Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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His & Hers


“This is who I am. This is my legacy!”

“Good morning my beautiful”

He was brushing the hair out of her face -- staring into her beautiful face as she slowly opens and blinks, gaining her eyesight to see the bright eyed man gazing at her with a smile.

A view she has always loved waking up to, a smile creeping on her face.

“Morning handsome,” she snuggled her head into his chest. The feeling of his chest rising and lowering, relaxes her.

“I hear Cissa downstairs cooking,” his fingers lightly brushing against her smooth skin, “maybe this time she won’t burn my pancakes, or whatever she’s making.”

“You made her mad last time, you should’ve seen it comin love. Now let’s head down before she gripes at us.”

Pushing the covers off of her, grounding her feet on the soft carpet, strolling to the bathroom. He lets out a groan. Getting ready for the day, slipping into their clothes, strolling downstairs. The Oak wood floors send a chill up her spine, as they touch the wood. Hearing the chaos of everyone downstairs.

Lucius’ eyes glare up hearing the creaking of wood, “it’s about time you two lazies get out of bed.”

“Shut it father, it’s only 8:45.”

“I said 8:30, no later,” Lycissa says with the famous Malfoy attitude, ”Luckily for you, I started a little later.”

Jumping off of the swivel, “Ollie, you want orange juice, apple juice, milk or coffee?”

“No, no angel, you sit down and relax,” Oliver stands, picking her up, placing her right back in the seat, kissing her cheek.

Fred and George mocking Oliver with kissy noises, “Ollie? That’s funny. Who knew would have such a soft spot.”

“No, who would’ve known that any of Malfoy’s spawn would have a soft spot -- especially Draco,” Goyle jokes. “He’s the biggest shock of them all.”

Reaching out for her hand, their eyes meeting, and him instantly melting. “Sky is the only one I have ever truly had a soft spot for. Except for our kids, the rest of you can shove off.”

"Stop it love. You have a soft spot for everyone at this table. We’ve been through it all together. Don’t act like they mean nothing, they’re our family."

Looking at her with the same look that he did since they were kids, with the same attitude that he passed down to his eldest daughter, ”my father will hear about this!”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy! Your father is sitting at the same table! I thought you stopped saying it and just passed it down to our sassy, mini Draco daughter.”

Bellatrix looks at the couple, chuckling, “some things will never change.”

“We have a meeting today at the manor,” Voldemort says, “everyone except the Weasley’s, Mr. Wood and the children are required to be there. I will see you then.” Before anyone could reply, he apparated out of the house.

“Welcome to never being invited to meetings, Oliver. Don’t worry, us and the kids always have fun.” George nudging Oliver’s arm.


Hours later in the bedroom, preparing for the meeting, Sky was in the bathroom’s wardrobe looking for an outfit. Unaware that Draco had come into the room, she began to sing and dance.

Her eyes sealed shut, memorized the layout of the closet, her feet gracefully sweeping across the carpet. Spinning around as if she were a dancer in another life, so swiftly and majestically swaying. Her voice reverberates through the room,

“Maybe it’s the way you say my name

Maybe it’s the way you play your game

But it’s so good, I’ve never known anybody like you

But it’s so good, I’ve never dreamed of nobody like you

And I’ve heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime

And I’m pretty sure that you are that love of mine

’Cause I’m in a field of dandelions

Wishing on every one that you’ll be mine, mine

And I see forever in your eyes”

His body leaned against the doorway, watching the love of his life glide through the room, a soft smile appears on his face.

His Sky.

“Why are you singing and dancing like a little girl over a death eaters meeting?”

She jumps, her eyes open wide, “Ahh!” She shifts facing him, “I’m just in a good mood. I’m allowed to.”

“Training for the ballet, Malfoy?”

“You think you’re so funny, don’t you? Just because I’m training for the ballet.” She says in annoyance, him pulling her in by the waist, taking her hand, starting to dance, “there, now we’re both training for the ballet.”


Arriving at Malfoy Manor, the group enters the cold room to see the death eaters sitting around the extremely long, wooden table, waiting for their arrival. Upon taking their seat, they nod as a hello to the Dark Lord.

“Thank you for joining us tonight. I have some news to share.” The Dark Lord begins. “As many of you know, my granddaughter Sky. She has proven herself most loyal and dedicated to me. The second most powerful witch to live.”

Death eaters glancing around the room at each other, confused at the point of the meeting and why she was brought up.

“I have come to the conclusion, that she is the Dark Queen.”

“My lord, you are joking, correct? A woman being in charge of death eaters?” One begins to question while another joins in.

With disgust, “I agree. She has too much of a heart. We need a leader who is fearless and is not afraid to make split second decisions.”

Standing with anger filled eyes, eyes turning a bright shade of red, “crucio!”

“You want to question her split decisions? If it wasn’t for her during the first mission, nothing would have been completed.” Draco spits, “Neither of you fixed the cabinet and you had three years! We, I mean she fixed it in a few months!”

Goyle’s father stood up, brushing the dust off of his suit in embarrassment, “My lord, I will not question who you put in charge, but why her? It’s too dangerous for a woman.”

A menacing laugh slips through her lips, “I did the first mission pregnant. I have fought hard to be the witch I am today. I have killed people, one who was a friend to me. Goyle Sr. I have saved your son’s life, multiple times, because he is my friend. Don’t question me or tell me it’s too dangerous.”

“This is who I am. This is my legacy!” Anger fills her body, slamming her hands on the wooden table, making it shake, “Do not tell me it’s too dangerous because I’m a woman. There’s two women at this table who can do more damage than any man in this room.

Giving a smirk towards Bellatrix, she finishes her sentence, ”Remember that Goyle.”

The Dark Lord clears his throat, “I have made my decision and I stick by it. She will take over when I retire.”

“The baddest bitch there is, is now in charge. This is going to be fun,” Bellatrix squeals with excitement, clapping her hands of joy.

Yaxley, Goyle Sr, and Crabbe Sr. look at her with a look of incertitude, “Bellatrix, you’re with this?”

“Damn right,” she yells at the trio, “if I would want anyone in charge of me, it’s her. She is what we need. Taking things into her own hands if she doesn’t like things.”

Lucius’ voice spews in the midst of the conversation, “She’s the best chance of taking over Hogwarts. Especially with her, Draco, Pansy, and Severus all being professors. This is our chance and she’s the best at what she does.”

“My lord, can Draco and I speak privately?”

“Of course, you may be excused.”


Waltzing through the halls of the manors, up the windy stairs, to the room they shared for many years when she would sneak out and come see him for comfort.

“Are you okay love?” He questions her, stepping inside the room.

“I’m perfectly fine.”

Closing the door behind her, pushing his muscular body against the wall. Her lips connecting to his, tongues gliding together, kissing down his chiseled jawline and neck, ripping his shirt off of him, revealing his lean and immaculate abs.

A soft moan escapes his lips, as she kisses down his chest, “What’s gotten into beautiful?”

“Nothing yet. Can’t a wife want some privacy alone with her husband,” a smirk unveils on her face, pushing him to the bed, unbuttoning his pants, sliding them and his boxers off, his erection jolting up. Her eyes twinkle and mouth begins to water. Continuing to kiss down his chest, her hand grabbing the base of his shaft, her lips meeting the tip of his bulge. Her mouth surrounded him whole, bobbing her head up and down.

“Such a good girl,” he says, his fingers entangled in her hair, pushing her head down further on his dick. ”Always a good girl for me.”

Pulling her mouth off of his shaft, she teases him by licking his tip, covered in precum and saliva. Climbing on top of him, aligning him with her entrance, she slowly but mildly rough slides down on to him.

“Mm, fuck — so fucking tight,” his hands grabbing ahold of her waist with a grip of steel. Sliding her up and down, fastening her pace then slowing it down, feeling every vein inside of her. Grasping his hand behind her back, swiftly switching positions, her back pressed into the mattress, arms pinned above her head, his eyes wandering up and down her body. Their lips reconnected, each kiss became more desperate for the next, slithering his hand under her shirt, running up her sides, gently brushing against her breasts, pulling her blouse above her head, tying her hands with it.

His lips affix to her collar bone, nibbling her skin, his head sneaking down kissing her thighs, licking down her pussy.

“Draco, please-- fuck.”

Letting out a chuckling smirk, without warning he slides two fingers in her pussy, feeling how she clenches around him. Heat from his breath made contact while devouring her clit with his tongue. Feeling her legs starting to tremble, pulling his fingers out, watching her orgasm gush down his fingers.

Grabbing the base of his dick, stroking it as he spreads her cum over him, rubbing his soaked dick against her pulsating vagina. Aligning his tip with her entrance, pushing into her, both of them letting out a groan.

His eyes not leaving her body, noticing her eyes sealed tightly, “Open your eyes and watch me princess.” Obeying him, her eyes open quickly watching him as thrusting in and out of her.

“So -- fucking -- tight” he grunted at each word. Her breathing heavies as each thrust becomes faster, harder and deeper. Feeling him reaching her cervix, she sucked in her breath, “Draco-- please.”

“Please what angel? Do you want to cum?”

Knocking her head back into the pillow, “Y- yes, please. Let me cum”

Without a response, he pounds his dick inside of her, while viciously massaging her clit. Each leg starts shaking uncontrollable. He can feel her walls start to clench around his length, her moaning getting louder and louder.

Pulling out and pushing back in, feeling his own climax coming soon, he slows down his pace, spitting down on her clit, rubbing and pinching it, his head lowers to her breasts, sucking and biting them.

Watching her unravel underneath him sends him over the edge.

“Tell me you’re mine. Fuck -- tell me who you belong to”

“You -- I belong to you Draco”

"Good girl,” those words are always what sends her to her climax. Being his good girl. He lifts her up, positing her to sit on his lap, legs wrapped around him, their eyes meeting, “Cum for me. Soak my dick.”

His mouth connects to her neck, sucking her skin, leaving purple marks behind, ensuring people knew she was his.

With three powerful and deep thrusts, she moaned his name, him yelling ‘oh fuck -- yes Sky’ multiple times. Reaching their climax, her nails dug into his back, drawing blood, not that he minded.

Kissing her forehead, laying her next to him and her head on his shoulder. The two of them trying to catch their breaths, hearts racing, he looks down at her, “Is that what you were after princess?”

Biting her lip, knowing there was no way denying it, “Yeah, just a little bit. Sometimes a wife just needs a moment of pleasure with her husband, alone."

“Alone in a house full of death eaters, us fucking for three hours. I’m not complaining though.”

Walking back downstairs to the office, the pair sits in their chairs”Enjoy yourselves?” Aunt Bellatrix chuckles.

“We were just talking?”

Lucius rolls his eyes at the two, “you have been up there for three hours. Plus you didn’t muffliato the room. We heard it all.”

“I’m not sorry. I enjoyed every second of it,” Draco says. Sky lightly punches his arm giving him the side eye of anger.


Two months have passed by, the death eaters have finally accepted you as their Dark Queen, especially since Bellatrix has crucio’d most of the men who questioned the Dark Lord’s choices.

The past few weeks Sky has been acting differently towards everyone, a little more moody you could say. One day she decides to go to Madam Pomfrey to get tested. The news was shocking to her, but she has been working on Ginny’s baby shower so nothing else has mattered. She wanted to tell her two best friends since they told each other everything.

“So what’s going on,” Pansy asks her best friend with a look of worry.

Ginny looking worried and seeing the look on Sky’s face, “Yeah, it sounded important.”

“Pans, remember when we had that meeting two months ago and me and Draco went to our room?”

Pansy’s eyes widened in excitement. She knew exactly what this meant. “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?!”


“Sky! Are you?” Ginny asks. Looking at her best friends, “Yeah, I am.”

The two girls shriek in excitement. “Have you told Draco?”

Tilting her head down to the floor, “No, I’ve been so busy planning your baby shower for this weekend. Me and Pansy have been getting the nursery ready for you.” She smiles knowing that Ginny is going to make an amazing mother, “We want your first baby to be spoiled beyond compare.”

“Y’all are so sweet! But you have to tell him. He’s been telling the guys how much he wants another baby. He’s getting discouraged thinking you haven’t gotten pregnant yet,” Ginny tells her, noticing that Sky begins frowning thinking Draco is getting discouraged.

Pansy hugs Sky telling she’s getting upset, “You two really are creating an army of kids. I love it. I can’t believe that almost 17 years ago, you were about to have Lycissa and Servius and all Draco was worried about was him being a bad dad and husband. But here he is, the best dad to all of his kids and an amazing husband to you.”

“I know. I got lucky with how amazing he is. I guess I need to go find and tell him.”

At that moment, Draco walks into the kitchen, opening the fridge door, grabbing an apple from the drawer, “Tell who what, princess?”

“Hi love, just to tell you,” before being able to get the words Pansy and Ginny scream


“Ginny! Pansy!”

He looks at you dead in the eyes, “are you really?”

“Yeah, I am,” she says, a small smile creeps on her face. Worried about his reaction, even though the girls say he wants another one.

He drops the apple on the floor, running up to her, picking her up and spinning her around, “I love you so much! I’m going to be a dad again!” He kisses her passionately.

The joyous look on his face, confirms that having another baby is what he wanted. Draco Malfoy wanted an army of kids with Skyra Snape. The love between them has never died, and will never die. This is where she belonged, with him.

Her Draco.

Ginny smiles and laughs with Pansy, “Look at him, all giddy over her being pregnant again.”

“You’re pregnant again?” Lucius asks, walking through the door.


Draco sits her down in the swivel, placing a kiss on her forehead, “Yes again, but this time you can blame your kinky daughter.”

“It takes two to train for the ballet, Malfoy,” she laughs, running her fingers down his back.

Snape gives a look of disgust, making a gag noise, as he looks like he’s about to vomit in front of everyone. “I need to bleach my ears after that. I don’t need to know my daughter is a kink, even though we’ve all heard you have sex before.”

Saturday strolls around and the baby shower is over. All of the family has shown up. The Weasley’s, Goyle’s, Malfoys, Zabinis and some friends of Ginny’s from her childhood. It was a wonderful day and everyone had fun.

While everyone was eating, Ginny said, “guys, Sky and Draco have news.”

“No Gin! This is your day. We are focusing on you and Baby Goyle”

“Nope. Nope the baby shower is over, so now it’s your turn,” she says with a grin

Narcissa glances over at Draco and Sky who seem to be nervous to tell everyone. Lucius and Snape already know so it’s not a big deal, but worried about how everyone will take the news.

“Skyra, Draco,” Narcissa says. Bellatrix looks at Narcissa, “Oh my Merlins!”

“What’s going on?” Thomas asks confused, about what’s happening right now.

Draco, Ginny, and Pansy all exclaim at the same time,


Lycissa and the girls run up to her and hug her tightly. Grandpa Tom shakes his head, then realizes, “You got pregnant at the last meeting, didn’t you?”

“Ha, umm yeah.”

“Draco, do you know how to keep your hands off of her?” Grandpa Tom asks him while looking at Snape with a look of anger but not enough anger to cause drama. Draco rolls his eyes,” well--”

Sky cuts him off quickly, “it wasn’t his fault, this time. I’m the one who couldn’t keep my hands off of him.

“They’re going to be 70 and she’s still popping kids off,” Blaise laughs. Snape’s eyes quickly shoots him a, don’t even start that shit kind of look. Pansy looks at Blaise and says with hurt, “Shit, one day you’ll give

Sky goes and sits on Draco’s lap, wrapping an arm around his neck, “I honestly couldn’t see another life than the one I’m living now.”

“Gin, can we have more kids after we have this one?” She smiles at him, kissing his cheek, “I’d love that Greg.”

Lycissa and Enzo stand up, holding each other’s hands, “so me and Enzo have an announcement.”

“Oh god, are you pregnant too?” Avander asks them. Bella hits his arm, “Vander, shut it. Let her talk.”

“No Vander, I’m not pregnant, but we have decided on a wedding date finally.”

Sky gasps, “When?!”

“In six months.” She paused looking at Enzo for confirmation that they are still on the same page. “We wanted to do it sooner, but we know it’s going to take awhile to plan and get everything together.”

Draco walks over to his first born daughter, hugging her profusely, kissing her forehead, “I’m so happy for you baby girl.”

“Give it a second,” Snape announces as he crosses his arms waiting for the next response.

A few minutes passed by and Draco was casually talking to everyone when it kicked in.

“My first born baby is getting married. She’s grown up so fast. She made me poppi and now she’s getting married. No, no, no, this can’t be happening. It can’t,” Draco starts crying, his back sliding down the wall. His emotions have taken his over body.

Lucius laughs, “it kicked in big time.”

“Same reaction I had when Lydia got married to Severus, I didn’t like it one bit. It’s the same way Severus felt about Sky marrying you Draco, so now it’s time for you to suffer the same way we did,” Grandpa Tom says, giving a small laugh at the end.

Sky takes her hand off of Draco’s shoulder, glancing up at her grandfather with devil eyes, “really grandpa! That’s not making the crying better!”

For thirty minutes Draco continues to cry, not knowing how to handle his little girl growing up. He didn’t like the fact that she had a baby at sixteen but accepted it because he got her mum pregnant at sixteen. When he looks at Lycissa and Lorenzo, he sees the miniature version of him and Sky. So in love and happy, nothing he said mattered to her.

“My little girl,” he says looking up from the floor, tears still streaming down his cheeks, “is growing up and I don’t like it.”

Sitting down next to him on the floor, resting her head on his shoulders, “daddy, I’ll always be your little girl. I’m not moving away.” She wipes his tears away with her thumb, “Enzo isn’t going to move us away. We are staying here.”

“I know he isn’t, but my baby girl is getting married. And you have a baby of your own. I don’t like you or any of my girls growing up.”

Rory, Bella, and Cissa all sit on the floor and hug Draco. Cissa hands baby Aurora to Draco and she grabs on to his finger, he completely loses it. The tears that were once drying are now wettening his face again.

“Cissa, you’re such an amazing mum. This little angel is so lucky.”

She smiles at her dad and rubs her daughter’s head, “I learned from the best three women in my life. Mum, Mumsy, and Pansy. They taught me everything I know. I’m lucky to have all of them and they are helping me learn.”

“We are so lucky. We couldn’t ask for a better mum, because we have the best,” Bella says while standing back up from the floor. Lycissa stands back up, “Mum, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles. We got lucky to have such amazing people in our lives.”

The amount of love Sky feels is uncontrollable, her pregnancy hormones are taking over her emotions causing her to cry, “I love you kids and I’m so lucky to have all of you. I have the best kids.”

“Oh god, pregnancy hormones are taking effect for all the women in this house,” Thomas says while looking at all the guys.

Blaise laughs at the raging pregnancy hormones, “and it’s funny considering Malfoy here was a total jackass in school, and now he is a soft bitch.”

“Blaise chill. His oldest daughter is getting married. Do you not remember that we watched her grow up.” Goyle tells Blaise

Sky shoots her head up at the two, “stop it. You’re not making this better! Cissa you can’t grow up. You can’t get married.”

“Umm, guys. I hate to break up this sweet moment but...”

“Bloody hell, Ginny’s water broke!” Blaise exclaimed with a look of horror on his face.

George’s eyes meet Blaise’s, “Why is it you’re always the one who is around when someone’s water breaks?”

“Trust me, I’ve been asking myself the same question every time someone in this bloody house gets pregnant. Especially Sky. It’s always me.”

“It’s always me.”

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