Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Snape apparates out of the house, leaving Draco, Sky, Pansy and Blaise alone in the foyer. Pansy holding Blaise, whose body is still partially weak from being crucio’d. Draco helps Pansy and Blaise up off the ground.

“Are you okay Blaise?”

He lets off a small smile, “I’m fine Sky, thanks.”

“Thanks for trying to defend me, and I’m sorry he did that to you. He had no right to do that!”

“It’s not your fault, I’ll be okay.” Blaise rubs her cheek, in the non romantic way, but a best friend way, “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. I’ve dealt with worse from you, your dad is nothing.”

Draco pulls Sky closer into his arms, “Everything will be okay. I’m not worried about him. I’m worried about your health and the health of our babies. Don’t stress, let’s get you in bed angel.” Moving her hair out of her face.

Before he could finish talking, she could feel her body becoming queasy, the room spinning, her body dropping to the marble floor. Her head bounced off the floor. Draco and Blaise run to her.

“We have to get her to St. Mungos,” Blaise yelled

Draco carried her bridal style to the floo, arriving at the hospital.

“What happened to her?” The doctor rushes over

“She fainted and hit the floor. Please help her doctor. Help my wife.”

The doctor has Draco place her body on a bed, they push her to an examining room to run some tests on her. Draco paces back and forth in the waiting room, waiting for answers. Pansy had gone to the manor to tell Narcissa and Lucius.

After receiving the news, Narcissa, Lucius, and Bellatrix arrive at the hospital. Narcissa darts over to her son. Seeing the worry on his face, she wraps her arms around him, his head falling on top of her shoulder. The feeling of his tears seeped through her shirt.

“Draco, what happened honey?”

Without moving his head from her shoulder, “mum, she fainted. We were talking and she fainted. Her--- her head hit the floor.”

“Shhh, she’s going to be okay, I promise. She’s strong, remember that. If anyone could pull through this, it’s going to be her.”

“Mr. Malfoy?”

Bolting to the doctor, “Yes sir?”

“She’s still unconscious and we are waiting for her test results, but you can go in there. I’m not sure how long it will be until she wakes up, but I’m sure she will want you to be there when she wakes up.”

“Go in there honey. We will stay here as long as we have to. Go be with her,” Narcissa says, lightly kissing his cheek.

Lucius places his hand on Draco’s back. He may be a cruel and vile man, but he doesn’t want to see his son or daughter-in-law hurt. “Draco, she’s going to be fine, I know she will.”

Draco walks into her hospital room, pulling the chair next to her bedside, taking a seat. He takes her hand, rubbing his thumb across it. The stress and anxiety that possesses his body is vigorous. Petrified of losing the love of his life.

“Baby, you can’t do this”

“You can’t leave me”

“The kids need you. These three unborn babies need you.”

“I need you.”

His body stiffens up, thinking of how he’s going to raise ten kids alone, without the woman he created this family with. The woman he fell in love with at the age of nine, the woman who has made him happier than anything in this world. She’s the reason his heart beats..

Sky is the reason he learned to love, show emotion, gave him beautiful children, made a house a home. How could he do anything without her by his side? He could never love again if he lost her. He wouldn’t even know where to begin on taking care of the kids, helping with homework, organizing all of the parties they hosted, vacations, birthdays. The thoughts of her not being around destroys him.

He runs his hand through her hair, moving the out of place hairs, watching her chest rise and lower, the wires hooked up to her beautiful body. Nothing in this world could ever mean more to him than his wife. She’s his everything.

“I love you so much, my beautiful princess. Please come back to me, I need you with me angel. Please Sky.” The tears farolls down his cheek, nonstop. It’s been two days since he’s been in the room with her. Narcissa, Lucius, and Bellatrix haven’t left the hospital. They would bring him food, watch her while he used the loo and showered.

His eyes haven’t left her, watching her every breath. Falling asleep with one hand interlocked with hers and the other on her stomach.


Slowly waking up to the sound of her voice, “Princess, you’re awake. How are you feeling?”

“What happened to me?”

She reaches down and wipes the tears from his eyes. He began to stutter, “After y-you and Blaise talked. You fainted and have been unconscious for two days.”

Bella and Rory hear Draco talking and run in the room, “Mum, you’re awake! Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine, babies. Thank you,” She kisses their heads. Lycissa comes into the room holding baby Aurora. “Mum, someone has been trying to sneak in here to see you.”

Sky takes Aurora and holds her in her arms, a smile appears on baby Aurora’s face. “Hey little princess. I missed you so much.” She holds her legs up in the air, tickling her little toes.

Thirty minutes roll by and everyone has come in and checked on Sky, when the doctor comes in.

“Nice to see you awake Sky. I just wanted to tell you that the babies are fine, but unfortunately, I need you to be on bedrest for a few weeks until we get your blood pressure lowered. Tests show that the past week your pressure rose to a dangerous level, causing you to faint. You are able to go home, but minimal walking.”

Draco gets you home and all the kids are laying on their bed. Rory hasn’t left her side since she got home, which means Oliver hasn’t left it either. Draco cuddles her at night; just having back home and in his arms is all he could want. The kids all sleep in the room with them, some on the bed, some on the floor and others on the couch. None of them want to leave her side.

They went through so much with the thought they may not have her around anymore, so they don’t take any moment for granted.

“Mum, I’m glad you’re okay,” Rory says with her head on the pillow with Sky.

“Me too,” Bella adds in

Thomas holds his mum’s hand, “we all are mum. We love you.” She smiles and hugs him, “I love you kids so much.”

Lucius walks into the room and a slight smile shows, “Well isn’t this a sight to see. All the Malfoy’s, Oliver, Enzo, and Avander all cuddled up in bed around Sky.”

“We aren’t leaving mum’s side in case she needs something, we will be here.” Eli tells him with his head hanging off the side of the bed, viewing his grandfather upside down.

“Everyone other than Sky and Draco leave the room please,” Snape storms into the room, startling everyone, including Sky and Lucius.

The kids are hesitant about leaving her, worried something will happen. None of the kids knew what happened between Sky, Draco and Snape, but the look that she gives all assures them that it’s okay to leave the room.

The animosity in the room explodes. Draco refuses to move from his wife’s side. She squeezed his hand wondering how this conversation would turn out.

“Sky, Draco, I’m sorry. I acted out of proportion, and was in the wrong.” Eyes widened between Sky and Draco. “You have been together long enough that I shouldn’t be mad. I am happy for you both, I just hate you constantly being sick all the time.”

Snape takes a deep breath, “Malfoy, I’m sorry I tried to crucio and kill you, along with calling you a git. I know you love Sky and all the kids. She loves you so much. I’m glad you’re the one she married and has kids with.”

“Sweetheart, I’m so sorry I put you in the hospital and on bedrest. I brought you all of your favorite foods, both of you. I love you honey. You too, Malfoy.”

Sky begins to cry, “I love you dad, but please just be happy for us. This is the life we wanted and we love the life we are living. With all the kids and these new babies,” she places her petite hand over her stomach. Not realizing that Draco’s hand was already sitting on her stomach. He always has his hand on her stomach, so it’s not a surprise.

“I love you too sir and I forgive you,” Draco stands up but doesn’t leave her side. “Please don’t try to kill me again, I’d love to watch our new babies grow up.”

Sitting up on the bed, her back against the wooden oak headboard, “please don’t kill him. I need him; all I want is you two to get along. Not for each other.”

"For me. For the kids.”

“And dad, after all these years, you should understand and see that he’s not going anywhere. He’s my soulmate, you saw that in potions class. It hasn’t changed, nor will it ever change.”

Nodding his head, putting his head down, then slowly raising it back up, “I will do better with my anger and will work on getting along with Malfoy.” He pauses and takes a big gulp, “I mean Draco. He is my son after all, and he does love you and these kids.”

In pure amazement, a gasp escapes Sky’s mouth, “You -- you’ve never called him Draco before.”

“Am I dead?” Draco ponders, his hands rubbing his face, arms, making sure he isn’t dreaming. Sky laughs at him, “No, you aren’t dead, love. Dad, you actually called him Draco and not Malfoy.”

“Don’t make me regret it.”

Scoffing, “Stop dad, because when you say Malfoy, you’re talking about me too.”

“Sky, me, and all of our demon children, including the three apples she’s carrying.” Draco says making circular motions on her stomach, a smile overtakes both of them.

“Draco, they aren’t apples, trust me. Do you want to carry three kids in your stomach for nine months and have to consistently use the loo or puke.?”

He shakes his quickly, “No- no. Definitely not, but I will be here the whole time just like the rest of the kids.”

Snape kisses his daughter’s head and lays a hand on her stomach, “I just wanted to apologize. From here on out, I will do my best not to be an asshole to Draco. Especially since he has been with you since you were small kids.” His eyes shoot up to Draco, “But you take care of her. I know you will, but know the consequences. Get some rest honey. Let me know if you need any help with her.”

“Yes sir, I will always take care of her. Never a second thought about it. It’s been my main goal since we were kids, is to love and protect her.” Brushing the hair out her face, gently stroking her hair, feeling the light breaths escaping her mouth. Glancing down to see her fast asleep, looking peaceful as ever.

Him and Snape smile, “Out like a light. Her mum used to do that to help her fall asleep when she was little and was fussy.”

“Nice to know it still works. Lycissa was the same way. I can’t believe we have a granddaughter and we are only 30 and 31, and about to have triplets in seven months.”

“Well, you both started young. Got her pregnant in school and you can’t keep your hands off of her still. But the fact your love has never died with the two of you is astounding. I see the look in her eyes when she looks at you, and it’s nothing but love and happiness in her eyes.

Running his fingers through his hair, not knowing what to say in response to his father-in-law. Snape has always scared him, but he will never admit it. “Sir, I swear I was trying to wait until after the war for her to get pregnant, but when we found out, I was scared, but I was so happy.” Looking at the woman of his dreams sleeping peacefully, he couldn’t help but smile. “I will never be able to keep my hands off of her. That woman is the love of my life and she deserves the world.”

“She makes me happy and she did when we were kids. I love her more and more every second of every day.”

Patting Draco’s back, “I’m glad she married you out of anyone in that school. I am thankful for all these grandkids. Thank you for taking care of my daughter, she got lucky. ”

“No, I’m the lucky one. She has put up with me for so long. I will always take care of her; she’s the love of my life. Having all our kids made me realize that love isn’t where the home is, it’s the people inside that home that makes the love.”

Giving off a slight chuckle, “You really are a damn softie Draco. Now both of you get some sleep. She’s trying to grab you because you aren’t lying with her and she can’t feel you.”

Waking up a few hours later, Draco feels heavy movement in the bed, he rolls over and sees Sky sneakily walking, “Where are you going princess?”

“Just to the loo. Go back to sleep.”

“You’re not supposed to be up out of bed love,” throwing the duvet to the other side of the bed, his feet planting down on the ice cold hardwoods, sending a shiver down his spine. “Let me help you.”

“Draco, I can walk to the bathroom.”

He gently sweeps her off the feet, ”Only if you have to. Meaning if I’m not here you can walk minimally, but with me home, you don’t walk!"

A loud and deep groaning sigh pushed through her lips, “ugh, fine! But can you walk faster or I’ll end up peeing in your arms!” He chuckles, picking up his pace, “Yes darling, sorry.”

Three days later after eating brunch

Draco and the kids have been waiting hand and foot for her. She has never liked having people do things for her, it makes her feel useless. Instead she would rather be the one taking care of her family, not having everyone tend to her. She strives for her independence, knowing she can do tasks without assistance, but her family rejects her independence.

“You really hate being catered to, don’t you?”

“Bloody hell yes! Hate is a light term.”

Pansy laughs, “well you need it. You do it for all of us, every day. Sky, it’s time that we take care of you.” Taking a seat next to her best friend since the age of three, “I know it’s hard for you but please, just let us take care of you. We want you and these babies safe.”

“I can do things myself, Pansy, why can’t y’all understand that?” Her face became flush knowing that Pansy was correct, but would never admit it. To anyone. “I have to do it myself. I feel futile, to say the least.”

Anger suffused Draco’s body not understanding why his wife couldn’t accept the help of those who love her more than anything. Agitated of what could possibly happen to her and their unborn children if she doesn’t listen and take this seriously.

Blaise, knowing him for his whole life, knows the expressions of his best mate. Not being able to bite his tongue any longer, slamming his hands on the marble countertops, “Quiet! You aren’t doing shit by yourself! You heard the doctor. Bed rest! End of story Skyra!”

“Yell at me one more fucking time Draco Lucius! I dare you!” a shriek surfaces from her throat, the ground starts to shake and her eyes turn a devilish red color

“You fucked up dad,” Lycissa’s eyes widened as if seeing a ghost.

Backing up, pulling on Pansy’s arm, “It was nice knowing you mate.”

“B-b-baby,” Draco’s voice weakens with fright in his eyes

“Mate, I wouldn’t”

“Dad, that’s not a good idea.”

Attempting to touch her arm, to calm her down, he strolls closer, “Baby, I’m sorry. Please.” She allows him to touch her hand, thinking he is helping calm her down, until...

"Fuck! Sky, that hurt!” He shouts from the outcome of her squeezing his hand causing the bones in his hand cracking and breaking. Though she had been violent with him when they were younger, this being the worst it had ever been and the first time she had broken his bones.

Eyes still devilish, “Do not ever talk to me like that again or I will crucio your ass!”

While the anger has left his body, the hurt replaces it, he backs away from her and their eyes meet, hurt in his. “I just want to make sure you and the babies are safe. You have to stop being so stubborn and independent and let us help you, dammit!”

Being said, shifting his tensed up body, storming out of the room, slamming the door behind him. The vibration and echoes of the door connection to the frame, sent panic through her heart. Eyes dilating into brokenness, finding it strenuous to let words depart her vocal cords.

“D-Dray,” she manages to get out, the crackling in her voice, “P-p-please.”

Blaise jabs Pansy towards Sky. Putting her arms around her, Blaise tapped his hand on her shoulder, “I got it Sky.


“Malfoy, wait up mate!”

His body descended onto the couch, “Why can’t she just realize that I don’t want her to hurt herself or our babies?! This has never happened before, and it scared me Blaise.” The ringing of his wailing steadily increases, “Her being unconscious for two days scared the shit out of me! I didn’t know what would happen to her. I love her man.”

“Mate, we were all scared. She’s stubborn because of who her family is. Tom Riddle, the Dark Lord/Voldemort is her grandfather, Severus Snape as her father, and the Malfoy’s as her husband and in-laws. Stubborn is all the way around here. None of us knew what was going to happen, but listen to me Draco. Yelling at her—” squinting up at him, noticing the tears streaming down his blushed cheeks. Blaise walks over and hugs Draco. Normally he would push Blaise away, but right now he didn’t have the energy to do it. “It won’t do anything but make it worse. You have to give her a little independence, but she has to work with you too.”

Clutching to Blaise’s shirt, his posture diminishing, slowly falling to the ground, “I-I love her so much. Watching her fall and hitting her head, it killed me. What if something happens—”

“No, you don’t get to start that. Nothing is going to happen to her.”

“I didn’t mean to yell at her, it slipped out. She hates me, I could tell by the way she looked at me when I walked out.” His hand flew into his gelled hair, running them through the stiffness.

Blaise’s heart ached looking at his friend, “She doesn’t hate you, she could never. Talk to her, make it right and be there. I’m the absolute last person to give advice or knows much on love, but with you two—”

“I have been there for your relationship since the first day. Even with the love potion with Granger, she didn’t hate you. She was — was broken. Go talk to her. She needs you and you need her. But, remember what I said; give her the independence she desires and she will give you the subservience you want.”

Gulping and looking at the serious glare from Blaise, “I need her more than she needs me, honestly. I’m glad we’ve been best mates forever. You and Pansy have stuck by our side through it all. I appreciate you and our friendship.”

“It’s been us four since we were toddlers. We were best mates, Pansy and Sky were best mates. We made it through it all. Our kids are the same way we were. Enough now, go fix things with your wife.”

Getting up from the couch, drying his skin of tears and readjusting his clothing, he leaves the library. Striding upstairs, opening their bedroom, “Everyone out. NOW!” The words harshly leave his lips.

“Pans, help me out of bed?”

His eyes shoot over to her, “No, you stay.” Her lip quivering, “If you’re going to be a dick then I’m not staying.”

Blaise’s figure appears in their doorway, viewing him out of the corner of her eye, watching the words, ′Sky, talk to him. Just stay.′ She nods her head in reply, hunkering down on the bed.

Lycissa, Rory, and Bella glare at their dad, “Don’t hurt her because we will hurt you.”

“Your dad would never hurt your mum,” Pansy says, scooting everyone out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her.


Her arms folded, back pressed against the headboard of their wooden bed, “What Draco? Want to shout at me more?”

“Will you just shut up for five minutes?! Dammit woman!”

Waterworks crash down, “Just leave if you can’t talk to me like I’m a person!”

“Baby, I’m sorry. Just, please, hear me out. Then you can yell, hit, crucio me all you want, okay?”

Nodding her head

Walking to his side of his bed, scooting next to her, wiping her tears away. Her tears are like a dagger in his heart, “When you dropped to the floor the other day, it scared me. You’ve never done this before and when you were unconscious for two days, I thought I was going to lose you and the babies.” His eyes met hers, “I can’t do life without you... I didn’t mean to yell earlier, it just came out like out. I want you to let me help you. I know you’re independent, but the doctor said bedrest for a reason.”

“Draco —” She climbs into his lap

He cups her face, brushing his thumb on her cheek, feeling the heat from her breath blowing on his thumb. “I want you to be safe baby. We have to work together with this. I work with you being independent and you work with me, depending on me. We can’t continue to fight, it’s not healthy for our marriage and your pregnancy. I’m so sorry, I really am. I will do everything to make it right.”

“I love you Sky, so much,” kissing her cheek lightly

Leaning her head on his broad shoulder, “I love you Draco. You need to let me walk a little; with you by my side, of course. I didn’t mean to scare you when I fainted. I’m sorry.”

Draping his arms around her, one hand caressing her bump, admiring the woman in his arms, “Y’know I will do everything I can to protect you, right?”

“I know you would. I’m sorry I’m so headstrong.”

“Don’t be, I love that about you, but you need to learn when not to be.” Pushing the hair out of her face, putting her eyes on display, “We will work on it together. Dark Queens/Princesses don’t intentionally harm their husbands when they just want what’s best for you.”

She picks his hand up, “brackium emendo,” the bones in his hand heal. Her lips attached to his land, he slides her off of his lap, laying her head on his chest. His hands massaging her back, “Thank you, love. Now let’s get some sleep, beautiful. I love you.”

“I love you handsome.” Within five minutes she is asleep. Draco’s hand placed on her stomach. Kissing her forehead, slowly drifting off into a deep slumber.


Three weeks later, they returned to St. Mungos for more testing for the pregnancy. After a few hours and five tests later, the doctor comes into the room. Though he looks like there is positive news, the worrisome fills both Draco and Sky.

Not sure of the outcome of these test results, he clenches onto her hand, slightly releasing his grip, she rubs her thumb on the top part of his hand, as a sense of comfort. All they can think about is the unfavorable answers they could receive.

“Mrs. Malfoy, good news is the babies and you are healthy. Bad news, I need you to remain on bed rest for at least another month. You are allowed to do some walking, not extensive. We will also send you home with a wheelchair so you can move around freely.”

Draco’s hand is sweating profusely, “If you don’t mind me asking, why does she need to be on bed rest?”

“With her being pregnant with triplets, if she overdoes anything, it can cause a premature birth. Her body may be used to twins, but with triplets it’s not producing enough protein and nutrients. What walking she does will help the blood flow, but not overdo it.”

Looking at her, “You hear that? Stop being stubborn; the babies rely on you doing this, okay?”

“Okay love, I’ll follow directions. Is there anything else doctor?”

“No ma’am, just come back in a month and we will check you out. Take it easy and listen to Mr. Malfoy. He seems to care a lot and wants to help you.”

Arriving back at the manor, and being bombarded with questions about the doctor’s appointment, Draco wheels her into the den and gets her to the couch. Both of them come to the conclusion that fighting over Sky being overly independent, that from now on they’ll work together on everything, regardless how complicated it will be.

They love each other fiercely, both independent and they want to be right all the time, but they never lose sight of what’s truly important. Their health. And right now, Draco had no problem sacrificing his health to make sure his wife, the mother of his children, and the only woman who has shown him true and unconditional love, that her health and well-being was intact.

“How is motherhood treating you Gin? Is Hunter adjusting well?” Her soft tone asks, while trying to stay awake.

Ginny and Goyle both laugh, “He’s a damn chunk, like his dad. Sky, this baby eats as much as Crabbe does; maybe even more.”

“Hey! I don’t eat that much. That kid eats two times the lot than I do!”

“Hell, Sky has been eating as much as Crabbe this pregnancy,” As soon as Draco finished his sentence, he felt all eyes focused on him. He knew he had messed up.

Sky’s anger radiates the room, her eyes begin turning Red, “Fucking ass, Draco Malfoy! You’re the one who unfailingly keeps getting me pregnant!” Normally it took a lot to make her emotional, but when Draco doesn’t use his brain before saying something that could potentially hurt her feelings, she can’t control her feelings.

“Oi, Malfoy, she may kill you this time. It was nice knowing you mate.” Her eyes shoot up at Blaise, eyes growing redder by the second.

Pansy slaps the back of Blaise’s head to shut him up, “Blaise, she may kill you too. Both of you stop. Draco, she’s carrying your three demon spawns inside of her.” Stepping towards Sky, resting her hand on her stomach, Pansy smiles at her best friend, “She’s going to be hungrier than the other pregnancies, simply because there are three growing babies in her, instead of two or even one. Be considerate of your wife and the mother of your children you git.”

“One of these days, they’re actually going to die from pissing her off,” Fred jokes around, but in reality he’s being serious. George nods his head in agreement, knowing that Sky is capable of doing it too.

Goyle shakes his head in disagreement, “She loves Malfoy too much. Maybe crucio him to the point he passes out, but never kill him.”

“Mum, let’s get you some food. My siblings need to eat.” Lycissa says helping her mum into her wheelchair, as she turns her head to Draco giving him an evil glare. A glare that’s a combination of her mum and dad. Regardless of how old she is, she is his sassy, stubborn first born daughter.

Before Lycissa could roll Sky out of the den, Draco falls to his knees in front of her, a tear snivels down his face, “Baby, I was kidding. I know you have to eat more for the babies.” Stretching his arms out, reaching for her hands. Allowing him to take hold of them, kissing each hand, “let’s get you some food. What do you want to eat my love?”

“Anything food,” she says. Elevating back to his feet, he places a light kiss on her forehead and turns towards the kitchen. “Actually I want grilled cheese.”

“Okay love.”

Before he was out of the room, she spoke up again, “Actually, I want bacon, eggs and potatoes.”

Nodding his head, indicating he heard her.

“Eh, nevermind.”

He rotates his body, leaning against the door frame, “Love, what do you want to eat?”

“I want bacon, eggs and potatoes.” A smile grows on her bottom lip, “Can I have an apple too, please?”

Smirking and letting off a chuckle, “You already have three of my apples.” Winking at her. Noticing the smile fade into a look of annoyance, “Seriously Draco?”

“I’m sorry princess. Of course you can have an apple. Do you want it with your food or now?”

“With my food. Cut it up please.” Strutting back over to her, bending down just enough, lifting her chin up so their eyes meet, kissing her, “You’re so spoiled princess.”

Tilting her head into the palm of his hand, pressing it gently against her shoulder, “No, the babies are spoiled. You do all this for them.”

“Ha!” Scoffing at her words. He knew he does it for the babies, but he would always do it for her. “I do it for you... and the babies.” Setting her food on the table, helping her into the chair. While grabbing her some juice from the fridge and beginning to eat; without warning or any thought she gets up from her seat, sprinting to the bathroom. Draco follows right behind her.

“Love! Are you okay?”

Her body hovering over the loo, regurgitating her food, in a midst break, she slightly shifts her head, viewing Draco out of the corner of her eye, “the babies don’t like eggs.” The sudden look of disappointment makes its way to her face; she loves eggs just as much as she loves Draco.

Everyday since the age of three she has always had eggs and bacon for breakfast, now with this pregnancy the babies hate eggs, breaks her heart.

“How about I make you oatmeal with apples and warm milk to help soothe your stomach?” He leans down, rubbing her back, moving her hair out of the direct like of vomit being projected from her mouth.

She smiles at him as he wipes the excess vomit from the crook of her mouth. “That sounds nice. Can you add cinnamon?”

“Of course my love,” he helps her back into the kitchen. Goyle looks up from his plate, “I thought you wanted bacon, potatoes and eggs?” Without a second between the word egg, she runs back to the loo. Draco stops himself, trying to grab a dish to run after her.

Ginny stands, “We got this Draco, you just make her oatmeal.”

“What happened?” George questions as he’s never seen the girl puke in her life.

Draco sighs while his head falls down, looking at the granite countertop, “I gave her the bacon, eggs, and potatoes, but the babies don’t like eggs apparently.”

“Dude, she loves eggs. Hell, she may love eggs more than she loves you. This isn’t good,” Blaise says with a concerned tone. “She’s going to be miserable for the rest of the pregnancy

Coming back to the counter, pushing herself into the swivel, Draco walks over to her with a warm wet cloth in his hands, wiping her face down, getting what little of the vomit that was left on her face. “Are you okay love?”

Draco sits the cinnamon oatmeal and warm milk in front of Sky, slowly taking bites. He steps behind her, proceeding to rub her back to help relax her. Braiding her hair and placing a kiss on the back of her neck.

“Why can’t you be sweet like Draco is to Sky?” Pansy question Blaise with a disheartened look. Blaise quickly responds, “Because I don’t have a soft side. Whatcha see is whatcha get.”

“Fuck you, Blaise Zabini! Sometimes I wish I never married you. Hell I should’ve never fucked you!”

“Then fucking leave Parkinson! If you regret it so damn much, just leave!”

Without another word said, Pansy apparated out of the kitchen. Her location was unknown to most, but Sky will always know where Pansy goes when something like this happens. That’s her best friend, she knows everything about her, and Pansy with her.

Lycissa looks up, “Mum, Aunt Gin, let’s go so the guys can talk. I’ll get your oatmeal.”

While Ginny is pushing her out of the kitchen and into the library, Sky starts to sob knowing that her best friend won’t come back because of this. The happy lives that they all had was starting to deteriorate. One family at a time. First Draco and Sky with this pregnancy, no their marriage isn’t at risk but the health of his wife and unborn children are.

Now Pansy and Blaise. Their best friends since small children. Was their marriage about to end? What will this mean for the kids? And all their friends? They can’t choose sides, it’s not fair to Pansy or Blaise; regardless if Blaise is in the wrong over something as little as why he doesn’t rub her back like Draco rubs Sky’s.

Will things get better or will life as they know crumble before their eyes?

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