?” I can’t believe my ears, “Then what Draco? Let him sleep around with multiple girls and possibly get a disease or get a girl pregnant?! I’d rather him get detention.”

Draco pulls me to his lap, “Babe, listen to me. If you wouldn’t have liked everything and weren’t a kink, then my anger would’ve built up too. But with you, I was able to let everything out at once. With Serv, he may get one out, but the other builds up to the point he gets so angry and lashes out at everyone.”

“We need to find him a version of you Skyra. Where he has it all in one and won’t get detention and won’t sleep around.” Dad tells us. I question him, “Well, who do you suggest then?”

Dad says with a smirk as if he’s been thinking of the person, “Hollie Greengrass. Daphne and Astoria’s younger sister. I heard from sources that she’s the female version of Servius.” “If that’s who you think would satisfy him and keep him out of trouble.” I say with disagreement in my voice.

Draco’s POV

“Servius, come here son.” I say. As he walks towards me, he says, “What’s up dad? Everything okay?”

“Do you know Hollie Greengrass and have you slept with her?” I question. Sky and I went to school with Daphne Greengrass, she was decent, a Pure-Blood. And her sister Astoria, don’t get Sky started on her. She tried stealing me from Sky before I proposed and has hated her ever since. Servius looks at me, “Yeah I know her, she’s the hottest girl in my year. And no I haven’t slept with her. I want to, but I don’t have the courage to ask her.”

Sky puts her hand on his shoulder, “Well son, there’s your chance. She’s sitting alone. Go talk to her.”

The two weeks off for Christmas was amazing. We got to spend time with our babies, even though Servius decided to stay at school for the holidays. Thomas and Eli are constantly keeping mum and father on their toes. Mum has officially decided that flower vases or anything glass was safe in the manor with those two around.

“So how do you think it went with Hollie and Servius over break?” I ponder as Sky is packing all of our stuff back up before going back to Hogwarts. “I honestly don’t know. He never even told us before we left what she said.” I smile, “I hope this term is better for both of them. I can’t handle another term of my baby girl getting bullied because of Servius’ being stupid.”

Sky gives me that look, “I think that it will be great for Cissa. Her and Lorenzo are really good for each other and the fact that Pansy doesn’t even care, as long as they are happy, she’s happy.” “Pansy loves them, but I think Blaise is jealous that Lorenzo and Lycissa are the mini version of us. That just means we have to kick it up a notch. No one can replace us as the greatest Hogwarts love story.” I pull her in my arms, kissing her forehead.

“No one ever will my love. They aren’t full of surprises like we were. They don’t sneak out to see each other, they don’t take random trips to Hogsmeade or anything. We kept the whole school on their toes. Cissa hates missing classes, where we loved it.” Sky says with a giggle.

We get back to Hogwarts and Servius walks up to us holding hands with Hollie, “Hey mum, dad. How was Christmas?” Sky looks so happy to see him, “It was good. We all missed you though. I put your gifts in your room. Mumsy and Papa Lucius send their love. How was your break sweetie?” He looks at Hollie, “It was great. Hollie spend break here with me and I asked her to be my girlfriend.

“Well congratulations you two. Welcome to the craziness of the Malfoy’s, Hollie. How are your sisters doing?” Sky questions. Hollie replies, “They’re actually really good. Astoria is working in Egypt now, and Daphne. Well, Daphne quit the ministry and moved to the muggle world. Our parents are angry with her.”

I laugh a little. I always knew Daphne would leave the wizarding world, “I’m glad they’re doing good. Can you give us a moment with our son please?” “Yes sir. I’ll grab your tray for breakfast Serv.” She replies

As she walks away, I see him smile at her. I haven’t seen his little goofy smile in so long. Sky and mum has always said that his goofy smile reminds them of mine. Mum said I always got that same smile when Sky was around.

“How did it go over break?” I question him. He smirks, “I won’t be getting detention anymore. I found the person who satisfies all my needs. Thanks for telling me to go for it mum.”

He hugs her and she says, “Thank Papa Snape. He mentioned her to us. Now go on and get back to your girl. Please try to stay out of trouble this term Serv, and don’t get your sister hurt in any way.”

“It’s nice to see him smile again.” She says watching him kiss Hollie’s cheek as he sits at the table. I watch her as she sees her first son growing up to a good kid now. “And he won’t be a manwhore anymore. He will handle his frustrations like I did.” She turns her head, “You mean, like you still do?” I laugh at her, “Don’t start with me beautiful. Remember, we are married and share a room here too. Hell, we’ve always shared a room here.” She hits my arm lightly, “Oh stop it. Let’s go check on Cissa and Lorenzo.

Skyra’s POV

As we walk to Lycissa and Lorenzo’s dorm, and when we got there Draco walks right in as usual. Draco opens the door and walks in, “OH MY GOD! LYCISSA!” Draco screams

“Mum, dad! What’re you doing here?!” She screeches back. Draco standing there with his mouth wide open, I respond, “We we’re coming to check on you, but... Umm we’re just going to go. Draco, come on.” He stands there as stiff as a statue, therefore grabbing him. Starting to walk away he stops, “What the actual hell was she doing on top of him?!”

Standing there he looks at me, “Are you going to say something? What the hell was she doing on top of him?! WITH NO CLOTHES ON?!?! DAMMIT SKYRA SAY SOMETHING!!!” He yells.

“Draco, we both know exactly she was doing. If you forgot, that is a part of sex. At least they know how to use the silencing spell.” I say. He looks at me in disbelief of what I just said he retaliates with, “SKY! That doesn’t make me feel better! Our daughter should not be having sex! She’s too damn young for that!!” “Really, but Servius can do it?! They’re the same age Draco! Plus, it’s with Lorenzo only! They’ve been dating for a while. I expected it eventually, just never expected to see it.” I reply. He just looks at me, “I can’t even deal with this right now! She shouldn’t be sexually active, Sky! She can’t be. I’m going to the room.”

With him saying that, he turns and races to the room, me trying to keep up with him and his long legs. This is a pace I have never seen him at, which I understand he’s heartbroken and that’s his baby girl, but the pace he’s going is ridiculous. Getting to the room, I see Draco pacing back and forth, his fingers running through his hair.

I sit on the bed and pat the empty space of the mattress next to me, “Baby, come here.” He sits down next to me, putting his head on my shoulder, “She’s my baby girl. She can’t be doing this. Not yet.”

As I wipe the tears out of his eyes and off of his crimson cheek bone, “Baby, she’s not a little girl anymore. She will always be your baby girl, but she’s not a baby. We can’t tell her that she can’t do it, because that’ll just make it worse; she’ll take it as a challenge.” He digs his head back into my shoulder as I wrap my arms around him, “When someone tells you that you can’t do something, you make it a point to prove them wrong. Lycissa does the same thing. She is the miniature version of you in so many ways, Draco. I know it’s hard her growing up, but at least she’s doing it with someone who loves, cares, and protects her, right?”

“I guess so, I just can’t get over what I saw. When I opened that door, I wanted it to be a flashback of me and you. Then she turned her head and I saw my baby girl; I couldn’t believe what I saw. FUCK!”

His crying worsens as the door opens, “Dad! I’m sorry! I thought the door was locked!” Lycissa says. The sound of her voice extremely upsets him; I look at her, “Cissa, I think you just need to give your dad some time, sweetie.” She nods her head with disappointment, knowing that she broke her dad’s heart.

“Sky, shut and lock the door.” He says. Of course when he uses his stern voice like that, I always obey. I know that the hurt and frustration are about to be handled.

Walking over to me, by the door, “Are you scared of me Sky?” I let out a silent gulp, “N-n-no I’m not.” He gets closer to me and I back into the wall, he cups my face with his hand and rubs his thumb across my bottom lip, “Jump.” I jump as he commands, while he catches me, I latch my legs around his torso. Our light pecks turn into wet kisses, our wet kisses turn to sloppy tongue fighting. I rip his shirt of him as he unbuttons my blouse, yanking it off.

Beginning to kiss my earlobe and neck, he makes his way down to my chest, viciously biting and sucking leaving love bites everywhere. “Mmm, Draco that feels so good.” I let out in a moan. “Good princess. It’s time for the frustrations to be released. Do you think you can handle your punishment?” He whispers into my ear, feeling his hot, mint breath on my earlobe. I give a slight smirk, “Always”

As he continues to leave love bites down my body, grabbing a handful on my hair, pulling my head back as his hot breath sends chills down my spine. He walks me to the bed and throws me down, pulling his wand from his back pocket, ”Incarcerous" he says as ropes tie both my hands and feet to the four posts of the bed. Trying to squirm, the ropes get tighter. “I’m going to put this blindfold on you and you’re a good girl, aren’t you?” He says pulling a blindfold and something else out of our secret drawer. I nod my head and he gives me the look, “Give me words, understand me?” “Yes sir, I’ll be a good girl.”

Placing the blindfold on me, I feel him climb on top on me, kissing from my neck, down to my naval, making his way down to my thighs, nipping at them as he massages one of my breasts. Taking his free hand, rubbing his thumb on my clit. Pulling his thumb away, he grabs something on the other side of my right leg. He takes the object and puts it in my vagina, then turns it on. As the vibrator makes my stomach twist and turn, he slides his thumb on my clit. “Don’t move princess, if you do then not only do the ropes get tighter, but I’ll turn it up to the highest setting.” He says as he rubs his tongue up and down and nibbling at my clit. “Fuck Draco, I need it, please!” I scream. Pulling away from my clit, he leans up, taking the blindfold off, wrapping his big veiny hands around my throat, my eyes roll to the back of my head. “Don’t you look away from me. You’re going to look me in the eyes as I seduce your soul.”

My eyes lock to his, he takes the vibrator out of my soaking, pulsating vagina as my juices pour out. As he whispers in my ear, “I’m going to do what I want to you, don’t disobey me baby girl.” I look him in the eyes, “Yes daddy, please fuck me hard and to your pleasing.” He bites his lip, looking me in my eyes.

He shoves two fingers in my heat, “Oooo, such a good and wet girl for me.” He pulls them out and sucks my juices off one of his fingers, “Mmm, you taste so sweet princess.” Shoving his other finger in my mouth, “Like the way your pussy tastes baby?” “Yes daddy, I taste so good.”

Before I can say anything, he invades my entrance by slamming his long, thick, throbbing shaft in me without letting me adjust to his size. Pulling out and slamming back into me. I let out a loud moan, “daddy, please fuck me harder.” Gripping on my throat tighter, “SO. FUCKING. TIGHT. I’m going to fuck your brains out. Keep taking this dick beautiful. Scream my name for me baby.”

“Fuck daddy! Please! I’m going to cum. Please let me cum for you.” I scream as I buck my hips up not caring how tight the ropes get. He pounds into to me harder, deeper and faster, making me scream. “Cum for me you dirty slut. I want to feel your warm juices cover my dick. Cum you slut! NOW!” He says as he pulls me closer, giving him more access to go deeper. “Daddy, I’m cum—” I start to scream as I feel myself release on him. “Fuck Sky, I’m coming for you.” He says as I sense all his cum going deep in my pulsating pussy.

His body drops next to mine, “Do you feel better now? Have you let your frustrations out?” I ponder. He moves my hair out of my face, “I do feel better. I still can’t help thinking about my little girl.” I kiss him, “I know baby, but it will pass. Look at my dad and you now.” He laughs, “He still hates me for getting you pregnant. All 3 times, even after we were married and had our own house.”

Draco’s POV

My little girl, my first born daughter, the princess that made me a daddy, my shadow is old enough to be shagging. It breaks my heart knowing that what little bit of innocence she had is gone.

After all the years that Sky and I have been together, just her touch, the way she says my name in her seductive, low-tone whisper still sends chills down my spine and turns me on. After our amazing time, I lay my head on her chest as she runs her fingers through my hair, humming our wedding song; I slowly drift off to sleep to her humming.

The next morning we wake up and remember that it’s Saturday, so we got up and went to get breakfast with Snape then return to the DADA classroom. My body may be physically there, but mentally I’m not. Snape and Sky are talking to each other while I just sit there moving my food around on my plate with my fork.

“Yeah, Draco’s pretty torn up about it. That’s his little girl.” Sky says while glancing over at me. Snape says, “Like you were my little girl until he came along and stole your innocence?”

Sky laughs, “When was I ever innocent dad?”

“Before you and Malfoy became a thing. Officially a thing to everyone.” He replies to her. Rolling her eyes, “Ehh, somewhat true. But just like you, he loves his little girl. I see so much of you in Draco when it comes to Cissa” Grabbing Sky’s hand, Snape says, “That’s a fathers job. I see Malfoy took out some frustration. No marks that are visible. I can see it in your eyes.”

“I am still here, y’know. I may not be all here, but I can hear you.” I reply without looking up from my plate. Sky takes my hand, gripping it, “Baby, are you okay?”

I let out a long sigh, “I’m fine. Sir, I’m sorry about when we were younger. If this is anything like you had to deal tolerate with us, I’m really sorry.”

“Malfoy” Snape stops, with respect I look at him as he continues, “You have it worse. I never saw y’all. You will never get that image out of your head. You need to remember that she is still your daughter, and you love her, and she loves you. Wouldn’t you rather it be Lorenzo than some other git? The one boy who has been protecting and loving her since they first got to Hogwarts?”

“Yes sir” I tell him

He looks at me and for the first time, “Draco, that’s how I felt about you and Sky. I knew how you felt about her. Not because you said anything, but from the way you protected her, did anything for her, and I saw the way you looked at her. I knew you loved her, the way you got jealous of guys looking and talking to her. That’s why I could never be mad because I knew she was taken care of and happy. Just like Lycissa is with Lorenzo.”

Did Severus Snape just give me a compliment? No way, impossible.

“DAD! That’s the nicest thing you have ever said to Draco in our whole lives.” Sky says with a beautiful and happy grin on her face.

He gave her that blank expression, “That’s the only time too. He’s still the git that got you pregnant at 16, and two more times.” With a smirk on my face, “I would do it all over again too. Maybe even a few more kids while we’re at it.”

“I know you would Malfoy, but oh well. I’m glad you’re the git who married my daughter. Not once have you let the love die if anything it’s grown. You still run around the corridors of Hogwarts like you did when you were 13, causing hell. I kinda miss it.”

I hear little sounds, looking up I see tears running down her face and she tries to hide them, “I do too. Sometimes I wish we could turn back time and start all over; just to live the perfect life again.” Grabbing her hand, “Trust me, I do too princess, but we still have forever to go, and nothing is going to stop us. The only thing from our past I would change is us causing more hell and I would protect you and our babies more.”

“Snape, thank you for letting me marry your daughter. She has always been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never got to thank you for giving me your blessing.”

The day passes by and seems longer than normal. After dinner, we were walking back to the room and we are stopped by Lycissa and Lorenzo.

“Mum, dad. Can we talk to you?” Lycissa asks us.

Without any hesitation and no time to think I yell, “I swear Lycissa, if you’re pregnant!” Sky grabs my arm, holding it securely, “Draco, calm down. What is it honey?”

“We just wanted to say sorry for yesterday...” Lycissa says while looking down at the ground, then back at us, “Lorenzo wanted to tell you about it, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t think it was that much of a big deal that you needed to know.”

I could tell tonight was going to be another night, “Not a big deal?! Lycissa Amelie, this is a huge deal! That would’ve been more responsible than us having to find out the way we did. You think I wanted to walk in on my daughter shagging?!”

“We didn’t tell our parents. Your parents found out because you didn’t use the muffliato spell on your room. No one at school knew about us, until Pansy called us out in the Great Hall after everyone was talking about the noises from the Slytherin dorms. Calm down, my love. You can take your anger out when we get back to the room.” Sky whispers in my ear. At that moment remembered why I fell so head over heels for this amazing woman; she knows exactly what to say and do to calm me down.

She looks at Cissa and Lorenzo while still holding my arm, “Are you at least using vials?”

“No, we aren’t using vials—” Lorenzo begins. The anger inside builds up, “Are you fucking kidding me?!” “Sir, we are using the Ceptivo spell. Didn’t you have that in school?”

Realizing that I just yelled at them without letting them explain, “No, we- I mean your mum had to use the bloody vials. And they stop working after taking them so much.” Sky laughs, “Yeah, little missy and her brother are the products of those vials not working.”

“Dad, I’m sorry you saw that. I really am.”

“Listen, if he makes you happy, takes care of you, and most importantly, he loves you, then I can’t stop you. But Lorenzo, if you hurt my baby girl, then I will hurt you.” I announce with a stern voice. Cissa lays her head on his shoulder and wraps an arm around her waist, “I will never hurt her. She’s my absolute world. I will always protect and love her.”

“You two go enjoy your Saturday. Maybe spend some time with your brother and Hollie in Hogsmeade. Just be careful and stay out of trouble!” Sky says turning her head in Cissa’s direction. She knows how much of a Malfoy she truly is.

The kids walk away as we go into our room and I sit prop myself up on the bed. “Do you feel better after talking to her?” She questions as she sits on my lap, one leg on each side of mine, so she can face me.

“Yeah, I do. That kid really thinks he’s something else, I tell ya.” I laugh. With her cute little grin, “You were the same way love. And y’know what? That’s what made me fall more in love with you every day, and it still is.”

I wrap an arm around her waist, as the other moves her hair out of her face, “Stop it beautiful. How about we go to Hogsmeade, maybe run into the kids and have lunch with them?” She nods her head, “That sounds really nice.” She takes my hand that’s holding her hand, pulls it up to her lips and kisses it multiple times.

Looking into her beautiful eyes, pulling her farther up my lap where she’s in kissing distance. Merlin, I forget how absolutely beautifully breathtaking and amazing she is sometimes. I really got blessed with her in my life. I cup my hand on her face, rubbing her cheek with my thumb, “I know I haven’t told you lately and I’m sorry for it, but I love you so much. Thank you for never leaving my side when things got hard, being my rock, my shoulder, the person I know who was always there for me. For being my beautiful princess and being the absolute perfect and best wife that there could ever be. Even when you are a little crazy, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love our life together and our kids. Most importantly, I love you more than anything in this world.”

With the tears rolling down her face I pull her in for a hug, “Baby don’t cry please.” “It’s good tears, I promise. I will always be by your side. I just want to be the wife that you want and deserve, and the mum that the kids need. We stand by each other for everything, no matter that. I’m glad you chose me to be your wife. I love you so much Draco Lucius Malfoy.”

“You’re so good to me Skyra Snape Malfoy. You are the best wife. I couldn’t ask for a better wife and the best mum for our kids. I don’t deserve you.” I tell her as she plants a kiss on my lips.

Kissing her back, harder and more passionately, she pulls back, “You deserve every bit of love Draco. Thank you for never leaving my side, not matter what. Thank you for loving me through it all and always making sure that our love has never died out like our parents.

Skyra’s POV

I get ready for Hogsmeade, throwing on my ripped blue jeans, white blouse and my light pink cardigan with matching shoes. I keep looking in the mirror, debating on changing my outfit for the third time, when Draco comes in the bathroom, “Are you ready my love?”

“I feel fat and hideous in all my clothes.”

He pulls me to him, “Baby, you are absolutely stunning! There’s nothing fat or hideous about you. Never has been and there never will be. You are beautiful and perfect every day. Now come on my princess.” I kiss his cheek as I grab my wallet, “Do you think the kids are already there?”

“For sure. You know they love getting there early and staying there late. Cissa is most likely going to drag Lorenzo through the Quidditch Game Shop, looking at the new Nimbus 3001.” He says as we leave the house and make our way to Hogsmeade.

Lycissa’s POV

“You have no idea how embarrassing that was. I for sure thought dad was going to kill me” Lycissa tells the group.

Servius lets off a chuckle, “No, I thought mum was going to avada me right there when she found out I was sleeping around. I’m sorry I made your life hell Cissa.” Hollie turns to Serv, “Are we ever going to tell your parents?”

“Maybe later on. It won’t be pretty no matter when we tell them, but I don’t think our dad needs anything else on him. I don’t know who will be worse, mum or dad.” Cissa grunts, “I think mum will be with you and dad would be with me since I’m obviously his favorite child.”

In that moment, our worst fear happened, “Hey kiddos, do you want to go eat lunch with us? We’re paying.” Mum and dad walk up. Let’s hope they didn’t hear any of that conversation or it will be a bad situation.

Servius is sitting next to Hollie and I can see the sweat rolling down his forehead, which is funny since it’s January and it’s freezing outside. “Oh— Uh hey mum. Yeah, that sounds good.”

“What were y’all talking about? You seem a little scared Serv.” Dad announces. “It’s nothing dad.”

“Can you excuse Servius and I for a moment?” Hollie questions. Mum nods her head in affirmation


Hollie and I walk away from the table

“We have to tell them. This hiding spell is the absolute worst. Please, we already told my parents.”

I look at Hollie and take her hand, “Okay, we will tell them sweetheart. Just be prepared for all hell to break loose. My dad has a bit of a temper if you didn’t know. But, it’s going to be fine, no matter what they say.”


“Mum, dad. We need to talk to you.” Servius says

Skyra’s POV

The tone of how Servius said he needs to talk to us; I knew something was going to happen. “Yes?” Draco says as he puts his hand on my thigh, gripping it with his cold rings pressing into my skin.

Servius takes a big gulp, “Uh- Well- umm... Hollie, may or may not be pre... pregnant. More like she is pregnant.”

“What was that? Did I just hear you right?” I ponder, hoping that my ears are playing games with me.

Draco grips my thigh extremely tight; me being thankful that I’m wearing jeans and not a skirt or a dress. “Servius Oliver Malfoy! Are you fucking kidding me right now?! Pregnant?! No, that can’t be what I heard.”

“You heard me right mum. She’s been wanting to tell you. She’s almost 3 months pregnant.” He replies. Mum gets up, “I have to go.”


“Great, you broke mum. I told you this would happen!” Cissa yells.

Draco shakes his head, “Do you not know what vials or contraceptive spells are?!”

“The vials stopped working for us, as much as we shagged. And I didn’t know about the contraceptive spell until about 2 weeks ago.” Servius responds. Draco sighs, “You need to talk to your mum.”


Servius walks up to me as I sit near the bench by Honeydukes where I got a butter beer, “Mum?”

“Yes?” I respond. He sits down next to me, “Do you hate me?”

I let off a chuckle of dismay. “Servius Oliver, I don’t hate you. I’m upset with you, more disappointed thank anything. Growing up, didn’t your dad and I tell you the struggle we had having you and your sister so young?” “Yes, you did” he says

“I thought that at some point that it would have been drilled in your head to at least you vials.”

He looks down, “We did use the vials, but they didn’t work that long. Mum, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

I turn his face towards me, “Listen Serv, I love you. You’re my son and I will always love you. I accept that this is happening, but I wanted you and your sister to wait to have kids. We knew that y’all would be shagging, but I can’t change that she got pregnant. All we can do is love and support you, Hollie, and this baby.”

“I really didn’t think it would happen this soon. I’m sorry mum.” Tears start to drizzle down his cheek. I wipe his tears away, “It’s okay sweetie. I can’t be mad at you. Your dad and I didn’t even know I was pregnant with you and Cissa until I was 3 ½ months pregnant. Your Papa Snape was so furious about the way he found out. The only difference between us and you and Hollie is that your father and I were recently married. Just please from now on, use the ceptivo spell. It will make life easier. If we had that option, we would’ve used it”

He hugs me, “I love you mum. Please don’t be mad at Hollie, she’s been wanting to tell you, but I was scared of this happening. She’s just hurting from the hiding spell was hurting her.”

“I love you too. I’m not mad at either of you. Let’s get back. Congratulations baby. We will get through this. I promise.” I tell him as I kiss his forehead.

We walk back to the table and the rest of the group. Draco grabs my hand as I walk by, him pulling me to his lap, “Are you okay princess?”

Kissing his cheek, “Yeah, I’m okay.” Knowing deep down that I’m hurt that this happened, but there’s nothing I can do about it. “Hollie, I’m sorry I got up. I’m not mad at you, just in shock. Like I told Servius, we will get through it. Draco and I were young parents, so we understand. If you need anything, you can always come to us.”

I feel Draco’s head turning, “Lycissa, Lorenzo, you better use that contraceptive spell. I will not be this nice and kindhearted with you.”

“Yes sir. We will use protection” Lorenzo says with the fear of Draco Malfoy running through his veins making him sweat nervously.

Draco’s POV

Getting back to the school and going to the room, Sky is doing the same stress tactics as I do, pacing back and forth in the room. I can see the wheels turning in her mind and the stress gaining on her, to the point where she falls to the floor crying.

“BABY!” I yell as I run over to her bending down, “Come here, lean on me.”

Sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed, pulling her over to me, laying her head on my lap crying. I run my fingers through her soft hair. “Dray, I can’t believe this is happening. I thought we raised him better than this! I thought us being young parents would help put it through their heads that it’s not easy!” She cries into my lap. I shush her to get her to stop crying, “I know baby. There’s nothing we can do about it, except be there for them like ours was there for us.”

“But we were 16-17! They’re 13-14. Neither one of them has gotten to experience life!” She says through the tears. “We barely did either.” I respond. She sits up and looks at me, “No, we got to experience so much more. We got married, went through a mission, tons of training—” She stops and wipes the tears, “—We went through a damn war before we had them. Yes, I was pregnant, but we got to experience it before they were born! They may not even be soulmates! They’ve barely been together for six months. At least Lycissa and Lorenzo are soulmates!”

“He’s my baby Draco.” She says.

I sit her on my lap sideways, one had supporting her back and the other holding her chin up, “Like you told me, he may be your baby boy, but he’s not a baby. We will get through this, just like we did us.” I hold her tight as I rock her. Looking me in the eyes, “I love you. Thank you for never leaving me, especially when I got pregnant. I know you didn’t want kids so young.”

“Skyra Marie Snape Malfoy, I would never leave you. When we found out you were pregnant with them, yes, I was absolutely petrified, but I was so happy. We had a mission to complete and knowing not only did I have to protect you but I had to protect two babies; that scared the shit out of me, but I did it. You and out babies were my biggest priorities.” I lay her head on my shoulder as I stood us up, “Leaving you never crossed my mind; never has, never will. Let me get you changed princess.” I take her clothes off as I slide her favorite Slytherin hoodie of mine on, along with my Slytherin sweats. I get in bed and cuddle up to her, I hummed her our wedding song, like she does me when I need to be happy.


The next few days pass by, Sky and Draco have accepted the fact that their first born son was going to be a dad.

“So I heard about the situation with Servius. I did the Amortentia potion on both of them since they are in different classes, they aren’t soulmates. Nowhere near, however, we do know who her soulmate is.” Snape says

“Who is it?!” Sky and Draco question in unison. Snape looks at them, “Adams.”

“What do we do now?” Draco aks

Snape responds, “All you can do is let it play out. We can’t mess with it. This is something they have to figure out.”

Sky starts pacing, “If things couldn’t be worse. Our son got a girl pregnant who isn’t his soulmate.” “It will be okay my love. He will learn. We can’t interfere with it, he has to figure it out alone.” Draco tells her.

A few weeks go by and rumors start to spread about Hollie, from the breakup from Servius after he found out she was cheating on him. Rumors spread that Avander Zabini was sleeping with her after she lied that her and Servius broke up, when they were still dating.

“I heard that Hollie faked her pregnancy and did it to cause issues between Zabini and Malfoy.” A Gryffindor student says.

Another student replied back to the girl, “Does it shock you? She did it last year too, but no one ever mentioned it. She tried starting issues with two powerful families who are basically family with how close they are.”

Lycissa walks up to Avander and Servius, “So, I did the spell on Hollie when I ′bumped′ into her. She’s definitely not pregnant.” Both boys yell, “Really?! Seriously?!” She looks at them, “Dead ass. The bitch is done for.”

Hollie walks into the Great Hall smiling, not even phased by the fact everyone is looking at her and talking about her.

“Hey cuties” Hollie says to Avander and Servius as she walks by them.

Lycissa being the daughter of Draco Lucius Malfoy and Skyra Snape and the great granddaughter of the Dark Lord himself, having a bad temper and not giving a shit about rules, “Hey Greengrass!”

“What Malfoy?” Hollie says in an annoyed voice

Lycissa stands up, “How many pregnancies have you faked since being at Hogwarts?”

With a snide smirk on her face, “None of your business, bitch!”

As Hollie starts to walk away, Lycissa grabs her by her hair and spins her around, punching her to the point to where Hollie is on the ground. ”Didn’t mummy ever tell you it was rude to fuck with other people’s families?" Letting off a side smirk and chuckle, ”Oh yeah, she was gone because she didn’t want you and left.” She stomps on Hollie’s face breaking her nose.

“You’re done for Malfoy!” Greengrass yells

"Scared Greengrass?”

“You wish bitch!”

Lycissa turns around and starts throwing punches and pulverizing Hollie’s face to the point that she is unconscious on the Great Hall floor. “Stay the fuck away from my brother and my family you dumb bitch! Next time, it will be far worse for you!”

Skyra’s POV

I walk into the Great Hall for dinner and see Hollie Greengrass laying on the floor unconscious and Lycissa standing over her. I know that Draco wasn’t far behind me, so I run out the doors of the hall, “DRACO! Come in here, NOW!”

Draco runs into the Great Hall and before he can finish asking me what happened he sees Lycissa’s hand covered in blood.

“Cissa! What happened to your hand?!”

I look at him and sigh, “Your daughter here beat the hell out of Hollie after she found out she faked the pregnancy and intentionally started the rumors about sleeping with Avander to make him and Serv hate each other. So Cissa broke her nose, dislocated her jaw, and knocked her unconscious.”

“Lycissa Amelia. That’s my girl!” Draco shouts

Servius looks at Draco, “Dad, she even used some of your old lines. She was a total badass!”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy! Do not praise her! She could get expelled for this! Now I know what mumsy went through with you always fighting. I just had to have Malfoy babies.” I say with a little grin. In my head I’m super proud of Cissa, but someone has to seem like the concerned parent of her getting expelled. All Draco cares about is that she is the mini version of him in all ways.

Dad walks up to us, “No, she’s not getting expelled. Dumbledore isn’t letting that happen. Specifically because Greengrass started this.”

“Baby girl, you did great job protecting your brother and Avander. You’re a cool kid, just like your dad was. I’ll get you some chocolate frogs later.” Draco winks at her. I roll my eyes at all of them, “Everyone to your rooms. We will talk about this during break. I can’t deal with all of you right now. I love you all, goodnight.” They all say goodnight and love you back.

Draco sees me sitting at the desk reading a book, “Stop stressing about what happened. She did what she felt was right. She stood up for her brother and Avander. We taught them to stand up for their family.” I put the book down, “I know and I’m proud of her for standing up to her, but what’s going to happen when Hollie’s friends find out?”

“Babe, she will be fine. She’s a Malfoy remember. Not only is she a Malfoy, but she has Snape and Riddle blood running through her veins. She can handle herself. Lorenzo, Servius, and Avander will always have her back.” He walks up behind me and starts rubbing my shoulders, “Now come lay down. Everything is fine.” I lay down on the bed with my face down in the pillow as Draco massages my back, “You’re really tense. Let’s get these knots out and get you relaxed my beautiful.”

The next week goes by and we are home for summer break.

“It feels so good to be home with everyone. I really do miss being at home with the kids and y’all.” I say hugging mumsy and Pansy.

“We miss you” mumsy says as Pansy adds, “I thought about taking a job as the herbology teacher.”

Ginny chimes in, “I’ve been thinking about charms.”

I look at them with a sign of relief on my face, “Oh thank Merlin. That would be amazing, because having Houston and the girls starting Hogwarts, I can’t handle all of them alone. I can barely handle Lycissa and Servius alone, mainly Cissa. Plus it would be wonderful the three best friends back together and running Hogwarts like we used to.

“Stop it Avander! My father will hear about this you git!” Bella screams

He yells back, “Oooo, scared Malfoy?” Aurora shakes her head, “Stop, both of you. You’re being ridiculous right now!”

Mumsy asks Lorenzo how he is liking Hogwarts and he says he loves it since he gets to be with Cissa. Cissa responds with, “I’m glad he’s there with me. He’s kept me really calm”

In amazement of what I just heard, I turn my head to face her, “How is pulverizing the shit out of Hollie Greengrass calm?!” Mumsy asked what happened and of course Lycissa wanted to answer instead of letting me.

“Let’s see. Well, she was dating Servius but screwing Avander. Claimed she got pregnant and then turned them against each other. Servius beat the hell out of Avander. Mum talked to her, then I did. We then found out she was actually sleeping with Adams and not Avander. When I found out she faked her pregnancy to turn them against each other, I lost my shit and I beat the hell out of her. I broke her nose, dislocated her jaw, and knocked her unconscious. There was a lot of blood. Some of it hasn’t came out of the Great Hall floor yet either!” She laughs.

Lucius looks at me and Draco, “I’m not sure if I should be impressed or scared. Draco, if I ever hear that she is nothing like you or that she’s not your daughter, then I will have to just pitch you off the Astronomy Tower and spend the rest of my life in Azkaban.”

We all laugh at this. Pansy smiles at Cissa, “You really love them, don’t you?” Lycissa smiles while looking at the three boys, “Well, Serv is my brother, Vander is basically my cousin/best friend, and Lorenzo is the love of my life. I’m not going to sit around and let girls start shit with them. Only I’m allowed to do that.”

Blaise puts his two sense in, “I can’t tell if you’re like your dad or your mum with that attitude right there.”

“She’s definitely both of them. Draco did the same for Sky and Sky did it to Granger. She has a little bit of Snape/Riddle in her but she’s most definitely a Malfoy.” Mumsy says with a smile on her face

These kids will be the death of me. I can only imagine what next year will be like when Houston, Bella, and Aurora join the rest of the kids at Hogwarts. All I can hope is Pansy and Ginny really do get jobs as professors, so I have some help, because face it Draco and dad are the worst when it comes to help discipling them.

Dad had no issue discipling me and Draco when we were in school, but no, the grandkids (blood and adopted) don’t get in trouble even when they get in fights *cough cough* Lycissa Amelie Malfoy.

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