Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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With or Without You


This is the life they want. They love each other, grow up.”

“Trust me, I’ve been asking myself the same question every time someone in this bloody house gets pregnant. Especially Sky. It’s always me.”

Goyle scrabbles around, trying to find and grab the bag, while Sky and Pansy grab hold of Ginny, helping her to the floo. Her screams grow louder and her grip stronger. She knew that going into labor wouldn’t be fun or easy, but she never knew how much pain it would be.

“Gin, listen to me, breathe in and out. Remember what we practiced,” Sky tells her, grasping onto Ginny’s arms, getting her in the floo, and transporting to St. Mungos. The guys following behind them.

Arriving at St. Mungos, they are greeted by Madam Pomfrey, “Ah, Mrs. Goyle, I see it’s time. Let’s get you to a room. You come as well, Mr. Goyle.”

“Madam Pomfrey, can Sky come as well? I’d really like for her to be with us,” Ginny asks, hoping she can because she needed her best friend by her side through this.

“Of course she can,” a smile appeared on both Ginny and Madam Pomfrey’s faces.

Sky glancing up at Draco, him smiling at her, “Go do your thing my love.” He let’s go of her hand, placing a soft kiss on her forehead. A slight smile creeps on her face, loving all the forehead kisses. Supporting her friends during times like these are what she thrives for.

Throughout the years, the kids have always pondered on why Draco would kiss her on the forehead instead of the lips all the time. The reasoning he has always given them was simple in his eyes.

A kiss on the forehead tells her that I love her, I cherish her and that she is the holder of my heart. That I will always be there when she needs me and not just wanting her in more than just a physical way. While a kiss on the lips symbolizes passion, a want for them. Both kisses indicate they love you.

Even when they were kids themselves, he would kiss her forehead when her parents would fight. Being with him was her safe spot, and he knew that forehead kisses was what calmed her down. She knew he was her saving grace, even at the adolescent age of nine and ten.

“Go have this baby Gin!” Pansy exclaims, while Blaise adds to Goyle, “You got this mate!”

Being pushed into a room, the group could hear Ginny exclaim, “Damn you Gregory Goyle! You asshole!”

“Oh shit, I think you’re breaking my hand Gin.”

Sky rolls her eyes at him, thinking to herself, he’s supposed to be a man, not a bitch. “Squeeze my hand Gin, remember to breathe. Just like we practiced. You got this love.”

“You’re doing wonderful Ginny. You will have a quick labor,” Madam Pomfrey announces, “You’re already at 9 centimeters. You will be pushing in a few moments.”

The contractions get closer together, not even two minutes apart, her breathing heavies, the strength of her squeezes on Sky’s hand tightens. Letting out a few screams.

“Come on Ginny, you got this baby. I can see his head. Keep pushing sweetheart. You’re doing great,” Goyle encourages her and reminds her how amazing she is doing. Afterall she is pushing a Goyle baby out of her.

One hand gripping the railing of the hospital bed, the other grasping onto Sky, “Oh fuck.” Letting out a few deep breaths, “F-fuck! You and your big headed child are going to kill me.” After seven more intense pushes, you hear a baby crying.

Sky pats Ginny’s head with a towel, cooling her off, looking down at the baby, “Oh Ginny, he’s so beautiful. You did wonderful.” Sky kisses her best friend’s forehead out of love and congratulations. Before Goyle could speak, he looks at the baby and faints.

“Why does this not shock me?” Ginny says while the three women laugh. “Will you go get the others?”

Walking out into the waiting room, “You guys can come back.” They follow Sky into the room where they see Ginny on one bed, wondering where Goyle is, until they see him on another bed. Unconscious.

“Guessing he fainted?” Blaise jokes

“Oh yeah. Took one look at the baby and down to the ground he went.”

Suddenly we hear, “What happened?” Goyle has woken up. Ginny glanced away from her beautiful baby boy, looking at her husband, “You passed out when you saw our son.”

“Oi, sorry sweetheart. Have you told them the name yet?”

“No! What’s the name?” Pansy, Blaise and Draco all say in unison

Ginny and Goyle both look at each other, him saying, “Introducing Hunter Dracose Goyle”

“Our nephew is adorable!” Fred says, George adding in, “Wickedly adorable!”

Pansy with a look of confusion, “What is the middle name?

“Well, it’s a combination of Draco and Blaise. Two of the best uncles this little man will ever have. And Hunter is for you Crabbe.”

Pansy and Sky both feel a tear slip from their eye, “Now, that’s a soft spot.”

“So, Draco, Sky, Blaise, Pansy. We were wondering if you’d like to be godparents to him?”





The room goes silent for a few moments when Ginny looks up at Goyle, “I can’t believe he’s finally here. Pansy, Sky, Cissa, do you ever miss the baby bump? I feel like that’s what I will miss the most, especially when he started to kick..”

“Sky doesn’t count. Malfoy keeps knocking her up, so she is constantly popping Malfoy babies out.” Pansy jokes nudging Draco’s arm. His facial expression showed he wasn’t enthused at all by the comment. “But I do miss the bump. It freaked Blaise out every time the baby would kick.

“I know I miss the bump. Enzo was so intrigued by it and I loved it.” Cissa tells her

Sky leans her head on Draco’s chest, “I love the bump, but not as much as Draco. With every pregnancy, he sleeps on my lap. One hand holding onto me, the other would be on my stomach. He would talk to it every night, to make sure the babies knew he loved them.”

“I for sure love the bump. One of the reasons I keep getting her pregnant,” a smug smirk appears on his face. “The other reason is to have our Malfoy Army.”

Blaise’s eyes dig into Draco, “Mate, you’re making the rest of us guys look like shit.”

“One day we will have families of our own Fred.”

Sky looks down at baby Hunter and sees his little yawns, “Let’s give Gin and Goyle time with baby Hunter. We will see y’all when you come home and everything will be ready.”

Walking over to her, Goyle gives Sky a hug, “Thanks again, for everything Sky. I know why Malfoy chose you. You’re a boss bitch. Everything you have done is appreciated.”

“I chose her because I love her. Her being a boss bitch is a bonus.”

Hugging him back, “No problem G. Take care of them. They need you.”


Everyone goes back home sitting in the den. Blaise, Draco and the Weasley twins are drinking firewhiskey while the girls are just there with them.

“Can you believe that Goyle is a dad?” Blaise says taking a sip of his drink.

Lycissa who is sitting on the arm of the chair, “I can’t believe he fainted. Like he actually fainted.”

“Even Draco didn’t faint until he found out Cissa was pregnant.” Pansy said while placing herself in Blaise’s lap.

Blaise wraps his arm around her waist, kissing her cheek, “I still can’t believe Sky is pregnant again. Actually, I can, but did you ever think you would have seven kids, Malfoy?”

“I knew forever we would have a ton of kids. I wouldn’t want a life like this with anyone else.” Pulling her to his lap, his hand rubbing her stomach. The look of awe on his face shows the love has never died out with them.

“I have to admit, I never thought that either one of them would have a soft spot for anyone.” Fred’s perky voice says, “But they are perfect for one another. The love they share is so real and deep.”

A look of love and admiration peeks on her face as she kisses him, “He’s the only guy I’ve ever had a soft spot for. I couldn’t see life without him. He’s given me the best life and the picture perfect family.

“They realized that they needed and wanted each other. After having to room with that mudblood, all the stuff with Harry and Cedric in first year, he knew he had to protect her. And he fell in love.” Pansy begins while a tear escapes her eye. Seeing her best friends since birth so in love with each other, even after all the years have passed.

He stares deep into her eyes, not once losing focus on them, “I’ve been in love with her since we were nine. By the time I was ten, I knew I had to make her mine forever. By third year, I had already planned out how I was going to ask her to marry me. I realized she was the one I wanted and needed, no one else.”

“You turned into such a soft bitch, Malfoy,” Crabbe chuckles. The chuckle is sooned halted from Draco’s body jolting up.

Calling Draco Malfoy soft was one thing. He knew he was soft when it came to Sky, he always has been, but one thing someone never dared to call him was a soft bitch. Anyone that has ever called him a bitch, there were severe consequences. The only person that has ever gotten away with calling him a bitch was Sky.

Yes, there were always consequences, but they were more pleasurable punishment, than severe consequences. These were the only times that he didn’t ask for her consent, but if she were to say stop, he did. He didn’t want her hurting, unless it was gratifying for the both of them.

As Draco’s body jolts up, he snatches Crabbe by the collar of his shirt, shoving him into the wall, “Don’t you fucking dare call me a soft bitch.” Forcing Crabbe’s body more into the wall, the grip on his shirt tightens, “You’re just mad that the hottest girl in school didn’t see you as more than a friend. Even when you would hit on her when I wasn’t around.”

“That’s right — I know about your attempts to ask her on a date when me and her were going through a rough patch.”

The rage that controlled Draco’s body was petrifying to everyone around. Sky knew that she shouldn’t interfere, for her safety. Pansy elbows Blaise, telling him to do something before things get worse.

Sitting his glass down on the table, setting Pansy’s feet on the ground, he rises, “Mate, calm down.”

Really Blaise, that’s all you got is calm down?! That’s the thought that ran through both Sky and Pansy’s minds.

“NO! He’s not going to call me a soft bitch, because I love my wife! He’s pissed that she wouldn’t give him the time of day and that I’m the one who married the girl he wished he could’ve had.”

Thinking that Draco is calm enough to try to touch, Sky walks over and attempts to touch his arm. Not knowing who was behind him, thinking it was Blaise, Draco swings his arm back, knocking Sky to the ground.

Her body collapses to the floor as if she was hit with the stupefy curse. The breath was knocked out of her. The thoughts running through her head wildly. Picking herself up off the floor, she quickly runs out of the room with tears streaming down her face.

“Dad!” Lycissa screams

Pansy exclaims, “Draco! What the fuck!”

Fred and George sprint after Sky, who had locked herself in their bedroom.

Draco’s hand still clutched around Crabbe’s shirt, “Don’t ever call me a soft bitch again. You can call me soft all you want, but never a bitch.” Releasing his grip and dropping Crabbe on the ground.

“Where’d Sky go?”

Lycissa stares deep into his eyes, hers filled with anger and hurt, “You literally just backhanded her for trying to touch her!” Giving him a look of disgust, “You hit her hard enough that she flew back and hit the ground. She took off crying.”

“I thought it was Blaise, not your mum. Fuck! Shit! I fucked up!” Running out of the room and towards their room.


“Sky, let us in. Are you okay?” Fred asks her from the outside of her door.

“Go away. I want to be alone!”

The sound of her cries are something not many have ever heard. Fred and George Weasley being part of the enormous amount of people haven’t heard.

Reaching the bedroom door, the look on Fred and George’s faces is anger. “Baby, I’m sorry. Let me in.”

“Go away!”

He couldn’t stand the thought of her crying and in pain. Pain that he caused. Though it was unintentional — he hurt her. The woman he loves.

“Alohomora.” The door unlocks, Draco opening the door and walking in.”

There she was, her back against the wall, her head in her lap. He knew that she was hurt. He didn’t know his own strengths. Not realizing the pain he can cause, just from a backhand. He walks over to her, his back sliding down their bedroom wall. Placing a hand on her, she scoots away from him.

Never has she scooted away from him.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. I thought it was Blaise, not you. I didn’t mean to hit you, I really didn’t. I would never hit you. You know how I get when someone calls me a bitch.”

Lifting her head up, her eyes meeting his. A visible hand print appeared on her cheek. His stomach dropped.

“You should’ve looked before you threw your hand back, hitting someone. What would you have done if that was Aurora?!”

He scoots next to her, wrapping one arm around her, the other slides under her legs, allowing access to pick her up and put her in his lap. “I know, baby, and I’m so so sorry. Let’s take you to St. Mungos to get you checked out. To make sure you and our little apple are okay.” A moment of silence remained between them.

“I love you Sky and I am so sorry.” He puts his hand on her stomach, “Daddy’s sorry little apple. I didn’t mean to hurt your mummy or you.” A tear falls from both eyes, “Please be okay. Daddy will never hurt either of you again, but please. Please be okay.”


Holding her hand tightly, he didn’t want to let go and take the chance of her getting hurt, they arrive at St. Mungos, once again, and are greeted by a nurse.

“How may I help you?”

“Yes, I want to get my wife and our baby checked out. She was --” He stopped, hating what he was about to say until Sky cut him off, “I fell on the ground quite hard and we just want to make sure the baby is okay.”

The nurse could tell the worry in Draco’s eyes, “You can follow me.” She leads them to a room and tells them the doctor will be in momentarily.

“Baby, why did you tell her you fell? I-- I”

“Hey, you didn’t mean to. I fell, okay?”

He lets a soft smile out, cupping her face, “I’m sorry baby. I am.”

Before Sky could say anything, the doctor walks in the room, ” good evening. I was informed you fell and wanted to make sure the baby is alright. Correct?”

“Yes sir.”

The doctor and the nurses set up the sonogram machine and started some examinations. While the doctor was running a sonogram he says, “Oh, well then.”

“Oh? Is everything okay? Is the baby okay?” Draco questions with worry in his voice.

“Yes, the babies are fine.”

“That’s wonderful,” neither of them realizing what the doctor said, then their eyes widen, “BABIES?!”

The doctor looks at both of them,” yes, you’re having...”


Sky feels her body go numb, “What?” Draco’s nerves were shot. The sudden surprise made him fall unconscious.

Two hours later, he wakes up in a hospital bed next to her. Rubbing his head where his head had hit the floor. “What happened?”

“You fainted when the doctor told us we are having triplets.”

Standing up from the bed and sliding into her bed, “I’m sorry princess. I didn’t mean to.”

She smiles and kisses his head, “I know you didn’t mean to handsome. It’s okay. It’s a shock to me too.”

He moves her head to his chest, “So triplets.This is different from twins. A lot to get used to.”

Leaving the hospital, they go home where everyone is impatiently waiting for their return. Pansy jumps up as soon as she hears the floo.

“Are you and the baby okay?

Draco holds her stomach, “Sky and the babies are fine.” He says waiting for someone to realize he said babies.

“That’s great,” Pansy says. Blaise turns his head to them, “did you just say babies Malfoy?”


Sky laughs, “I’m pregnant with...”

Draco holds her closer to him, “Triplets!”

Everyone stands there with shock on their faces. They were used to her having twins, so the announcement of triplets is honestly shocking. The family was growing by thirty fingers and thirty toes. Draco and Sky couldn’t be happier, they always said they were going to have an army of kids. They would have their Malfoy Army.

“Draco fainted when he heard the word triplets.”

Blaise jumped up and laughed, ”Finally! He fainted for his own pregnancy! Azkaban has froze over!”

The look on Draco’s face was annoyed, “shut it Zabini! I’m used to twins and a single, but triplets. That’s -- that’s like three babies!”


Draco’s body fell on the couch. He was feeling lightheaded and the knots in his stomach were indescribable. He knew how to take care of twins, since there was both him and Sky, it was easy. But now with it being triplets, everything seemed to be as if it wasn’t real. He didn’t know how he would handle it.

Scared wasn’t the word.

It didn’t even begin to describe this.

Triplets. That word is the only thing that was repeating in his head. He had to remain strong for his wife. He couldn’t imagine the thoughts running through her head.

“How are you feeling Mrs. Malfoy?” Lorenzo questions her

She smiles, “Enzo sweetie, just call me mum or Sky. You have been family for years. But I am fine, just a little shocked, but I’m good. Thank you.”

Lycissa chuckles at her dad, “I can’t believe dad fainted. I wish I could’ve seen that!”

“Malfoy Army of ten coming soon.” Blaise says

Pansy adds in, “No, call them the Dark Army.”

“We have to go tell our parents Draco.”

“Yeah, we do, don’t we. Well, we will be back.”


“Where is everyone?” Draco shouts from the dining room.

Lucius replies, “In the office.”

They glance at each other, knowing that this can go two different ways. One way is that they are all supportive and happy, including Snape. Or. The second way is Snape loses his cool and tries to hurt Draco.

Sky’s nerves are slowly shattering not knowing the outcome of what can happen. He can tell that she’s worried, just by the look in her eyes and the way her normal posture had dissipated, to a now slouching sort. He stops her walking by grabbing her hand, looking deep into her dark blue/green eyes. Cupping her face in the palm of his hand, he bends down and kisses her passionately.

“Baby, everything is going to be okay, I promise. I will be right here next to you. It’s alright. I love you princess.”

A tear rolls down her cheek, “I love you too.” Wiping the tear from her cheek, “Don’t cry angel. Let’s get in there.”

She picks herself back up into her formal posture as if nothing is wrong. She’s occasionally had to do this, times that no one knew about, including Draco.

“Hey everyone,” Her soft voice announces.

Narcissa goes over and hugs her, ” How’s our little baby?”

Draco smiles, “Our little babies are doing wonderful."

Lydia smiles, “That’s wonderful. I’ve missed you both so much.”

“This baby will be wonderful, just like the rest of them,” Tom says as he gives his granddaughter a hug.

“Wait—” Bellatrix’s head tilts to the left and then to the right, “Did Draco just say babies?”

“He sure did,” squeezing Draco’s hand waiting for the reactions of the rest of the family in the room.

“Twins again?”

“Uhmm, well —” Sky starts then pauses when Draco rubs his thumb against her hand.

“We’re having...”

She gnaws on her bottom lip, knowing the next word out of her mouth can cause so much happiness or so much anger. “Triplets.”

For three solid minutes not a sound was made. The tension in the room was escalating quickly and at any moment mass chaos could break loose. Her heart started beating rapidly, feeling a panic attack approaching.

The next second, Snape walks up to Draco, grabbing his throat, “You foul loathing git! You got my daughter pregnant. Again! With triplets this time!”

“Severus, calm down.”

Without breaking eye contact with Draco, “Lydia! She’s pregnant with triplets!” He pulls his wand out of his pocket, ”Cru"

Sky steps in between Draco and her dad, making him lose eye contact with Draco, “Stop it right now dad!”

“Severus, sit down. Be happy there’s going to be three more babies in this family.” Grandpa Tom tells him, but he doesn’t listen.

Snape looks at Draco with violence in his eyes, “You just can’t keep your damn hands to yourself can you Malfoy?! You violated my little girl! Again!”

“Dad!” Sky screeches at the top of her lungs, “I’m the one who couldn’t keep my hands off of him and I wanted to get pregnant!”

“Skyra Marie Snape, stop lying to your father!”

“It’s Skyra Marie Malfoy! Yes, I’m pregnant with triplets, but they are our babies! If it wasn’t for Draco, you wouldn’t be a grandfather or a great-grandfather. You should be thanking him!”

“You would think after me being pregnant four other times, that you would’ve stopped this crap! Why can’t you just be happy for us?”

She begins to walk away, turning back to look at him, ”For me.”

“Skyra,” Snape starts to say before he is quickly cut off, “Save it dad. I’m going home. I’ll see you when you come home, Dray. I love you. Bye Mumsy, Lucius, Aunt Bella, mum.” She pecks Draco’s cheek before walking floo.

Narcissa, takes her hand, “Sky, come with me, your mum and Aunt Bella. We will have some tea.”

The four women leave the room heading towards the kitchen. Pippy, the kitchen elf appeared and made tea for them.

Typically Sky would have Chamomile tea, but this pregnancy did not agree with it so she had peppermint tea instead.

Leaving Lucius, Draco, Snape and Grandpa Tom in the office.

“Severus, you really need to stop this foolishness. It was your normal, ‘Malfoy, really? Again?’ Now you’re pulling your wand out at Draco. For getting his wife pregnant!”

Grandpa Tom, who is sitting at the table stands up, looking at Draco and then back at Severus, “You should be happy. More grandbabies to love on and spoil. Hell, I enjoy killing people for a living, but those babies bring me more joy. They bring life to this family and it makes me happy that Skyra is happy, loved and taken care of, along with the babies.”

“I think I’m going to get Sky and go home. I know she needs some cheering up,” his eyes roll looking in Snape’s direction. Before he can leave the room, Sky trots back in

“Are you ready love? I’m tired and I just want to be home, honestly. Goodnight grandpa, mum, mumsy, Lucius, Aunt Bella.” They go to the floo and leave.


With a look of dismay, Snape looks at everyone, “She just left without saying goodbye to me.”

“You were going to crucio her husband! You really need to reevaluate how you treat her and him. Especially him”

Lydia looks at him, shaking her head, “They’ve been together since they were ten. They have seven kids together. I’m sure three more isn’t a big deal. They’re happy and in love. This is the life they want. They love each other, grow up.”

“You should be happy. More kids running up to you wanting to have tea parties and you teach them spells, even after Draco and Sky say no,” Lucius makes it known that he is disappointed and angry at the way Snape is treating his own daughter and Lucius’ son. The guy who made Snape a grandfather to begin with.

“Or give them candy and then send them back home. Severus, they are happy, do you not see the happiness on your daughter’s face? This is the life they wanted, having an army of kids together. They’re doing just that. They love each other, more than ever.”

Narcissa, the voice of reason in the family who never talks bad about anyone. She hates the way that her son and her daughter-in-law are being treated. She loves both of them so much, seeing them hurt, breaks her heart.

Narcissa Malfoy, the sweetest woman that has ever walked in the wizarding world. Despite being associated with the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters, she would give the shirt off her back and give someone a place to stay. Her values of blood status will always remain, purebloods belong with purebloods. Muggle-borns shouldn’t be allowed into the wizarding world, but she’s accepted she cannot change it. One thing she loves more than anything is her family, her son and daughter-in-law in particular. Sky was the daughter she wish she would’ve been able to carry, but she was lucky that Merlin graced her with Sky as her daughter-in-law.

She makes Draco happy and takes care of him, that’s all she’s ever wanted.The smile on his face and the love in his eyes every time she’s around and him finally being able to show love. Narcissa is grateful for Skyra Marie Snape Malfoy.

“Draco has loved her ever since he was a little boy. He would never hurt her and you know that. I’ve never seen two people so in love like them. Their love has grown since the age of ten and not once has it died.” Narcissa steps closer to Snape, “Your daughter was in my kitchen bawling thinking you were going to kill Draco after torturing him. That fear has never left her mind since you found out she was pregnant with Lycissa and Servius.”

Lifting Snape’s head up so he has to look her in the eyes, “You really did it this time. She’s scared of you and doesn’t want her kids around you. You tried to crucio her husband, in front of her! If she ever forgives you — you will be lucky.

“I fucked up big time. I hate her continuously getting pregnant. She’s always sick and miserable.”

“She knows the sickness is part of the pregnancy. She has days she doesn’t leave the bed, but Draco —” Bellatrix lets out a sigh, “Draco, does everything to make sure she’s comfortable, taken care of and the kids taken care of too.”


“How’d it go with the parents?”

“Oh you mean other than my asshole father tried to crucio and kill my husband, in front of me. It was fucking wonderful.”

She begins sobbing, the ground starts shaking from the fury. Draco grabs hold of her, “baby, it’s okay. I’m not going anywhere. After all these years, I’m used to your dad.” Placing his hand on her stomach, knowing it relaxes her. He’s never understood why, but if it helped her, then he was willing.

“You, our kids and these three babies are my everything. We will be just fine. Let’s get you in bed baby girl.”

“You can stay up, Draco. I just want to gather my thoughts for a moment.”

He hugs her tightly, “I love you princess. Everything is okay. I promise.” He bends down, kissing and rubbing your stomach, “Your daddy loves you three apples and your mummy so much.”

As you’re walking up the staircase to go to the bedroom, you hear the noise of apparation downstairs.

“Sky, can I talk to you and Draco?”

A scoff comes from her throat, “You can talk to Draco, because I’d rather not deal with you right now. You tried to kill my husband, for getting me, his wife, pregnant. When this was my doing, I WANTED THIS.” She pauses, tears coming from her eyes, glaring at the man who raised her. “Until you can stop acting like a damn git and be happy for us, then stay away from me and my kids.”

“Come on Sky. Cissa come with us,” Pansy takes Sky’s arm pulling her away from Snape before she does something she regrets. “No Pans, I’m going up to bed.”

“Goodnight babe, I’ll see you in bed. Lucky I’m already pregnant, because I’d make sure I got pregnant tonight.” Getting on her tippy toes, kissing Draco’s cheek and whispering into his ear, “I love you. Please be careful.”

Draco throws his arms around her, giving her a tight hug, “Night princess. I’ll be up after a while. I love you. If you need anything, just call me.” Bending down kissing her stomach, “Goodnight my little apples. Daddy loves you three.”

“Night, love you honey,” Snape yells as Sky goes upstairs.

Blaise cuts in, “Sir, she’s not going to forgive you. All she’s ever tried to do is make you proud, but it seems that every time she gets pregnant, you treat her like she’s a disappointment.”

“Shut it Zabini!” Snape becomes angry, “Crucio!”

Sky runs back downstairs, “Crucio!” The built up anger is unreal.

“Fucking leave dad! Don’t come back to my house until you realize how fucked up you are. One day, I’ll do something that actually makes you proud, because apparently, living the life I want with the love of my life, who loves me with all he has, isn’t good enough for you! That the seven, soon to be ten grandchildren we’ve given you, doesn’t make you happy or proud of me. I regret naming Servius after you. I should’ve named him Lucium. At least Lucius and Grandpa Tom are proud of me and love the kids, me, and Draco. After how many years, you still call Draco a git?! You’re the git! I married the best man alive. You set the standards high when I was little and Draco is the only guy who has ever met those standards! I loved him before the standards were set. He’s the one I wanted back then, I want him now, and I want him for the rest of my life.”


That’s how the room was. Pansy was holding Blaise whose body is trying to readjust to normal from the cruciatus curse.

“Me and Draco are having these three babies.” Shaking her head in disappointment.

"With or without you in our lives.”

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