Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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A brown headed girl appears out of nowhere, screaming, “HARRY!” the girl runs over to Harry’s body, tears falling down her face, “What did they do to you baby?”

Draco, Sky, and Grandpa Tom’s mouths dropped as the girl in front of them was someone who they would never expect to see. Automatically thinking they were seeing a ghost, rubbing their eyes, but when they saw that the girl was still there and her appearance didn’t change, they were in disbelief.

“Aurora?!” They all shout at once

Looking at them with confusion, “My name is Hailey, not Aurora. What did you do to my boyfriend?!”

“Boyfriend?” Draco questions the girl.

Was this girl really named Hailey and she just looked like their precious angel daughter or was it their daughter with memory loss?

“Sky, do it,” Draco says as he has a few tears roll down his eyes

She looks at her husband with a look of fear. Not knowing what to expect, if she did this would they get their daughter back or if the girl standing in front of her name really is Hailey. Hoping that they don’t get their hearts shattered, but know that it is a fifty-fifty chance of good news.

“Finite Incantatum,” Sky says pointing her wand at the girl.

A few minutes passed by as the girl stayed silent until, “Mum, dad, Grandpa Tom. Why are y’all crying? What the hell happened to Potter?”

Draco and Sky run up to her and hug her tightly, “my sweet Aurora. Oh baby, I’m so glad you’re back.”

“What do you mean back? I never left did I? Dad, what happened?”

The tears flow heavily down Sky’s face. Their little girl who they lost months ago is back. She didn’t care about anything else, that beautiful face was back. They thought they had lost their daughter forever, that they would never see her sweet face, hear her angelic voice speak or sing again, or see all their kids under the same roof again.

“Baby, you were kidnapped by Harry and Luna. Everyone found a body on a rock that looked like you. And, well you were dead.”

Aurora looks at her mum as her eyes water, her feeling her legs becoming weak and body numb to the thought of her family believing she was dead. Before she had the chance to fall, Draco swept her off her feet, holding her in his arms.

“How- how long have I been gone?” She asks

Pulling her closer, along with his wife, “long enough baby, long enough. Now, let’s get you back with everyone.”

“I’m sorry you thought I was dead. I never would’ve..” She’s cut off by her mum grabbing on to her and holding her like it was going to be the last time she would ever touch her, “Honey, don’t you ever apologize. We should be apologizing to you, for not being able to protect you.”


“Mum, dad is that you?” Lycissa shouts from upstairs

Pansy walks into the foyer where Aurora stands, “Bell, I thought you were upstairs with Avander.”

“I am, why?” Bella announces from upstairs. She comes running downstairs. Before her eyes, there she was; her best friend, her twin sister, the person she has shared everything with. “Rory?!”

Sky shouts, “Everyone, come down here please!”

The unending sound of footsteps tracing through the manor. Kids coming from the kitchen, den, upstairs, downstairs, library, and outside. They all stop in their tracks when they see her standing there.

“Aurora!” Eli exclaims

“Rory,” Lycissa runs to her

Thomas looks from outside, “No way! Ror!”

“Oh my Merlin! Aurora Jayne!” Servius yells

All the kids run from every direction, piling onto Aurora, squeezing her with hugs. She could feel the love from everyone around her. Sky holds onto Draco, watching all the kids clutch on their sister. A tear slides down her flushed cheeks, Draco glancing down at her, pulling her closer into his arms.

“She’s home,” He whispers into her ear, placing a simple but meaningful kiss on her earlobe.

Burying her head into his side, “yes she is. I can’t believe we have her back finally.”

After everyone lets go of Aurora she laughs, “You guys look like you’ve seen a ghost, as pale as you look.”

Avander rolls his eyes at her, “Not funny. We seriously missed you. Bella has been a wreck without you. So have I.”

She gives him another hug, one that is a thank you for watching her sister while she was gone. “So, does everyone know about you two now?”

“They do. It had to come out, we just wish you would’ve been here when we told everyone. But we really did miss you and I’m glad you’re okay.”

Rory looks at them and her eyes lower, “I didn’t even know I was fine. I was told my name was Hailey and Potter was my boyfriend. Oh Merlin’s I hope I didn’t sleep with him. That would ruin me completely.”

“Baby, no matter what, you had no idea what was going on. We are just so glad to have you home and you’re safe again. We will take you to Madam Pomfrey to get checked out if it would make you feel better,” Sky tells her when she’s quickly interrupted by Crabbe.

Crabbe hugs her, pulling away slowly, “I’m glad you’re home Rory. It’s great to have your smiling face here again.”

She smiles letting him know that it’s nice to be back home. Her eyes scan the room, multiple times. “Where’s Oliver?”

“Oliver who?” Sky questions her daughter with a look of confusion on her face. Who was she talking about? Was there someone that they didn’t know about in her life?

“Wood. He’s in classes with me,” pausing and realizing the words that are about to escape her mouth may be dangerous knowing her family’s history with this house. “He’s, well. He’s on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.”

Eli smiles, “I’ll go get him.” Eli apparates out of the house and within a few minutes he returns.

An average height, medium brown hair boy is standing next to Eli. Their eyes meet, “Rory baby?!”

Aurora takes off running, jumping into his arms. Not caring that her whole family was standing around them watching her, “Ollie!”

“How long have they been together?”

Bella leans towards Sky, whispering into her ear, “Six months before she was kidnapped. She didn’t tell anyone since he is a Gryffindor.” Both of them glaring at Aurora, “She didn’t want to disappoint the family and was scared what dad would say. I tried telling her, but you know how she is.”

The hug that Oliver had her in was a deep, sensational hug. Not wanting to let go of the girl he had once was able to hold without anyone knowing. All that mattered was that he had her back in his arms, never wanting to let go again. Her legs were wrapped around his torso, head snuggled into his neck and arms draped around his back.

“I missed you so much angel. Are you okay? What happened to you?”

Draco says lowly, “I can’t even be mad about her dating a Gryffindor. Just seeing her happy again. Having her back home makes life feel complete again.”

“He’s a good guy dad. I’m sure the guys agree with me when I say, we fully approve of their relationship.” Thomas says while Eli and Serv nod their heads in agreeance.

Sky hugs Draco, putting her head into him. Her muffled voice into the fabric of his shirt, “I’m so glad she’s home. She seems so happy with him. He is a good kid and one of my best DADA students.”

A few more moments pass by of Oliver and Aurora holding onto each other tightly, not wanting to let go of one another. “Mum, dad, is it okay if Oliver lays with me in bed? I just want him to hold me.”

Draco shoots Oliver a look, “Yes sweetheart, but leave your door open, just so we can check on you.”

“Yes sir. Thank you Mr. Malfoy.”

Oliver twists her to his back, her arms wrapped around his neck, legs still around his torso, he sprints in the beginning, making her giggle and that sweet, beautiful smile creeps upon her face. Her laugh echoes through the foyer and bounces off the walls as they go upstairs. The happiness their daughter has made the manor feel whole again. Like their lives were complete and nothing could change that.

“Dad, you have nothing to worry about with Oliver. He’s truly a good guy. The only Gryffindor that isn’t an egotistical asshole and he treats her good.” Thomas tells his dad who has a worrisome look on his face. Not knowing much about this Oliver Wood kid.

Avander speaks up, “their relationship kinda reminds me of Cissa and Enzo’s in a way.” Sky laughs, “They got that from me and Draco. So it’s like ours.”

“I hate to bother, but is there another blanket? Rory said she’s still cold and she already has two on her.”

Pansy grabs a blanket from the closet in the hallway, ” here you go. Here’s one if you need one.”

“Thank you ma’am. I got her just about to sleep. I promise I’m not going to do anything inappropriate to her. I truly care about her.” He stops as he feels Draco’s stone eyes forced on him. “I quit Quidditch when she was kidnapped. I couldn’t focus on anything other than her. I missed her so much and I’m glad she’s finally home, but I know you are more glad that she is.”

Draco steps up to him, putting his hand on Oliver’s left shoulder, looking him directly in the eyes, “You are the best player Gryffindor has ever had, behind McGonagall. Please take care of her. She needs her rest, so just watch her and be there for her. If you need anything we are the last room down the hall from hers. We will check on you before we head to bed.”

“Yes sir, I will, no worries,” Oliver takes the blankets and strides back up the stairs. The shadow of his figure disappears into the darkness of the hallway.

Draco thinks back to when Rory and Bella were little girls and would chase Servius around the backyard with Sky’s lipstick wanting to put it on him.


“Come back her Servy, don’t run away from us!”

Servius runs through the manor away from Bella and Aurora who are back on their wanting to put lipstick on him. This is the second time this week they have wanted to put lipstick on him, and it’s only Wednesday.

“No! You are not putting that girly stuff on me! Get away from me!”

“Oh stop being a git. Be nice and play with us. We won’t put it in your hair again, just come play with us.”

Continuously running through the house and out into the backyard. The green grass slipping through his toes as he jolts for the treehouse that was built by Draco and Blaise for the kids to play in.

It was normal for the Zabini and Malfoy kids to play together. Bella and Avander were together most of the time. Aurora, Servius, Lycissa, Kyra, and Naomi would always tease them as much time they spent together. Avander would willingly let her put lipstick on him, regardless of Servius picking on him about it. They always had a ‘special’ type of bond.

“I think that Bella and Avander will get married when they’re older,” Sky says while pouring a cup of tea for her and Pansy while the men drank a glass of fire whiskey.

Draco chokes on his whiskey, eyes piercing into his wife’s soul, “Excuse me, what did you just say?”

“I said, I think they will get married when they are older.”

“Like hell they will! We are not already setting an arranged marriage for our daughters. No, absolutely not. If our parents didn’t find out about us then they were going to set us up in arranged marriages, so we saved each other.”

Pansy’s eyes gleam at Draco, “What do you mean like hell they will? Your daughter would be lucky to marry Avander.”

Sky jumps between the two, “Pans, he meant nothing by it. Draco, stop it. I would rather our daughter be with a Zabini because they are being raised the right way and we are best friends with Blaise and Pansy. It’s up to Avander and Bella if they date. I will allow it and so will you!”

“Vander, want to go with me to the treehouse?”

A smile appeared on his face, taking ahold of her hand, “I’d love too Bells”

“Cissa, sit on him, I’ll put the lipstick on him,” Aurora yells with Kyra and Naomi running behind her, holding Servius’ arms and legs down so he couldn’t move.

Despite how much Servius claimed to hate being held down by the girls and being forced to have lipstick on, all he wanted was his sisters and best friends to have fun. Afterall, they were all together, but he was happy about it.

“Okay, that’s enough girls. Serv, go wipe the lipstick off your face. It’s time to get ready for lunch at Mumsy’s. Remember, don’t run in her flower bed this time. She works hard on that garden.”

End of Flashback

Sitting in the den holding baby Aurora, rocking her back and forth attempting to get her to fall asleep. Fighting her sleep to the point she is screaming and kicking, Lycissa unable to swaddle her tightly to help her fall asleep.

“I can’t wait for Rory to meet Aurora in the morning. I can only imagine how she’s going to react.”

Sky lifts herself off the couch and extends her arms out, Lycissa placing Aurora in her arms. Continuing to stand up she cradles Aurora, lightly humming to her.

“She’s going to be head over heels for her. Who wouldn’t be over this cute little doll.”

“She’s going to be the best aunt to her. I hope that Aurora turns out like her Aunt Rory,” Lorenzo states as he observes Sky’s move with his precious daughter.

Ginny who is sitting in between her brothers with Goyle’s presence behind her, “it’s great that she’s home. Seeing her in her bed makes the house feel whole again.”

“It really does,” Pansy starts as her eyes lay upon Bella and Avander, “first time in months that her bedroom door has been opened. Life seems to be normal again.”

Before another word could be said between everyone, the swishing noise is heard in the library, which means someone has apparated into the manor. Then the sounds of feet rushing into the den.

“Is it true?” Narcissa says quickly

Aunt Bella rushes in behind her, “Aurora is home?!”

Covering baby Aurora’s ears from the loud noises, “She’s home and upstairs with Oliver Wood. She wanted him to hold her.”

“Oliver Wood, the Gryffindor Quidditch player?” Lucius questions with a look of disgust on his face. His granddaughter, a natural born Slytherin dating a Gryffindor? A house that allows half-bloods and muggles.

Sky hands the baby back to Lycissa once she is fast asleep and off in a deep slumber, “Yes. He quit quidditch after she was kidnapped because he couldn’t focus on anything but her.” Giving a quick glance to Draco hoping he would back her up if needed.

“All the kids say he’s a good guy, me and Draco agree. He has been super respectful, treats her right and has helped out quite a bit with her.” Walking behind her and placing his hands on her waist, “The only thing that we care about is that she’s home and safe.”


It was early Saturday morning, the sun just now rising. The birds chirping and flying around, not a single cloud in the sky. The green grass was a playing field for the squirrels gathering nuts for their dreys.

“Good morning everyone,” Rory says while her and Oliver make their way into the kitchen, taking a seat on the swivels at the bar of the kitchen island.

Narcissa, Lucius, Bellatrix and Grandpa Tom all go over to Rory hugging and kissing her forehead.

“You look so beautiful. We are so glad that you’re home and safe sweetheart.” Narcissa says, running her fingers on the side of Rory’s cheek

Looking a little peaky, she moves the hair out of her face. Despite trying to keep on a happy front she didn’t know how to not sound awkward, “Thanks everyone. I know y’all missed me, I just don’t remember what happened. I’m - I’m sorry.”

Draco hugs her as a few tears slip from her eyes, “Honey, don’t apologize for anything. We are just glad you’re home and you’re safe. Nothing else matters to us, okay?” The ability to say anything she just nods her head and hugs him back.

“Well, I’m glad you’re up, ” Lycissa says hugging Rory from behind, spinning her around. Both of the girls let out a giggle, “me and Enzo want you to meet someone.”

Lorenzo walks from behind the wall, “Aurora meet your niece Aurora Marie Parkinson.” Baby Aurora with light blonde hair, blue eyes, baby chubbiness, just smiling away.

“Y-You named her after me?”

“Of course. You’re my sister and when we thought we lost you, we thought it was the perfect way of honoring your memory. Especially finding out the baby was a girl.”

Rory moves closer to Enzo and the baby, “may I?”

Enzo hands Aurora to her. The instantaneous smile that appears on both of their faces, as if they knew that they would be best friends and that Aurora always has a friend in her aunt. She lays her head on Rory’s shoulder, grabbing the fabric of her shirt.

No tears.

No cries.


Just happiness on their faces.

“I’m so glad she’s back. I was going insane without her and I know y’all were too,” Oliver said quietly, but loud enough that Draco could hear him.

“Take care of her Wood. She needs to be protected and she seems to like you a lot,” Draco tells him, his eyes staying focused on Aurora and Rory. “Be good to each other. You’re always welcome here, as long as she wants you around.”

“Thank you Mr. Malfoy. I will take care of her.”

Aurora and Rory play for a little bit until Aurora falls asleep in her arms. “She’s asleep, do you want me to put her in her crib or can I hold her still?”

“Hold her as long as you want Rory. At least we know who to give her to when she won’t fall asleep or she’s crying for no reason, because honestly it’s none of us who can get her to fall asleep,” Lycissa jokes and nudges Lorenzo lightly. Sitting her on his lap, leaning his head on her shoulder.

Pansy and Sky both chuckle because they understand the struggle of a baby fighting sleep, “she knows the touch of the one she was named after. She knows she’s safe.”

The day continues, Rory hasn’t put Aurora down. Even when she tried to hand her back to Lycissa, Aurora screamed and cried until she was handed back to Rory. The love between the two has a stronger bond than anything, even if they are just meeting today. Sky sits on Draco’s lap, presumptuously watching Rory, worried that if she takes her eyes off of her, something will happen to her again.

“I know I keep saying this, but I am beyond glad that she’s home. The depression of her being gone was truly getting the worst of me.”

Draco could feel his wife’s body shake on his lap as if she was about to cry. He places his hand on her the small of her back, rubbing it in circular motions. Narcissa noticing the color in her eyes has disappeared, “I know it was honey. We hated the thought of losing a grandchild so young. We couldn’t imagine what you and Draco were being put through. Being your child.”

Grandpa Tom, a man who has not shown any emotion in years, hurt at the thought his great granddaughter had been kidnapped and died in order to protect him from Harry Potter.

“Dark Queens don’t cry. She’s home, safe, and Potter will never hurt her again. I know it’s soon, but we have to prepare again.

The thoughts race through her head while trying to embrace that not even two days of having her daughter home that she had to go back to work, back to preparing. It felt wrong, but she knew that it had to be done, regardless of having Rory back home. Now life is back to normal, work above everything.

Bellatrix shot a quick glance at her then back at Tom, “we will start tomorrow Tom. They need to rest. Today has been -- eventful."

“I’m going to be cooking breakfast in the morning, so be here at 8:30!” Lycissa shouted as everyone started to leave the room. “Don’t be late!”

Lucius shifts his head back towards her, “Yes, little miss bossy.” Sky couldn’t help but laugh at his response before adding in her own, “Lucius, she’s bossy just like her dad and grandfathers.”

“My father will hear about this!” Lycissa exclaims while rolling her eyes sharply at her mum.

“Lycissa, I’m sitting right here-- I heard it,” shaking his head figuring out where he went wrong and why he thought it was a smart idea to teach her all his sayings from when he was in school, “It’s true. You are bossy like me.”

“She gets it honestly.”

Lorenzo slowly taking Aurora away from Rory who was fast asleep on the couch with Aurora in her arms. A grip that was difficult to break. “Come on Cissa, we need to get Aurora in bed before she wakes up and realizes she’s not with Rory.”

Rory wakes up from hearing her name, with a sleepy voice, she lifts her body from the couch, “Enzo, I’m a big girl. I don’t need to be put to bed. I can do it myself.” She mutters with an attitude, “shit, I’m back two days and you’re treating me like a kid.”

“I’ll be going so you can get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow angel,” Oliver leans down, kissing her head lightly.

“Oliver, you can stay here if you’d like. You don’t have to rush off,” Draco mutters, “Rory needs you and she obviously feels safe with you.”

Rory runs and hugs Draco tightly. He could feel her smile through the fabric of his clothing. Loving every second that his little girl holds on to him, “Thank you dad. I do feel safe with him. Don’t worry we will sleep with the door open.”

“You don’t have to. You’re of age and your father and I don’t want to see anything. But please, use protection if you do anything.”

“Mum!” Rory shouts, her cheeks flush from the embarrassment her mum just made her endure.


Washing her face from the day’s grime, she notices Draco sitting on the edge of the bed, having not changed from his clothes. The tension in his body was noticeable, he didn’t try to hide it. After more than two decades together, he knew he couldn’t hide anything from her. Removing her earrings and placing them in the crystal bowl that was a gift from Narcissa for one of her birthdays. It was elegant and meant a great deal to her. He got up and opened the balcony doors, stepping outside into the crisp weather. Finding the pack of cigarettes that he rarely touched unless his mind had wandered too far.

Lighting the cigarette and the menthol smell carried into the room, Sky being able to smell it and knowing his mind wasn’t in a good place. He was worried about something.

“What’s on your mind handsome?”

Taking a puff and letting the smoke purse through his lips, running his fingers through his platinum blonde hair, “I’m glad Oliver is here for Rory. She needs him and the fact he quit quidditch because he was worried about her-- shows how much he cares.” Pausing for a brief moment, letting out a light chuckle, “He’s more of a Hufflepuff than a Gryffindor, but it’s okay. He’s a good kid, so it seems. But I’m worried it will be difficult for her to adjust back to normal life again, with us.”

“Not to mention, he’s my top student in advanced Dark Arts and knows about the family stuff, and it not bother him. He’s stuck around her and I’m happy. Rory is a Malfoy, she will be fine and we will be there for her.”

She removes her silk robe, tossing it to the bench, straddling Draco’s lap in the wooden chair that sat on their balcony, looking deep into his stoney eyes. Snaking a hand around her back, the other on the back of her neck, pulling her face closer to his. The small little kisses he placed around her face. Sliding her hands underneath his shirt, pulling it over his head, discarding it somewhere. Not sure if it had gone over the railing of the balcony or into the bedroom.

Nipping lightly at her neck, small moans escaping her mouth as her head knocked back. “Stand up and take it off,” he loudly whispered in her ear

Not paying attention to what he was saying, he repeats himself, “Stand up love and take it off.” This time her hearing him and obeying his demand.

She stood up, the straps to her nightgown sliding down her shoulders and down her petite figure. He put the cigarette in his mouth, taking a long drag before removing it and putting it in the ashtray on the table. Slowly exhaling the smoke from his lungs, watching her every move. The way the gown fell to the floor, revealing her bare body.

No matter how long they had been together, every time he saw her like this, completely revealed to him, he takes in the image of her as if it was his first time seeing her bare body. Her breasts are still as perky as they have always been. He could stare at her for ages if she had let him.

“Like what you see Malfoy?” She steps towards him, one foot in front of the other like if she were a model. In his eyes, she was the number one supermodel in the world.

Biting and sucking on his bottom lip, “I love what I see beautiful.” He takes her wrist pulling her back onto his lap, their bare chests pressed together. His hands tangled into her hair, her arms wrapped around his neck, their tongues intertwined together. Moans muffled in both of their mouths, not being able to decipher whose moans were whose. Aligning his tip with her entrance, slamming into her. He typically began gentle, but not tonight. He wanted her, there was nothing gentle on how he wanted to destroy her.

“D-Draco -- f-ffuck!” rolling off her tongue. He loved when she was submissive for him, obeying everything he said.

Watching her breasts bounce up and down, swiftly gliding up and down off his cock, he thrusted upwards, forcing himself farther inside of her. He could sense her legs shaking, meaning she was close.

"Take all of me Sky. Deep inside of you, feel me stretching you out. Be my good little girl and cum all over her.”

He continued to thrust upwards as she was rocking her hips on him. Her legs began shaking quicker. A grin appeared on his face when she made the face she has always made when she’s close.

“Fuck, I’m go--”

Thrusting harder and deeper inside her, ”Cum. Cum all over me.” And she did, holding nothing back. A few more slow and sloppy thrusts he bursts inside of her, making her let out an erotic moan, throwing her head back. Their juices mixing together.

He pulls her head to his chest, running his fingers through her hair, gently lifting the both of them up and placing her on the seat in the shower. He knew the hot water had always helped her legs feel better, even if it meant they would soon be going for another round in the shower.

Neither one of them minded, it was their ecstasy. Their wild shagging had always given both of them an intense enrapture, one that no one could

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