Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Adventures in Torturing

TW: Talk of miscarriage and death. Viewer discretion is advised!

Without further ado, I present: ADVENTURES IN TORTURE (WC: 5,845)


“Love, you do realize that ninety-eight percent of the people in this room are Malfoys. So you must specify.” Draco says snidely with a smirk. Aurora, “Shush it dad, you know that she means business. You must want her to crucio you.”

Everyone looks at Aurora in shock of what she just said. The sweet, innocent little girl that they had raised has turned into her mum, ready to take down the asshole and the bitch who hurt her sister. The sweet, low-toned girl who has never raised her voice, just talked the loudest she ever has, and it was amazing to her dad that one of his youngest daughters is now turning into her mum in more than just one way. Revenge is what she was seeking.

Not revenge for her, but revenge for someone who she loves so much. Her sister. One of her best friends, one who taught her how to fight back, even if she never used it to her advantaged.

Like her mum, family meant everything to her. Protecting those she cares about is what her life would always consist of. Happy but evil like the Malfoy and Riddle blood that runs through her veins. The smirk of knowing she will get to take the sister duty to a level she has never been able to do before. Taking the title of aunt to a beautiful baby her sister is carrying.

“I think we should let Aurora have some fun. She’s the only Malfoy who hasn’t gotten to have fun.” Bellatrix says with a vicious smile. Sky looks towards her daughter, “I was thinking the same thing Aunt Bella.”

Hollie sees Aurora and begins to taunt her, “oh look, you brought little Aurora to play with the big boys finally. The weakest Malfoy there is”

“Oh bitch, you wish I was weak!”

Bellatrix struts towards Aurora, “whenever you’re ready sweetheart. Take your time”

“She doesn’t have it in her to hurt anyone. She’s just a weak little girl."



Hollie laughs, “that’s all you got?!”

Justin appears and points his wand towards Sky, “Sectumsempra!” Sky’s body falls to the ground, blood gushing all on the floor around her.

“SKY!” Draco runs over to her and pulls her in his arms. Hollie slips out of the rops, “grab her!” Justin hurry!”

He grabs Aurora and they apparate out of the cellars.

Pansy yells, “I’m going to get Snape.” Pansy runs upstairs to grab Snape

Draco holds Sky in his arms, blood soaking his clothes, “baby stay with me. You’re going to be okay.”

“Come on baby. Can you hear me? I love you so much Skyra Malfoy”

“Bella, let’s go find them and Aurora,” Narcissa says as she grabs Bellatrix’s hand. Snape runs down to the cellars to see his daughter laying in Draco’s arm, blood everywhere, barely breathing. “What happened to my daughter?!”

“Justin sectumsempra’d her.” Pansy says

Draco continues to hold his wife in his arms, crying really bad, kissing her head, “baby, please stay with me. I’m right here. Don’t leave me. I need you, the kids need you.” He kisses her head multiple times, “SNAPE HELP HER! I can’t lose her! Please, save her!”

“Vulnera Sanentur. Vulnera Sanentur. Vulnera Sanentur.” Snape recites the incantation three times, as her blood is drawn back into her body. After 15 minutes, she begins to regain consciousness.

“Draco,” she says weakly

Hugging her as his tears start flowing, “oh baby! I’m so glad you’re still with me. I love you more than words explain.”

“Draco take her to y’all’s room. The rest of us are going to look for Aurora,” Snape tells him. Sky looks at them, “what happened to her?”

Pansy hugs her best friend, “Justin and Hollie kidnapped her after he put the spell on you. We won’t stop looking until we find her.

Draco takes you to the room and lays you on the bed, he paces back and forth in the room. He does this when he’s hurt and stressed, “FUCK!” he punches the wall, putting a crack in the wall.


“Yes baby? Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry...”

He sits on the bed, “for what? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I told Aurora, to come along. I should’ve left her there; she wouldn’t have been kidnapped if it wasn’t for me asking her to come.

He pulls her into his arms, “princess, you didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t know anything would happen. It’s not your fault. We are going to find her, I promise you that. But I want you better before you even think about leaving this bed. Do you understand me angel?”

Lycissa comes in the room, “mum are you okay?”

“I’m fine Cissa. Come lay with me baby girl. I want to talk to you about some things.” Lycissa comes and lays on the bed with Sky as she lays her head on Sky’s stomach.

Draco kisses both Sky and Lycissa’s heads, “I’ll be in the other room if you need anything. Lycissa make sure your mum doesn’t leave the bed. I love you both.” “I love you daddy” “I love you Dray, thank you.”


“Mum, I’m sorry for everything”

“Cissa, why didn’t you tell us you were pregnant with Enzo’s baby?”

Cissa’s eyes start to water up, “I was scared—” Knowing that her mum loves her, she felt she disappointed them, “— I remember everything you and dad ever told me and Servius about the way you struggled when you had us at a young age. I felt like I was a disappointment to the family.”

“Cissa, never think you are a disappointment to the family, because you aren’t.”

“And then Hollie did all that to Enzo, I forgot I was pregnant and when I found out I was pregnant with Justin, it’s like I didn’t care. Like I was under a spell.” She begins crying as Sky starts running her fingers through Cissa’s hair to relax her.

“We were disappointed when we thought it was Justin’s since you were only dating for two months. When Enzo told us that you were a month and a half pregnant before hand, we couldn’t be mad at you. You and Enzo have been together for five almost six years and have been through so much together.”


Lycissa and Enzo came home for the summer between first and second year and they were running around the yard of the manor chasing each other, laughing, and smiling.

“Enzo, we’re going to crush mumsy’s flowers.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t.”

Sky, Draco, Pansy, and Blaise are all watching them from the kitchen

“Dray, look at them”

“They remind me so much of us at that age. Attitudes and all. He really is a good match for her.”

“Oi mate, are you finally letting up on the kid for chasing after your daughter.” Blaise laughs

Draco glances outside and sees his little girl smiling as her and Lorenzo climb the tree

“No, I’m just glad she’s happy and he treats her good.”

End of Flashback

“When I look at you and Enzo, I see flashbacks of me and your dad. So in love with each other and the way Enzo treats you and looks at you is the same way your dad did and still looks at me. We love you Cissa and want the absolute best for you, and Justin wasn’t it. But now we know the truth and know Enzo is the best for you. We will help you with the baby, but just know life will be so much different. Next year if you still want to play Quidditch, I will watch the baby while you play. Your dad quit after I had you and Serv, but he chose to.”

“Thanks mum. I’m sorry all this happened. But I know that this baby will be loved by the best family there is. It’s going to have the best grandparents all around. Their aunts and uncles will love them so much. I just want to make you and dad proud and show you that even thought we were irresponsible, that we will make sure the baby is taken care of. I know it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.”

Lycissa sits up and hugs her mum, “you do sweetie. This doesn’t change that. I can’t be mad because I had you young. It just means you get more time with the baby to love and cherish every moment with them. Even if they do look identical to their dad and acts like him, after carrying the kid(s) for nine months.” Sky laughs

“I act like you sometimes, just more like dad most of the time.”


“How do we tell them we found her?” Pansy questions

Narcissa looks at everyone, “I’m not sure. I don’t know who will take it worse.”

“What are y’all talking about?” Draco asks as he walks in the room. Narcissa jumps up, “hey sweetie, how’s Sky doing?”

Draco looks at her, “She’s laying down talking to Cissa. What were y’all talking about?”

“Draco. You need to sit down.” “What’s going on? Why aren’t y’all out looking for Aurora?” Narcissa starts to tear up, “Sweet Draco.” “TELL ME!”

“Draco” Pansy starts but is cut off by Lucius, “Pansy let me tell him.” He takes a deep breath, “Draco, I’m sorry... We found Aurora”

“Where is she? Is she okay?! Where’s our baby?!” Lucius looked at him, “They tortured and killed her. There was a note...”

The letter read

This is just the beginning of the end of the Riddles and Malfoy’s.

Your sweet Aurora is just the beginning. Give up, if not then you will start dying 1 by 1. She endured a slow and painful death.


“What the fuck do you mean they tortured and killed her?! They killed my daughter?!”

“Draco, mate,” Blaise and Crabbe try to grab him. “GET OFF OF ME!” Draco punches Crabbe. Narcissa walks towards Draco, “Draco, honey please calm down. Please.”

He looks at his mum in complete anger and hurt, “You want me to calm down after you tell me that my daughter was not only tortured, but she’s dead?! How do you expect to tell Skyra?!”

He starts yelling louder, “how do I tell my wife that one of our daughters is dead?! How?! FUCK!!!”

“Draco, stop. You’re making the temperature increase in here. Breathe son.” Turning towards Lucius, “Shut up dad! I have to tell her, but I don’t know how.”

Draco walks in to see Sky and Cissa talking. His heart is literally shattering inside knowing that he has to tell his wife that their daughter is dead. He holds back his tears so Sky can’t see. “Cissa, baby, can you give me and your mum a minute?”

“Yeah dad. Thanks for the talk mum, I really needed it. I love you and thank you for everything.” Cissa says hugging her mum. “I’m always here for you and your siblings. I love you too Cissa,” she kisses Cissa’s forehead.

“How was your talk with Cissa?”

She smiles, “it was really good. She feels more at ease knowing we don’t hate her and that we will support her and Enzo with the baby. She knows she will have to take responsibility, but they’re willing to do what it takes. What’s wrong? I can sense something is wrong?”

“Baby” he takes her hand. Tears started to form in his eyes, “my beautiful wife.”

“Draco, what’s wrong? Please tell me.” Draco looks at Sky, “They found Aurora...”

He takes a deep breath and holds her hand, “baby... They tortured her... And they killed her... she’s gone”


“Yeah, they did. There was a note from Potter. He said that she’s just the beginning. If we don’t give up then we will start dying one by one.” Sky cried in his arms, “My baby is gone! My sweet Aurora.”

He grabs her and pulls her closer to his chest. Both of them are crying and can’t believe their daughter is gone. Neither of them can truly comprehend that they will never see their miracle baby again, both of them crying profusely. “I know baby, our little girl is gone. I’m going to hunt them down, all three of them and kill them. They won’t get away with it. I promise baby”

“THEY KILLED MY BABY!” her eyes turn red, the ground starts shaking and the room gets hot.


Snape looks at everyone as they all start wondering, “he told her. She may be my daughter, but she scares the shit out of me.”

“She’s powerful, there’s no doubt about that.” Narcissa says as Lucius hugs her for the first time in a long time. This is the first time anyone has ever seen Lucius show compassion and show affection to anyone.

Blaise holding Pansy as she cries into his chest, “how do we even help them through this? They just lost a child. It’s not like the miscarriage—” “They raised this kid, they watched her grow up into a beautiful young woman. Shit, we all watched her grow up. All the kids are close, they grew up together and now we have to find a way to tell them.” Blaise can’t hold the tears in anymore, pulling Pansy closer to him.”

Pansy looks up at Blaise, “when they’re ready they will tell them. We do what we can. You, Goyle and Crabbe just have to be there for Draco. Me, Ginny, mumsy and Aunt Bella will be there for Sky. That’s all we can do. That’s if they let anyone in.


Draco gets up and punches the wall. His hand starts bleeding, “they killed our baby! They killed Aurora! What do we do?! Our baby!!” Although she’s in pain, she gets up and hugs Draco. “We will do whatever we have to do to make sure Aurora is remembered. This is my fault. I wanted her to come. The sweetest, beautiful little girl is gone. I’m so fucking stupid. I’m the worst mother ever!” The ground starts shaking more and start a fire without meaning to.

“You are not a horrible mother! This is not your fault, don’t think it is. They didn’t care who it was, they were going to kill someone. It just happened to be our baby. I love you baby. We have to tell the kids,” Draco grabs Sky and holds her tight as her tears stain her shirt. “NO! I want to find these assholes and get revenge for our baby girl!”

Sky goes downstairs, despite the pain permeated through her body, she looks at everyone in the room, “where did you find her?”

“Sky, you need to be in bed,” Snape says in a concerned voice. Sky looked at him, “Dad, I love you, but shut the hell up. Where did you find her?!”

Blaise looks at her and with hesitation, “we found her in the cave...”

“Our cave?”

Goyle responds, “yeah, but it was on the rock, outside of the cave.” Within seconds Sky apparates from the house to the cave. Draco right behind her.


Sky’s crying became uncontrollable, “my baby was killed here. She took her last breath on this rock.” Crying and holding her close, “come here princess, we will get revenge for her. Let’s get in the cave, it’s about to storm.”

“I know, I’m causing the storm. Whenever I get angry or upset, it storms here.” Snape appears, “Sky, Draco, we have to get the kids to the safe spot to keep them safe.”

“Take them there. I just want to stay here and make it right for Aurora.” As the rain starts to pour, Draco holds her and they cry, “baby, we will. I promise. I want it just as bad as you. I want to hold her and tell her I love her one more time. To see her laughing at Cissa roasting someone.

Sky screams as loud as she can, falling the ground, “Fuck you Harry Potter, Justin Diggory, and Hollie Greengrass! I will kill you and get revenge and peace for my baby girl.

“You need to hurry, we have Hollie!” Pansy apparates to the cave. As they apparate back, Pansy whispers into Sky’s ear, “she’s pregnant too.”

Sky lets out a merciless laugh, one that Bellatrix would let out, “Ahh, so little miss Greengrass is pregnant.”

“I actually had a miscarriage three days ago.”

Lycissa steps up, “good you stupid bitch! You killed my sister; she will be avenged and you will get what you deserve.” Lorenzo clutches her hand, “baby, calm down. Stay calm for our baby girl.”

“You’re having a little girl?!” Draco yells

Sky quickly turns her head, “a little girl?!”


“Are you ready to find out what are two babies are, princess?”

“I’m kinda scared Dray. What if I’m a terrible mum”

“Hey, hey. Don’t even think like that. You will be an amazing mum. I promise. We will have each other.

Getting to the hospital wing, “Are you ready to know the gender Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy?” Madam Pomfrey asks

Sky smiles at me, “Yes ma’am”

“Baby number 1 is...”

“A girl!”

“Dray, we’re having a little girl!” Sky hugs me in excitement

“Baby number 2 is...”

“Number 2?! We thought it was only 1.”

“2?!” Draco yells

“Yes, you’re having twins.” Madam Pomfrey says

“Baby number 2 is...”

“A boy!”

Sky passes out for a few minutes, then wakes back up

“We’re having twins. Can you believe it baby?” I ask her

She just looks at me confused, ” I just have to wrap my head around it. I’m going to be huge!”

“Princess” Draco looks at her, “You’re carrying 2 lives inside you. You’re beautiful regardless, and I love you unconditionally. Come on, let’s go tell everyone.”

End of Flashback

“Yeah, we’re having a little girl”

“She’s going to be a slut just like you and your sister. Oh wait, she was still a virgin. Your sweet little innocent Aurora” Hollie taunts Lycissa


Goyle appears, “I brought Diggory” Sky laughs, “Ahh, came to see the show”

“Hollie! Are you okay?!”

Lycissa points her wand at Justin, “crucio!” He screams in pain, Lycissa laughs, “you killed my sister. It’s time for you to see that slut die.” She smirks towards her mum and looks back at Hollie, “Avada Kedavra!”

Bella grabs Hollie by her throat, “I hope you rot in hell bitch!” She spit in her face as Sky stomps on her face, “That’s for my daughter you bitch!”

Draco holds Sky, Cissa, and Bella close as all three of them cry. “Aurora would be so proud of you three. She’s happy knowing that you avenged her death. I love you girls so much. I promise I will protect you the best I can. I won’t let anything happen to my girls.”

Sky takes her wand out and points it at Justin, “time to join your whore. Avada Kedavra!”

“All of these Malfoy girls really scare me. I can’t tell if that the Malfoy or Riddle in them, but either way I am kind of petrified of them,” Snape says with a scared look on his face. Sky giggles, “we’re crazy, but you like that!”

Sky is able to slip away from everyone. The thought of losing her daughter is killing her on the inside and she doesn’t know how to take it.



“They killed my baby!”

The whole place starts to shake from Sky’s anger and hurt. The temperature in the house starts to rise to extreme temperature and everyone can feel the drastic change. “I can’t do this! I need my baby girl back.”

Downstairs with everyone, Lycissa glances around the room looking for Sky, “where did mum go?”

“Considering that the ground is shaking, she is upset, angry and doesn’t know what to do. Malfoy,” Snape says

Lucius, Lycissa, Draco, and Narcissa says, “yes”

Snape shakes his head, “Draco.” Draco replies as he knows that both him and his wife are in total devastation and hurt from losing one of their rainbow babies. “I’m on it”

Going upstairs following your cries, he finally finds you, “princess.”

“Go away. I want to be alone.”

“No I won’t leave. Last time you told me to go away we had just lost the baby. I’m not leaving you baby.” Sky buries her head in his chest, “Draco, our daughter is gone. Her and Bella were our miracle babies. Our daughter is dead! We can’t get her back!”

He pulls her in, and she starts hitting his chest, “baby, I know. Trust me, I know. Every time I see Bella, I expect to see Aurora, but she’s not there. It’s killing me knowing we will never hear her sweet laugh or see her beautiful smile again.”

“She’s never going to say, ‘Cissa, if you don’t stop saying dad’s sayings, then I’m going to sing in your ear when you’re asleep.’ I’ll never hear her beautiful voice singing in the shower again.”

Kissing her forehead, she can feel a tear hit her head, “we will always remember her love. Bella is scared, she doesn’t know how to feel. She lost her best friend, her twin. She needs us to be strong, but she knows we can’t because not only did she lose a sister, but we lost a daughter. But we have each other and we will be okay. Maybe not anytime soon, but we will be okay.”

“I don’t know how to be strong anymore Dray. I just want our little girl back. She was going to be the best aunt to Cissa’s baby. She had a baby shower planned out already. I just want to hold our kids and tell them that we love them.”

Going back downstairs, Sky hugs Bella and Cissa tightly, “I love you both so much. Sooo sooo much. Please never think any different.” Bella hugs her mum tighter, “We know mum. And we love you. Everything is going to be okay. We all have each other. I know she’s smiling down on us. She knows we miss her, and she misses us. She will always be with us, in spirit.”

Lycissa cuts in, “Can I say something?” “Of course baby, what is it?” Draco and Sky both say at once.

She grabs Enzo’s hand, “we are going to name our little girl Aurora. She would’ve been the best aunt to our daughter, and I have a feeling that this one will be just like her in all ways.” Enzo continues, “we couldn’t think of a better name than the person who knew first that we were having a baby. She was more excited than we were.” “She knew and kept it a secret. She hid her excitement for sure.”

Bella hugs Cissa and when she pulls away, she smiles. A smile that could light up a universe of darkness, make a bad day amazing. One that is warm and affectionate, showing love and care to those around her, no matter the hurt going on in her life, she wanted those around her to be happy and smile. Aurora may be gone, but she will forever show herself in the bubbly side of her twin sister. The breaking in her heart and soul may be powerful, but the thought of her sister watching down on her was greater than the pain. She will always have her sister with her- in her heart.

“She would love you naming your baby after her,” Bella says with a happy but upset tone. The name Aurora will never be the same to her.

Sky starts to think of her bubbly, full of life daughter, which brings her to tears, “she really would. We will make it through this. Diggory and Greengrass got what they deserved.” “Mum, it’s going to be okay, she’s always going to be with us.” Lycissa says while her head is propped on Lorenzo’s shoulder.

“We know it will, but your mum and I can’t help but thinking of something and it hurts us, especially your mum to think about it.” Draco announces as he walks over and wraps his wife in a tight, warm embrace.

Blaise glances at them, “mate, you don’t have to do this.” “It’s time they knew Blaise.”

“Knew what dad?”

Draco walks both of you over to the couch, gently putting Sky’s head on his shoulder. Before speaking, he kisses the top of her head, and drapes his arm around her, “The reason your mum and I have had a special bond with Bella and Aurora...”

“Well, Cissa and Servius were almost a year old when your mum found out she was pregnant. The baby was healthy and then out of nowhere she has a miscarriage. Bella and Aurora were our rainbows.”

Stopping to wipe his eyes, and to take a sip of water, regardless of how shaky his hand is.

“When we found out she was pregnant again, we were scared, but hurt. So when you and Aurora were born, we promised to form a special bond with you two. And now that we lost one of you, it makes us feel like the miscarriage but worse.” Draco murmurs with tears gliding down his cheeks. He can feel the tears from his wife seeping through his shirt.

“It was hard seeing them go through that. Your mum and dad go through that. They didn’t talk for three almost four days. When they would talk, all they did was argue. Your mum, she blamed herself for it, but she did nothing wrong,” Blaise said while Pansy wraps her arm around his.

Pansy looks at her best friends and see how hurt they are, knowing that one of the little girls they raised and promised to protect is gone. “At one point the fighting got so bad, we all thought they were going to get divorced, because of how terrible it was affecting them. But they knew they needed each other more than anything, and they knew we would always be there for them.”

“Mum,” both Bella and Cissa say as their eyes filled with tears, now knowing what their parents went through.

“Not once have Aurora and I think you didn’t love us. We always noticed that you would put a little more food on our plates, a little more cuddle, you weren’t as insanely strict with us like Serv and Cissa.” Sitting next to Sky

“We noticed it all. We knew you weren’t playing favorites, you were merely just trying to give slight special attention, knowing what happiness we brough you after the rocky times.”

Turning to face Bella, cupping her face, “you and your sister were the ones me and your dad knew who wouldn’t make bad decisions as teenagers. We knew Aurora was going to be one of the brightest witches and go far. Me and your dad would joke that she would be a headmistress for Hogwarts. You two were the sweet and innocent ones. I love you Bella and Lycissa. We need to make your sister proud of our family.”

“We will make her proud. We will destroy Potter.” Lycissa states, walking over to her mum and sister. Bella glances over at Cissa and winks, saying, “he’ll be running like he’s training for the ballet.” This puts a small smile on their mum’s face, knowing that Bella stole Draco’s line, just like Cissa. She could hear Aurora’s bubbly personality in Bella’s voice.

Draco pulls all three of his girls close to him

“I love you three. You and the boys will always make your mum and I proud. And Aurora. She’s probably thinking, ′y’all need to stop, I’m going to cry. If you don’t stop, I’ll punch your arm.′ She always knew how to make us stop.”

Lucius, who is known to be a cruel, heartless man to many, has a few tears in the crease of his eyes, “we will get Potter and he will pay for everything he has ever put our family through. Once everything is over, we will throw the biggest memorial party for her. In Aurora fashion. Everything spectacular and bright.”

Crabbe joins in, “Lycissa, your daughter will be named after the prettiest and sweetest souls I ever met. The only one who I didn’t get mad about calling me Vincent or Vinny. She was a great kid. I’m going to miss her.”

“Crabbe, were you in love with mine and Draco’s daughter?”

“Of course not. She—”

“Mum, he was helping her prepare for the mark. She was scared and he was comforting her about it.” She turned towards Crabbe, “she really cared about you and thankful for your friendship. She called you her favorite uncle.” Bella giggles

“I think we need a day with just our kids. What do you think my love?” Draco questions. Sky smiles and looks at all her kids and her husband, “I would love that.”


All the kids are laying on the floor on their duvets. They all decide to have a family movie and game night. Something they would do frequently growing up. It would make the family closer, help Draco and Cissa learn a little patience, even though that didn’t work.

“I’m glad y’all wanted to do a movie and game night. It’s been a long time.” Thomas declares. Bella adds in, “yeah, it was a great idea.”

“Your dad and I just wanted to spend time with y’all. We’ve had a long couple weeks, and it’s been hard on us all. I just want y’all to know that we love you and that no matter what, we will make it through this.” As she finishes this, Scorpius begins to cry. “I’ll be back, someone needs a changing.”

Lycissa stands up before her mum could even get the chance, “just stay there mum, I got it. The more practice the better.” She goes to the other room and picks him up, “Come her Scorp. Ooh, you made a big stinky didn’t you?” He starts to giggle a little. After changing him, she makes him a bottle and brings him back into the living room, sitting back on the floor next to Lorenzo, holding her brother and feeding him.

“You look so beautiful holding him. I can’t wait for our little Aurora to be here”

“You’re going to be a great mother Cissa,” Draco whispers. Sky kisses his cheek

Lycissa looks down at her little brother, “I can’t believe I got him to sleep. Four more months until our little girl is here with us.”

Sky lays her head on Draco’s shoulder looking at all the kids watching moves. While scanning the room, she catches a glimpse of Aurora rubbing Cissa’s stomach. Knowing that there is a beautiful angel watching over the family.

Draco whispers in her ear, “she’s here with us and she’s loving the movie. I love you beautiful.” He turns sideways on the couch and sits his wife between his legs, playing with her hair, as her head in position on his stomach.

Eli yells, “can we have Chicken or Steak pot pie with mac n cheese for dinner?”

“Of course we can Eli.” She lets off a smirk, because that was Aurora’s favorite dinner and for dessert, chocolate cake.

“Don’t forget the chocolate cake!” Servius bellows out

Draco shakes his head, “Yes Serv, we know. And add whipped cream with butter bear as the drink.”

The night went on and Draco and Sky were in the kitchen making dinner when they felt a gust of warm air. They both look at each other, smiling, and say, ”Aurora Jayne"


“Mum, it smells so good in here! Ooh, is that Mac n Cheese?”

“Yes, Aurora, it’s Mac n Cheese. We can’t have your favorite dinner without Mac n Cheese.” Sky giggles while making the roux for the pot pie.

Aurora looking over everything, “this needs a ton more cheese!” She starts sprinkling the cheese all over the mac, until she decides to dump the whole bag

“Aurora Jayne Malfoy, you’re not going to cause all of us not to use the loo for a week with that much cheese”

“Mum, I just want all the cheese on it.” She giggles while kissing her mum’s cheek. Sky shakes her head

Draco walks in from a day at the ministry, “Something smells amazing.” He looks down at the counter and sees a thing of Mac n Cheese. “Love, that’s a lot of cheese. None of us will be using the loo for at least a week with that much.”

“Tell your daughter that. She dumped the whole thing of cheese on it--”

“Mum, it didn’t have enough cheese. I would like cheese with my Mac, mainly since it is called Mac n Cheese.”

“Aurora Jayne Malfoy. You know your mum makes it exactly the way you like it, so why did you do that?”

She looks down at the ground, “I’m sorry dad. I’ll just go to my room. Sorry I ruined dinner mum.”

Draco stops her from walking away after Sky gives him the look. “Rory baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I’m sorry. You didn’t ruin dinner, but next time, ask your mum. Okay?”

“Okay dad. Sorry mum.” Sky stops making the roux and hugs Aurora, “it’s okay sweetie, you just love cheese. Dinner isn’t ruined, I promise. It’s going to be fine, I’ll fix it. Go play with your siblings. The Zabini’s, mumsy and papi, Grandpa Snape, and Aunt Bellatrix will be over in a little bit, so make sure y’all get dressed.”

“Yes mum”

Draco stands behind Sky, wrapping his arms around her waist, kissing her neck, grabbing a cheese stick, placing it in his mouth. He turns Sky around and she starts to grab the cheese with her mouth, their lips making contact. Little did they know Aurora came back downstairs

“Mum! Dad! That’s gross! I’m never eating cheese again because of this!”

She lied, she never stopped eating cheese. Her love of cheese grew just like she did.

End of Flashback

“She’d probably hit the back of my head from the beyond if we did what we used to every time you made mac n cheese.” To test it, he grabbed a cheese stick and put it in his mouth, pulling Sky closer to him. She let out a small laugh and shook her head with her smirk.

She steps closer to her husband as he bends down, picking her up by the thighs, their lips tangled together. Instead of a slap to the back of the head, something better was sent to them

“Eww! Mum! Dad! That’s gross. I’m not eating cheese again!” Bella shouts as she runs back upstairs

We look at each other, laughing uncontrollably and smiling as they both say, ”Aurora Jayne Malfoy!”

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