Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Being known as someone else is great until the truth comes out -Sky Marie


Not only have the Malfoy’s lost a precious daughter, but they gained a beautiful granddaughter, and will be gaining a son-in-law. Nothing will ever replace the void of their daughter Aurora, but she would want the family to keep her memory but live their lives happily. They will always know she is right there next to them to help guide them in the right direction, trying to protect them from the beyond.


“Harry, we have to do something with her. She’s going to wake up and try to fight us.”

Finishing tying the girl up to the old wooden chair, “I know Luna! Don’t you think I’ve thought about this! There’s only one thing that we can do. It will make everything easier for us if we want them to believe it.”

The blonde haired former Ravenclaw looks at him with a look of confusion, “How do we handle it?”

“We simply alter her memories and change her identity. We will tell her that her family died and her with She won’t be attending Hogwarts. She will go to a muggle school in America, gives us the perfect opportunity— to plan our next moves. The longer it takes, the better the revenge.”

“Why just me?” The blonde haired witch questions as she makes the queen size bed for the girl.

He beams his eyes up towards her from the sleeping girl tied in the chair, “Because Luna, when all is said and done, Malfoy and Sky are going to find out that their lovely, innocent daughter is dating The Chosen One. Little will she know that they are her parents, and she will watch them die by my wand.”


A few hours later, Aurora wakes up, unaware of her surroundings, a place she has never seen before. Her head pounding, her feet that barely touch the floor feels ice cold from the tile flooring. Much like Malfoy Manor, the room was dark, no pictures on the wall that could give an idea of where she could be; wondering what happened to her and if her family is okay. Her vision beginning to clear up from the drowsiness, she scans the room for possible clues to identify her location, while trying to escape from the ropes that bound her hands together behind the chair.

Sounds of creaking wooden floors outside of the unfamiliar room, when the door opens revealing a glimpse of sunlight and a gust of cold air comes from the hallway. The light discloses the figure entering the room. The figure that appears is one that she had hoped to never have to handle alone, especially hearing stories from her family.

“Luna, look who’s awake finally”

Her body tenses up as she wonders what he’s going to do to her, “What do you want from me Potter?”

He steps closer to her tied up body, the blonde haired witch trailing closely behind him, looking innocent but ditzy. “Aurora Malfoy, the weakest one of the bunch. At last, I have something that your parents love, but unfortunately --” He pauses as he lets out an evil chuckle, “-- unfortunately for them, they believe that you’re dead, so now I can do what I please with you.”

“They think I’m... dead?” She questions as the tears heavily pour from her eyes, trying to hold them back. He laughs as he rubs his finger on her cold flush pink cheek, “Like I said, weak. Luna, are you ready to start the plan?”

“I suppose so.”

The bright blonde haired girl moved closer to Aurora, as she pointed her wand at Aurora’s head. Luna’s deep glaze gave the confirmation that she knew this was wrong, but didn’t dare disobey anything that Harry ordered her to do. Knowing that sitting before her, tied up, sat a girl, who belongs to not only one powerful family, but two families who rule the wizarding world. She was also the great granddaughter of Lord Voldemort himself.

“Caput Infidum”

A light blue light flashes from the tip of the wand, Aurora Malfoy’s memories are altered to deplete the memories of her childhood, erasing her identity as a Malfoy. As her eyes slowly shut, they quickly untied her, lying her on the bed. Her eyes opening slowly, focusing on Luna and Harry, she became confused on where she was, who the two people in front of her were. Not remembering who she is, her body starts trembling. “Who- who are you? Who am I? Where am I?”

At this moment, Harry Potter knew that the memory alteration was successful, she didn’t know who she was or who they were. His plan to make this girl his is just beginning; now the idea of war with the Malfoy’s has begun.

“Angel, it’s me, Harry. Your boyfriend.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember you. Who am I and where am I at?”

He sits on the bed beside her, holding her hand, “Your name is Hailey Lane and you’re at home, safe. You have amnesia, it’s normal that you don’t remember us after the accident.”

With no recollection of who she is or who they are, she believes he is telling her the truth, as he seems sincere and loving. “I- I don’t remember you. What happened to me?”

“Baby, you were in Defense Against the Dark Arts and you were duelling with a girl and she was too quick with the flipendo spell and when you flew back, your head hit the corner of the stage. You have been in a coma for a week. The nurses said we could bring you home and let you be comfortable. Take your time, you will remember us. Let me make you some food.”

Harry and Luna leave the room, walking down the stairs towards the kitchen he clenches on to Luna’s bicep, “Why doesn’t she know who we are?! You were supposed to alter her memory but make it to where she knew who we were.”

“Harry, you’re going to have to kiss her in order for her to know who you are. Once you kiss her, she will remember both of us, making her altered memories kick in. So I’ll make her some soup and you take it up to her.”

While downstairs with Luna, Harry goes into the den to find a piece of clothing that he had bought and made smells like him, to help Hailey remember him. “Harry, her soup is done,” Luna shouts from the kitchen. Going to the kitchen, taking the soup and heading upstairs to his girlfriend.

“Here darling, Luna made you some soup, something light on your stomach”

“Thank you,” she says with her beautiful smile that has always lit up a room. “And thank you for understanding that I don’t remember, I’m really trying. It’s- just really hard.” Tears form in the creases of her eyes, with the hurt of not remembering.

He sits the soup down on the side table, “I understand, don’t get upset. I’m not going to leave your side.”

What she didn’t know was he was being serious about not leaving her side. Not taking any chances of the Malfoy’s finding out their daughter is alive and well.

He leans in and presses his lips with her full, luscious lips. “Harry? What happened?”

“Shhh, calm down, there was an accident at school, but you’re at home and fine. Just stay in bed.”

She scans the room quickly, “Is Luna here too? Is she okay?” Her breathing heavies quickly, while he grabs both of her hands to calm her, “yes, Luna’s here. She is okay. Do you want me to go grab her?” She nods her head.

He gets up from the bed and places a kiss on her forehead, “I’ll be right back with Luna. Eat your soup, you haven’t eaten in a week.” With said, he walks out of the bedroom, closing the door. The creaky wooden planks leave her trembling, but knows she is in good hands.

“Luna, it worked. She wants to see you. She’s been asking if you’re okay and if you’re here.” Luna finishes washing the dishes, “I’ll go up and see her. Your soup is on the stove and the butter beer is in the fridge.” Drying her hands, she sits the towel down on the countertop, as she makes her way upstairs.

She gently knocks on the door, “Hailey, it’s Luna, can I come in?”

“Yeah come on in.”

Luna opens the door to see the Brunette witch sitting on the bed, sipping on her soup. Opening the curtains, granting the sunlight in the room. The sun revealed more details of the room that she is in; the walls are a darker Red color, the floor was White with Black specks in the tiles.

“How are you feeling?”

Giving a shrugged look, “I’m fine I suppose, what’s the date Luna?”

“It’s mid-April,” she let off with a smile. “Can we go outside, I’d love some fresh air and to see the flowers,” she ponders Luna waiting for acceptance or rejection of the idea.

“Of course we can, grab your jumper and we will go outside. I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

While Luna leaves the room, Hailey gets up from the bed, folding the duvet back, tidying up the bed. Grabbing her Red jumper, slipping her shoes on she heads out the bedroom door. While walking through the hallway to the top of the stairs, her eyes gander at the walls-- No pictures, not even of scenery. The hallways were freezing as if it were winter and the house had no heat. The creaky wooden floors were louder than they seemed from the gap underneath the bedroom door.

Walking down the staircase, she noticed, one, just one single portrait of a man that she slightly remembers but cannot place the name. The man had long, grey hair, with a grey beard, who looked to be over a hundred years old. Stopping to glance at the portrait a little longer to see if the name would pop in her head, but nothing.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, the sunlight becomes brighter; she walks into the kitchen where Luna is propped up against the counter, glaring out the window at a pair of blue birds chirping back and forth with each other. “Ready Luna?”

She smiles at Luna as they walk outside. The warm spring day was inviting to her medium ivory skin. Removing her cardigan, allowing the wind to brush up against her skin. Not remembering much before her accident, she tightly closes her eyes and holds her arms out letting the rumbling in her ears and the smells swirl through her nostrils. The feel of the breeze and smells around captivate her.

Sounds of the birds chirping, the wind giving off a small breeze, the sounds of waves, kids playing, and animals making noises. The aromas of honeysuckle, flowers, freshly mown grass, a garden with basil, peppermint, lemon and sage fill her nose. A few sneezes escaping her nose.

Opening her eyes to see the bright yellow sun and all the vibrant colors that surround her. The sight of Pink, Yellow, Purple, Red, and White flowers in the bright Green grass. Tree leaves blowing, kids swinging, running through the playground, dogs chasing each other.

Although her memory was not completely coherent, she was at peace.

“Luna, why does it feel like I was out longer than a week?”

Trying to hide the worrisome, “the weather has changed greatly since the accident. You will feel normal again soon.”

“Yeah, you’re right. So when can I return to school?”

“On Monday. It’s Saturday, we all transferred to Ilvermorny after the accident. We thought it would be best that way you wouldn’t have to remember the tragedy.”

Looking at Luna with confusion, “what tragedy? I don’t remember the accident.”

Luna and Harry thought their plan was flawless, but both of them not once thought of adding what accident happened to cause her to be in a coma for a week. Quickly coming up with something, Luna figured it out.

“Well, there was an incident. There was a war at Hogwarts and your family didn’t make it. I’m sorry Hailey.”

“War at Hogwarts? Against who?”

“He who mustn’t be named along with the Death Eaters against Dumbledore’s Army.”

Right as Luna said this, Harry was walking outside and heard everything Luna said. He walked over to the girls, pulling her aside with a firm grip. “What the hell Luna?! What are you telling her?!”

“Harry, we never talked about what accident it was that killed her family, so I thought maybe telling her they died in war would work.”

She doesn’t remember anything about it. I had to do something.”

“Well go back and add it in! Don’t tell her what happened, let her remember it herself. You’ll end up messing it up Luna.”

With a look of disbelief she glanced up at him, “You listen to me Harry Potter, this wasn’t my choice to do this! You chose to kidnap her and make it seem that she’s dead! I wanted no part of this! She didn’t deserve this!” She paused for a brief second, “You made me believe that Sky and Draco was going to kill Rose, but why would they kill a baby?! They would never!”

“So you agree with them now?!”

“You do realize I am related to the Malfoys right?! My father is Lucius’ cousin, meaning I am Draco’s cousin! I never wanted any part of this! You tricked me into this!”

Walking closer to her, “You’re going to do as I say. Don’t make me use the imperius curse on you. You will do this! You know this is the right thing to do.”


Professor Fontaine, the headmaster at Ilvermorny approaches Hailey as she steps into the dining hall, “Good morning Miss Lane and Lovegood, you have both been sorted into Horned Serpent, which is much like the Ravenclaw house at Hogwarts. You will be sharing a room with Miss Lovegood and Madyson Blake. She will show you two girls around.”

“Thank you so much Professor Fontaine.”

“Hi, I’m Madyson, but you can call me Mady. Here are your schedules, we are all three in the same classes, so you can just follow me around. Hailey, I heard you are quite intelligent when it comes to the Dark Arts, Potions, and Charms.”

Haile smiles, “Yea, I really don’t remember since the accident, but I’m sure once I get back in the class I will remember how to do it all. Thank you for showing us around Mady.”

Walking into the dorm, it was just like the ones at Hogwarts, just a little smaller and one less wardrobe. The walls were a shade of Gold and the curtains were Turquoise, beds are queen size. Unlike the beds at Hogwarts, these don’t have the exquisite designs in the four posts or the wardrobes doors.

“It’s not much, but--”

Madyson was cut off by Hailey, “It’s amazing. The colors are impeccable and so warming.”

Luna glances at the girl and sees so much of her mother in her, the feeling of heartbreak flows through her body. She never wanted to take the girl from her family, wishing she could just take her back. She knew the consequences if she did, so leaving it as it is was the only option for the safety of their family.

“Let’s get to class. We have Dark Arts with Professor Otto first then we have Herbology with Professor Grin. Then we have lunch, then we go to Care for Magical and Muggle Creatures with Professor Stralis and to end the day we have Transfiguration with Snowhawk. They’re pretty easy classes.”

As the day progressed, things were great. The three girls walked to the dining hall together. Things at Ilvermorny were different compared to Hogwarts. At Hogwarts, you had to eat with your houses, while at Ilvermorny, you are allowed to eat with any of the houses, classes aren’t paired into two houses in one class. Each class has students from all houses in them, allowing the students to get to know one another and make friends.

Walking over to a table with a few other people, Harry included, Hailey sits down next to him giving him a smile. “Hey beautiful, how were your classes today?” Harry moving the hair from her face and kissing her cheek

“They were really good actually. I was nervous this morning, but Mady helped out a lot. How was your day?”

“It was decent. I will be going away for a week or two, so it will be just you and Luna here. If you need anything, Hedwig will be here to send me your letters.” He tells them as he grabs her hand and places a kiss on it.

“You’re Hailey Lane right?” A tall, slender dark skinned and haired girl questions as she sits in the empty seat next to Hailey. Looking up at the girl, “Yes I am, can I ask why?”

The girl smiled, “I’ve heard about your family and I’m so sorry for your loss. I knew your sister Lycissa when I went to Hogwarts.” Harry and Luna both quickly looked at the girl awaiting the response of Hailey, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have a sister named Lycissa. I only have a twin sister named Hadley.”

“Are you sure? When I knew your sister she said you had a twin named Bella,” the girl says with confusion until Harry interrupts her, “she doesn’t have a sister named Lycissa or Bella. Only a sister named Hadley. Now we have to go.”

They walk to the courtyard and sit down on a bench, “I have to go but Hailey please stay away from that girl. She is mental and doesn’t know anything.”

“Harry, she seems really sweet though. She just got a little confused, it’s okay. Please be safe in your travels.”

He kisses her forehead and walks away far enough to apparate out of this school.


“Dumbledore, how much longer do we have to keep her away? People are already asking her about her family. When will your plan end, so we can get rid of her for good?”

The ancient grey haired man turns from pensieve facing the scar headed man, “Harry, be patient. The plan will come together in time. Obliviate the people if you must, but she has to stay there until it’s complete.”

“But Dumbledore--”

“Harry, do as I say. If we plan on taking the Malfoy family and Voldemort down, then you will listen to what I say.”

He wanted to get rid of the Malfoy girl as soon as possible before her true identity was revealed, but the wise old man had more in store than Potter was originally led on.

Was he being set up for failure or the beginning of ruling the wizarding world?

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