Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Leaving the hospital and heading home, me and Sky walk into Malfoy Manor and see everyone pacing and Draco knew.

“What’s wrong? Why is everyone pacing?”

Snape snaps his neck up, “There’s a problem...”

“Like the kids got into a fight and broke something kinda problem?” Sky questions

Snape looks at me then back at her, “No, something a bit bigger than that. The kids are fine, it has nothing to do with them at all.” I look at him, “Well, what happened then?” “Sky, your mum was taken by Potter and some others you attended Hogwarts with.”

“TAKEN?! LIKE KIDNAPPED?!” She screams

Father bluntly says, “Yes sweetie. We are trying to find her. When you watched Lovegood’s tears, Potter wasn’t really after Servius. He was after your mum.”

“No. No. No, this can’t be happening!” I stride to her, grabbing her face and picking her chin up, “Baby look at me. Please don’t stress yourself out. It can hurt you and the baby. Think of the baby.” I rub her stomach to remind her that the baby needs her.

“What do we do?” She questions. Father replied, “You do nothing at all. We have this under control, but we need Draco with us…” Everyone in that room knew the response she was going to give was not going to be okay with this.

“NO! He can’t!” She begins crying, “It’s too dangerous!” She’s crying so bad that she’s hyperventilating and not able to breathe much.

I pull her to my lap, sit her down, rub her back, holding her close, and letting her cry. “Baby, I won’t be gone long. I’m going to be okay. They need hep in finding your mum and I’m going to help them. Please don’t cry, you know that it kills me when you cry, princess.” “I don’t want you to go, I want and need you home with me.” I cup her face, “Baby, I’ll be back. If anything goes wrong, I’ll throw Crabbe in front of me. I promise”

“Why me?!” Crabbe yells

Goyle laughs, “Because you’re the only one who doesn’t have a wife, kids, or anything. You’re at the top of the list to die first. It goes you, then me, then Blaise, and Malfoy last.” Crabbe looks as if he’s going to cry, “Why is Malfoy last?”

“Because you git, he has the most to lose.” Blaise tells him.

“We aren’t going to let anything happen to him honey. He will be safe.” Snape walks over to her and says. Father glances at her, “We only need him for a few hours. He will be home by dinner.”

I pick her up off my lap as we both stand. She wraps her arms around me and squeezes as hard as she can, still crying. “You better come back home to me in one piece Malfoy! I love you so so so much. So do the kids and this little apple.”

“I’ll be home in one piece princess. I love you more than you could ever know. You, the kids, and our little apple. I’ll be home soon my love. I promise.” I kiss her then leaning down to her stomach, kissing it.


A few hours have gone by since the guys have left to search for my mum. I’ve been in the library pacing back and forth trying to keep myself calm and not stress, for the baby. Pansy has been there trying to talk to me about the baby, but I can’t think stop worrying about Draco. Narcissa made tea for us along with some cut up apples and caramel sauce for my snack.

“Narcissa, can you come here. Pansy, Skyra stay wherever you are!” Lucius yells

Narcissa leaves the library, “Oh my god! Lucius what happened to him?!” She shouts. I hear crying, a familiar cry that I’ve known for years. I have to make sure I wasn’t right. I get up and start heading to the door of the library.

“Sky, he said to stay.” Pansy told me. I turned towards her, “Pansy, I hear Draco’s cries! I have to see if it’s him!”

I open the library door, going into the hallway. I listen and hear cries from the office, so I run to the door. As I reach the door, I hear the cries intensifying, opening the door I see him. I see my Draco on the floor

“DRACO! Baby, what happened to you?!”

Through the pain, tears, and his attempts to not scream, he grabs my hand, “I’m find, I told you I’d come home to you.”

I look at Lucius, not only with anger but sadness and tears pouring down my face, “What happened to him?” Lucius looks at me with sorrow, “Things got out of hand, we were outnumbered. We told Draco to leave and when he tried to disapparate Dean Thomas did too, causing Draco to get splinched.”

“NARCISSA, WHERE ARE YOU WITH THE DITTANY?!” Lucius screams loudly. She runs back in the room, “I’m right here. Draco, sweetie, this is going to hurt and sting.”

Draco takes my hand and squeezes it tightly, “I’m sorry baby, I love you. I promised I wouldn’t get hurt and I’d be safe, but I did. I’m sorry love” I rub his head, running my fingers through his hair. The thought of him in pain like this is killing me, I want to help him. “It’s okay love, I’m right here. It’s going to be fine; you’re going to be fine. I’m not leaving your side and I’ll take care of you baby.”

“Fred, will you help me take him upstairs to their room? Come on Sky, he needs you.” Lucius asks Fred and he obviously helps. I follow them up and lay next to him, rubbing my hand across his face. Lucius glances at me next to Draco, “I’m sorry this happened. We never should’ve taken him with us. This wouldn’t have happened, I’m sorry Skyra.” He shuts the door and walks out, leaving me and Draco alone.

“Don’t cry beautiful, I’ll be okay. I have the best nurse there is, right next to me.”

I kiss him forehead, “Why is it you’re the one who got splinched and you’re having to tell me not to cry?”

“Because I need you calm for the baby. Plus, I hate seeing you cry. Come lay down please, I want your head on my chest”


A few days have passed, and Draco is starting to act like his normal self again, but still taking it easy for me. I start changing out the gauze on his shoulder; seeing his arm so damaged that I want to cry, but I remember what Draco said.

“How are you feeling Dray? You need anything?”

He smirks at me, “I need your lips pursed against mine. I haven’t had a real kiss from you in four days. I need more than a one, more than a few.” I roll my eyes at him, “You’re something else Malfoy.” I kiss him multiple times; feeling the sense of happiness grow across his face. “What do you want for breakfast love?”

“I want you for breakfast, lunch, dinner with a side of hot damn my wife is fucking beautiful.”

He knows exactly what to say to make me smile, “Draco Lucius! That’s how I keep getting pregnant!”

“I can’t help it. You’re just so perfect and I would be fine having you for all my meals for the rest of my life.” He kisses me “Draco! What actual food do you want? Pancakes, eggs, bacon, apple with orange juice?”

“I would like that a lot angel.” As I start to walk out of the room he whistles, “Damn that ass! One reason I can’t keep my hands to myself.”

Going downstairs to get his breakfast, I see Narcissa and Lucius sitting at the bar, “How is Draco doing?” Narcissa questions.

“Well your son is back to being his normal self, that’s for sure.” Lucius laughed, “he’s trying to get you to sleep with him, isn’t he? Or is he just very horny?” Shaking my head, “very horny. Won’t keep his hands off of me, no wonder I keep getting pregnant” I giggle. Grabbing his food and heading upstairs.

I walk in the room to him staring at me like he want’s to attack me. Not in the violent way, but that he needs some love. “Here love, I got you more than normal since you haven’t eaten much. When you get done I have to clean your wound and change your bandages.” He takes his food, “Why are you so good to me?”

“Because I love you and I know you would do the same for me.” “I love you beautiful.”

“Now eat. I’m going to check on the kids. Poor Fred got a black eye from play fighting with Eli but he actually hit Fred. Cissa called it a knockout dragout.”

Draco gives off a chuckle, “She’s definitely my daughter. Thank you for everything babe. Especially loving me and giving me beautiful and sassy kids.” I walk out and after twenty minutes I come back laughing.

He looks up to me, “What’s funny princess?”

“The kids are giving Fred and George makeovers. Ginny is helping and Pansy is guiding them.”

“Can I feel the baby’s heartbeat?” He questions. I nod my head yes, “you don’t have to ask babe. You can do it whenever you want.”

“Reperio Fordus” he places his hand on my stomach, feeling the baby’s heartbeat. “I can’t believe there’s another baby on the way. I’m so happy we get to do this all over again.” I grin at him, “Me too. Who knows, maybe we can have another after this one. I’ll give you the whole army of Malfoy kids you want.”

I move his plate from his lap and start taking the bandages off, patting the spots to dry them, putting ointment on the spots to heal them, putting new bandages on. “Am I hurting you?” He lays his head back down, “No, you’re doing it perfectly. Thank you, my princess. Can we cuddle all day today?” “Of course we can handsome.”

Once all the kids get in the movie room and Draco every snack we can think of, he put the movie on. I have my head on Draco’s shoulder, his arm wrapped around me and one hand on my stomach. Lycissa laying with Enzo, Bella and Aurora laying together and the boys on separate blankets.

“I love movie days!” Thomas screeches and Lycissa joins in, “me too! I can’t wait until the baby is here so they can enjoy family time with us!”

Me and Draco look at each other and smile as I say, “You’re really excited about the baby aren’t you Cissa?”

“Mum, of course I am. We need another sibling after this one is born!”

Draco shakes his head as he puts his hand on Cissa’s shoulder, “slow your roll sweetie. Let your mum have this one first, then we will discuss it. Right now, let’s just have a good time with movies.”


“Dammit Bella! Stop trying to tickle my foot before I kick your teeth out!” Cissa yells

Bella twists her head in Cissa’s direction, “or what? You’re going to tell your father? He’s my father too you spoiled brat!” Cissa gets up and begins to punch Bella in the face rapidly, “that’s what I’ll do you stupid bitch!”

“Lycissa Amelie! Bella Marie! STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! This is supposed to be a good family movie day! Not you two fighting! Fuck!” Sky gets up and goes to the room with tears falling to the floor in disbelief that her daughters would even try to do this on movie day.

Draco is immensely furious with his daughters, “Can you two get along for one day?! That’s all we wanted, but now your mum is crying because of you two! And don’t even say ’it’s the pregnancy hormones,’ because it’s not. It’s two of her daughters acting like spoiled brats! Both of you are grounded! No tv, phones, or anything. Give me your wands, now. You will say in your rooms until I say. You won’t act like this again!” Both of the girls hand them their wands and phones and go to their rooms, slamming the door like that will help their case in any way to get their stuff back. All it did infuriate Draco more.

Draco goes to his and Sky’s room and sees her crying, face and eyes are bloodshot from all the crying. Her eyes have become puffy and having to continuously blow her nose. “Baby are you okay?”

“Why can’t they stop this crap for a few hours?! All we wanted is a nice movie day and they can’t even do that for us! With everything we do for them, this is how they repay us!”

Draco wipes her tears away and pulls her into his strong but loving embrace, “I know princess. I grounded them. I took their wands, phones, and TVs. They have to sit in their rooms until I say. Let’s go enjoy the movie with our good kids.” He kisses her forehead. Draco leads Sky downstairs and all the kids look in their direction.

“Mum are you okay?” Servius asks her as he gets up and hugs her. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Aurora looks disappointed in her sisters’ actions, “Sorry about Bella and Cissa. They really need to grow up.”

“Yeah, they really do, but they’re both brats, so I expect nothing less.” Thomas replies.

For the rest of the day everyone watched movies. At dinner, Cissa and Bella came down and stayed silent the whole time, refusing to apologize to Sky and Draco or to each other. At the end of dinner Draco looked around at how the awkward silence was bothering Sky, so he spoke up, “okay everyone to bed. Tomorrow I expect everyone to get along and no bullshit. Bella, Cissa.”


Three months have passed by and things have been great. The house at Hogwarts has finally been completed and everyone is in the process of moving things in.

Draco finished moving their bed into their room when he sees Sky trying to move some boxes, “baby, do you need help? You shouldn’t be moving that alone.”

“I got it love.”

“My love, you’re six months pregnant, you don’t need to be moving that stuff alone. Let me get it.”

She sighs in annoyance that she is just trying to help, “okay. I’m just trying to stay active. The baby is kicking the most and hardest when I’m sitting still.” He grabs her hand, “well just walk around and move only small stuff. I won’t tell you again baby girl.”

“Fine… Ooo, hurry Dray, the baby is kicking!”

Draco puts his hand on her stomach and feels the strong little kicks, “wow! Such strong kicks. I know we said we wanted to wait for the gender, but I want to know.” She smiles at him, “I want to know too. So next appointment let’s ask.”

“Has everyone got everything put away?” Sky questions

Ginny replies, “Yeah we do, I got dinner cooked for us!” Pansy’s eyes widen at the word food, “Ooo food! I’m starving!”

“Yeah, me too!” Sky says

Blaise not realizing what is coming out of his mouth says, “You’re pregnant, of course your hungry Sky.” “Are you calling me fat Blaise Zabini?!” Sky’s eyes turn red and she becomes angry. Goyle puts his hand on Blaise’s shoulder, “you fucked up now Blaise. Might as well say bye to Pansy and the kids!”

“You’re definitely not fat. I just—” he pauses as George tells him, “think very carefully of your next words. They may be your last.” Blaise gulps, “—All I was trying to say is you’re eating for two. You and the baby. You’re definitely not fat! After six kids, three of your pregnancies being twins, you weren’t fat. Never have been fat, never will be.”

“Nice save mate. My wife would shred you to pieces and I wouldn’t stop her.” Draco implies. To him, she is still the most beautiful human to walk the Earth. Skyra Snape Malfoy is the love of his life and the woman he would choose over and over again, no matter what.

Pansy laughs, “Damn Blaise, that was a quick save.” “Be glad you saved yourself from that one Zabini. I still love you even if you basically “insinuated that I was fat.”


As school started, it was time for the sorting ceremony to begin. Me, Sky, Ginny, Pansy, and Snape all sit at the professors’ table in the Great Hall preparing for the ceremony. Today our two boys get sorted and Sky seems nervous asking, “what houses do you think the twins will get?”

“I have a feeling that Eli will be a Hufflepuff, he’s too sweet. Thomas, I feel will be a Slytherin.”

“I agree with Draco,” Ginny implies as does Snape.

Pansy looks at the boys standing with the group of first years, “I think they will both be in Slytherin. I’m not sure, it’d be great.”

“I love them regardless.” Sky tells us.

Professor McGonagall stands up next to the sorting hat, “when I call your name come to the stage to be sorted into your houses.”

After fifteen students get called, “Thomas Malfoy”

Thomas walks up on the stage as McGonagall begins to place the hat on his head,

“You are cunning


A leader

And clever


“Of course the one named after two Slytherins would be in Slytherin,” Pansy says with a smile.

Snape takes a deep breath, “why do I feel like he’s going to be exactly like Draco and Lycissa and make my life hell.”

Sky laughs at him, “well dad, his middle name is Draco. Him and Cissa are super close, so there is a good possibility.”

“Eli Malfoy” McGonagall yells

As Eli walks up to the stage, I can feel a nervous feeling take over my body. He sits down and she places the hat on his head,

“Another Malfoy!

I sense courage,


And slight cunningness.

Hmm, difficult, very difficult.

Let it be…


I feel defeat come across me, “What?! No! No way!” Sky grabs my hand, “Baby it’s okay. We will deal with it, and he will be fine. Nothing is going to happen to him.”

“Sky, he can’t be in Gryffindor, he’s the first Malfoy to ever be sorted out of Slytherin.”

She looks at me and her beautiful Blue eyes seep into mine, “Draco, listen to me. No matter what house he is in, he is our son, and remember he is a Malfoy. He has the blood of Riddle, Snape, and Malfoy in those veins. He’s strong and he has siblings who will make sure nothing happens to him. He will be okay. Think this way, now it shows that not all Malfoys are seen as evil. Look at Cissa, she’s feared by all of her year and most of the other years, even the older kids.”


A few weeks later me and Sky go to the doctors appointment. We found the gender of our baby, but we want to keep it a secret until the baby is born.

“Are you happy about it?” I question her

She giggles, “I would’ve been happy either way. Just knowing that we will be adding another bundle of joy in two months.” I kiss her, “I know, I’m so happy about it. I can’t wait to see you holding our newborn baby. Every time it reminds me when we first had Serv and Cissa. It was perfect.” I can feel a tear run down my cheek but is wiped away by her soft thumb. “I will never get enough of you holding our babies. You’re always so beautiful, but when you hold them in that hospital bed it makes me realize all over again how perfect, beautiful, amazing, and strong of a woman I married.

“Oi, this one has the strongest kicks and absolutely loves my bladder.”

I smile at her looking down at her stomach, “I’m really going to miss the baby bump.” She makes that disgusted look, “Why? I look ginormous! This is going to be the biggest baby!”

I cup her face in the palm of my hand, “baby, you are beautiful, and you are not ginormous. You are perfect. The bump just adds more beauty to you. You have never been big, never will be. You’re perfect just like always.” I kiss her and pull her to my arms. “Dray, you’re so good to me and I don’t understand why. Never have to be honest. I didn’t do anything to deserve it.”

In dismay of what my beautiful wife said, I pause and just look at her. She’s always been so modest that she doesn’t see what I see, just like I don’t see what she does in me. “My beautiful wife, I’m so good to you because you deserve it. All you had to do was be yourself. You’re everything to me and have been since we were ten. You always say that you were worried I would find someone better than you, but every day I woke up thinking that that day would be the day you would stop loving me and find someone you who was better for you.”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy, I could never stop loving you, ever! You have always been the best for me; no one could be better for me than you! Don’t ever question that, please. I love you.”

“I love you princess.”



“You really think you’re going to trip my brother and get away with it?!” Cissa screams to another student.

The student laughs, “the fact he got tripped by a girl or the fact his sister has to fight his battles? I can’t tell which is funnier and more pathetic.” Eli grabs Cissa’s arm, “Cissa, it’s not worth it. Come on.”

Aurora hears Lycissa yelling at the girl and comes up to Eli, “what happened Eli?” “Ava and her friends tripped me and called me the family freak and disappointment because I’m in Gryffindor and not Slytherin or Ravenclaw.”

“You aren’t the family freak or disappointment. We don’t care if you aren’t in Slytherin, you’re our brother and we love you no matter what.” Aurora tells him

Ava and Cissa continue to argue back and forth, “what’re you going to do about it Malfoy? Tell your father that I tripped bitch boy of the family? He is probably disappointed he has to claim him as his son, or his bitch of son.” Ava and all her friends laugh.

“No, I’m not going to tell my father Ava,” Cissa says as she punches Ava hard enough to knock her to the ground. “That’s all you got? Weak bitch”

Aurora’s eyes widen as she knows what’s about to happen as she says, “oh shit. I know that look too well.”

“Did you just call me weak Ava?”

“I did Malfoy” Ava says with a grin

Cissa starts wailing on her. Cissa has one leg on each side of Ava continuously throwing punches, yelling, “call me weak again Ava! Or does the cat got your tongue?!”

“Come on Cissa, let’s go!” Aurora tries to tell her sister.

Cissa starts laughing a sadistic laugh, while she continues to hit Ava. “No, I’m going to show this bitch not to mess with the Malfoys or call any of us weak! Just because he isn’t in Slytherin doesn’t mean he isn’t as crazy as the rest of us! You have no idea who you’re fucking with!” She continues to hit her until she is suddenly picked up

“What the hell is going on Lycissa?!” Snape says in his loud monotone voice.

She tries turning her head while still being held up in the air by Snape, “she tripped Eli and called him the family freak and disappointment because he’s in Slytherin and not Gryffindor. Then she had the audacity to call me weak and she thought I was going to tell me dad. She had to learn a valuable lesson on when you mess with one Malfoy, you mess with all of us.”

Sky and Draco run up, “Dad?! Why do you have Cissa in the air?!” He looks at them as if they’re blind and can’t see Ava on the ground with blood oozing out of her mouth and nose. “Look at Ava!”

“Lycissa Amelie Malfoy, why did you do this?!” Draco says sternly

She huffed that she once again has to tell the story. “She tripped Eli and called him the family freak and disappointment because he’s in Slytherin and not Gryffindor. Then she had the audacity to call me weak and she said ‘what’re you going to do? Tell your father about this?’ She had to learn a valuable lesson on when you mess with one Malfoy, you mess with all of us. I’m sick of her shit! Expel me, I don’t care, no one is going to mess with Eli or call him the bitch boy of the family, just because he’s not in Slytherin. I’ll continue to pulverize her and anyone who wants to mess with him or any of my siblings!”

“This reminds me of the time you pulverized Hermione Granger for getting us in trouble with your dad and us getting detention.” Draco commented.

Aurora looked shock at the thought of her mum being like Cissa, “Mum! You got in a fight like this?!”

Draco laughed as the memory popped in his head.


“Professor, Skyra and Draco are doing inappropriate stuff under the table to each other!” Hermione yells

“Ms. Snape, Mr. Malfoy, detention! Ms. Granger please focus in class instead of other students.”

After class, we walked out of the class, Sky walked up to Granger and started punching the shit out of her.

“Granger, if you kept your nose out of other people’s business, maybe someone of than Ron and Mr. I’m the Chosen One would actually like you. Plus no one like a know-it-all mudblood. One day I’ll make sure you aren’t here, you filthy little mudblood.”

End of Flashback

“It wasn’t a fight, your mum kicked her ass.” Draco told them with a proud smile on his face. The thought of the fight turned him on realizing how hot she was back then and how hot she is now.

Ava begins to move and Cissa stomps on her nose, “stay down you filthy little mudblood freak!”

A few days pass by and things seems to be going fine.

“Cissa, baby please talk to me!” Lorenzo says as he’s chasing her down the hallway. Cissa continues to stroll down the hall, “Leave me the fuck alone Parkinson!” “I didn’t mean it Cis! It didn’t mean anything at all!”

Cissa stops in her tracks and turns to face Lorenzo and with a stare of death she looked at him, “Yeah! Because having sex with Hollie Greengrass means absolutely nothing! She tried ruining my brother’s life. You’re a piece of shit Lorenzo Parkinson!”

“I only slept with her three times!”

“Three times?! Are you fucking kidding me?!”

Hollie walks up to them, “Hey baby, what’re you doing talking to these idiots?” He huffed, “now isn’t the time Hollie. I’ll find you later.”

Servius walks over them and puts his arm on his sister’s shoulder, “no, go with your little slut and leave Cissa alone!” Bella takes Cissa’s arm, “come on Cissa, let’s go to the dorm.”

“No, I’m fine. It’s time for me to play the game back but do it better.” Cissa says while her eyes graze the corridor, “Hey Diggory!”

“What’s up cutie?” Justin Diggory asks. The son of Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang. He is 5’7”, brown hair and brown eyes and plays on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a chaser.

Cissa smiles and whispers in his ear, “I need you to pretend to want to date me and act if you want to shag me.” He whispers back, “does it have to be fake? If it were real, it’d make it better.” “I’m good with that Justin.” He smiles, putting his arm around Cissa placing a kiss on her cheek, “well then baby girl, how about we go back to the dorm and you can tell me about your day sweetheart.”

“Where do you think you’re going with my girl Diggory?” Lorenzo yells as he pushed through people. Cissa laughs, “Actually, I’m his girl.” Justin puts his hand on her hip pulling her closer to him.

“Come on baby, don’t stress him,” Justin says with a smile.

Cissa smirks and kisses his cheek, “I’m not. Let’s go.” And they walk off to the dorm.

Thomas says, “our sister is a total badass. You fucked up Parkinson.”

“Your sister has some balls for leaving me for Diggory!”

Thomas laughs, “more like you have some balls thinking that’re you’re actually going to cheat on a Malfoy with that thing.” Lorenzo looks at him, “at least Hollie lets me have control. You Malfoys have a control issue. Get it checked out.”

Before Thomas can even think about leaving, he grabs Lorenzo by the throat shoving him against the corridor wall, “you ever go near my sister again, I’ll show you control issues! You understand me Parkinson. Keep you and your whore away from us and especially Lycissa!” Bella glares at him, “you are definitely just like Cissa!”

“Your family has issues. No wonder none of you has anyone. Everyone is too scared of you. Just like that bitch of a mother you have and that psycho dad.” Hollie says to them. Bella walks over to them, “keep your mouth shut Greengrass before you end up like your little friend Ava!”

Sky walks up to them, “why is your sister holding hands with Justin Diggory and not Lorenzo?”

“He was sleeping with Hollie Greengrass and Cissa wanted to get revenge, so she pretended to get laid by Diggory.” Bella tells her as Servius elbows Bella, “by the looks on their faces, it was more than just pretend.”

“Lycissa Amelie Malfoy! What the hell are you doing with him?!” Draco shouts as he sees her holding hands and kissing Justin. She giggles, “Dad, calm down. It’s nothing major. Just a little mindless vandalism.”

Sky knows if she doesn’t step in then things will get out of hand very quickly. “Draco, love. Calm down, it’s okay. They’re teenagers. It will be okay.” He glances down at his wife as she looks at him, “fine but if you hurt her Diggory, I will hurt you like I did your dad.”

Snape walks up and looks Draco up and down, “you sound more like me everyday Malfoy. The same way I talked to you about Sky, you are talking to guys about your daughters.”

“I’m not going to hurt her, I’m not Parkinson.”


“Lycissa, I’m so sorry about Lorenzo” Pansy says to her. She looks at Pansy trying to hide the hurt in her eyes, regardless of being with Justin, “it’s not your fault. I just don’t understand honestly.”

“Aunt Pans, what happened to him? Why did he change out of nowhere?” Servius begins to question. Pansy looked at him with disappointment in her brother, “no clue. He’s being a dick, but I told him to stay away from you Lycissa. He won’t bother you anymore.” Justin hugs Cissa, “I’ll keep you safe from him. I promise.” Him and Cissa both walk away.

Bella chuckles, “Well, I know what’s about to happen.” Sky looks at her in a sharp manner, “Stop Bella, before you upset your dad.”

“This can’t happen.” Draco says getting angry and upset all at the same time. “Come on babe, let’s go talk.”

Sky takes Draco to their room in the house, “sit down, you’re tense and need a little relaxation.” She says as she begins to massage his shoulders. He lets off a small fake smile, “mmm babe, that feels good. You always know how to relax me.” She kisses his shoulder, “well, we’ve been together for so long, I know you better than I know myself anymore.”

“I should be the one giving you a massage. You’re the pregnant one, not me.” She giggles, “baby, you’re tensing up again” She starts kissing his neck and massaging his back with instant relaxation. He rolls over and sits her on his lap, rubbing lotion on her stomach, “does that feel good princess?”

“I’m supposed to be helping you, not you doing this Dray.”

He kisses her, “this relaxes me. Taking care of you and rubbing lotion on your stomach.” He moves his hands around your stomach, gently poking so he can feel the baby kick. After about five minutes, he feels the kick of the baby, “the baby’s kicking. So damn perfect.” His eyes light up when he says this. In that moment Sky could only focus on how happy her husband was, “you really love the baby bump don’t you?”

“Of course I do. I have since your pregnancy with Cissa and Serv. I remember the first day that you walked around school without the hiding charm. That was the day I knew that I wanted to have an army of kids with you. If you could have the bump forever, I would be ecstatic. I love you so much Sky.” “I love you Dray.”

There’s a knock on the door, “mum, dad. It’s Bella, can I talk to you?” “Give us a minute sweetheart.” Sky says

“Come in.” Draco tells her as she opens the door and comes in their room. “Thomas is going to end up killing Lorenzo. He’s going around spreading rumors about her. Talking about her sexually and all.”

Sky nods her head, “Okay sweetie, thank you for telling us. We will handle it.” Bella walks out of the room closing the door.

Draco looks at Sky in anger, “I’ll kill him! He says anything sexually about my daughter to other people!” Sky grabs his hands and places them on her stomach and the smile reappears on his face as he feels baby Malfoy kicking. “Thank you beautiful.”

Lycissa hears the rumors that Lorenzo has spread throughout the whole school about her She overheard two third years talking about it when she walked by and became so heated, she went to find Lorenzo.

“Parkinson!” Her voiced boomed in anger. He turned to face her, “what do you want Malfoy?” Lycissa could feel her body temperature rising. Her siblings and students in the corridors staring at her. “This is going to get really good.” Thomas laughs

“What’s with all these rumors about me being bad in bed?”

He laughs, “it’s just as it sounds. You take control and won’t let anyone else have fun. It has to be your way. The Malfoy way.”

“You weren’t saying that when you were in my bed screaming my name, moaning, and begging for more.”

Students start oohing and awing over what Lycissa just said.

“Oh shit!” Thomas shouts

Bella laughs, “fuck yeah! Tell ’em Cissa!”

Lorenzo walks over to her, “it’s called faking it honey.” Nodding her head, knowing that he never faked it, and she was going to make sure that everyone knew that. “Sure it was. Is that why I always had to get off of you because your pull out game sucks?! Telling me that you wanted me to feel your dick throbbing from coming so hard in me?! Tell me, does that sound like faking?”

“Just stop before I embarrass you Lycissa and make you cry.” He tells her getting in her face.

Chuckling because she knew she was about to expose him and make sure he was embarrassed. “Oh you mean like you’re still scared of the dark and have to sleep with the bathroom light on?” Pausing to see the reaction from him and her fellow classmates, “or that you’re scared there’s a monster under your bed. Oh wait! Here’s something. How about the time I came in the dorm and you were wearing my thong because as you said ’they’re comfier than my boxers and they’re soft. I need some of these!’ Or am I not remembering correctly?”

“You fucking bitch! You’re going to pay for that.” Lorenzo slaps her and calls her a whore.

Thomas and Serv look at him, “you’re dead Parkinson!” Lycissa shouts, “Stop! I got this!”

She grabs him by the hair and starts slinging him around, “come on Parkinson, call me a whore again. Entertain me” As she lets go of his hair and starts to walk off, he grabs her hair yanking it hard, pulling some of it out, “you like that don’t you, you slut? You love being called that. You aren’t that good in bed, so good thing you are a kink and like being degraded. But is it really degrading if it’s the truth?” He slaps her again, this time causing the crease of her lip to bleed.

Lycissa feels the blood sliding down her lip and she wipes it off, grabbing him by the throat and pushes him against the wall. “You like that don’t you? You like being controlled like the little bitch you are!” She punches him multiple times, causing a bloody nose and a broken jaw. “Keep talking shit Enzo, see what happens. I hope that our relationship haunts you and makes you regret ever cheating on me. Remember, I’m a Malfoy with Snape and Riddle in my veins, I get what and who I want.”

Justin gulps and adjusts himself, “so fucking hot!” Serv glares at him, “that’s still my sister Diggory. Watch it!”

Lycissa continues to punch Enzo to the point that he’s knocked unconscious, “keep. My. Name. out. Of. Your. Filthy. Mouth! Come on babe, let’s go.” Justin picks her up and puts her on his back, “Okay sweetheart!” She kisses his cheek, “just wait until my father hears about this one! Scared Parkinson?!” She laughs as Justin carries her away.

“Why is Lorenzo on the ground bleeding and knocked out?” Pansy questions as her, Sky, and Draco walk up.

Aurora chuckles, “three” Bella continues, “Words”

Sky confusingly looks at her twin daughters, “what are you talking about?”

“Lycissa” Thomas says

“Amelie” Servius continues

“Malfoy” Eli finishes

Draco glances down at Lorenzo and then back up as Bella pronounces, “Hell yeah she did! Best thing I’ve ever seen!” “Why did she do this?” Sky queries

“Enzo here decided that he wanted to spread rumors about her being bad in bed and they got into an argument. He slapped her and called her a whore. Then… Game over!” Servius declares with a grin on his face

Bella sustained, “short version. she grabbed him by his hair, he slapped her and called her a whore. he grabbed her by the hair, called her a slut along with some other crude things. She grabbed him by the throat, pushing him against the wall, punching him. He said he was going to embarrass her, but she embarrassed the shit out of him, and then continued to punch him until he was unconscious.”

“I’m actually not even mad at her.” Draco says with an impressed tone

Pansy looks at her brother, “I’m proud of her. Brother or not, he crossed a line that he knew was dangerous. I’ll deal with him when he wakes up.”

“Is it bad I wish I could’ve seen her do this?” Sky asks with a laugh. Pansy laughs back, “no, I wish I could’ve watched her. She’s definitely her mum and dad combined into a short-fused firecracker.”


“You were so hot back there. Scary but hot babe,” Justin says as he kisses my neck while I straddle his lap. “Just know, if you start a rumor about me, that will happen to you too.” He stops kissing my neck long enough to gulp, “you don’t have to worry about that, what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.”

Biting my lip, “oh really now. Well, what’s going to happen in the bedroom right now handsome?” He starts kissing down my neck biting deep in my collarbone, “whatever you want to happen. You’re so beautiful baby.”

“Your body is so incredible, and you are beyond handsome. I’m all yours.” I whisper into his ear. Flipping me on my back, pinning me to the bed, “give me a safe word Cissa.” Safe word? I think to myself what’s the safe word for. “What?” I question

He looks at me and without hesitation he says, “safe words. Give me one, that way when you want me to stop you say your safe word.” “Stripes”

“Don’t say a word or move unless I say so.” I nod my head in agreement.


Justin reaches to his collar and slowly pulls the strings of his robe, watching it fall gently to the ground as if it were enchanted by the dark lord himself. He stands tall in his uniform. Cissa’s eyes can’t help to fall to his belt drawn by the bulge forming in his tweed pants. She eyes his buckle, biting her lip. Her fixed gaze intently keen to unravel the mystery of Justin’s now very visible manhood. Her gaze is broken by the shining family ring on his moving down to grip his belt.

She watches as the sharp dagger drags its way down her sweater, effortlessly cutting it.

“Sharp isn’t it? It was my father’s and his fathers before his and his father’s father before his. It’s been in the family for eons.” He expertly moves the blade up to her throat, the point resting just above her collar bone, he begins to trace it down between her breast, the blade cutting at the thin fabric of her shirt.

“Dragons Tooth was used to pierce the scales of the mightiest of dragons.” Justin watches as Cissa’s shirt falls open. Her beautiful full breast, adorned in emerald green and black lace, heave up and down with the pounding of her heart. Justin traces the studded dagger back up her stomach, careful as to leave small traces without drawing any blood. He stops just under the clasp of Cissa’s bra, and right at her heart. “It was used to kill hell serpents, but it’s true purpose was said to be to carve out the heart of God himself.” Justin quickly flips the dagger upward cutting.

He looks down at her body and sees her vulnerable body basically begging for him. Taking the dagger down to her hip bone and watches her eyes flicker anxiously waiting on his next move. “Remember your safe word angel.”

Pressing the dagger into her hip, firmly carving a heart into her. Not once does she think about saying her safe word. Throughout the intense pain she pushes through and lets out a moan, making Justin smirk. He goes over the heart a few times. After seeing the work he created on her, he takes his head down to her hip, sucking and licking the blood off of the heart, and without any warning, he shoves his fingers inside her. She squirms and screams in pleasure.

“Fuck Justin! Please, I want it!”

He obeys and shoves himself in her, pounding into her. Knowing that he won’t last long after seeing her handle the pain of the dagger and how she didn’t yell. Grabbing her throat biting his bottom lip.

“Please! I’m going to cum. Please let me cum for you.” Screaming as she bucks her hips up not caring how tight the ropes get. He pounds into to her harder, deeper and faster, making me scream. “Cum for me you dirty slut. I want to feel your warm juices cover my dick. Cum you slut! NOW!” He feels her wall clenching around him as she releases herself on him with tears running down her face as he releases himself in her. Both of them panting as he falls next to her.

“You didn’t say your safe word.”

She smiles while trying to catch her breath, “I sure didn’t.” He runs his fingers on the heart, “why didn’t you?”

“I didn’t want to.” She kisses him as she climbs back on top of him while he runs the dagger down her arm. “You handled it so well Malfoy. Especially with the knife.” Smirking at him, “I’ll do it again Diggory. I’ve never let anyone take control of me before, but I think I will let you do it more.” As she finishes her sentence, her dorm door opens, “Cissa baby,” Draco says as he starts to walk in until he sees her sitting on Justin’s lap with no clothes on.

“Oh god, sorry. Come find me when you’re done.” Draco says as he walks out and shuts the door. Hating that once again he sees his daughter on top of a guy in bed.


I walk back to the room, slamming the door, yelling, “why do I always walk in on her?! Why did he have a knife in his hand? Is she a kink like you?!”

“Draco Lucius! Calm down. You don’t knock, just walk in. You can’t be mad when you don’t knock. As for the knife, I don’t know. Ask her, but don’t be mad at her response.”

A knock on the door as it opens, “mum, dad. You wanted to see me?” Lycissa asks as she walks in. Looking at her, “Yeah, we did. But first… Why did Diggory have a knife in his hand when I walked in?!” “Do you really want to know dad?”

Sky shakes her head, “I think I know, but I’m not sure.” I screech, “let me see right now Cissa!” She pulls the bottom of her shirt up and pulls her joggers down just a little, revealing the carved heart on her hip.

“Lycissa Amelie Malfoy!” I say. “Dad calm down, I had a safe word if I wanted him to stop, but I didn’t want him to. I let him do this.” My eyes widened, “A SAFE WORD?!” Sky cuts in, “okay, back to why we called you here! What happened with Lorenzo?”

She looks at her mum, “he cheated on me with Hollie Greengrass. Not once, not twice, but three damn times! Then he wants to say I’m not good in bed and he slapped me and called me a whore. So, I beat his ass.”

“Well apparently you’re willing to do anything so how are you bad in bed? Y’know never mind, I don’t want to know. Talk to your mum.” I walk around the room pacing.

Sky looks at her, “so what made you not good in bed?” Cissa bows her head, “I guess I took control too much. He didn’t like it and I didn’t pleasure him enough, even though I had to get off of him before he came. I let Diggory take control and it was amazing!”

“Lorenzo just couldn’t handle it. And it could be since you were each other’s first time with everything. He may have just wanted change, but he will be back.” Sky tells her. “Did dad ever do this? Because you were each other’s first time and all?”

I stop pacing and gleam at her, “No! I would never do that! I love your mum and I have way more respect for her than Lorenzo has for you. Your mum may have been crazy and the worst thing she did was slap me and beat a girl’s ass twice, once for kissing me under a love spell. Your mum was my world back then and she still is my world.”

Cissa looks at both of us, “so what do I do? Wait for Enzo or live my life with Justin?” “Live your life baby. Enzo messed up, don’t sit around and wait for him, but please be careful with Justin.”

“I’m still going to beat his ass for carving that heart into you. Safe word or not. He cut into your skin!”

“Dad! I liked it. I wanted it. I could’ve told him to stop but I didn’t want him to stop. It was just mindless vandalism and a lot of adrenaline!” Sky looks at her, “Cissa baby, leave before you stress your dad even more.”

Lycissa leaves the room and I grab Sky pulling her to me, “she’s definitely a kink like you. Can’t say I’m surprised, but I am.”

“You’re the kink Dray. That’s how all these kids keep happening, but I love it. Wait until this bump is gone. You’re done for.” I smirk and pull her lips to mine, “we don’t have to wait until the bump is gone princess. I can be a kink for you but gently enough for the baby.”

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