Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Broken Vacation

“Where are you Potter?”

“Miss me Malfoy? Think I’d actually leave you and those disgrace of children and wife alone, did you?”



After throwing spells at each other, Draco didn’t see it coming, Potter yells, “Sectumsempra!” Sky runs out of the house and sees Draco falling to the ground bleeding, Potter apparates.


“Baby, please stay with me. Draco, it’s okay baby. I’m right here with you baby.” Her tears are falling to the ground, “DAD! Hurry, please!”

“What happened?” Snape questions

She looks at him, “He used Sectumsempra on Draco. Please help him. Dad please save him!” Looking at Draco holding him close in her arms, “Draco, stay with me baby. Please. We need you. I need you Draco!”

“Please don’t leave me! I need you so much. We’re supposed to be together forever. Draco, please baby!”

Snape pulls his wand out, pointing it at each one of Draco’s gashes, using the incantation, “Vulnera Sanentur”

Vulnera Sanentur is the counter spell of Sectumsempra, that was created by Snape when he was attending Hogwarts.

Sky is crying as she holds Draco in her arms firmly, “I’m sorry for everything. I love you baby.” She can feel Draco starting to breathe again, slowly and with not much energy wrapping his arm around her. “You can’t get rid of me that easy princess”

“Draco! I love you so much! Don’t ever do that to me again! Do you hear me Draco Malfoy?!”

Although weak, he reaches up, and wipes her tears from her eyes, “I’m sorry princess.”

Snape calls for Lucius, “Lucius, help me carry him inside.” While carrying him inside, Sky right behind them, Narcissa comes up to her and hugs her, while talking to Draco, “Are you okay sweetie?”

“I’m fine mum, just a little weak”

Lucius walks over, “we’re going to put a shield around the houses. We will be back. Don’t let him move an inch Skyra.”

“Are you going to love me even with these scars?”

“Of course, I’m going to love you, no matter what. Please don’t ever do something like that again. You can’t do that. We have a family”

He glances up at her, her eyes puffy and red from crying. He reaches his hand to her face as she continues to cry. “I know, I’m sorry baby. I won’t do anything that stupid again. I promise.”

“You planned that didn’t you? That’s why you said what you did earlier about if something happens to me. You knew you were going to duel him.”

“I just wanted to protect you and the kids. Nothing else mattered. I want you safe.” He tells her wrapping his arms around her. She looks into his eyes, “I know, but don’t be a stupid git. You should’ve taken me under the invisibility cloak, so I could’ve protected you. I was petrified that I lost you, and that me and the kids would be without you. I can’t do it without you. I can’t live without you Draco.”

As Sky finishes her sentence and before Draco could respond, Pansy burst through the door, with absolute anger. “You dumb git! Why the hell would you do that?! You have a wife and kids that fucking need you Draco!”

“Pansy, calm down baby,” Blaise tries saying

“No! He was almost dead, about to leave six kids and a wife behind. For what? Potter?”

Sky looks at her, “Pans”

“Don’t Pans me. You almost died in her arms! Your wife’s arms, my best friend! Do you think I could handle her without you? She needs you Draco! You can’t be so fucking stupid!” She looks at Sky and sees the tears rolling down her face before ongoing. “You know what she would do if something happened to you? Are you willing to let your wife get herself killed because something happened to you?! Leaving Servius, Bella, Aurora, Thomas, Eli, and your little Lycissa. Cissa would go crazy without you! Who would be there when she wins her quidditch games, cheer her on while having to be biased as the coach/referee, and be there for her when she needs reassurance?!”

Tears start to pour out of Draco’s almost lifeless eyes, pulling Sky closer to him, letting her know he’s there, and he’s not going anywhere. “I know Pansy, what I did was stupid. I was trying to protect my family, but all I did was put them in more danger. I hate myself, considering I almost died in the woman’s I love arms, and that she would never be okay again.” Draco glares into Sky’s eyes, “baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be so selfish and stupid. I love you more than anything. I’ll never be so dumb again. I promise."

“I love you. You do something stupid like that again, I’ll crucio your ass myself. And you know that when I do it, the pain is more excruciating than when a normal witch or wizard does it.” Sky says. Draco replied with, “I know you would my beautiful princess. I’ll never do it again, I’ll never leave your side or the kids. Cissa is going to jinx me when she finds out.”

Pansy looks at Draco, “I don’t blame her if she does. If you weren’t so worried about Potter, this wouldn’t have happened. You could’ve been in bed asleep with your wife.”

“Being his baby and being just like him, if she jinxes him, I will probably laugh.” Narcissa says with a grin. Draco looks up from the bed at his mum, “Mum! You would really laugh if your granddaughter jinxed your own son?!”

With that being said, Lycissa comes in the room giving Draco a, you’re in trouble look. “Daddy, did you really try fighting Harry Potter and he hurt you? Did you purposely fight him?”

“Yes baby, daddy did. It was really stupid of daddy too.”

Everyone looks at Lycissa and she possesses the same grin that Draco has always had, “Locomotor Wibbly.” This makes Draco’s legs go wobbly. Everyone turns around laughing since Draco called his own daughter jinxing him. “Baby, please undo the jinx. Daddy is sorry and is in a lot of pain”

“Training for the ballet, Malfoy” Lycissa says as she skips out of the room saying, “Remember this the next time you want to risk your life for a half-blood, leaving a family behind. Don’t be a dumb bloody git daddy.”

“Lycissa Amelie Malfoy!” Draco yells

Sky undoes the jinx, “you’re the one who taught her these jinxes. You called her doing this. She is your child Draco. Remember that, she’s the miniature version of you.”

“I know, I know. Maybe she will forgive me.”

“By the look on her face skipping out of here, she forgave you knowing she jinxed you and called you a dumb bloody git.” Blaise says while chuckling. ”

As Sky and Draco fall asleep, she starts screaming and crying in her sleep.

“Baby wake up.” Sky doesn’t wake up but continues to scream and cry. “Princess wake up. Please wake up.”

“What happened?” She says as she jolts up. He wipes her tear away, “You were screaming and crying in your sleep. What’s wrong baby?”

She lets more tears out, “I cant stop thinking about it—” Stopping then looking at him, “about you laying in my arms, practically dead. Seeing you lifeless. Not knowing if I would still have you or that I would have to tell the kids daddy isn’t here anymore. You know how scary that is? I can’t stop thinking about it. I was so scared, and I still am.”

He pulls her closer, “Come here baby. I promise I will never leave you. I won’t ever do anything dumb like that again. I wasn’t thinking about all of that. All I was thinking was getting revenge on Potter for hurting you and kidnapping our kids. I wanted revenge.”

“I don’t want anything to happen to you. I need you, we need you.”

“I know baby, I need you and the kids. I wish I could go back and change what I did. I would’ve never done that. I love you beautiful, you don’t realize how much. I was thinking about protecting you and our kids, not thinking of the possible outcomes it could have.

She smiles at him and plants a kiss on his cheek, “I love you, more than you know. I know all you want to do is protect your family, but sometimes the best way is to turn your back and be there with your family. I want to find Potter and destroy him for hurting you. Especially using my dad’s spell on you. How he knows it will always haunt me.”


“Do you think Sky is alright?” Pansy asks

Blaise holds her hand, “Honestly I don’t know. She saw the love of her life almost die in her arms. I don’t think she will ever be okay from that. Did you hear her screams?”

“Yeah, it was nothing like I’ve ever heard before.” Pansy replies. Narcissa throws her head back, “It was screams of horror. She was so scared, and I know she still is. And for all we know she could be upstairs screaming in her sleep, if she’s even sleeping.”

Draco walks down, “You guys still up?”

Blaise glances at him, “Yeah, just talking about Sky.”

“How is she Draco?” Narcissa asks.

Tears forming in Draco’s eyes, “Mum, I really don’t know. She was screaming and crying in her sleep. She’s up there puking now because of her stress. I’m getting her some oatmeal to help her stomach calm down. Mum what do I do?”


“Mum, I almost died in her arms. She almost lost me. All because I wanted revenge on Potter. I didn’t think of possible outcomes, and I almost died. She’s the love of my life and I almost left her to raise six kids alone because I was being stupid.”

Narcissa hugs him, “I know, but that’s something you have to live with. You can’t undo it. But be there for her. She needs you more than ever.”

“I know she does. I hate myself for it. I hope that one day she will forgive me for this.”

Draco doesn’t know Sky has been standing there listening to him. “I do forgive you Draco. I’m just scared. It’s haunting me. I almost lost you; I’ll never be able to forget. I’ll never forget holding your lifeless body in my arms. Screaming and crying for you to stay with me, that I need you, that I love you.”

He walks over to her, picking her up and her wrapping her legs around him, no matter the physical pain he is in, the pain the love of his life is going through seems more important than his own pain. “Baby, I’m sorry. I will never leave you again. We will stay home and not go back to Hogwarts. Just me, you, and the kids. We won’t leave them. It’s going to be okay princess. I’m not leaving you again, ever. Me and you, forever. Sky, after all this time.”

“Always, Draco”

“Will I ever be able to get over this or will it stay with me forever?” Sky asks

Narcissa peers at her, “I’m not sure sweetie, but just know that we are all here for you and will do whatever we can to help you.” Pansy prances over to the alcohol cabinet, “Do you want butter beer or fire whiskey?”

“Fire of course” Sky replies.

“I know we have rarely hugged in our whole time of knowing each other, but I really want to give you a hug. Can I?” Blaise questions as he looks for approval from Draco awaiting an answer from Sky. “I’d really like that Blaise” As she replies, Blaise gets up and hugs her tightly, “If you need anything, me and Pans are always here for you.”

Sky quickly chugs the tall glass of fire whiskey, holding the glass up to indicate she wants more, “Pans, fill it up. Hell just leave the whole bottle for me.” Draco sighs as he gets up, “Baby come on, let’s get you om bed. You don’t have to go to sleep, I just want to hold you.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Go lay down you two, you need it.” Narcissa says as she puts the glasses in the sink and the bottles away.

Draco and Sky go upstairs to their room, lay down in the bed. Sky has her head resting on Draco’s chest; he can feel there’s something wrong.

“Draco, I’m scared.”

Wrapping one arm around her, “I know baby. I should’ve never put you through something like this. I’m sorry. I won’t hurt or scare you again.”

“You don’t understand! Every time I close my eyes, I see it. I see you falling to the ground, me feeling like there’s nothing I can do to help you. I’m scared. I’m scared to close my eyes, I don’t want to see it happen again.”

Draco can feel her whole body shaking, pulling her closer and wrapping both arms around her. Sky can feel the tears pouring down his cheeks, landing on her shoulder. “I’m so sorry beautiful. Y’know you’re my princess, right?” She nestles her head in the crook of his neck, “Yeah, I know.”

“Good. I love you so much. Now try to close your eyes and clear your head.” Draco begins to sing her favorite song, ′Don’t Give Up on Me’ stroking her hair

I will fight, I will fight for you
I always do until my heart
Is black and blue
And I will stay, I will stay with you
We’ll make it to the other side
Like lovers do

“I love you Draco. The fact that you learned my favorite song, shows how much you love me.”

Kissing her forehead, “I heard your beautiful voice sing it so much in the shower, the words are always in my head in case you need to hear it and you don’t have anything near you to play it on. I would do anything, so you know I love you.” Pausing to look down at how she’s snuggled up on his chest and how tightly she is wrapped around him, “I’m right here beautiful, I promise nothing is going to happen. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. Just close your eyes and get some sleep. I’m not going anywhere princess.”

Within a few minutes Sky was asleep. She still dreamt of what she saw, but she felt Draco’s arms wrapped around her, knowing he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Anytime the dream would start she would open her eyes, glance at his peaceful sleeping and drift back off. She knew she was safe and that he would always protect her.

The next morning Draco and Sky go downstairs, and Draco brings up a movie day, “How do you guys feel about a family movie day since there’s a blizzard happening?” Everyone agrees.

“We are starting with Sky’s favorite movie.” Draco says. Pans looks at her, “the kids are going to hate it, so I’m in. Does this mean old time cuddles like always?” she laughs and replies to Pansy, “Damn right it does!”

In the middle of the movie Cissa and Blaise start arguing over what movie genre they’re going to watch next. Everyone is having a great time, just being together, laughing at the movie, comparing it to how real witches are compared to the one in The Wizard of Oz. Family has always been the most important thing to all of them. No matter how hard times have gotten, they have always had each other.

“This is just what we needed as a family; the kids, enjoying movies, and the ones we love.” Draco says as Sky puts her head on his shoulder, “It really is. How are you feeling Dray?”

“I’m feeling good. I have my beautiful wife next to me. Knowing that she’s forever mine, and that I am hers forever. How are you feeling princess?”

She lays her head on his lap, “Still scared and shaken up, but I’m better knowing I’m with you, safe in your arms, and that you won’t do something dumb like that again.”

After watching movies for eight hours, Cissa stands up, “Daddy, can we go upstairs?” He glances at all the kids, “Yes honey, just be careful and don’t hurt each other.”

“Do you want help getting Sky to the bedroom?” Blaise asks Draco

Looking down at her, “Nah, she’s comfortable. I’m not going to attempt to move her and risk her not going back to sleep or start having nightmares again. She fell asleep during the third movie with her head on my chest”

“Here’s a blanket for both of you” Pansy covers them up. “Thanks Pans. Do you think she will be okay from this?”

“She will never forget about it, but she will put it in the back of her mind as much as she can. Don’t expect her to ever really be okay because that image of you in her arms almost dead will always be in her mind. She will scream and cry in her sleep every so often. She loves you more than you could ever imagine, and almost losing you, she lost apart of herself. Just be there for her Malfoy, and don’t be stupid again.”

Running his fingers through Sky’s hair, he leans down kissing her forehead, “I’m never going to do something like that again. Knowing I almost died in her arms, and her almost losing me forever made me realize that I can’t think about revenge for myself. I have to think of her and the kids, and that they need me. I have to be here for them. I need to make things right with her, help her put it in the back of her mind, but with Potter out there, I don’t want to risk anything.”

“Draco, you and I both know what you have to do. Regardless of how crazy things are right now. Do what you know how to do best with her.”

“Will you get me some water and an apple or two?” While Pansy is getting Draco some water and apples, Sky slightly repositions herself to where her head is on his lap in probably not the best way.

Pansy comes back in, “Here’s you... WOAH! Did she do that herself or did you move her?”

They both laugh lowly, “She did it. I’m not mad about it. I just hope she doesn’t move the wrong way.”

“You want me to dim the lights or shut them all the way off?” Pansy questions. Draco responds, “Dim them to the lowest setting. That way if she wakes up I won’t have to fight to see to get her to the room.” Before Pansy leaves the room, she bends down and kisses Sky’s forehead, “Goodnight Sky. Sleep tight angel. Goodnight Draco.” She dims the lights and heads up to bed with Blaise.

Sky slept all night, Draco periodically waking up to check on her. He constantly thought of ways to make it up to her for what he did, but like Pansy said, he knew the way. Something Draco was great at. As Sky was waking up, she could feel Draco playing with her hair and when opening her eyes, she say his dimly blue grey eyes and his gorgeous smile.

With his sleepy morning voice, “good morning beautiful” Smiling at him, “good morning. How did you sleep?” His eyes seeping into hers, “Considering I had you on me all night, it was amazing. How did you sleep baby?” “Amazing. I felt you play with my hair all night.”

“I wanted to make sure you were okay and if you needed anything you knew I was there if you woke up, had nightmares, or needed anything at all.” She leans up hugging him, “You’re amazing. I love you Dray.”

Draco lifts her up into his lap, “do you want to do some vow renewal shopping today?” “Are you sure you’re up for it? It’s only been three weeks.” He hugs her, “Baby, I’m fine. I’m up for it. I promise princess. Plus the kids are skiing with Fred and George.”

“I feel like they love Fred and George more than they do us. They never want to spend time with us unless Fred and George are with them.” We both laugh and Sky says, “It’s a twin thing probably. They still love us, don’t worry.”

They both get ready and go shopping for wedding stuff. They have already bought most of the stuff they need. “Are we doing the big extravagant dress or not extravagant?”

“Whatever you choose my love, you will look stunning in. It will be outside, so whatever you want.”

Once back at the house Sky tells Pansy and Ginny, she wants them in the renewal since they were in the original wedding and she couldn’t do it without them. They’re best friends, more like sisters after all these years. They are raising kids together and living life together.

“Sixteen years of marriage, twenty years of being together. Did you ever think you and Draco would last this long?” Ginny enquiries.

“Gin, I never thought we would make it a year of dating. I always thought he would find someone better than me. I thought Lucius would have an arranged marriage for him with Daphne or Astoria Greengrass. But here we are, and I wouldn’t change our lives for anything. If I had to go back and do it all over again, I would do it the same way. Our life is perfect.”

Pansy smiles with a tear rolling down the crease of her eye, “six beautiful kids, a beautiful home, amazing family and friends. You’re finally a Dark Arts professor. Everything you ever wanted.”

“I’ve been thinking of not going back to Hogwarts—” Sky starts as Ginny and Pansy look at her with wide eyes, “— We miss the kids and with Potter out there, I don’t want to leave them alone. Even if they are with mumsy and y’all.”

“Well we are all going to be there next year. We both took jobs at Hogwarts and Lucius talked to the ministry about letting about building a manor on the outsides of Hogwarts so all of us can come. We will all be together again, even while working.” Ginny explains and continuing, “So how is Draco feeling?”

Sky looks at dresses for the girls and herself, “He says he’s fine, but I think he’s just saying that to make me happy and not worry.”

Pansy pulling a dress out for Sky to look at, “I heard him tell Blaise that he does feel good and that it really opened his eyes up to what’s important and how bad he messed up.”

“He’s been super sweet to me and not wanting to leave my side for the past three weeks.”

Gin laughs, “That’s great. He’s always been super sweet to you, but he needs you and he’s being strong for you.”

“Hey ladies, how’s it going?” Blaise asks as him and the guys walk up to us.

Draco kisses Sky, “did you find a dress my love?” She kisses back, “We all did. I can’t wait.”

“You’re going to look perfect baby. I just know it. Hey Ginny, how are you doing?”

“Hey Draco. I’m good, just ready for Goyle to be back with us already.” Ginny answers. Draco looks at her, “He should be back in a day or so for the wedding. He misses you a lot. But we will see you ladies later, we have to finish getting our stuff and Goyle’s. See you at the house in an hour or so?”

Everyone is back at the house and just finished eating dinner. The girls are helping Narcissa clean up the kitchen while the guys are in the living room drinking some brandy and the kids are upstairs getting ready for bed.

“GINNY! I’m back sweetheart!” Goyle announces as he apparates into the living room of the vacation house. Ginny runs and jumps into his arms planting a kiss on his lips, “Goyle! I missed you so much!”

Sky walks in, “Welcome back GG!” He laughs that after all these years she still calls him GG since his name is Gregory Goyle. The name stuck but only she has ever been able to call him that, Draco and Blaise do on occasion to mock Sky. “Thanks Sky. How’re you feeling Malfoy?”

“I feel good. Back to normal finally.”

Blaise stands up, “You guys get remarried tomorrow. Are you excited? You get to do it all over again?”

“I can’t wait. To believe it’s been sixteen years of marriage to Draco Malfoy. I couldn’t want anyone better”

“I know princess. I love you so much, I’m ready for another 100 years with you, and maybe a few more babies” Draco says winking and smirking at her.

Vow Renewal Day

Skyra’s POV

“Sky, it’s your big day! You get to remarry Draco!” Pansy yells as I’m in the dressing room putting my dress on.

“I know! It’s going to be perfect. I’m so glad we are all still friends. More like sisters and I get to share this day with you again.”

Ginny laughs, “Pansy help me zip this damn thing up!”

“Okay girls, let me see you in your dresses!”

Both of the girls walk out in Emerald Green A-line cut dresses, with tank top sleeves. Long with a slit on the left leg, “You both look absolutely amazing!”

“Your turn Sky!” Pansy yells.

I come out in a Black dress with lace sleeves with design, slit in the left leg, Black heels, curly hair, and natural color makeup

“Hot damn! If he doesn’t fall in love with you all over again, he’s an idiot.”

Snape walks in, “Are you ready honey?”

“I am dad. Who’s officiating?” I reply as Ginny answers my question, “George is.”

Snape has a tear fall down his cheek, “You look beautiful sweetheart, Draco is a lucky guy. I can’t believe you have been married sixteen years today and been together twenty years today. I’ll try not to give him the evil look this time.”

“I think he would be okay with it”

Draco’s POV

“Are you scared mate?” Blaise ponders

“Even though we have been married for sixteen years and together twenty, I’m still scared. I still want to be the best man for her and the kids.”

Blaise replied, “You were sixteen years ago and you still are mate.”

Blaise nudges Draco’s arm as he sees Sky walk down the aisle and how beautiful she looks. Snow starts to slowly fall

“Dude she’s as beautiful as last time.” Goyle whispers

Blaise leans to you, “Oi, mate look at her.”

A tear falls down your cheek, “She’s absolutely perfect. I got so lucky”


As Snape walks up with Sky he looks at Draco, “Take care of my daughter Malfoy, or I’ll hurt you”

“Just like last time. Some things never change” Blaise jokes

George begins the ceremony, “We are here today to renew the vows of two amazing people. They have been married for sixteen years and their love just continues to grow. They have prepared their own vows. Draco, you may go”

Draco grabs Sky’s hand, “Skyra Snape Malfoy, twenty years ago today I asked you to be my girlfriend, and sixteen years ago we became husband and wife. We have six beautiful kids together, built a manor, and our love has grown. I can’t imagine a world without you. I love you more than anything. I’m ready to spend another 100 years with you, and hopefully a few more kids.”

Sky has tears rolling down her cheek as George says, “Sky, you may go”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy, sixteen years of marriage to you. Feels just like yesterday that we said ′I Do.′ I couldn’t do life without you. Me and the kids love you so much and need you. I love you and if I could have another 100 years with you, I will be the luckiest woman alive. Who knows maybe a few more kids. We have forever to go with each other.”

“You two make me sick. Act like you deserve to be happy. You don’t deserve anything other than pain. You will pay for everything” Luna appears

“Crucio” Pansy pulls her wand out. I pull mine from my side, “Incarcerous”

Draco shakes his head, “Wow, even our wedding day, they never give up. Continue George”

Lycissa stands up, “You stupid bitch, ruining our parents wedding. Didn’t mummy ever tell you it was rude to crash a wedding? Oh wait your mummy blew herself up. Crucio!”

Pansy leans in and whispers in Sky’s ear, “She’s definitely yours and Draco’s daughter. Mainly his”

“Other than Luna, does anyone object?” George questions. No one objects, “Draco, do you take Skyra to be your wife?”

“I do”

“Skyra, do you take Draco to be your husband?”

“I do” She smiles at Draco

George smiles at everyone, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. Again. Draco you may kiss your bride”

Draco kisses Sky passionately, “I love you beautiful. I’m ready for the next 100 years.” She kisses back, “I love you Draco. Let the next 100 years come on. I’m ready”

Sky looks at Luna tied up, “Blaise, Goyle, take Luna here to the mansion please.”

“Are you going to change or go in your dress Sky?” Blaise questions

She giggles, “I feel like a badass in the dress, so maybe I’d like to have fun doing this in the dress. Let’s go boys. We will be back. Pans, wanna come?”

“Mum, dad, can I come?!” Lycissa runs up and yells

“Draco?” Sky asks. He looks at her then at Cissa, “Come on baby, let’s go.”

Pansy runs up, “Hell yeah, I’m coming!”

As they apparate back to Malfoy Manor in the cellars, Blaise and Goyle have Luna tied up to a chair.

“So Luna, tell me where your little boyfriend is.” Sky says walking towards her.

“I’m not telling you shit! Draco over there will get what he deserves again.”

Lycissa pulls out her wand and pokes in Luna’s throat, “You little cockroach!” How dare you speak to my mum like that! Who do you think you are?!”

“Cissa, baby, she’s not worth it” Draco says with his hands on her shoulders

“Just like her mum, all talk, no action. Don’t worry once I’m done with your dad, you’ll be next, then your mum has to watch her husband and her first born daughter die. Right before I kill her. You’re just a little bitch, just like your mum. I’m going to have fun torturing you little girl.” Luna taunts Lycissa while laughing sadistically.

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