Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Dark Queen

“I want you. All of you.”

“Mum, how much more training do we need?” Thomas says with a minor pant to his voice, elbows on his thighs hunched over.

Sky shakes her head, “Tom, I really need to make sure you are ready.” Lucius laughing at Thomas’ question, “Your mum is right, she needs y’all at your best and strongest. This is nothing compared to what your mum, dad, Pansy, Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle had to endure

“What’s so different from this and what you had to do?” Avander ponders. Pansy placing a hand on his shoulder, “Vander. You have no idea how intense and scary it was. It was the worst thing we ever had to do.”

Blaise spoke up before allowing Pansy to continue, “And it didn’t help that Sky and Draco got married, found out they were pregnant with Cissa and Servius, then your mum had to get the mark out of nowhere.”

“Talk about scary. Trying to focus on the task, getting sick thinking it’s stress, but low-and-behold I was three and a half months pregnant with Cissa and Serv.” Sky stops and her eyes glaze over as she looks at Thomas and Avander, “It was the scariest thing I ever had to do. I was training everyone, trying to keep my stress down, but I was always worried what if something happened to one of us. I still think of how I could’ve trained them better. We all had to learn to have patience for it.”

Goyle chuckles, “Especially Malfoy here, he needed it more than any of us. And when he found out Sky was pregnant, the protectiveness skyrocketed then when everyone else found out she was pregnant and gave her dirty looks, he would punch them. He did not care; he did everything he could to protect her and make sure she was safe.”

“Remember when I killed Granger for talking shit about Sky and Draco not being seen during the war?”

“If she only knew that they were under the cloak and a shield still throwing spells out.”

Bella looks up from her feet, “did y’all go through the nightmares to make the task perfect?” “Yeah we did. I’m glad you kids don’t have it as bad as we did.”

A few moments of awkward silence went by. All the kids exchanged glances as the adults looked at Sky who they could tell was stressing over the past war and how she could’ve made it better for them. How everything after the war still seems to haunt her when she leasts expects it.

“Sometimes, I can still hear Malfoy crying from the dreams. We all have them still and it’s horrid. I never understood how your mum keeps strong to this day.”

Sky glances at Blaise and with some tears in her eyes, “I still have them. I scream in mine, but I muffliato the room, that way I never wake anyone up--” Leaning her head on Draco’s shoulder, “I always feel bad because when I have one of the dreams, I always wake Draco up.”

“Okay, enough sadness, I want to see you all duel each other. No unforgivables or sectumsempra. This is a fair and clean duel. Just to test the waters. Lucius, who do you suppose the pairs should be?”

Lucius’ eyes scan the room at everyone in there, going through the many different pairs he could do, but choosing something he knew would be interesting and entertaining.

“Let’s do...”

“Blaise and Pansy”

“Avander and Bella”

“Crabbe and Thomas”

“Goyle and Servius”

“And the fight of the night-- Draco and Sky.”

“Who should go first?”

Snape answers, “Crabbe and Thomas”

“You ready to lose Malfoy?”

“You will Crabbe,” Thomas says with the same smirk his mum gives every


“Protego! You’ll have to do better than that Crabbe! Levicorpus”

Crabbe’s body is lifted upside down and is now dangling in the air. While in mid-air, a chicken leg falls out of his trouser pockets

“Rictusempra” Crabbe shouts, causing Thomas to laugh uncontrollably



“Protego Maxima! Immobulus”

This causes Crabbe to freeze, making Thomas the winner of the duel. No one thought Crabbe would actually win due to his inability to focus long enough. How he’s lived this long is surprising. Not really since he’s always been around Sky and the gang who gets him and Goyle out of situations.

Goyle and Servius start to duel and it lasts for ten minutes. Servius unfortunately lost from the expelliarmus spell. Next was Avander and Bella who continuously called out the same spells every time, resulting in a draw. Great minds always think alike, and great minds are what they had.

“Pansy, Blaise, you’re up” Snape says looking at the two. All the kids start yelling

“Mum, kick his ass!”

“Shut up Houston! Dad is going to crush mum!”

“Boys shut up, honestly!” Pansy yells at them, her wand pointing at Blaise

“Now begin!”

Blaise raises his wand, “Densaugeo”

“Protego. Mimblewimble”


“Depulso” pushes Blaise back with powerful force, knocking him on his back, quickly getting back up

“Stupefy!” stunning Pansy, causing her to fall to the ground unconscious, declaring Blaise the winner of the duel.

He goes over to Pansy and picks her up, sitting her in a chair, “Rennervate.” She pops up and the look of shock is plastered on her face from losing the duel to her husband. Out of anyone she lost to him.

Snape glances up, “finally we have Draco and Sky”

“Ah shit, here we go!” Goyle screams

Snape adds, “to make it more interesting, let’s do it the same way you did back then.”

“This is going to be good. Don’t hold back Sky. Kick his ass”

Both of them holding their wands up, standing in the dueling position, Draco having a smirk, while Sky has a straight face as he says, ”Scared Malfoy?”

Her maintaining her straight face, “You wish”

Crabbe looks at Blaise, “money’s on Draco this time. He knows her tricks”


Twenty-five minutes into the duel, Sky decides to add a little twist to her normal routine, “Tarantallegra!” As Draco’s legs start moving uncontrollably, ”Training for the ballet Malfoy?”


Lucius yells out, “you two can use the other spells other than sectumsempra and the killing curse”

“Oi mate” Blaise sighs

The Dark Lord appears from the stairs, “what’s going on here”

“They’re dueling like they did back in school, preparing for the mission.”

Responding to Goyle, he gives a sharp and bestial look, “I go against whoever wins the duel”

“You’re going down Malfoy!”

She gives off a laughsm “ha, you forget darling, I’m also a Riddle and a Snape, you don’t know what all I’m capable of doing.”



“Protego! Come on Malfoy”

“You wish you can handle this Sky”

Her letting off a slight smirk, “Crucio! Petrificus Totalus!” His whole body tightens up, him becoming immobile, and him hitting the floor.

Blaise laughs, “pay up Crabbe”

Sky runs up to Draco, helping him up, “Are you okay love?”

“I’m fine babe. You’re still as amazing as you were back then. You switched up your routine I see.” He kisses her cheek, draping an arm around her shoulder, helping to stabilize his balance.

The Dark Lord steps forward, “Now Sky, let’s see if you can take your grandpa down.”

“Bet your ass you’re going down old man! Count on it!” She announces in a sassy tone and the shit eating grin she gets from her mother.

Everyone takes a seat in the chairs placed around the room, waiting for the long overdue duel between the Dark Lord and his granddaughter. A duel who one would presume to be dangerous and lethal.

Crabbe elboys Draco, “Malfoy, better say bye to your wife because she’s going to die in this duel.”

“Langlock,” Draco says pointing his wand at Crabbe’s throat. “That’ll shut you up, you git. My love, please don’t die.”

Voldemort’s eyes dissected Draco and Crabbe from the thought that he would kill his blood granddaughter, “Draco, do you think that poorly of your Lord that I would kill my only grandchild and the strongest witch of this family?”

“Yeah, can I please not die? I still have children to raise.”

“There’s a twist in this duel--” Voldemort pauses as he gives off a smirk of evil, “-- if Sky finds a way to beat me, she will be reigned as the Dark Queen and be head of the family business.”

Bellatrix looks over at Narcissa and Pansy, “This is going to be an interesting duel to watch.” The two agree with her.

Draco walks over to his wife and the mother of his children. Petrified of something happening to her, leaving him a widow and a single father to all these kids, whom most of them have her attitude. Without her, he would be a broken man with no love left to give.

He pulls her close to him, his thumb stroking her cheek, mesmerized by her beautiful eyes, “you got this princess, I know you do. No matter what I’m proud of you and you are the most beautiful, strongest, stubborn, and loving witch I know. I love you so much.” He places a kiss on her forehead and then a long and passionate one on her lips.

The Dark Lord’s wand is made of Yew wood, Phoenix feather core, 13 ½ inch. Sky’s wand is made up of Rowan wood, Dragon Heartstring core, and 13 inches long. Both very powerful in the wizarding world.

“This will be a fair duel. The only unforgivables that may be used is crucio. May the best witch or wizard win. Good look sweetie.” Snape announces as he gives a quick wink to his daughter

One thing that many do not know of both Voldemort and his granddaughter is that they can both produce curses, hexes, and jinxes without saying a word. Only the strongest witches and wizards are able to do this and it’s very rare that more than one are in the same family. So with both of them able to duel soundless, is an amazement to the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

An hour into dueling they have finally said a curse out loud

The Dark Lord glares at Sky, “Imperio!”

She blocks it, “Protego maxima!”

“Mate, this is getting intense. Sky looks like she’s getting weak from this duel. I’ve never seen her like this before.” Blaise leans over to Draco. Draco whispers back to him, “Don’t worry, I know what she’s doing.”

Sky lowers herself to the ground, “I surrender my Lord. You are too powerful for me to beat.”

“Ah, young Sky, I knew you wouldn’t be--”

“Crucio! Stupefy! Petrificus Totalus!” Voldemort falls to the floor, completely paralyzed from the spells casted from her.

Bellatrix snickers, “that a girl!” Lucius nods his head, “Seems like we have a winner!”

“Rennervate,” Sky silently says to undo the curses on her grandfather, helping him up from the ground.

“Just like your mum. Fake surrendering? You beat me Sky, even if it was dirty.I am proud of you. Shows how hard you have worked throughout the years.”

She chuckles, “I refuse to let them train alone. We are all in this together. A team. Family. All of us are one.”

“Well, following my word, you are now the Dark Queen. You have just as much authority over our organization as I do. Only the Death Eaters will know about this. You are unstoppable. You truly are a Riddle.”

Through the years, even back in school, Sky has always been one to be involved in everything, even if she is a training. She has never believed she was over anyone, even now that she has been named Dark Queen.

“Thanks grandpa. I won’t let you down”

Draco sprints over to her, picking and spinning her around. Pansy yells out, “Draco, your wife is now the most powerful witch there is. Be scared of her.”

“I’ve always been scared of her, always the strongest witch I know. But I’m glad that she’s mine. She’s truly the definition of perfect."

All the kids run over to Sky

“Mum, you kicked ass!” said Bella

Thomas hugged his mum, “That was awesome!”

Avander looks at Bella with a scared look, “I think I’m more scared of your mum than your dad.”

“Avander, when it comes to the Malfoy girls, Draco is the one you should be scared of. He will kill you if you hurt them.”

“Sky, you’re the Dark Queen. If anyone is over me, I’m glad that it’s you. You’ve earned it,” Bellatrix claims. She takes this as a compliment due to how loyal Bellatrix has been to the Dark Lord throughout the years.

Sky gives off a grin, “Aunt Bella, I want you and Draco to be my number ones when it comes to everything.”

“Just tell me who to kill and they will no longer be an issue sweetie”

“I’ll always be by your side, my lovely princess. I’m sorry, my bad. Please forgive me. My Dark Queen."


“Bella, will you and Avander take Scorpius for a few hours? I want to surprise your mum with a celebratory dinner.”

Smiling brightly, she happily takes her little blonde hair, blue eye brother from her dad’s arms, “we will happily take him for the whole night. Go out and enjoy it, don’t worry about Scorp.”

“My love, go change. It’s a special night!” Draco’s voice echoes through the rooms of the manor

Sky leaves the kitchen, sprinting up the stairs to the bedroom. The steam from the hot shower was thick, filling the air, leaving condensation on the glass, the smell of coconut and peach body wash lathered on her skin, the scalding water dousing her body, scrubbing her hair with the mint shampoo.

Her beautiful voice resounding through the bathroom, as she sings her favorite song

I feel alive, I feel a love

I feel a love that’s really real

I’m on sunshine, baby

I’m on sunshine, baby

I’m walking on sunshine

I’m walking on sunshine

I’m walking on sunshine

And it’s starting to feel good, hey

All right now

And it’s starting to feel good

I say it, I say it, I say it again, now

Stepping out of the shower, tightly wrapping the towel around her body, she steps into her closet, glancing at the many choices of outfits she could wear. After a few minutes she chose a dark Navy Blue dress stopping just above her knees, with a pair of Beige wedges. Curling her hair lightly to give it some volume and a nude eyeshadow with a light Pink lipstick. Beginning to walk downstairs, she feels eyes gleaming into her.

“Wow,” Crabbe enunciates his eyes glued to her, just as everyone else’s is.

Draco turns around to see this magnificent woman standing before him. Thoughts racing through his head, attempting to put words together to form a sentence, but he’s so mesmerized that he is married to this beautiful woman.

“Woah. You look absolutely amazing my love,” he says. Thinking to himself, ′that’s the best you can come up with Draco. Out of everything in the world, you say that?′

“Skyra Marie, go put some clothes on right this minute young lady!” Snape exclaims outside of his monotone voice.

She shakes her head, “Dad, chill. I’m not a little kid anymore. I haven’t been for years.”

Snape looks at her with a frown, knowing that she’s not a little girl anymore. He’s never liked the fact she’s grown up, married, and has kids. When he sees her, he sees the little girl running around the house or begging for him to teach her how to fly, going to Diagon Alley or spending the summers with the Malfoys. Little did he ever think, his little girl would be married to that Malfoy boy who he swore would never make it anywhere in life.

Seeing his daughter happy is all that mattered and he knew that no one ever made her as happy as he did. No matter if he wanted to arrange a marriage for her, he realized that there was no guy who would ever be good enough for her, then came Draco Malfoy sweeping her off her feet.

“I’m sorry honey, I just don’t like seeing you grown up. Now go out and have fun.”


“Draco, where are we going?”

He turns and smiles, “we’re going home, to the manor. I have something special set up for you.”

“I’m scared about this,” she says with a giggle.

Apparating back to the manor, he covers her eyes with a blindfold, taking her hand and leading the way to the surprise. Walking outside to the back, they stop, “take the blindfold off sweetheart.”

Taking the blindfold off, she sees a movie projection screen, pillows and blankets on the deck, snacks and drinks spread out, paper lantern lights hung up from the trees.

“Babe, this is amazing. Who helped you do this?”

“No one. I did it all myself. I felt it was more romantic with me doing it alone. Do you like it?”

“I don’t like it,” she says. His eyes go soft and sad, looking down at the ground, hurt. Lifting his chin up, “I don’t like it because I absolutely love it. Thank you Dray.”

Kissing her for a few moments then pulling away. “I even cooked dinner myself.”

He pulls the chair at the table out, allowing her to sit down, walking inside and coming out with two big plates in his hands. Coming back to the table, he sits the plates down. On the plates are roasted chicken, mashed potato, green bean casserole, gravy, and yorkshire pudding.

“Wow, this looks delicious. Are you sure you didn’t have your mum help you cook this?”

Nodding his head, I’m positive love. I did ask her for recipes though, not sure if that counts or not.” They both let off a chuckle, “no, that doesn’t count.”

Spending the next hour eating and laughing, he helps her from the table and over to the pallet of blankets and pillows, helping her sit down. Noticing that she’s got chill bumps forming on her arms, he grabs a blanket next to him, pulling her into his arms as he covers them up.

“What movie do you want to start with my love?”

“Play movie roulette like we used to. I don’t care, I just want to be here with you.”

Movie Roulette, a game they created when they were kids. Whenever they didn’t have a specific movie they wanted to watch, they would hit shuffle and whatever movie it lands on is what they watched. They would do this after every movie.

The movie it landed on was The Borrowers. They watched it when they were kids and it became one of their favorites. As the movie continued, she looked up at him and saw everything she’s ever wanted in life. His eyes glance down, noticing that she’s staring at him.

Rolling over to his side, where their eyes can make contact, he cups her face, kissing her. He starts to pull away, but she snatches him back in, deepening the kiss, turning into a makeout session.

Observing her eyes in the moonlight he brushes the hair out of her face, “you are so beautiful. I’m the luckiest man alive that I get to call you my wife and the mother of my kids.” His head bobs down nibbling at her ear, kissing her cheek, moving down her jawline and down her neck. Sitting her up and slipping her dress off of her.

Not caring that they were outside taking into consideration that the only houses around are Malfoy Manor and the Zabini’s, but everyone was still at Hogwarts. He leaves a trail of kisses down her chest all the way to her navel. Moving his head back up to hers, applying kisses to her lips.

“You’re so handsome. I swear you get hotter by the day,” she groaned into his mouth, their tongues colliding in sync. Tugging at the bottom of his shirt, indicating to lift his arms up. She takes his shirt off, then unbuckles his belt, pulling his trousers down.

His fingertips gliding down her soft skin, her body flutters at the touch of his hand sliding down. Pinning her down to the blanket, leaving wet sloppy kisses down her torso, kissing her thighs, seeing how she was going to unfold right underneath him.

“Are you okay?” Mumbling to her as his mouth left soft kisses on her legs. “I want you to be okay before I do anything.”

“Mm, Draco, I want this. I’m more than okay.” knocking her head back into a pillow, “you make me feel more than okay. I want you.”

Spreading her legs, allowing him access to her entrance, he bites his bottom lip, as he mutters something inaudible to her. Lowering his head to her entrance, he flickers his tongue, spreading her open sliding one finger into her.

Sky letting out a silent moan, he looked up at her noticing her body language begging for more. His finger tracing circular motions on her clit, watching her squirm as he sticks his tongue inside her heat.

“Fuck Dra--,” she breaths out her hands intertwining into his blond hair. “Don’t stop, oh God, please”

Pulling his tongue out from inside her, “Such a good girl, begging for me. Tell me Sky, what do you want?”

“I want you. All of you.”

"All of you, Draco.”

“Every inch of you, I want you”

Pounding his fingers into her, watching her head knock back into the pillows, her hands gripping at his biceps. Continuing to pound his finger in her, his head meets her clit, flicking his tongue on her sensitive spot, feeling her body twitching at his touch.

“I’m going--” he cuts her off, “Hold it princess. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you.”

A few moments later, he removes his fingers from her, shoving them in her mouth, “how do you taste princess?”

Twirling her tongue on his fingers, knowing how riled up it makes him. Moving her mouth off of his fingers, she licks her lips seductively, “I taste so good--” nibbling at her bottom lip, “so sweet.”

Pulling her body down to him, placing her legs on his shoulders, grabbing his shaft with his hand, aligning it with her entrance, slowly sliding into her, her fingers clenching into the blankets

The feeling of her tightness blanketing his shaft gave him a sense of relief, a sense of safety. Knowing that this was his, forever. They couldn’t remove their eyes from each other, they were focused on each other. Nothing around them mattered. The wetness from her was like an ocean getting ready to form a wave of pleasure.

Draco made her feel a sense of comfort that only he could give her. He loved her for who she was, flaws, scars, anger, depression, anxiety; he loved it all. She never had to pretend to be someone else, he wanted her for her, not anything else.

She peeled her eyes open to see this man staring down at her, her eyes making contact with the scars that he had gotten years back from Potter. She ran her hands down his chest, letting him know that she loved him and his scars. Remembering he got those scars protecting her and their kids.

This was a man who loved his wife and his kids, doing everything he could to ensure their safety.

Forty-five minutes pass by of him aggressively and gently pleasuring her.

“Draco, I’m--” she moans loudly, her chest rising and lowering fastly.

He groaned into her mouth, “Cum together princess. Cum all over my cock.”

She did just that, while he released himself inside of her. Their fluids mixing together, moving inside of her. Her toes were curling into the blankets, back arching at the pleasure. Feeling both of them pulsating inside of her. Her walls wrapped around his shaft tightly, making him let a moan of his own into her neck.

Kissing her forehead before his body drops down beside her, laying her head on his chest. Her neck is at the perfect level for him to place a kiss, her letting out a small whimper knowing her body can’t handle anymore for the moment. They came undone together and it was perfect.

They both smiled to themselves, feeling complete and whole as they surrounded themselves with the love from the other. Nothing could ruin this moment. It was them against the world.

“What got into you Draco?”

He smirks, “let’s see, my sexy wife kicking my ass in a duel, then you beating the Dark Lord himself in a duel. You becoming the Dark Queen. It turned me on, what can I say.” Grazing his thumb across her face.

“I still want to be your princess. To everyone else I am the Dark Queen, but I want you to still call me princess.”

“You’ll always be my princess.”

“I love you forever, Sky.”

“Always, Draco”


The next morning, they apparate back to Hogwarts to see Bella and Avander on the couch tossing Scorpius up in the air and catching them. Sky walks over to them smiling from the sound of laughing.

“There’s the cutest baby in the world,” Sky says catching Scorp as Avander tosses him up in the air. “Hey mum”

“Hey love. Thank you both for watching Scorp last night.”

Looking at Scorp’s smile as he plays with Sky’s hair, “He spent time with Aurora and they watched cartoons then fell asleep. He was an angel.

“Look at our handsome little man,” Draco says as he walks into the living room.

“Daddy daddy!” Scorp screeches as his eyes land on Draco moving closer to them. They all laugh, “who dressed my kid as a little skater?”

Thomas strided through the entry, “I did. I thought he looked like a baddie dressed like that. He’s the cutest kid I’ve ever seen.”

“Scorpius is the perfect combination of Sky and Draco. Looks and personality.” Pansy announces as her eyes shift to Avander, noticing the way he’s eyeing Bella who is looking and smiling at Scorp.

Goyle starts to laugh, “I wonder who the new Malfoy baby will look like.”

“What’re you talking about Goyle?” Sky questions giving a glance of confusion.

Blaise rolls his eyes as if Sky has no idea what Goyle is talking about. “We all know what happened last night. You looked hot as fuck,” his eyes shoot over to Pansy, hoping she isn’t giving the death stare. Instead she’s giving a look of approval. “Malfoy can’t keep his hands off of you as it is, so seeing you in that dress last night, we know. There was a new baby created last night. If not, I’ll be shocked.”

“DAD!” Avander shouts, “I don’t want to hear that about my future mother-in-law! No offense Mrs. Sky, you are stunning and beautiful, but I don’t want to hear that.”

Pansy, Blaise, and Draco glare at Avander and in unison they exclaim, “Future mother-in law?!”

“Vander, are you saying you want to marry me?” Bella stands up looking at him. Her eyes banter at him

Grabbing at her hands, kissing each of them, staring into her Hazel eyes, “of course I want to marry you Bella.” Watching her eyes starting to water, not knowing if they’re tears of joys or scared. “There’s no other girl for me, It may not be right now, but, I will marry you and make you Mrs. Avander Zabini”

The tears slowly roll down her cheek; wiping away her tears with his thumb, “why’re you crying angel? Did I say something wrong or out of the way?”

Quickly wrapping her arms around him, “no, you said everything just right. I love you Avander.” Her eyes met his, full of love and a slight tear in his eyes, “I love you Bella Marie.”

“You two are so cute. I know I would love to have you a part of the family, officially.”

Blaise looks over at Pansy, “When the hell did our son grow up and not be a git?”

“Rory would look and fake vomit right now seeing and hearing this.” Servius says laughing at them.

Ginny walks into the room looking around wondering why everyone is laughing, “sorry to interrupt, but Greg are you ready for the appointment?” He nods, taking her by the hand and walking to the floo.

“Family game night?” George asks everyone and they all agree and head to the den where the rest of them are waiting.


“Pansy stop cheating!” Lorenzo shouts

Servius growls at him, “shut up Enzo! You’re still mad you lost last round!”

“Stop stealing the monopoly money Blaise!” Fred says grabbing the money from Blaise’s hand

Sky hits Draco’s arm, “Draco Lucius, stop! Let me go! It’s my turn, not yours!”

Thomas looks at the rest of the kids, “why are the adults the ones arguing over game night rather than the kids?” Bella scoots closer and whispers, “they’ve always been like this. It’s horrid.”

“Crabbe, stop cheating!” Draco screams.

Lycissa’s holding baby Aurora watching her, “This is great. Aurora here is so amused by the arguing.” Aurora is laughing and reaching for Draco to pick her up, but he is so invested in the game and tickling Sky, he doesn’t even notice his granddaughter wanting his attention.

“She’s laughing at your dad ticking your mum,” Vander leans over telling her.

“Okay, I’m done. Y’all cheat way too much. I’m going to check on Scorp, he’s been too quiet.”

She gets up and kisses Draco on the forehead. He smacks her butt as she walks away, watching the way her butt bounces when she walks. Biting his lip in admiration of his wife. The rest of them get up and spread out throughout the room, some going to the kitchen.

Walking down the hallway, she is pushed against the wall by Blaise. At first she thought it was a joke and he was messing around, but when his grip tightened on her arms, she knew it wasn’t a joke.

“What the fuck Blaise?!” She shouts at him, attempting to push him off of her, but before she could he pushes his lips on hers. In that moment Draco walks down the hallway towards Scorp’s room to check on her, when he sees Blaise and Sky kissing.

“What the hell Sky! Blaise!”

She pushes Blaise off of her, “Draco, he pushed me against the wall and he kissed me!”

“Save it Sky. Why would he kiss you without your consent? He’s married to Pansy! How long have y’all been sneaking around behind mine and Pansy’s backs?”

“Dray! I’m not sneaking around with him nor anyone! I want you!” He storms out of the hallway and she tries running after him, tears pouring down her face.

“Draco, please you have to believe me! I would never cheat on you! I love you, no one else. I’ve loved you since we were ten!”

“Then tell me why the hell you were kissing my best friend?! You don’t kiss someone else if you’re in love with your husband!”

Sky runs off crying, slamming their bedroom door. Her powers kick in to where the ground started shaking and windows shatter throughout the house.

Bella comes over to Draco, “dad what’s going on? Is mum okay?”

“I don’t care if she is or not! Her and Blaise were kissing in the hallway. He had her pushed against the wall and they were kissing. She claims it’s nothing and she tried to push him away.”

Crabbe gleams at him, “Malfoy, she would never cheat on you. That’s not her and y’know it. She loves you.”

“Bells, come on, we’re going to check on mum.”



“Come in girls”

Bella and Lycissa open the door and come into the room and see Sky on the bed, her eyes puffy and red.

“What happened with you and Blaise?”

Wiping her eyes, “I was going to check on Scorp and he pushes me against the wall and kisses me. Then your dad walked in. I would never do that to your dad. I love him more than anything.”

“Mum do the Veritaserum. It’s the only way to prove it to dad.”


“Why would she do this? I give her everything and she has the nerve to kiss Blaise?! My best friend!”

George sits on the couch across from Draco, “Malfoy, she loves you. She would never do that to you.”

“Then what the hell did I see? I know damn well I didn’t imagine it.” He turns his head to Pansy, “Pansy. Input?”

“I can’t believe it honestly. I would never think Sky would do this. Blaise maybe, Sky never.”

Sky and the girls come into the living room. All eyes go to Sky, noticing her eyes are bloodshot, nose puffy and she looks like death.

He looks at her in disgust, “I don’t even want to fucking hear it. Just leave. I can’t even look at you. I give you everything for you to do this to me!”

“Dad shut the hell up! Mum is going to prove she didn’t kiss him and she’s not cheating”

She drinks the Veritaserum. “Ask her anything,” Lycissa says

“Have you been cheating on me with Blaise?”

“No! I would never cheat on you! I love you more than life itself.”

“Did you kiss Blaise?”

“Bloody hell no! I was going to check on Scorp and he grabbed my wrists and pushed me against the wall. I tried to push him off but the moment he heard someone coming, he smashed his lips on mine. I don’t want to kiss anyone other than you Draco. Please believe me.” The tears are crashing around her and her breathing becomes so heavy that she starts to hyperventilate.

Before anyone could say anything Blaise comes around the corner, “who the hell locked me in the damn closet?”

Draco fiercely walks up to Blaise, grabbing him by the throat and pushing him into the wall, “why the hell did you kiss me wife?!” He tightens his grip on Blaise’s throat, “why did you even touch her?!”

“What are you talking about? I haven’t kissed her! That’s nasty considering the shit y’all do to each other!”

Sky’s face turns a crimson color, stepping towards Blaise who is pinned against the wall by Draco. “You literally just pushed me into the hall wall and kissed me!” Draco added, “I saw you do it too.”

“I haven’t kissed her! Why would I do that?!”

Pansy strides over to Blaise, slapping him, “Blaise Zabini, don’t you even fucking lie to us! She’s already done the Veritaserum. She didn’t kiss you! You kissed her!” Tears start trickling down her face, “I’m done. Just stay away from me. Sky, I’m so sorry. I really am.”

Pansy Parkinson has never been one to cry. Throughout the years of the group knowing each other, she has only shed tears maybe a handful of times. Her best friend could see the brokenness inside of her at the thought of her husband cheating on her. Kissing her best friend without consent and trying to convince everyone that he didn’t kiss her.

The pain she’s feeling is like nothing she’s ever felt before and she doesn’t know how to cope with it.

“I’m sorry Pans. I love you and please know I would never hurt you like that, betray you in any way, or ever cheat on Draco.”

Before Pansy could walk away Blaise shouts out to her, “you have to believe me! I would never kiss her! I love you Pansy! You’re my wife and I want you!”

“If you didn’t try kissing me, take the Veritaserum,” Sky suggests reaching her hand out for him to take it.

He snatches the serum from her hand and downs it. Sky looks at him, “Why did you kiss me?”

“I didn’t kiss you. You’re my best friend’s wife, my wife’s best friend. And you’re one of my best friends. Why the hell would I ruin my marriage over you?”

Draco’s eyes widen, anger filling his veins, “what the hell is that supposed to mean? Is my wife not good enough? You could never pull her if you tried Zabini. You’re lucky you can pull Pansy.”

Sky pulls Draco away from Blaise and hugs him tightly. But in a quick second they look at each other, as their thoughts intertwined, “So if it wasn’t Blaise, then who was it? We both saw them as Blaise.”

“Blaise, what’s the last thing you remember?” Pansy ponders

Rubbing the back of his head, thinking, “dueling you and then going to the bathroom. Next thing I know I wake up in the closet.”

“What the hell is going on?” George asks confusedly

Pans go to Blaise, “someone who looked like Blaise kissed Sky and we are trying to figure it out.” Hugging Blaise, “they both took the truth serum and neither one of them kissed each other.”

“Dray, you don’t think, do you?”

He shifts his head downwards to look at her, “it’s possible but I’m not sure love.”

“Elaborate please?” they all say

In unison Draco and Sky respond to their friends, “Potter”

Blaise glances at them, “it would make sense since none of you pushed me in a closet. Well at least I hope you didn’t.”

“He wouldn’t be dumb enought to come here, would he?”

“Crabbe, seriously?” Sky questions. She knows he’s never been the smartest of the bunch, but he’s seen the things Potter has done throughout the years, what makes this any different? “He’s done dumber things, like kidnap Servius and Lycissa when they were two weeks old. From the manor. With death eaters everywhere."

To make sure that Blaise is really Blaise, she points her wand at him, “what was the first thing you said to me and Draco when you found out we were dating?”

“About bloody time. You’ve been best friends since we were small and you constantly drool over one another.”

Draco laughs, “That’s the real Blaise.”

Blaise does the same thing to Sky to make sure she’s really Sky, “what did you say when you found out me and Pansy were dating?”

She coughs a little, getting her serious voice ready, walking over to him and grabbing the collar of his shirt, “I swear if you hurt her, I will break every single bone in your body then give you to the dementors to have some fun.”

“Definitely Sky. Those words have haunted me every day since then.”

“Mum, dad, what do we do?” Lycissa asks, holding Aurora in pure fear. Lorenzo standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her and Aurora. You could see the terror in his eyes.

Draco takes a moment to think of the best possible idea, “Blaise, Pansy, Crabbe, take everyone to the safe place. Me and Sky will go searching the grounds. Be safe.”

“Y’all too. Mate, I’m sorry this happened. Sky, sorry that you had to kiss Potter.” He leads everyone out of the room and to the apparition point.


Everyone has left the house, leaving Sky and Draco there, with the possibility that Potter is somewhere close by, ready to attack. To them this feels like old times, having to defend their family and protect each other in the process.

“I love you princess. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

She stands on her tippy toes, “I know you won’t, and I won’t let anything happen to you. I love you handsome.”

“Awe, isn’t that sweet. They know they’re going to die, so they say their last goodbyes.” A dark figure says evilly stepping out from behind a wall. As the figure approached the light, there he stood. The evil human, The Chosen One, who has continuously made their lives hell since their days at Hogwarts.

Her eyes turning red, the ground begins shaking, “Potter”

His eyes dilating, “what the hell is she?”

“Something you don’t want to mess with.”

Potter tries to throw multiple curses at her, including the cruciatus curse, but it doesn’t phase her one bit.”

She grabs Potter by the throat, “Draco, call him. You’re going to regret ever coming here.”

Draco conjures his dark mark, calling Grandpa Tom.

“What do we have here? Harry Potter, the boy who lived." He pauses looking back at Sky, “Good job Sky, Draco. The Dark Queen has proven herself.”

Harry chuckles, “Dark Queen? I just see a little bitch and her minion.”

“Crucio!” Draco throws out, then walking towards him, kicking him the side, “Don’t ever call my wife a bitch again. Oh wait, you won’t have the chance to, you piece of shit.”

“Sky, you may do the honors.”

A smirk appears on her face, pulling her wand out from her pocket, ”Avada Kedavra!” Harry falls to the ground. Draco sprints over to her, hugging her tightly.”

“Baby are you okay?”

“I’m fine Draco. Grandpa, why did you let me kill him? I thought you had to do it.”

The Dark Lord approaches them, placing his hand on her shoulder, “When you became Dark Queen, you got all my powers and your mother’s combined. You are the absolute strongest witch to have ever lived.”

“Remind me to never piss you off again.”

A brown headed girl appears out of nowhere, screaming, “HARRY!” the girl runs over to Harry’s body, tears falling down her face, “What did they do to you baby?”

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