Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Following Footsteps

“Dad! I liked it. I wanted it. I could’ve told him to stop but I didn’t want him to stop. It was just mindless vandalism and a lot of adrenaline!” Sky looks at her, “Cissa baby, leave before you stress your dad even more.”

Lycissa leaves the room and I grab Sky pulling her to me, “she’s definitely a kink like you. Can’t say I’m surprised, but I am.”

“You’re the kink Dray. That’s how all these kids keep happening, but I love it. Wait until this bump is gone. You’re done for.” I smirk and pull her lips to mine, “we don’t have to wait until the bump is gone princess. I can be a kink for you but gently enough for the baby.”


Two months have passed by and Sky can give birth any day now. Things with Justin and Lycissa have been good, Draco still doesn’t like him due to the fact he carved a heart into his daughter’s hip. Lycissa has been skipping classes with Justin just to prove a point to her parents, mainly Draco, that they can’t control her happiness.

“How are you feeling beautiful?” Draco questions Sky as she sits on the edge of the bed in her Green silk nightgown. Looking up at him as she grunts from a kick of the baby, “ehh, this child kicks me harder than any of the others did. It hurts and is, making me want to die.”

He walks over to her, bending down and places his hands on her stomach rubbing it, “don’t say that baby. Not much longer until the baby is here. It’s going to be okay, I’m right here my love.”

“Well you have a Quidditch match in an hour that you have to be at.”

“Are you going to stay here my love?” Questioning as he stands back up, walking to the wardrobe grabbing his Quidditch Coach/Referee jersey. Sky can’t focus on anything he just said, her eye’s staring at her husband’s abs, muscles, and just how perfect his bare torso is. Not wanting him to put that jersey on and just stay in bed with her all day. “Babe, are you listening to me?” He asks her.

“Sorry, what’d you ask? I got distracted.” She giggled and so did he, “You were staring again. But are you going to stay here and rest?”

“Hell no I’m not staying here. I’m going to put on whatever Slytherin clothes fit me and I’m going to support our kids and watch my handsome husband do his thing.”

He kisses her forehead and finds her come Black pants and Slytherin stuff, “Okay, come here and let’s get you dressed and out to the field for the game.” She gets dressed, “okay love, I’m ready.” “Baby are you going to be warm enough? Here’s my scarf and jacket to keep you warm.”


“I can’t believe that Bella and Thomas both decided to join Quidditch this year,” Blaise says aloud as they wait for the match to start.

Sky looks around the field, “I knew Thomas wanted to, but Bella was a complete shock.” “She’s going to be great, they both will. I still can’t process that Lorenzo is with that hoe Greengrass. He hasn’t said a word to me since I told him to leave Lycissa alone.” Pansy says. “She’s happier than ever. Justin brought out of a soft side in her that I didn’t know existed.” Sky replied in a happy manner.

Goyle leans forward looking at Sky, “just like you with Malfoy. You brought out a soft side in him that we didn’t know existed. But it was a good thing for him.”

“Good afternoon Quidditch fans! We have a good match against Slytherin and Hufflepuff. This year Slytherin has two new players. Thomas Malfoy as Keeper and Bella Malfoy as Beater. Now lets welcome the referee and coach, Professor Draco Malfoy” the announcer says.

Both the Slytherin and Hufflepuff teams are on the field as Draco flies out on his broom. Sky can’t help but stare at him.

“Thomas Malfoy blocked another point from Hufflepuff.”

“Pucey and Bella Malfoy gaining up on Matthews. Matthews is down.”

“The score is 50 Slytherin, 20 Hufflepuff.”

Sky yells, “come on Cissa! You got this!” Her eyes follow Cissa gliding through the field chasing after the Golden Snitch, until her eyes see Draco on his broom looking around the field at all the players. That is until their eyes meet, and he shoots her a quick smile and an I love you look. Draco shouts, “Come on Slytherin! Pucey watch the buldgers!”

“Why is it after all these years he still looks perfect in a Slytherin jersey. Those muscles. Dammit!”

Blaise laughs, “it’s just your hormones.” Pansy interrupts, “actually no its not. He still does look really good in his jersey.”

The announcer comes over the intercom, “Greengrass is having difficulties with her broom.”

“Training for the ballet Greengrass?” Cissa says laughing and smirks.

“Lycissa Malfoy catches the Golden Snitch! Slytherin wins!”

Justin jumps up and down, “that’s my girlfriend! Go babe!” Lycissa flies over to him and kisses him, “thanks babe. Give me a few minutes to change and I’ll meet you outside the tent.” And she flies off.

After the match is over and everyone is standing around waiting on Draco, “you three did amazing. Congratulations.” “Thanks mum” Lycissa, Bella, and Thomas say in unison. Sky can feel the contractions becoming closer and when out of nowhere, “MALFOY!” Blaise yells

Sky hunches over, “DRAAACO!” “Oh my Merlin!” Cissa says

Draco rushes over, “wha—” before he could even finish his sentence, he sees Sky hunched over and water all around her, “— Come on princess, let’s get you to the hospital. It’s baby Malfoy time.” They get to the hospital as Madam Pomfrey welcome them, ” let’s get you a room Sky.”

“Damn you Draco Lucius Malfoy!”

Pansy giggles, “she’s going to say it again.”

“Why the hell did you do this to me Draco Malfoy?!”

“She will always say it, but after the baby is here, it’s all happiness and the baby will be worth it,” Narcissa tells everyone with a smile on her.

Madam Pomfrey gets them in a room, and it feels like it has been hours if labor when it has only been two hours at most. The contractions get closer.

Draco is holding her hand, “you’re doing amazing love. You are so amazing and strong.” He takes his free hand and moves the hair out of her face and kisses her forehead. Sky screams as she continues to push. “Two more pushes Sky,” Madam Pomfrey states.

After two more pushes excruciating pain, and squeezing Draco’s hand, the newest baby has made their arrival. “Congratulations you two. You are now parents of seven beautiful children. This will be one loved baby.” Madam Pomfrey says as she hands the baby to Sky.

Draco smiles, “yes he is.” Sky glares down at her newborn baby, “he is perfect.” “He’s the perfect combination of me and you princess. He has my skin complexion, hair color, but everything else is you.” She giggles, “he’s got your nose too, from when you were a baby. And his eyes are perfect combination of Blue from both of us.” “Do you want me to get everyone?” Draco asks as he looks at his beautiful son. Sky nods and he goes to get them.

As the whole family comes back to the room and they see you holding him.

Cissa smiles, “He’s so cute”

“He’s going to be a heartbreaker!” Thomas says

Everyone in the room agrees.

Eli questions, “I wonder who he’s going to be like when he’s older?”

“Have you decided on a name for the cutie?” Narcissa asks them

Draco and Sky look at each other, “we have thought long and hard about it. We got into a few disagreements about it.” Pansy interrupts, “y’all have never had disagreements on baby names before.” Draco looks up at Pansy nodding his head, “well, this is the first single baby we’ve had. The rest are twins and we had twins names easily picked out so picking just one name was different and difficult for us.”

“Well, what’s his name then?” Snape asks

Sky smiles as her baby boy grabs ahold of one of her fingers, “the newest member of the Malfoy family. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.” Pansy adds, “after the constellation.” Blaise continued, “and his zodiac sign is a Scorpio, just like his mum. He will be his mum’s baby forever.”

Justin leans in and whispers in Lycissa’s ear, “we’re going to have one of those soon.” She lays her head on his shoulder, “yes we are. Can I hold him mum?” Sky hands Scorpius to Cissa. And Cissa kisses his forehead and he grabs her finger, “you have six siblings who will always love and protect you Scorp. Me especially, I won’t let anything happen to you baby bro.”

“Well, we know who he’s going to be close with,” Ginny laughs. Justin stares at Cissa holding Scorpius, “she’s so perfect.”

“Draco can I talk to you outside?” Narcissa asks. Draco agrees and follows her out into the hallway. “Mum, why do I still feel a heartbeat? She’s given birth. It’s never done this before.” “It’s not twins is it?” Narcissa queries. “No, it’s just Scorpius.” They both look in the door window at everyone in the room wondering who it could be when Narcissa adds, “then someone else is pregnant. We’ll figure it out once you three come home.”

Two weeks have passed since Draco, Sky, and Scorpius have been home and things have been absolutely wonderful. Draco pulls Narcissa and Sky to the side, “Mum, I still feel it.” She replies, “I do too, but it’s not around Sky.” Sky scuffs, “well, I hope not since I already gave birth to this handsome boy. Who do you get the feeling around?”

“It’s only when I’m around Pansy, Ginny, and Lycissa are around each other, so I’m not sure which one it is.” Narcissa states as she grabs Scorpius from Sky and she starts rocking him. Draco says, “same with me. And since we know it’s not you, I think it’s Ginny.” Sky laughed, “Maybe she will announce something soon. I still hate that they decided to elope instead of an actual wedding, but I’m glad we were still there for it.” Me too, but we understand why they did it.” Sky leans on Draco, “I really want to ask Ginny if she’s pregnant.”

“She may not even know she’s pregnant.”


Flashback to a month ago

I’m two weeks late, it’s just stress. I’m not pregnant. I can’t be. I’ll take a test; it’s going to be fine.

Takes the test and waits five minutes and comes back and looks at it. PREGNANT +

Fuck, how am I going to tell him I’m pregnant? He’s going to hate me. What do I do?!

“Cissa, are you okay baby?”

“Justin, I need to talk to you about something.” He looks at her, “What’s wrong?”

Pacing back and forth in the room, finally stopping, “I’m pregnant Justin. I get if you don’t want to be with me. I get it.” He pulls me hand to his, “Cissa, calm down. I want to be with you, and we will raise this baby. It’s okay. We will work this out.”

“How am I going to tell my parents? My dad is going to kill me.”

“No he won’t, he will understand.”

She stops in her tracks and faces him, “Do you not understand? My dad, Draco Malfoy, the only person at Hogwarts who was known for his anger issues. Do you know what happened to the guys that even touched my mum in school?”


Letting off an evil chuckle, “the last people to touch my mum got their ass beat, put into the infirmary and endured the dementors kiss. Before the dementors performed the kiss, he said he would rather have his soul sucked out of him than to ever get his ass beat by my dad. My dad isn’t someone you want to mess with, especially with his wife or kids.”

“Everything will be fine Lycissa. I’m not going anywhere, and I’ll make sure your dad knows that.”

“Yeah, if you make sure he knows that, then maybe he won’t be so hard on us, especially me.”


During family night everyone is having a great time playing games when Ginny asks, “how’re things going with Scorpius?” Draco yawns and runs his fingers through greasy hair that hasn’t been washed in a day, “he is the only kid we’ve had that absolutely hates to sleep. It takes forever to get him to go to sleep. What the hell is sleep? Why is a one baby worse than two?!”

Blaise laughs uncontrollably at Draco’s pain, “know you know how I felt with Avander.” “Blaise, we aren’t scared of Scorpius like you were Avander.”

Lycissa and Justin walk in the room, “hey everyone!”

Draco looks at Sky and Narcissa and gives them a look.

“Hey Cissa, Justin.” Ginny says with a smile as Justin says hey back.

Cissa grabs Justin’s hand, “Since everyone is here, I want to talk to you.” “About what?” Sky asks.

Narcissa and Draco give each other a look and I know what’s going through their minds. I’ve been around and, in this family, long enough to know their thoughts just by their vague facial expressions. Although nothing has been said yet, the anger in Draco’s face is not being hidden well and the worry in Narcissa’s face is growing as Draco clenches his fists.

Blaise looks around the room, “Why am I scared right now?” Pansy hits his arm, “shut it Blaise. Let the girl talk. Continue Lycissa.”

“Well.. um...”

“I’m... pr— pregnant”


“Dad, I’m pregnant”

Draco stands up, grabs Justin by the throat, shoving him against the wall, putting his forearm in Justin’s throat, “YOU GOT MY DAUGHTER PREGNANT?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!”

“Dad, let him go!” Narcissa grabs her arm, “Cissa, you just need to let him get it out of his system instead of keeping it bottled up.”

“WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! MY DAUGHTER IS 16! SHE HAS HER WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF HER AND YOU RUINED IT FOR HER!” Draco screams while he begins to choke Justin, and he starts turning blue.

Sky yells, “Blaise! Goyle!”

“Mate come on!” Blaise says. Goyle adds, “Let him go Malfoy!” They are finally able to get him off of Justin and Cissa runs up to him.

“Babe are you okay?!”

“I’m fine baby.” Justin gives a stare to Draco, “What’s the difference between me and Lycissa having a kid at 16-17 and you and Skyra having twins at our age?”

Draco’s body language goes from starting to calm right back to anger and wanting to crucio this kid. “The difference?! Me and Sky have been together since we were ten years old! We were together long enough to know that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, forever. She got pregnant right before we got married and we didn’t find out until after we were married!” He stops and looks at his daughter in disgust, “you two have been together two to three months! You barely know each other! That’s the damn difference!”

“It doesn’t matter! There’s no difference between that age of you and us having kids.”

Draco turns around and punches Justin repeatedly, “it’s not the fucking age. It’s that you don’t even know each other. All you two have done is have sex!”

“We know each other.”

“What’s her middle name then?”

Justin laughs, “that’s easy. Her middle name is Brianna.” Lycissa goes wide eyed, “my middle name is Amelie.” “I knew that. I was just kidding.” Lycissa brushes it off, “okay. Dad, it’s different with us than it was you and mum.”

“How the hell is it different Lycissa?! Please enlighten me!” Before she could respond, his alabaster skin tone turns to a porcelain tone, “y’know what, I don’t even want to hear it!” Draco loosens his tie and storms out of the room.

Narcissa takes Scorpius out of Sky’s arms, “Sky, go after him. I’ll take care of Scorp.” Sky runs after Draco.

“Lycissa what were you thinking?” Narcissa questions her. She responds, “it just happened. I’m not upset about it. I don’t see why he’s so pissed. He can’t be mad, he got mum pregnant with me and Serv when they were 16!”

Pansy rolls her eyes and shakes her head, “after everything your parents taught you on being safe; birth control, vials, the ceptivo spell. There are so many ways you could’ve prevented this!”

Justin says, “I don’t see the big deal honestly.” Before Pansy or anyone could respond, Blaise trots up to him, “the big deal is, we saw Draco and Sky struggle raising twins at 16 and 17. Lycissa is his first born daughter, his shadow. She has always been right there next to him, wanting to do everything he did. You saw him, you saw her right by his side! And the fact that some git got her pregnant! Hell, I’m pissed at both of you and she’s not my kid, but we all watched her grow up. I’m her godfather and it disappoints me you could be so careless Lycissa.”



“I don’t want you to see me like this Sky.” “Draco, look at me. I know you’re mad.”

He turns to face her with tears crashing down, “I’m disappointed, upset, and mad. That’s my baby girl.” “Come here my love.” Draco sits next to Sky and puts his head on her shoulder crying, “I failed as a father.”

Holding him close and swiping her fingers through his hair, “Draco Lucius, you did not fail as a father. She’s a teenager, who made a mistake.”

“Did we make a mistake when we were their age?” “Bloody hell no! Baby, when I got pregnant, we were about to be married, together for six years. Nothing we did was a mistake and I never regretted it and still don’t.”

He lifts his head and looks at Sky, “me either. Then why am I so pissed that she’s pregnant at this age?” She kisses his forehead and places her hand on his face, “because, you’re an amazing dad. That your little girl and some dumb git with no ambition got her pregnant.” “Sky, did I go too far by choking him?” She laughs and bites the corner of her lip, “honestly? I was waiting for you to kill him. I’m pretty sure everyone else in that room was waiting for it too. And no one would say anything about it.”

“I love you princess. Thank you for always knowing how to calm me down.”

“I love you handsome. That’s what marriage is. Being strong for the other person. Everything is going to be okay. Just like when I was pregnant with Serv and Cissa, we were scared, but we got through it. We will get through this too.”

He sits her on his lap, her facing him, “I still don’t like the face they didn’t try to prevent it. They have so many more options than we did. The vials didn’t work long for us as much as you took them. They have ceptivo to use, but they didn’t even do that!”

“I know babe, but we will get through this.” She rubs her thumb on his cheek like he does her. He smiles and kisses her, ” hey, you’re stealing my method to cheer you up.” He lifts her chin up and kisses her passionately. “I’m so glad that I have you next to me through this life together. I’m still pissed they could be so absurd.” She kisses him, “I know you are. I know when you’re angry my love.”

“Take your clothes off.” She immediately takes her clothes off and he looks up and down at her bare naked body, “you are so beautiful.” Grabbing her by the throat and pushing her against the wall kissing her slowly making his way to her neck.

“Jump” he says. “Yes sir” She jumps and wraps her legs around his waist while he caresses her body.

He handcuffs her to the bed, takes his belt off, putting it around her neck. He goes to his mini fridge on the table near the door, takes an ice cube putting it in his mouth and moving it around Sky’s nipples, hardening her nipples then running it down her body, making it all the way down to her heat.

Moaning loudly in pleasure, “F-Fuck Draco! I need it.” He looks at me, “Not just yet my love.” He lowers his head between my legs, ice cube still in his mouth, sticking his tongue in deep while rubbing my clit with his thumb, making me squirm. My squirming causing him to tighten the belt around my neck.

“Beg for me you little slut”

“Please, Draco” I beg “Shiiit, pleaaase”

“Call me by my name and beg you filthy slut. Thinking you deserve my cock” he says pulling the belt tighter and grabbing my breast, pinching my nipples.

“Please daddy. P-p-please fuck me. I need you daddy. Give it to me. I’ve been a bad girl and I need you to punish me” I beg and plead

He rubs his length against my heat, having me moan and wanting to reach for his back but he won’t untie me. He shoves his hard, long, thick length in me, pounding fast and hard not giving me time to adjust to his size. He moves my legs to his shoulders giving him access to go deeper. After an hour we finish and he looks at me, “You still know how to drive me crazy baby. I love when you scream my name. But I’m still pissed off that Lycissa could be so stupid.”

“I know Dray. Let’s go talk to them.” They walk downstairs and see Justin and Lycissa sitting on the couch, “Cissa, Justin, we need to talk.”

Draco looks at Cissa, not being able to process what his daughter did, “I- I just can’t wrap my head around how irresponsible you could be.”


“No, listen to me. How much did we drill it into you that if you’re going to shag, then you need to be safe and responsible.”

“A lot.”

“Your mum and I struggled to focus on school and raise two babies. We did it, but it was the biggest struggle we have ever faced. Our parents held us responsible for what we did. Although we were engaged and about to me married, it was hard. We also had to help your great grandpa Tom with missions while raising you and Servius on top of school!”

Cissa glares at Draco, “I know and I’m sorry. It was a heat of the moment thing.” Sky glances at Cissa, “does he know? About the family?”


“What about your family?” Justin questions are he turns his now stiff body towards Cissa, nervous about what her mum means about the family. “Well... You know about who-mustn’t- be-named right?” He confusingly looks at her, “well, yeah, everyone does.”

Lycissa takes a big gulp as she looks at her mum as she nods her head, “umm... He’s my... Great grandfather. He is my mum’s grandad.”

“WHAT?! So you’re telling me that your mum is a... Riddle?” He yells at her. “Yeah. Her mum is the daughter of Tom Riddle.”

“I didn’t sign up for all this. To think I got you pregnant on purpose to become part of a powerful family to go against him. But instead I get stuck with the great granddaughter of Tom Riddle.”

Sky becomes angry and screams, “YOU GOT HER PREGNANT ON PURPOSE?!” He responds, “yeah, sorta.”

“Baby” Draco says as he starts to walk closer to her.

Her eyes turn red, grabbing Justin by the throat and pushing him against a wall, “you sick piece of shit! You got my daughter pregnant on purpose, so you could join a powerful family?!”

“Sky!” She turns her head towards Draco, “Shut it Draco!” Turning her head back to Justin as her eyes become redder and can feel the power rising in her hand, “You don’t know how bad you screwed up by wanting to be in a powerful family. Especially since you didn’t think to do research on the family you’re trying to join. You fucked up Justin Diggory!” Sky chokes him until he passes out.

“Lycissa, did you even think about telling him about the family?” Draco questions. Lycissa looks at him, “No, all we ever did was shag. He never really talked, but I didn’t think anything of it.”

Sky paces back and forth in the living room until Lycissa says that then she stops in her tracks, “You could’ve risked your entire family of being caught and turned in for being Death Eaters. Did he ever see your arm?” She looks at Sky, “no, we did it with the lights off and I always wore a long sleeve.”

“What do we do with him?” Draco asks talking about Justin’s unconscious body on the floor. Sky points her wand at Justin, ”obliviate.” Erasing all of his memories of everything, including who he is. “Get him out of here and Cissa, stay away from him!”

Snape comes in, “what happened?” “He got her pregnant on purpose of he can be part of a powerful family to take down grandpa Tom.”

“So what did y’all do?” Narcissa inquiries. Draco looks at Narcissa and with a sense of scaredness, “her eyes turned red, she grabbed him, threw him against the wall and told him how much of mistake he made and who the family was. After Cissa told him who her great grandad was, he freaked out.”

“Bet that was a shock to him,” Pansy laughed. Sky laughed back at her, “He’ll never know. I obliviated his memories. He will barely remember who he is.”

A few hours have passed by since Skyra obliviated Justin’s memory and Lycissa is listening to Draco lecture her about how irresponsible and dangerous this is.

“Cissa, don’t you understand that this could’ve ended drastically if this baby would’ve been born and turned against this family?! You could’ve put your mum’s life in jeopardy!”

Cissa stares down at the floor as her dad hounds her for the idiotic mistake that she made, not knowing how serious it could have been, “Dad.. What about the rest of our lives in jeopardy?” Draco sighs, “You mum is a Riddle more than any of you kids. She is the direct heir of the Dark Lord himself. If the ministry ever found out what your mum is and that she is just as powerful as your great grandpa, then your mum will be sent to Azkaban!”

“She won’t! I won’t let it happen! I’ll take the fall!”

“Lycissa Amelie, that’s not the point! Your mum obliviated Justin, so he won’t ever know this happened! Once again, your mum has to save this family. I just wish you weren’t so damn imprudent and actually think about what you do affects not only you, but it affects this whole family!”

Lycissa begins to cry and Sky steps in before things get out of hand, “Draco! Stop it! This isn’t helping anything. She’s pregnant and that’s not something we can change! It happened, I took care of Justin, so let’s leave it at that.”

Draco knows he messed up and that he called his daughter stupid and walks to her, bending down in front of her, “Cis, I’m sorry baby. I love you and no matter what, me and your mum love you. You’re not stupid; you’re a teenager who made a mistake that is resulting in a beautiful baby who will be loved. Your mum and I will be here no matter what.”

Just before anyone could say anything the noise of apparition had been heard followed by, “SKYRA!” The voice known all too well by Skyra and Draco. It was Cedric Diggory, the father of Justin. Cedric attended school with Draco and Sky.

Draco stands back up, “oh look who it is.”

“Shut up Malfoy. I’m here for that bitch you call a wife!”

“Like hell you are! You have an issue, take it up with me. Leave my wife alone.” Draco’s body stiffens, ready for anything that could happen in this moment. He makes sure Sky and Lycissa are behind him. Diggory steps closer, “she’s the one who obliviated my son’s memory! Now he doesn’t know who me and his mother are.” Sky steps next to Draco, “Maybe if he didn’t get my daughter pregnant on purpose and want to start something he can’t finish, then he would still have a memory to remember you and that filthy blood traitor wife.”

“Now it’s your turn to lose who you love the most.” Before he could even pull his wand from his pocket Blaise, Pansy, Snape, Lucius, and the Dark Lord appeared in the room and point their wands at Cedric yelling, avada kedavra! Bright Green light lit up the whole room, possible the whole, Cedric falls to the ground as Draco turns and grabs Sky.

She looks up from the marble flooring where Cedric’s dead body lays, “Grandpa, what’re you doing here?” Pansy adds in, “I called him here.”

Draco holds Sky close, examining her body to ensure she’s not hurt. “Are you okay princess? Are you hurt?” “I’m fine love. Don’t worry. I should’ve done that to Justin too.” He pulls her closer to him holding her, whispering sweet, loving words into her ear, before kissing her forehead.

“Where’s Cissa? Is she okay? Why the hell won’t she talk to me?!” Lorenzo storms in the room searching everywhere

Pansy yanked him by the shirt collar, “you fucking cheated on her with Hollie Greengrass, you idiot. Then you started rumors about her not being good in bed and she beat your ass. Don’t play stupid on why she won’t talk to you.”

“What? I never cheated on her and I never will. I love her. She’s carrying my baby for merlin’s sake!”

Draco, Pansy, Blaise, and Sky all make eye contact when Sky squirms her way out of Draco’s arms. “What are you talking about Lorenzo? She’s pregnant with Justin’s kid.” Lorenzo scuffed at the words Justin’s kid, “Diggory? God no. How long has this been going on?” Pansy looks at him, “two months.”

“She was a month and a half pregnant before all this happened. So, she’s almost four months pregnant. I could never hurt her. I love her more than anything in this world. Her and our baby!”

“Did she know about being pregnant?” Sky interrogates him. He gives her and Draco the look that they knew so well, from one another, “of course she knew. We were going to tell you and I was going to ask your permission and blessing to ask her to marry me. I know we’re young and it’s my fault she’s pregnant, but I am going to take all the responsibility there is.”

As Lorenzo spoke these words, Draco’s body went limp, and he passed out. His unconscious body laid on the marble floor as Blaise and Lucius moved him to the couch. After a few minutes Draco wakes up yelling, “Where the hell is Lycissa Amelie Malfoy?!”

Aurora walks into the den, “mum.” Sky looks up from the now conscious Draco who is furious. “Yes Aurora?” “I know what happened with Lorenzo.”

“What happened to him?”

Aurora sits on the couch, her foot bouncing in nervousness on what she was about to tell her confused mum and her angry dad. “I heard Hollie talking to her friends earlier how doing the love potion on Lorenzo was a great idea because not only did Cissa lose her boyfriend, but her and Justin planned making sure Cissa got pregnant so the baby would help take down the family. But Cissa was already pregnant so they obliviated her memory of her finding out she was pregnant with Lorenzo’s baby, so she could think she was pregnant with Justin’s baby.”

“So they were both in on it?” Draco ponders. “Yeah. Lorenzo had no clue what was going on. So he really didn’t know he cheated on her.” Sky answers, “go find your sister and bring her to us.”

Lorenzo breaks down crying, “she doesn’t remember I’m the father to her baby and she thinks I cheated on her.”

“Lorenzo, Draco and I are going to get this worked out, but what I need you to do is when she gets in here, she’s going to be pissed you’re here. But I need you to kiss her. Passionately. It will help her remember everything.”

Draco hugs Lorenzo, “I’m sorry. I knew you would never hurt her. You’ve always been so good to her and did everything for her.” “You were protecting your daughter; I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

Aurora and Lycissa walk in the room and the sight of Lorenzo makes Lycissa’s skin boil, “What the hell is he doing here?! Stay the fuck away from me you cheating bastard!” Without any hesitation, Lorenzo walks up to Cissa, grabbing her by the waist, pulling her in, kissing her like it was the first kiss they shared. “Enzo?” “Hey darling.”

“Cissa, what do you remember?”

“Umm, I need to tell you guys something.” Cissa says with a nervous tick in her voice. Sky mouths to Draco, stay calm, we got this.

“What is it?” Draco asks her.

She looks at her dad, “Well, you know I’m pregnant, but... Enzo’s the dad. I don’t know why I remember this now, but I do.”

“As long as it’s Lorenzo’s I’m okay. After what happened I need you two to stay together at all time. Lorenzo, you protect her and your baby. Me and you will talk later tonight.” Lorenzo replies, “yes sir.”

Pansy looks around when she notices that you are no longer standing next to Aurora, “Where did Sky go?” Draco looks around too, “this isn’t good. I’m going to find her.”


“Enzo, I’m so sorry”

“No angel, I’m sorry. Please know that I would never cheat on you. I would never hurt you in any way. I love you so much!”

“I know you wouldn’t. I love you Lorenzo Parkinson”

“I love you princess.” He bends down, “And I love you our little baby. Daddy is never leaving you or you mum’s side again.” He stands back up and wipes the tear off her cheek, kissing her and holding her tight.

Flashback: 4 months ago

Lorenzo walks in the room from class. “Babe, are you okay? You missed Charms and Herbology. Are you sick?”

“Enzo, I’m late.” Looking confused, “Yeah, you’re late for classes. Why’re you just standing there?”

Sometimes Cissa feels like she has to teach Lorenzo everything, but she can’t be mad because she didn’t specify. “Lorenzo! I’m not talking about classes! I know I’m late for those. My period. It’s late.”

“Isn’t that normal?”

“A few days is normal.”

“How late are you?”

Glaring down at the ground worried, “I’m three almost four weeks late. I thought it was stress, but I haven’t been stressed about anything.”

“What do you need me to do Cissa?” He sits her down and bends down in front of her and rubs her legs. He knows that rubbing her legs has always calmed her down. “I need to get a test, but I can’t do it because people will know and then my parents and whole family will find out. They can’t know until we know.”

Taking her hands and kissing them, “Stay here. Lay in bed and take a nap. I will handle it darling, don’t worry. I’ll be back in an hour. I love you angel, now nap.”

Lorenzo disguises himself and makes his way to Diagon Alley. While in Diagon Alley he slips into the Apothecary and finds Mr. Mulpepper at the counter. “Good afternoon young man, how many I help you?”

“Yes sir, I am looking for a pregnancy test. My friend was too embarrassed to come get one for his girlfriend.” Mr. Mulpepper walks to the back of the shop and comes back with a potion, “Here you go son, this is pregnacio, all she will have to do is drink it and if there is a heartbeat in her stomach then she is pregnant. Here is something else, it’s a blood pregnancy test.”

“Thank you, Mr. Mulpepper. Also, is there something for morning sickness she could possibly take if she needs it?” He walks over to the cupboard, “yes, this is Maninfirmitatem Peribit. All she has to do is take a small sip every morning to help with the morning sickness. Now run along before it gets too dark.” “Yes sir, thank you so much. My friend will be very thankful. Here is 6 galleons. Keep the change.”

Lorenzo comes back to the dorm to see Cissa sleeping peacefully on the bed, with her pillow tucked between her arms. He sits on the bed and moves the hair out of Cissa’s eyes, “hey beautiful wake up.”

“Enzo, how long were you gone?” “Just a little over an hour. I got you a few things.” Cissa sits up, stretches and yawns, “Did you get a test?”

“I got you two. I got you a potion and then a blood test. Take the potion first.”

She drinks the potion, “whaat the hell is that?! Omg!” “Calm down, it’s okay, let me feel.” He places his hand on her stomach and feels what seems to be a heartbeat. “Do you feel that babe?” She questions him. “Is that a heartbeat?” He questions and she nods, “It is.”

“Enzo, I’m pregnant. What are we going to tell my parents?! OMG, I need to go see Madam Pomfrey! Come on Enzo!” She grabs his hand and drags him to the hospital wing. “Good afternoon Ms. Malfoy, Mr. Parkinson, what brings you in?”

“Madam Pomfrey, could you possibly tell me if I’m pregnant or not and how far along I would be, but please don’t tell my parents.”

“Of course Lycissa. Lay down for me.” Lycissa lays down on the bed and Enzo holds her hand. Madam Pomfrey puts a gel on her stomach and puts her wand over Cissa’s stomach and makes the same face that she did when she told Sky that she was pregnant with Cissa and Servius. “Yes, my dear you are in fact pregnant and you are a month and a half pregnant. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your parents. It’s up to you when you tell them.”

Lycissa and Enzo go back to the dorm, “Enzo, we’re going to be parents. We’re going to have a baby! Can you believe it?” Enzo picks Lycissa up and spins her around, “you’re going to be an amazing mom baby! I can’t wait to spoil this baby. I’ll tell your dad, I will take all of the blame. It’s my fault. I love you Lycissa Amelie Malfoy, you and this beautiful baby. I’m sorry I got you pregnant.”

“Enzo, don’t apologize. I love this baby and you. No matter what happens with my dad, it’s me, you, and this baby. I know my dad is going to be pissed, but he will be supportive... Eventually.”

“Get some sleep beautiful. We will figure this out tomorrow and we will tell your parents when you’re ready. I love you princess.” “I love you handsome.”

End of Flashback

Draco walks out the room to find Sky. He finds her on the balcony of their bedroom, “Princess?”

“I’m in here.”

“Talk to me beautiful. Tell me what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours.”

She looks at him as tears pour down her face, him pulling her closer to him, “he never cheated on her. He was drugged by a love potion, so she would intentionally get with Diggory to take our family down. Not knowing we are the family of the Dark Lord. Our daughter is pregnant, but it’s Enzo’s baby. Why am I not pissed off that she’s pregnant, now that I know that Justin isn’t the father and that it’s Enzo’s?

“Because when you look at Lycissa and Lorenzo, you see a mini version of us. He looks at her the same way I still look at you. Although our love stories are different in many ways, they are also similar.” He lifts her chin up so she’s looking him in the eyes, “I’m not mad that she’s pregnant with Lorenzo’s baby. They have been together for five to six years. Yes, they are 16, but so were we. We went through so much together, just like them. Lorenzo will take care of her and the baby, I have no doubt about that at all.”

Sky buries her head in Draco’s chest, holding on to him like today was her last day to ever hold him or love him. But she knew that she had eternity with this man that she has created such a beautiful family with and who loves her no matter what.

“I don’t want them to go through the same struggles we did. Yes, they have so much family to help them, but I want them to learn the way we did. We had to take Cissa and Serv to class with us. We had to raise them while preparing for missions. You gave your dream of being an Alchemist up to raise the kids.”

Draco sits her on the bed and sits between her legs on the end of the bed, “I didn’t give my life up. I took a job with the ministry so I could be home with you and the kids. I didn’t give my life up; I changed my life plans for the best. Look what we have. A beautiful house, seven amazing kids, family who loves us unconditionally. And a marriage that has never lost the love, let it die, and it will never die because our love is stronger than anything the world has to throw at us.”

“Do you regret any of it?” Sky questions him as he responds, “Absolutely not. We have everything life could ever have to offer us. With you by my side, everything is perfect.”


Draco and Sky go back downstairs and Aunt Bellatrix apparated, “Hey darlings!” Aunt Bella said

“Aunt Bella, what’re you doing here?” Sky asks

Bellatrix looks at her, “I heard about the Diggory boy and Greengrass. Let’s go get them Sky. It’s our time to shine more than ever!”

“Hey Aunt Bella!” Aurora came skipping in. Bellatrix looks at her, “Aurora, you look so beautiful. Just like your mum.”

“Thanks Aunt Bella! Mum kick their ass!” Sky looks at Aurora, “You want to come sweetie? You never get to participate in these adventures, and I think you should finally get a chance.” Aurora smiles at her, “Hell yeah I’m in.” Narcissa and Pansy both say they are coming too.

Snape joins in, “I feel that Draco should go just in case.” Sky sighs, “I guess that’s a good idea. Come on Malfoy, get your ass in gear and stop just standing there.”

“Love, you do realize that ninety-eight percent of the people in this room are Malfoys. So you must specify.” Draco says snidely with a smirk. Aurora, “Shush it dad, you know that she means business. You must want her to crucio you.”

Everyone looks at Aurora in shock of what she just said. The sweet, innocent little girl that they had raised has turned into her mum, ready to take down the asshole and the bitch who hurt her sister. The sweet, low-toned girl who has never raised her voice, just talked the loudest she ever has, and it was amazing to her dad that one of his youngest daughters is now turning into her mum in more than just one way. Revenge is what she was seeking.

Not revenge for her, but revenge for someone who she loves so much. Her sister. One of her best friends, one who taught her how to fight back, even if she never used it to her advantaged.

Like her mum, family meant everything to her. Protecting those she cares about is what her life would always consist of. Happy but evil like the Malfoy and Riddle blood that runs through her veins. The smirk of knowing she will get to take the sister duty to a level she has never been able to do before. Taking the title of aunt to a beautiful baby her sister is carrying.

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