Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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As we all sit for dinner Lucius gets everyone’s attention, “So everyone, Narcissa and I have some news.”

“What is it?” Draco questions his father. “What papa? Are we getting new brooms?!” Lycissa yells; Draco lightly pops her hand, “Lycissa, don’t interrupt.”

Eyes turning back to the center of the table, Lucius announces, “me and Narcissa have decided to take everyone to Austria for break. Three months of fun with the whole family. It is well deserved and needed for everyone.”

“Does it even snow there in June?” Blaise asks. He is confused on why they would take everyone there in June instead of for Christmas break. Lucius slowly turns his head facing Blaise, you can tell he wants to give Blaise a smartass answer but not with the kids around. “Yes Blaise, it does snow there. June and July are their winter months. Now everyone go pack, we have to be on the train at noon sharp.”

“Lycissa baby, go take your siblings and start packing. Pack winter clothes and a few summer clothes.” Draco tells her. “Yes daddy. Come on you little turds.” I look at her, “Cissa, be nice to them or you’ll be grounded on this trip.” She glances at me, “Yes mum, I’m sorry. Come on guys, let’s go pack.”

“Lorenzo, go help her and make sure you pack your stuff too.” Pansy says.

The kids all running up the stairs to their rooms, you can hear them cheering in excitement that they finally get to leave London for a while. Growing up, the only family vacations I ever got to go on is when Lucius and Narcissa would include me in their vacations since mum and dad never wanted to do anything together, even for the sake of their only child. I felt that I was a burden and was ruining their family time, since I wasn’t actually family. I was just Snape’s daughter.

Once all the kids are upstairs, Draco turns to Lucius, “Why did you do this trip?”

“I decided that we all needed a vacation.”

Letting off a chuckle as I look up from the ground, “after the past couple months that I’ve had to deal with, I definitely need this vacation and a ton of fire whiskey.” They all laugh at me, shaking their heads, Narcissa put her hand on my shoulder, “We know, that’s why Lucius decided it would be a good idea. Help everyone forget the past year we all had.” Lucius lets off a small grin and begins to say, “there is something else we need to discuss. Fred, George, I’m sorry to do this, but we have a family matter that needs to be discussed if you don’t mind.”

“Yes sir, we will go pack. Is there anything any of you need?” Fred asks us. “Will you check on the kids and make sure they are actually packing and not trying to pack each other up in their trunks, like last time.” I let off. Fred and George laugh as they walk up the stairs, talking about how great this vacation is going to be.

I can sense something is wrong and I don’t like it. “What business do we have to talk about?” Draco ponders.

“We have to talk about Servius, Lycissa, and Lorenzo.” Lucius hesitates to say, but once he does, I can feel Draco’s heart drop in pain. “Father, no! They’re too young. Please. There has to be something we can do.”

“Lucius, please. They’re just kids!” I yell while I feel the water start to form in my eyes. Draco holds me tightly, not wanting to let go, “Please father. Those are our babies. My little Cissa and Servius.” Lucius pulling a chair out so Draco can sit me in it, “Draco, I hate this too, but you knew this was going to happen. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Draco standing to my right, rubbing his hand on my head to help calm my crying, but nothing will calm it. My first born babies are going to go through the same pain we did years ago. “But I didn’t think it would be this soon. I want them safe and out of danger. My babies...” Draco mutters

Lucius continues to talk but neither Draco nor I can actually pay attention to what he’s saying due to the thoughts of the kids getting the dark mark. Why does this have to happen? Our babies, they’re so young. They don’t need this, not right now, not ever. Just because who their family is, shouldn’t determine why they have to get these bloody things.

Draco lets go of my shoulder, “I gotta go.” He walks out of the room and goes up to his old room, slamming the door. I get up from the chair wiping my tears, “Excuse me, I’m just going to go check on him.” I walk up the stairs and the closer I get to the bedroom door, the more I hear the crying and him punching the walls. “Baby...” I say walking into the room

“I just need a few minutes and I’ll be down.”

I walk over to the bed where he’s sitting on the edge and turn him to face me, “Hey, listen to me. I’m scared too. They aren’t just your babies, they’re mine too. I don’t want this to happen either, but there’s nothing we can do about it Dray.”

He lays his head in the crook of my neck, enough where I can feel the tears rolling down his cheek and onto my skin through the collar of my shirt. “I’m scared. I know the pain this dreadful mark causes, and so do you. They’re our babies and I don’t want anything to happen to them.” His tears become heavier as he wraps his arms around me squeezing.

“Babe, I know, trust me I do. Think about it this way though, they will always be safe. Their whole family is apart of this and we will always be there to protect him. Our kids have Malfoy, Snape and Riddle blood. As much as we don’t want this, we don’t have a choice.” I run my fingers through his hair to help his crying. “Dray, do you regret it? Getting the mark to protect me?”

His head shoots up and his pale eyes look into mine, “Never. I’d do it all over again. I would do anything and everything to keep you safe baby girl.”

He leans in and presses his lips against mine, his thumb rubbing across the bottom of my chin. I look into his eyes, “We don’t have a choice. We will be there for them. Remember the night I had to get my mark? You helped me shower, you put my clothes on, cuddled me through the tears and the pain. And we will be there for them, like you were for me.”

“I love you so much Sky. I’m petrified for them. Especially Lycissa.”

“I love you too. I’m scared for them too. I’m holding myself together for you. You need me to be strong for you, and that’s what I’m doing. I’m strong when you are weak.” I place my lips on his forehead as his grip pulls me in closer and his breathing becomes heavier and to the point, he is having trouble breathing, like he’s about to have a panic attack. “Dray. Hey, look at me.” He looks at you. “Breathe for me. It’s okay, I promise. I’m right here. I just need you to breathe for me. Deep breath in, now exhale.” He begins to do this, and his breathing becomes normal and not heavy, “good. You’re okay baby.”

Once Draco is relaxed and has stopped crying, I put on some music on a low volume, and reach my hand out to him. Dancing has always helped clear his mind. Even when we were kids. Anytime either of us were stressed or upset, the other would turn music on lead the other in slow dancing.


“Sky, it’s okay. Your parents will work this out. If you don’t go to Hogwarts, then neither am I. I won’t leave you alone. I promise”

“I can’t let you do that Draco. You’re a Malfoy, if you don’t go to Hogwarts or Durmstrang then your dad will be mad. I can’t let you do that because of me.”

“He will get over it. You’re my best friend and I won’t leave you. Me and you, we are forever. Nothing will change that.”

Sky goes into the bathroom to blow her nose and rid her tears, when she comes back out Draco has music playing and reaches his hand out for hers. She takes his hand and starts slow dancing with him to I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

I could stay awake just to hear you breathin’
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you’re far away and dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure
Don’t want to close my eyes
I don’t want to fall asleep
’Cause I’d miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing
’Cause even when I dream of you (even when I dream)
The sweetest dream would never do
I’d still miss you, babe
And I don’t want to miss a thing

“Why’d you pick this song Dray?”

“Maybe because when I hear it, I think of you. I love you Sky. I know we’re ten but I want to promise you something.”

“What is it?”

“I promise that when we get older that we will get married. We will have a family of our own and when we do, we will never let anything happen to our kids. I love you so much.”

“I love you Dray. I’m going to hold you to that promise. If you marry some daft bimbo, I’ll never forgive you for breaking the promise.”

“Never would I break a promise to you. This is my first promise of many to you that I will never break princess.”

They continue to dance for two more songs and then laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

End of Flashback

I turn on our song and we slow dance. “You put our song on. How’d you think of doing that?” He ponders

“You used to do it for me, and I knew how calm it made both of us, and right now that’s what we need.”

He leans down and kisses me, “I love you princess. Let’s get back out there. Thank you baby.” I smile and hug him then turning the music off, “I love you more. Don’t thank me, it’s my job as your wife.”

Leaving the bedroom and heading back to the den, “I’m sorry I stormed out. I don’t like this at all.” He announced.

Narcissa comes up and hugs him, “Sweetie, we know and understand exactly how you feel. We had to watch you get it, and then watch Sky get it.”

Blaise puts his hand on Draco’s shoulder, “Mate, don’t apologize. This is exactly how we will feel next year with Avander.” I look up from the ground, “How do we even tell them about this? They have no idea about the mark; we’ve never mentioned it and we’ve never let them see our marks.”

“Let’s get them in here. Narci, get them in here.” Mumsy walks upstairs and brings Lorenzo, Lycissa, and Servius down into the den. Draco holds my hand and when he sees the kids come in the room, his grip tightens, me feeling his pulse increase. “Hey babies, we have to talk about something, and it’s scary. So sit down please.”

Lycissa walks up to Draco and grabs his free hand, “Dad, we already know. It’s about the mark.” My eyes widen and go pale, “How do you know about the mark Cissa?” She sits down next to Lorenzo, “During Christmas, we read a book in the library about it. And it has a ring that goes with it.” She pauses and lifts Draco’s hand up, “This ring. The ring that all of you are wearing.”

“What do you know about the mark and the ring baby?” Draco asks her with a sight of confusion. She shifts her head to her ring and before she could speak, Servius speaks up, “it’s for those who follow and are under The Dark Lord or Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. The followers are more commonly known as Death Eaters.”

The fact our kids know about Death Eaters makes me wonder what else they know about that we haven’t told them. We kept these things hidden from them due to students at Hogwarts know about Aunt Bella and Lucius’ dedication to the Dark Lord. The last name Malfoy brings a lot on a person; having standards that we all have to live up to and fulfill to ensure that we keep the name pure.

Cissa rubbing her finger on the ring, “It’s Great Grandpa Tom. We’ve heard you talk about him. It’s Grandma Lydia’s dad. We know, and we aren’t scared. According to the book, it’s our time to get our mark and fulfill the wishes of the Dark Lord and be dedicated followers.”

“Lorenzo, you understand that you have to get the mark too, correct?” Pansy asks as she stands next to Blaise worried. Lorenzo glances at her, “Yeah since dad is a follower and you. It runs in our blood Pansy. I get it.”

Narcissa pulls her eyes towards me, “Have you taught this in your class Sky?” I shake my head no, “I can only teach it to my sixth and seventh years. I’m limited to what I can teach the sixths years, and 99% of the seventh years I taught about it, their families are part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight and know most of the information as is, but I get to go more in depth with them.”

Servius comes and sits on my lap like he used to when he was small, “Mum, we aren’t scared. We know it will hurt. Will you be there with us?” Both Draco and I say at the same time, “Of course we will. All of us will be.”

“Family meeting without me?” Aunt Bella appears in the den. “Bella, it’s time.” Narcissa tells her. Aunt Bella gives a look of dismay, “No! They’re too young. They can’t!” Cissa walks up to Aunt Bella, “it’s okay. We are ready for it.”

Grandpa Tom apparated in the room and both Cissa and Servius run to hug him. The Dark Lord hugging anyone, especially children is a very intriguing sight, considering who he is. “Hey kiddos, I’m sorry we have to do this, but it’s in your family genes. I can’t life the rules just for them Draco, Sky.”

“Daddy, will you hold my hand?” Lycissa’s Blue eyes pierce into Draco’s. From where I’m standing, I can see Draco holding back tears, “Of course baby girl. Daddy will hold your hand the whole time. I’m right here angel.” Servius lifts his head up, “mum, will you hold my hand?” With a little giggle and a kiss on the forehead, “yes sweetie, I will hold your hand.”

“You first Servius. I’m sorry we have to do this, but it has to happen.” Lord Voldemort says. Serv smiles at him, “I know, it’s okay.”

I hold Servius’ hand as Draco holds my other. I try so hard to stay strong for Servius, so I squeeze Draco’s hand. Servius didn’t even flinch with the pain. Lycissa sits in the chair next to Servius as Grandpa Tom walks up to her. While Draco holds her hand, I hold his as he starts to cry. I wipe his tears away and kiss his cheek. “Daddy—” Lycissa says with tears falling from her eyes, “—It hurts. Make it stop, please daddy.”

“I know it hurts baby. Daddy’s here. I’m not going anywhere, I promise. I’m right here baby girl. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.” As he says this, I can feel his hand shaking from the anger and sadness. Lorenzo takes it like a champ, doesn’t flinch or anything. Just like Pansy, the pain doesn’t faze him.

As Lycissa and Servius hug Draco and I, I say, “Come on babies, let’s get you to bed. Do you want us to sleep with you?”

“Daddy, can I sleep with Enzo please?”

He smiles at her, “Of course baby. Just know if you need me, we are right down the hall.”

I kept getting out of bed and go check on all the kids. After a few hours of screaming and crying in pain, Lycissa finally falls asleep in Enzo’s arms. He’s holding her tight in his arms to comfort her and make sure she knows she’s safe with him. Servius was asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. I hold Draco as he cries because he feels like a horrible parent. I do too, but we couldn’t control this.

“Are you okay princess?” He asks me as his tears continue to flow

As I hold him and run my hand down his back, “I’m just listening for the kids, in case they need us. And I’m trying to comfort you because I know you were trying your best to stay strong for Cissa.” He nestles his head into me, “This was just as traumatizing as watching you get yours. I don’t want to let her go. I just wanted to protect her. That’s my baby girl.”

“I know she is, but we are all protected now. We have four more kids we have to deal with getting this mark, then Pansy and Blaise’s kids. But I’m sure this will always be the hardest considering they are our first born kids, and we want them safe. They are safe, they have you, this handsome, strong, loving, selfless man as their dad. Nothing can protect them more than you can.” I kiss his forehead as he nestles his head deeper into my chest, and I hum to him.

“I love you so much. Thank you for dealing with me through this. I couldn’t have handled this without you.” He says, kissing my chest. I hug him, “I love you. I will always be here; you know this love.”

At one point in the night, I had to muffliato the room because Draco was screaming and crying in his sleep. I tried to hold him to help comfort him, but he shoved me off the bed and when doing this the side and front of my head hit the corner of the side table next to the bed. I held back my scream so I didn’t wake him up from the little sleep he’s getting. Despite the amount of blood and pain, I can’t be mad. He just watched his baby girl and first born son get their marks.

The next morning. I didn’t sleep at all. Between checking on the kids and cleaning up my cuts.

“Morning babe” Draco says while stretching.


“Are you okay?” He questions. I get out of the bed and walk to put my robe on, “Yeah, I’m fine, just tired and my head is throbbing.”

Putting his head down, “I’m sorry I kept you up. I’m sorry I kept screaming and crying in my sleep.” “Don’t apologize Draco. I was worried about all four of you. The boys slept all night and Cissa finally fell asleep on Enzo’s chest.”

“What happened to your head babe?”

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” I respond. He takes my hand, “Please tell me.”

I stay silent for a moment trying to figure out how to tell him what happened, but he hates when I sugar coat things. “I was trying to comfort you, but you didn’t want me near you and you shoved me off the bed fairly hard and I hit my head on the side table.”

He punches the wall, leaving a hole. “Fuck! I’m so sorry baby. I’m such a screw up and a horrible husband. I’m sorry my love. I hate myself. Fuck!”

“You are not a horrible husband! You went through something traumatic and heartbreaking yesterday. I don’t blame you at all. I’m not mad, I promise. You didn’t know what you were doing. Don’t blame yourself. I’m fine. Please don’t punch anything else.” I place a kiss on his knuckles where he punched the wall.

Going downstairs, “Hey babies, how do you feel?” Questioning the kids. Cissa looks at me, then at Draco, “It hurts but I’ll be okay. Daddy are you okay?”

“Yeah, baby I’m fine. Do you have everything ready to leave today?” All the kids quickly say, “yes”

“Just leave your bags in there, I put all the kids’ plates for breakfast upstairs. Go eat kids” Narcissa says

Cissa looks at Draco, “Daddy, can I stay with you and mum?” He smiles at her, “You need to eat baby. Go upstairs and I’ll come check on you in a little bit.” She nods her head okay and goes running upstairs with the other kids.

Draco and I go into the kitchen as I take a seat on the swivel. “Sky, what happened to your head?!” Narcissa questions with extreme worry

“It’s nothing, I’m fine. Thanks mumsy”

Draco starts, “I- I” Before he can finish, well even start his sentence, I squeeze his hand and pull him close to me.

Goyle looks at him then at me, “Oi, that’s Malfoy’s ′I didn’t mean to, fuck I’m sorry’ face.” I give Goyle that ‘I’m not dealing with your shit today’ look.

“I’m going to check on Lycissa.” Draco announces as he pulls his hand from mine. He walks away but not upstairs; I see him go to the library.

“Blaise.” I saw lowly. He looks, “I’m on it Sky.”

“Sky, what happened?” Narcissa asks. I make sure that Draco can’t hear me, “Do Fred and George know what happened last night?”

They both stare at me, “Yeah we know. We aren’t going to say anything. We love y’all regardless. You’re our family.”

I gulp knowing I may cry saying this, “Last night Cissa was screaming because of the pain, which is expected. But Lorenzo finally got her to fall asleep on his chest as he played with her hair.”

“Sounds like Draco with you” Pansy blurted out.

“Anyways... After her and the boys were asleep, Draco was somewhat asleep, and he kept screaming and crying in his sleep. So I had to muffliato the room. I tried and tried to hold and comfort him, but I guess he didn’t want it, and he shoved me off the bed really roughly, and I bashed my head on the side table. I’m fine though. I cleaned up all the blood and everything.”

Lucius walks over to you and hugs you, checking out your head, “He didn’t mean to. He does love you and want your comfort. Yesterday was just hard on both of you. When Lycissa got her mark, I could see the flashback of when you got your mark, and you were in so much pain. She may look and act like him in mostly every way, but she acts like you too. And last night, that was one of the nights she was just like you. I remember hearing your screams the night you got yours. Ask Narcissa, I was heartbroken for Draco. Him having to see you in so much pain, knowing there was nothing he could do for you other than hold you.”

I begin crying, “I didn’t want to sleep in case they needed me. Especially Draco. Cissa reminds me of me so much it’s crazy. But when I look at her and the looks, she gives, I see Draco at that age. He was the biggest pain in my ass, but I loved him so much. I know her screaming brought back the memories of my. For a little bit last night, he held me like he did the night I got mine, then once her screams and cries were done, he started. His screams tore me apart, I couldn’t even comfort my husband. What kind of wife does that make me?! I couldn’t comfort my own husband!” Narcissa and Pansy both came and hugged me tight as I let the tears crash.

Ginny walked to me, “Hey, listen to me. It’s completely understandable, for both of you. Your first born kids had to go through pain, and Draco is a complete softie for you and Cissa, that he was in pain for her like he was for you. He needs you more than you know. And you need him. More than ever. Go talk to him, he wants to hear from you. No one else.”

Getting up from the swivel, I stumble through the kitchen and down the long hallway. My eyes never once looking up from the dark marble tile floor, trying to decide on what I’m going to say to him. No matter what I say to him, he will proceed to blame himself for hurting me, even though he was asleep and couldn’t help what happened. I arrive at the library and before I opened the door, I heard Draco and Blaise talking. I didn’t want to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t resist to hear what they were saying.

Draco and Blaise talking in the library:

“I can’t believe I hurt her!” Draco yelled, “All of the years we have been together, the only thing that has happened is when Granger kissing me and Sky having a miscarriage. I almost lost her when Granger kissed me and when we lost the baby... She didn’t want me anywhere near her. She stayed locked up in the room for three days.” With a glass of brandy in his hand, he paces back and forth at a slow but steady pace. “Blaise, I fucking hurt the woman I love. I physically hurt her! How could I possibly do this to her?!”

Blaise pours him a glass of brandy and sits on the edge of the velvet couch, “Draco, you didn’t mean to hurt her. You were in pain, and asleep. You didn’t know what you were doing. We know you were trying to be strong for Lycissa, but Sky, she was being strong for you. You have to be weak at times and let her be the strong one for you. What happened with Granger and the baby is so far in the past that what matters is what’s happening right now.” He takes a drink from his glass, glancing up seeing Draco to continue to pace, “You. Didn’t. Mean. To. Hurt. Her.. You need to stop blaming yourself, or you’re going to do something ridiculous!”

“What if she never forgives me! I put my hands on her and pushed her out of the bed. She has two massive cuts on her head! I won’t be able to forgive myself. I don’t deserve her or those kids.”

Blaise slams his glass down on the yew wood table and stands up, walks over to Draco and pushes him on the couch, “Mate, fucking stop!” He shakes his head and puts his hand to his face, “She doesn’t blame you! She knows you didn’t mean to do it, she’s not mad at you. She’s worried about you Malfoy!” Draco tries to stand up but the look in Blaise’s eyes told him to sit back down. “I grew up with both of you, before, during, and after Hogwarts. She still makes the same face when she’s worried about you. She’s constantly thinking what’s going through your head. Hell, she’s probably blaming herself for this because she couldn’t comfort you.

Blaise now pacing back and forth in the room, not understanding why Draco can’t get it through his head on this isn’t his fault. “Don’t ever say that you don’t deserve her of the kids. That woman loves you more than anything! Those kids, especially Lycissa, look up to you. She wants to be just like her dad in every way. She’s your shadow, she is just like you, her attitude, the way she plays Quidditch, your temper. She acts like her mum too, but mainly you. You have both been through hell together, been through a war while she was pregnant, have six beautiful and smart kids. Don’t say you don’t deserve her! Do you think she would be happy with someone other than you? NO, I know and so does everyone else, she would not be happy with anyone other than you. Her eyes have always been for you. She could’ve gotten anyone at Hogwarts, I mean look at her. She’s absolutely stunning, smart, funny, has so much attitude, the most talented and bravest witch there is. But y’know what? She had eyes for you and only you, still does to this day; she doesn’t want anyone else. She wants you. The stubborn, asshole, egotistical, foul loathing Draco Lucius Malfoy. Before you got together, you were all she talked about to Pansy; she knew you would be the person she married. Look at you now, been together for years and still married. She loves you and you love her.”

“Wow, when did you become so damn sentimental Zabini?” Draco questions

Blaise lets out a smirk and chuckle, “I’ve been around both of you long enough, I’ve grown some type of emotion.”

I knew that I needed to go in and talk to Draco, so I pushed the door open and walk in, “Hey, can I talk to Draco?” Blaise nods, “Yeah of course.” As he walks by, I mouthed thank you and he nodded his head as a you’re welcome.


Hi.” He said, “I’m sorry, I really am. I would never hurt you on purposely.” I grab his hand and lift his chin to look at me instead of the ground. “Baby, I know you would never hurt me. I’m not mad at you. You were hurting and asleep. Just promise me something, okay?”

He looks at me, “okay.” I hold his chin in my hand and rub my thumb at the bottom of his chin, “You never say that you don’t deserve me or our kids ever again!” “You heard that?!”

“Yeah, I was coming to talk to you and I heard the conversation with you and Blaise. I hate saying this, but Blaise is right. Everything he said was true. I always wanted you, and I still want you and need you. You deserve me and the kids. We need you and you need us. That little girl upstairs, went through hell last night and all she wanted was her daddy. Not her mum, but her dad. She thinks the absolute world of you, wanting to be just like you. You deserve us and all the happiness and love.”

He leans and kisses me, “I hate myself knowing I physically hurt you.” Pulling away from his lips, “You need to stop blaming yourself. I am fine. Cissa is back upstairs running around playing. Your dad used a healing spell on all three of them. So baby, please stop. Be happy. We go on vacation and we will be with all our family, and it will be perfect. I love you Draco Lucius Malfoy, don’t ever forget it. nineteen years of loving you and all that’s happened is our love has grown and gave us six beautiful and stubborn Malfoy babies.”

“I love you so much Skyra Snape Malfoy. I’m beyond lucky to spend my life with you. No one else would ever be able to tolerate me like you do.” I laugh at him, “Nope, no one could. That’s why I’m here because I can put you in your place. Now come on, you need to eat before we leave. I refuse to let you be like Crabbe and Goyle”

As I start to walk towards the door, he grabs ahold of my wrist, pulling me to him. He places his soft lips to mine, kissing me for a solid five minutes. We pull away from each other, him kissing my forehead and throwing my on his back, running out of the library. Running through the halls with me on his back, laughing like we did when we were kids.

“Now there’s the love birds. What happened last time you ran through the manor with her on your back?” Narcissa asks with a smile appearing. He giggled, “My sock slipped, and she landed in the sink, getting soaked from the dished and had a piece of lasagna stuck to her butt.” Everyone laughs

“Are you two okay now?” Blaise says. Draco grabs my hand and pulls me to his lap, “We will always be okay. Right princess?”

“Of course we will. Now eat something. I don’t want you to be like Crabbe and Goyle, eating everything in sight. Don’t you two gits say anything, because it happens every time.”

Kissing the cuts on my head, “And hopefully you get some sleep on the train.”

Blaise loads the cars up with all our trunks. The kids ride with Fred and George, they love their uncles. Draco finally eats a little. We make it to the train and find our compartments. Within 20 minutes, I have fallen asleep.

Draco’s POV

“She’s sleeping so peacefully” Pansy says as she looks at Sky

Looking down at her, running my fingers through her hair, lowly singing to her. “Yes, she is. The easiest way to get her to fall asleep is singing to her and playing with her hair. We all know I can’t since for shit, but she loves it, and it helps her.”

“One day I will find a girl and have a love like all of you have” Crabbe says. Goyle laughs and loudly says, “You have to stop eating all the time and actually look for a girl you git.” Ginny slaps his arm, pointing at Sky to remind him that she’s trying to sleep.

“It’s okay Ginny. I put earplugs in her ears. She can’t hear us. I swear she’s so beautiful and perfect. I got immensely lucky with her.”

Blaise glancing at her then at me, “You really did. You two are goals for everyone. Did you have anything planned for you and her for the vacation?” “Not really. Yesterday was a disaster that I didn’t even think about the trip. Mum and father said they have something for me and her.”

After four hours we arrive in Austria, “Hey beautiful, time to wake up. We’re here.” I whisper in her ear as I move the hair from her face. She yawns and sits up and with her lovely sleepy voice, “how long was I asleep?” Pansy answers her, “four hours.” Sky looks around, “Seriously, that’s all? It felt like I slept for sixteen hours. I feel pretty good.” We all laugh at her, while I fix her hair, moving it out of her face, grabbing both of our trunks.

We arrive at the three houses that mum and father rented for the summer.

“The kids will be in the house over on the left with Fred and George. Me and Narcissa will have the smallest place, since it’s only us two. The rest of you have the large house on the right. Each level has a kitchen, but the main kitchen is on the main floor. They are soundproof rooms. Draco, Sky, you have the top floor.” He says while winking at me.

The house Fred, George, and the kids are in is a two story tan house with a red door. The house mum and father are staying in is a single story with a black door. The house the rest of us are staying in is three stories, Green door and the top floor is mainly windows, with a beautiful view of the snowy mountains.

I lead Sky to our room, everyone following us. Sky looks out the window watching the snow fall on the ground, “Oh my Merlin! This is absolutely beautiful!” Blaise slips me the box and while she is still looking out the window, I get down on one knee. Shaking in fear. She turns around, facing us.


“My love, we have been together for twenty years, married for sixteen, and have been through so much together. I love you with all I am. You have given me six perfect kids, made a house a home, and have made me the happiest man in the world. There’s no one else I want to spend my life with. I love you Skyra Snape Malfoy. Will you marry me again?” I ponder with no hesitation. Holding the box which holds a custom made ring. Rose Gold metal, pear shaped Emerald, with diamonds on both bands, adding up to three carats.

She runs and jumps into my arms, tears vastly falling from her cherry colored cheeks “Absolutely! I wouldn’t want a life with anyone else. I love you Draco Lucius Malfoy!” Everyone starts clapping and whistling.

“I thought you didn’t have anything planned for vacation Malfoy” Goyle says with an airy face. I glance back at him, “I don’t tell all my secret plans. Pansy, Blaise, mum, and father knew about this though.”

Sky wrapping her arms around me tighter, “you always keep me on my toes Draco Malfoy. Never cease to amaze me.” Placing a kiss on her nose, “You deserve it princess. I want you to be happy and take this as a small I’m sorry gift.

We all get ready for dinner and she finds her new outfit that I bought her. She was amazed how much I know her style of clothing, making sure she will look perfect in it. She walks out of the bathroom wearing those dark wash jeans with Beige boot wedges, White blouse, Maroon cardigan and a Maroon, beige, and Black scarf. She looks astonishing as always.

“WOAH! Why does she get hotter and hotter the older we get?!” Crabbe blurts out. We all face him as I walk to him, “What did you just say about my wife?! Keep your thoughts to yourself, you git!”

As we are eating dinner, Crabbe and Goyle actually tasting their food for once. “So when do you guys plan on getting married again?” Blaise gives him a stupid look, “Well Crabbe, I think since their anniversary is in a month, I think they’ll be doing it then. On their anniversary. That’s what normal people do. Dumbass git.”

Sky stopped eating and looked at me, “Wait. Is this why we took vacation here?” Mum looks at her with a giant grin, “Yes, sweetie. Draco brought it up to Lucius a few months ago, and we thought that after everything that happened this past year, it would be a good idea. Bring some happiness.”

“Will you ever get tired of surprising me?”

I chuckle as I take her hand, “Love is full of surprises. You taught me that. I will always surprise you and give you the best of everything princess. You deserve every bit of it.”

“The only Malfoy man who truly loves with everything.” Father says while Blaise looks at him. “So you and mumsy aren’t like them?”

“Heavens no. Never have been and never will be. This is a new type of love for a Malfoy and we are so glad.” Mum says as she intently looks at me staring and smiling at Sky. “Get a room.” Crabbe interrupts my staring.

I kiss Sky’s hand, “We have one, and you better be glad that it’s soundproof. Because tonight, it’s a special night for me and my lady.” I turn around and see Lycissa and Lorenzo at their own table on their ”date” and I don’t like it. “So Lorenzo is going to be giving Cissa a promise ring tonight. He asked my permission first, and shockingly I said yes. But I also told him if he hurts her then I will hurt him in all ways possible.”

“Now you sound like my dad when we were dating.” I roll my eyes at her, “I really did put your dad through hell when we dated. I couldn’t keep my hands off of you.” Blaise, Goyle, and Crabbe all turn towards me, “You still can’t!”

At Lycissa and Lorenzo’s table:

“You look beautiful tonight Cissa”

“Thank you! You look handsome!”

“I want to give you something princess.” Lorenzo says. Lycissa looks at him, “What is it Enzo?”

He pulls out a little black box and opens it. Inside is a beautiful infinity symbol ring with diamonds. “I want you to know, you are beautiful, smart, stubborn, and you make me so happy. I want you to have this promise ring to let you know I will always love you and be here with you Cissa.”

“Enzo, it’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!” She hugs his neck tightly

“I love you Lycissa Amelie Malfoy” Smiling at him, “I love you Lorenzo Parkinson”

Back at the adult table

Draco hears what was just said to his daughter, “Did they just say they love each other?!”

“Babe, calm down. They have been dating for three years, I’m positive they have said it multiple times.” Sky tells him. “That’s my baby girl though.” Draco replies with an upset look. Lucius shakes his head that his son is being this dramatic over the fact his daughter told a boy she loves him. “Draco, how do you think Severus felt with you telling Sky you loved her.”

Draco intently rolls his eyes, “He wasn’t around when I told her. I knew better. I did tell him I loved her when I asked him if I could marry her, but I got the same look as always.”

“Oi, chill mate. They’re soulmates, it was going to happen. Be glad it’s Lorenzo and not some person you don’t know.” Blaise tells Draco.

By the time everyone has eaten, nightfall had made it’s way and the temperatures continued to drop. “I’m going to go shower and lay down. Goodnight everyone!” Sky tells them

Everyone says goodnight as Draco responds, “I’m going to bed too.” Goyle gives a shit eating grin, “Sure you are.” Draco throws a banana at him, “Shut it Goyle.”

Sky and Draco are up in their floor of the house. “I can’t believe you and your dad planned all of this. You are so sneaky Draco Malfoy.”

“Well beautiful, I figured after everything you dealt with this year, you needed a break. I’m still amazed with everything you do; from loving, taking care of me and the kids, and everything you continue to do for us. I want you to be happy and I will do anything for that to happen.”

Running and jumping in his arms, pressing her lips to his, “I love you so much. You are absolutely amazing in every way. You constantly keep me on my toes, make me remember why I fell in love with you. You make me fall in love with you all over again every day. I can’t believe you bought this ring, it’s so beautiful.”

“I had it custom made for you, I had to get Pansy’s help to make sure you would like it. I love you so much more. You deserve this ring and so much more.” He tells her. She looks in his eyes, “I don’t like it... I love it Dray”

Sky gets in the shower, turning the water on as hot as it could go. Draco goes to the kitchen to get an apple. Once Sky gets out of the shower, rummaging through Draco’s trunk finding his sweatpants and hoodie that she knew he packed. When she’s slipping the hoodie on, she feels cold hands grab her waist.

“Well, hey there beautiful. You always look so good with my clothes on. You’re absolutely perfect.” He pulls her to his chest, cupping her face and kisses her passionately. “You’re so perfect, I swear. Whatever I did to get you, oi mate I’m extremely lucky.”

“Shh, just be quiet handsome” she says as he pushes her to the wall, kissing her neck and chest, leaving love bites on every part of her chest. “Jump beautiful.” He throws her on the bed, taking each other’s clothes off, “You don’t have to be quiet love, the room is soundproof. You can moan and scream all you want, no one will hear you.”

As he kisses down her body, she arches her back, “Fuuuck! Give it to me harder, please daddy!” She can feel the smirk on his face that’s pressed on her stomach, “Whatever you want princess.” They lose track of time and it’s been six hours. “Wow, four new positions. Who’s been teaching you new positions Mr. Malfoy? It wasn’t me.”

“I just thought that something different would be fun and I wanted to see how you would react and ooo, I’m so glad I did.” Draco says, kissing her. She replies, “Why’s that?”

He gave a smirk, “Seeing you squirm and beg for more drives me crazy. That’s why I kept giving you more and more. Plus look at those beautiful legs shaking uncontrollably. Now let’s get cleaned up and get some sleep baby.”

Everyone is downstairs talking when George runs in the door, “We have a problem!” Lucius looks towards him, “what is it George?” He replied, “me and Fred were outside getting some more firewood and we saw Harry.”

Sky and Draco were coming downstairs to grab something when Sky says, “Harry Potter?” George and the rest look up at her seeing the worry in her pale face. “Yeah. Fred is in there with the kids and has a shield around the house, so it’s completely locked down. I just figured everyone should know.” Draco with a furious look, “I will kill him if he goes near our kids!”

Draco pulls Sky to the side, “Baby listen to me. If something happens to me when war comes, I want you to move on and be happy. Protect our babies, and please make sure they know I will always love them.”

“Draco Lucius, don’t start that if something happens bullshit. Nothing is going to happen to you. I won’t let it. It’s me and you forever, remember that. Please. Don’t stop fighting. Me and the kids need you so much. We love you more than anything. Potter won’t win. I promise.”

Cupping her face, looking at how beautiful she is, tears start to impart his eyes, “I love you princess. You’re always making sure I know we will be together forever. I just want you and them safe. I would sacrifice myself for you and them.”

“Draco, After all this time”

"Always, princess”

They walk back to everyone and the kids, “How are they?” Sky asks Pansy.

Pansy laughs, “Your daughter want to, in her exact Draco Malfoy attitude, Skyra Snape Malfoy words, ′I am going to destroy that half-blood freak who tried killing us as babies!′ I can’t deal with your kid.”

“I heard Potter is here!” Snape enters into the house. Sky runs and hugs him, “DAD!”

Looking around the room, Draco is nowhere to be found, “Where’s Draco?!”

“He was walking outside when I got here. I didn’t know what he was doing.” Snape said

The panic in her alabaster skin turns to a snow white color as the gut wrenching feeling starts in her stomach. “Fuck, he’s going after Potter! No! I gotta get to him before he does something stupid.” She doesn’t even grab her coat, just automatically bolts for the door.


“Where are you Potter?”

“Miss me Malfoy? Think I’d actually leave you and those disgrace of children and wife alone, did you?”



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