Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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As they apparate back to Malfoy Manor in the cellars, Blaise and Goyle have Luna tied up to a chair.

"So Luna, tell me where your little boyfriend is." Sky says walking towards her.

"I'm not telling you shit! Draco over there will get what he deserves again."

Lycissa pulls out her wand and pokes in Luna's throat, "You little cockroach!" How dare you speak to my mum like that! Who do you think you are?!"

"Cissa, baby, she's not worth it" Draco says with his hands on her shoulders

"Just like her mum, all talk, no action. Don't worry once I'm done with your dad, you'll be next, then your mum has to watch her husband and her first born daughter die. Right before I kill her. You're just a little bitch, just like your mum. I'm going to have fun torturing you little girl." Luna taunts Lycissa while laughing sadistically.

Without any hesitation or question both Sky and Lycissa pull their wands out, yelling, "CRUCIO!" Pansy looks in Draco's direction, "She's definitely her mum when it comes to being sadistic." "Don't even remind me," Draco says

"Someone get me the pensieve. Lycissa baby, make her cry."

Lycissa looks at everyone, "what spells can I use and can't use?" Draco smirks, "Anything other than the killing curse. Do whatever you have to, to make her cry." She gets a sadistic smirk on her face as she slowly turns her head back facing Luna, "You're going to wish you never messed with the Malfoy family."



Tears begin to roll down Luna's face as Sky catches some tears in a vial, pouring them into the pensieve. Sky puts her head in for a few minutes, pulling it out.

"Sky... What did you see?" Pansy questions

Sky looks at Pansy, "He's... He's in Austria. Going after Servius..."

"Blaise, Goyle, go. NOW!" Draco screams. Sky puts her hand on Draco's shoulder, "Babe, you can go. We got this."

He gives her a look, "I told you I'm not leaving you. Plus I want see what our little Cissa can do."

Sky whispers in his ear, "Do we spare her or let Cissa have some fun?" "Let me go talk to your grandad. I'll be right back."

Draco leaves the room to talk to the Dark Lord, as they wait for him to come back, Sky walks around Luna, running her fingers in her hair, trying to taunt her with a laugh. Five minutes has passed by and Draco comes back to the cellars.

"Do as she please but he said to wait. He wants to see this."

A few minutes have passed by, "We are here." Lycissa runs up to Voldemort, "Hi Great Grandpa Tom! What're you doing here?"

"To see you have fun sweetheart. Now go on and do whatever you'd like honey."

She walks over to Luna, lifting Luna's chin with her wand, "what should I do with you? Should I spare you? Torture you but let you suffer the rest of your life? Blow you up like your mummy blew herself up?"

As Lycissa continues, Draco wraps his arm around Sky's shoulder whispering in her ear, "She may look and act like me ninety-seven percent of the time, but she's your daughter when it comes to this. As if you two share the same merciless mind for torturing."




"Legilimens!" Cissa begins to see the many memories of Luna during Hogwarts and how she believed she was so smart because of her being in Ravenclaw. Seeing how rude she was to her parents because she believed everything that Potter had ever said.


Cissa bends down, "you think you were so smart and special because Famous Harry Potter was friends with you? Newsflash, my mum and dad always have been and always will be smarter, braver, and better at everything than you or those friends of yours." Looking in Draco's direction, "daddy, can I? Can I do it?"

"Sky? Can she?"

With a sight of hesitation, "I'm not sure, she's still fairly young."

Voldemort looks in their direction, "Lycissa, let your mum or dad do it. Maybe soon sweetheart, just to get a little older."

"Any last words Lovegood?" Sky ponders with a shit eating grin on her face.

"This isn't the end Malfoy's. You won't make it very far."

With no hesitation, Sky pulls her wand out and chuckles, "Goodbye Luna Lovegood. Avada Kedavra!" Luna's body goes limp as Sky says, "Reducto!"

Draco puts his arm around Sky and kisses her, "even in a dress, you're absolutely amazing." Leaning to her ear murmuring, "tonight, you're mine beautiful."

Pansy looks in amazement, "is there anything you don't make look good? Damn you totally killed it!"

"Nope, everything she does it perfect, especially when she..." Draco is cut off, "Don't you even go there Draco Lucius!" He leans down and kisses her softly, "Sorry my love, I can't help it. Just look at you and how perfect you are."

Cissa fake gags, "Get a room, please for the love of Merlin!"

They all laugh, "Pans, take Cissa back to Austria with the rest of the kids. We will be there shortly. I want to shower and change." Draco glances down to Cissa, "Be good for your Aunt Pansy. We will be back soon. Watch over your siblings."

As Pansy, Lycissa and everyone left, leaving Draco and Sky, she turns to him, "I'm going to take a shower."

She goes upstairs, slides out of the dress, turning the water on. Before she gets in the shower, she feels cold hands wrap around her waist and light kisses on her shoulder and collarbone. "You did amazing tonight Mrs. Malfoy. First at our vow renewal, you looked immaculate. Then watching you abolish Lovegood, just topped the cake...We didn't even get to enjoy our reception with the rest of the family."

"I'm sure we will get a reception tomorrow."

With a little grin, "Until then, you're mine."

He picks her up by her thighs, carrying her into the marble shower, water dripping down their bodies. Pushing her back against the wall, kissing and biting at her neck and chest. Placing his hand around her throat knowing that it turns her on.

"I want you in control my love" He says sitting down, placing her feet gently on the floor. Sky gets on her knees, kissing up his thighs until she reaches his shaft. Rubbing and stroking it as she places her lips on the tip, sliding her mouth around him, bobbing her head up and down.

"Fuck baby girl. Yes, just like that"

She continues to suck him, increasing the pace, then slowing down, then speeding back up, using one hand to massage his balls as the other strokes him while she sucks and licks him. Standing back up, she sits on his lap, rubbing her heat against him, moans releasing from his mouth. Guiding him inside her, she bounces and grinds on him.

Placing his hand back on her throat, she begs for more, while grinding him on, making him let out loud moans. He grabs her thighs, standing up walking them to the bed, throwing her down and climbing on top. Kissing her from her forehead down her body.

"Such a dirty slut for me, aren't you"

"Mmm, Draco, please"

"Please what little girl. What do you want?"

"I want you to fuck me harder daddy. Please"

A grin appears on his face, looking down at her, "As you wish baby girl."

Eight hours, multiple rounds and orgasms, they finally finished. Their heartbeats are in sync, as he falls on her chest. She places her hands on his back, massaging him, as he hums, "You were such a good girl for daddy. Did daddy please you?"

"Yes, daddy you did. You truly did. I hope I pleased you." She kissed his forehead. "You always do my princess. No question about that. Now let's get a quick nap in before heading back to Austria."

They fell asleep for three hours, waking up, getting dressed and heading back. Once they arrived, they were welcomed by Blaise.

"You two had a good night." His eyes looking at Sky's chest. Draco smirks at him, pushing the hair out of Sky's face, "Try amazing."

Looking at him with those you better not eyes, "Shh, babe be quiet. That's our secret." "Don't worry my love, all they know is what we do. Never the details."


A month, almost two passes by and the kids are having a blast. Fred and George are loving spending time with all the kids, they love them, and the kids love their uncles. Mainly since the Weasley twins are just big kids.

"Pansy, Ginny, do you want to go to town with me for a little while?"

Both agreeing to go. They get dressed and on the way to town Pansy asks, "So what're we going to town for?"

"Well, I'm really late and I need a test..."

"Oh my Merlin! Yay!" Ginny screeches

Looking at them both worriedly, "What if it's positive and he's not happy about it?"

Pansy grabs Sky's hand, "You heard him, he wants to have more kids. Sky, he wants an entire army of kids with you." She nods her head to what Pansy says, "But is it too soon?"

"He's been trying to get you pregnant for a year. If you're pregnant then he would be ecstatic, it's perfect!" Ginny says as her light chocolate brown eyes meet Sky's Blue hues.

Sky knew that her best friends were right. Draco Malfoy wanted to populate the wizarding world with a ton of Malfoy kids. She was completely in love with the idea of having more kids with him; the life they chose together could just keep getting better.

Arriving back at the vacation house, the girls sneak into Draco and Sky's room, her taking the test, pacing back and forth waiting for the five minutes to pass by for the results. Five minutes pass by and she walks back into the bathroom


They both come running into the bathroom, as Pansy questions, "Are you okay?!" She hands them the test with both lines are dark and very much positive.

Ginny and Pansy jump up and down in excitement. "How do you think I should tell Draco?"

"I have an idea. Hide the test and let's go to town" Pansy comments. Sky puts the test in her bag in a hidden compartment that no one knows about.

The girls go to town and get all the supplies they need, heading back to the house, getting it put together. They purchased a box, a onesie that says, "Hello DADDY" along with a small bear, printing out a paper that says, "We are Pregnant!" and places the pregnancy test inside the box. "You really think this is going to be special for him and he will be happy?"

Both the girls look at her and Pansy takes her hand, "I really do. It's going to be absolutely special regardless. He's going to be so happy to have another Malfoy baby. Now, Lycissa, she may not be happy since all the attention won't be on her." Sky and Ginny laugh, "She will always be her daddy's girl. No new baby can change that, but the attention won't all be on her."

The girls walk downstairs as they hear everyone come inside, Sky kisses Draco's cheek, "Love, do you want to get dinner? Just the two of us?"

"I would love that darling. Do you need to change?"

"No, I'm ready. Are you?" He kisses her, "Let me get changed." He walks upstairs and changes, coming back down. "Let's go beautiful. You're absolutely perfect and glowing. Y'know that right?"

Smiling and giggling, "You never let me forget it love."

They leave and arrive at an extravagant restaurant. Having the table set with a candle, a glass of brandy for Draco. "Did you plan all of this?"

"I sure did. You're not the only one who can plan a surprise dinner."

"Skyra Malfoy, you never cease to amaze me. I love you." "I love you Draco"

Dinner consisted of steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes, asparagus, broccoli and pumpkin pasties. After they finish eating, Draco goes to the loo, giving Sky time to place the box in front of his chair. Returning to his seat, he sees the box.

"What's this love?"

Giving a worried smile, "Open it, you'll see."

Draco opens the box and sees the pregnancy test, "Baby, are you being serious right now?!"

Tears start to form in her eyes, "You're mad about it, aren't you? I told Pansy and Ginny it was too soon. I'm sorry..."

He moves her to his lap, her looking down at the floor, putting his finger under her chin, lifting it up, "No! Baby, I'm not mad. I'm so happy about this. I've been wanting another baby for a while. I knew what I was doing the night of our vow renewal. I made that at least one of the rounds would get you pregnant. I want so many more kids with you. I want our home to have babies running around again. The sight of them taking their first steps, their first words, everything. I want that again."

"I want it too Dray. I miss it all. You always plan this stuff don't you?"

"Well, you know I want a big family, and I only want a family with you. Therefore, that involves getting you pregnant and it's normally in the same way. I can't wait for this new baby or babies. This means I get to see that beautiful baby bump again." He lets out a soft moan. He loves the baby bump. "I love you princess"

"I love you handsome. I can't wait either. I wonder how Cissa will take this?" He smiles, "She wants more siblings, they all do. Let's go tell everyone the good news baby girl."

Sky hugs Draco tightly, "Dray, can I ask you something?" "Of course you can baby"

"Why did you choose me all those years ago?"

Without any hesitancy, he lifts her chin up, glaring in her eyes, "Why did I choose you?"

Flashback to when they were 10

"Draco, stop! Your mum is going to ground us!"

"I don't care. You shouldn't have tried to hide from me!"

Draco tackles Sky and tickles her where she laughs uncontrollably. "Dray, please stop tickling me!"


Narcissa, Snape, Bellatrix, and Lucius are watching them

"I don't like this. That kid of yours needs to keep his hands off of her"

"Severus, calm down, don't you see how happy they both are"

Back outside

"I wish we could tell our parents about us Sky"

"I know, I do too, but my dad really doesn't like you."

Draco rolls his eyes, "I know, but he's going to have to get over it, because one day, I'm going to marry you and we are going to start our lives together and have kids."

"Do you mean it?"

"I love you Skyra Snape. And when we are older, I am going to marry you and we will have an amazing life together"

"I love you Draco Malfoy and I can't wait to see where our life goes. But we're 10, you'll change your mind about us when we start Hogwarts"

"I will never change my mind about you or us. You're beautiful and sweet as could be. Now let's go climb the Oak tree and hide from our parents."

End of Flashback

"Baby, I chose you because you are beautiful, sweet, funny, loving. I remember when I were 10 years old and I told you I was going to marry you and have kids with you. I could've never chosen anyone other than you. I miss when we were younger, and we had to sneak around to hide it from our parents and friends. It was secret time with us. But I would choose you over and over again. I don't want anyone else. I love you baby."

Tears start to pour down Sky's face and Draco pulls her into his arms holding her tightly, "Dray, I love you. I'm so glad that we made it through Hogwarts. I could never imagine my life with anyone other than you. Our kids and everything. I'm so thankful for you. I would choose you every time too, no one could ever compare to you."

She looks into his icy eyes with her tear-filled Blue eyes, "Thank you for everything you have given me in life."

"It's not only what I've given you, but it's what you've given me. And that is everything. You are my everything angel."

"It's me and you forever. Always" Sky responds

Draco kisses her forehead as she nestles it in his chest to get rid of her tears, "Let's go tell everyone the news my love." They walk through the park on the way back to the vacation house as they watch all the little kids laugh and play. Both of their faces lit up as the once again were going to be able to have that.

As they make it back to the house, they are greeted by all the adults in the kitchen area, talking, laughing, and having a grand time.

"Hey guys" Sky says as they all look at her.

Narcissa can tell she has been crying, "Is everything okay? Draco what did you do to her?" He looks down at Sky then back at his mother, "— I didn't do anything. Well, I did, but—" He puts the box on the table so they can open it. He can feel Sky shaking, worried what everyone will say, other than Pansy and Ginny.

Once the box was opened and everyone say, Blaise looked at them, "You're pregnant?!" Blaise picks Draco up, spinning him around. Everyone laughs as if this is Draco's first kid, "Blaise put me down or I'll puke on you!" He was then planted back on the ground. Both the Weasley twins say, "WICKED!"

"Malfoy are you kidding me?! Again, really?!

Narcissa shakes her head in Snape's direction, "Severus, calm down. This is wonderful. Another baby, or knowing you two, babies."

Pansy hugs her, "I told you he would be happy about this." Ginny chimes in, "We called it. He wants an entire army of Malfoy babies."

Draco kisses her cheek. She looks at him then at the girls, "I know, I should've known he wouldn't be mad, just the worry I guess." He picks her up, placing her on his lap, one arm around her waist and one on her stomach, "I love you beautiful and I wouldn't want an army of kids with anyone other than you." "I love you Dray. We should go tell the kids."


They walk upstairs to where all the kids are, playing, reading, and having fun. Cissa is on the couch, legs on the back of the couch, reading a book Sky would read her when she was little. One of the only muggle books Draco liked, due to the literature of it. Even Snape and Lucius were fond of the book. Pride and Prejudice. The boys were looking out the window at the ski slopes wanting to go, but the slopes weren't open yet.

"So kids, your mum and I have something to tell you." All the kids jump up and yell, "what is it?! Are we going skiing?!"

Draco laughs at the boys, "No, not yet boys. Your mommy is pregnant and going to have another baby or babies." Lycissa jumps up and hugs Sky and Draco, "Yes! I called it!"

"You really wanted another sibling, didn't you Cissa?" Sky questions, hugging her daughter back.

Cissa looks at Sky and Draco, "Yeah, we've all been wanting another one or two." Draco picks her up like she's a little girl, "Well mum and dad made it happen angel."


A few weeks have gone by and everyone was back home. The kids wanted to go with Narcissa and Lucius to the London Zoo. Shockingly, Lucius had no arguments when Narcissa told him. He may be the man in the marriage, but when it comes to the grandkids, she wears the pants in the relationship, and he knows not to mess with her plans with the kids. In some shape or form, Lucius Malfoy was scared of his wife when it came to her son, daughter-in-law, and the kids.

Draco and Sky have an appointment to check on the newest Malfoy apple. They reach St. Mungo's hospital

"Good afternoon Malfoys. Are you ready to check on that baby or babies?" Madam Pomfrey asks. The sweetest nurse they have ever encountered. Not only was she the nurse for Hogwarts but was also a nurse at St. Mungo's when school was out.

They both nod their heads. Madam Pomfrey takes them back to the room and gets Sky set up on the table, hooking her to the machines.

"How many babies are there Madam?" Draco questions. She looks at him, "There is only one baby this time. The first single Malfoy baby I have seen since you were born Draco."

Sky giggles, "How far along am I exactly?"

"You are around eight weeks, so right at two months. Next appointment we will get a sonogram of the baby"


"I love you princess, y'know you will always be safe with me, right?"

Looking up at Draco, smiling, "I love you more. Of course I know I'm safe with you. I always have been since we were kids."

"Good—" Draco cups her face, running his thumb across her cheek, "—you're absolute perfect in every way. I'm so glad you said yes to be my girlfriend all those years ago. Life would be intolerable without you or the kids."

Kissing his cheek, "I'd go back and say yes a million more times. You're all I've ever wanted, and I wasn't going to let you go. You and the kids are my world." "This baby is so loved already and has the best mum."

Staring into his eyes, "Remember when everyone found out about me being pregnant with Lycissa and Servius?"

"I was so worried about you, especially with the task. I always wanted to make sure you were okay and I didn't want to leave your side. Your dad—"

Sky cuts him off, "Bloody hell, he was so pissed off at you for getting his little demon pregnant. But look at us now."

"He still gets pissed off when I get you pregnant. I just can't keep my hands off of you and to myself. When someone has a wife like you, they wouldn't be able to either.

Leaving the hospital and heading home, they walk into Malfoy Manor and see everyone pacing and Draco knew.

"What's wrong? Why is everyone pacing?"

Snape snaps his neck up, "There's a problem..."

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