Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Unwelcomed Visitors

“I’m Hermione-”

All three of the girls stop that second, looking at their parents then back at the witch. Seeing the glowing red eyes their mother possessed was terrifying, to say the least, but they understood why she was angry.

Draco held his wife’s hand, attempting to calm her, with no luck. The sight of the curly-haired Gryffindor witch who Pansy ′killed’ all those years ago during the war, made Sky’s skin crawl in anger.

After standing in silence, Aurora stepped forwards, “You’re the bitch who kissed our dad!”

“Aww Malfoy, still talk about our kiss, do you?” Hermione chuckled with a smirk spread across her face

While her eyes were still red, “No bitch! I told our kids to never be a whore like you and kiss what doesn’t belong to them.”

“I would never kiss you! Kids go on, we got this,” Draco announced to their kids

Lycissa wasted no time replying to her dad, “Fuck no. This is the bitch that tried to kill me and Serv before we were born!”

“Look just like your dad, but the attitude of your mother.”

“If she only knew the mixture of the attitude of Sky and Draco in that child,” Bellatrix cackled while speaking to Narcissa who laughed back.

Hermione lifted her wand pointing it towards Sky, knowing she doesn’t have her wand on her, “Cru—”

Cut off by Aurora, Bella, Lycissa, Avander, and Servius





The biggest sinister smirk that she got from her father, Lycissa shouted, “Avada Kedavra!”

Hermione’s body dropped to the floor, while everyone in the rooms eyes widened in fear and shock at what just happened.

Taking turns saying words, Lucius, Bellatrix, Pansy, Snape, Narcissa, and Lydia said:






“Her ass?!”

Grandpa Tom smiled proudly, “She’s definitely got Riddle in her.”

Lycissa turns to face the other girl in the room, “Your turn now bitch!”

“Would you really kill your own aunt?”

Sky steps in front of her daughter, “You aren’t her aunt! I am an only child!”

“Mum, better explain or your little angel and her unborn kids will die,” the girl says

Draco moves Sky out of his way and behind him, “Like hell you psycho! You will not touch my wife or children!”

Lydia moves forward towards her, “Karie, she’s pregnant! She had no idea that you even existed. If you’re mad at anyone, it should be me. I didn’t want her knowing about you.”

“Am I not good enough for her to know about? What’s so special about her? Why’d you even adopt me if you were going to leave when I turned eighteen?!”

“Your life would’ve been more complicated and so would her’s. It was easier and she was happier here with her dad.”

Karie comes closer to Sky, “Why didn’t you want to live with mom?”

Thinking of her answer before she spoke, trying to think of the correct way of saying something the wrong way. “You will never understand, even if I explained. The only people I need to explain anything to is my husband and our children. I don’t even know you, so I owe you nothing!”

Aurora points her wand at Karie, “Obliviate!”

“Who are you people?” Karie questions looking around the room at the unfamiliar faces who surround her.

“Mum, take her back.” Sky tells Lydia.

Lydia takes Karie back to the muggle world. Leaving everyone else at home. Draco examines his wife, making sure that she is safe and nothing hurt her.

“Well, we know not to let Pansy try to avada someone, because she wasn’t dead,” Crabbe says laughing

“Seventeen years! For seventeen years we all thought she was dead! So fuck off Crabbe!”

“Babe, calm down,” Blaise tried to tell Pansy, but she wasn’t having it.

Snatching her arm away from Blaise’s grasp, “No! He doesn’t even have the balls to even crucio someone! But he thinks he can make fun of me because for seventeen years we thought she was dead! I didn’t know it was a plan! If it wasn’t for Sky saving his ass, all the time, he would’ve been dead in our sixth year!”

“Pansy, I was kidding!”


Crabbe screams in pain. His body laying on the floor, twitching from the pain, his screams were terrifying. Although her powers weren’t strong, he was in pain.

“Pansy, stop. Please,” Sky tries to plea with her best friend, but nothing.

“Tell me Crabbe, does it hurt? Tell me I can’t make it happen! Tell me Crabbe!”

Avander shouts at his mum, “Mum stop it!”

Pansy drops her wand on the ground and Blaise quickly picks it up. Tears form in her eyes, “Crabbe, I’m sorry.”

“Just stay away from me”


Blaise stops her from following him, “Pans give him time. You just tortured him, he’s going to stay away from you and I can’t blame him.”

Lydia apparated back into the house, “I got her back to the muggle world.”

Lydia could tell from the look in Sky’s eyes that the conversation that was about to take place was going to be ugly. She knew that there were going to be questions about Karie and everything going on.

Everyone sat down waiting for it all to happen. No one knew how it was going to go, nor did they know how Sky was going to react to the answers Lydia was going to give her. Draco was worried about his wife and wanted to make sure she didn’t stress herself out over all of this.

Yes, he wanted her to get answers, but was it worth causing her more pain than it was worth? He hated seeing his wife hurting but sometimes not getting answers to save someone from stress or possible hospitalization, especially with this pregnancy was the right thing to do.

“What the hell was that about?! I have a sister?!”

“Sky, listen...”

“When me and your dad finally agreed to keep you with him full time, Shane and I adopted Karie. We kept her away from you so your life would be simpler. I don’t know how she found out about you unless Hermione told her. They have been friends for years.”

Snape stood up and glared at Lydia in her eyes. She knew he was angry just from the look on his face. “You didn’t think to tell us that she had an adopted sister in case this happened?!”

“It was a mistake. I should’ve told all of you.”

“Why would you adopt a mudblood?! You’re a Riddle! What a disgrace to this family!”

Lydia turned to face her father, “We were lonely with Sky not wanting to be with us. She only wanted to be with Severus and the Malfoy’s. We needed a kid around and I didn’t want to have a half-blood as a child!”

“I’m a half-blood! What does that mean for me?” Snape snickered at her

She couldn’t believe that her father and ex-husband were arguing with her over something in the past, but then again she wasn’t. She knew how both of them are. “But our daughter is a pureblood. If me and Shane had a child it would be half-blood. Plus, I wanted a kid who wouldn’t go to Hogwarts. I wanted a normal child with no magic in them at all.”

“So, I’m a disappointment because I have powers and I wanted to be at Hogwarts with the people I belong with rather than a muggle school with mudbloods?!” Sky shouted at her with tears beginning to form in the crease of her eyes

“You’re not a disappointment, but I would choose a muggle-born child over a pure or half-blood. No powers, magic, anything. Just a normal person. I wish I wasn’t a Riddle and that I was a muggle.”

Narcissa looked at her friend with confusion, “Lydia, you don’t mean that.”

“Shut it Narcissa! You were too tied up with Lucius that you became power-hungry!”

Sky grabbed Lydia by the throat. Rage had filled her body and wouldn’t stand for Lydia to talk to Narcissa like that. Mainly with all that Narcissa did for her growing up. “Shut the hell up! Narcissa raised me when you decided I wasn’t good enough and you left me! She had to be the mother you wouldn’t be. Narcissa, dad, and Lucius raised me and I think I turned out okay.”

Narcissa took ahold of Sky’s hand, “You turned out wonderful. No one else I would want to have as my daughter-in-law. I would raise you the same way if I had to.”

“Only reason you took her in is because you knew she was a Riddle and would make your son look good and give him power.”

“Lydia Renee, stop. Narcissa did a better job raising your daughter than you ever could. Narcissa never cared about the power, she loves Sky with all she had because she needed a mum and you refused to be the mum she needed. You were selfish!” Grandpa Tom yelled at his daughter. He knew that Narcissa loved his granddaughter and always wanted the best for her, when her own mother didn’t care.

Sky had tears running down her face, she couldn’t believe that her own mother would accuse Narcissa of only raising Sky to make Draco look good. She has never known Narcissa to be power-hungry or mean in any way. She was the sweetest person she has ever known and she raised her. Took her in when her mother turned her back on her.

“All I wanted was a mum! I’m thankful for Narcissa, she has taught me everything I know. She taught me how to low, that I was cared for, and made sure I had everything I needed. Her, Lucius, and dad made sure I had the best life, gave me the best vacations, and always had love around me. Narcissa has never cared or craved power. She blessed me with the love of my life!”

The tears continued to fall, “I don’t need you Lydia! I never have! The people in this room, other than you, they are my family!”

Draco comes up behind her and holds her close to him. He could feel her body shaking against him, bending down close to her ear, “Baby, it’s okay. I’m right here. I love you.”

Narcissa hugs her tightly, “I tried everything I could to make sure you had a good life. All of us did. And the fact Draco was never jealous of our love for you.”

“She needed the love and still does. That’s why she has me. I will always love and care about her, until the day I take my last breath,” Draco says gazing deep in her eyes. Not caring what anyone thought; he loves his wife more than anything and was never ashamed of showing it.

“Trying to guilt trip me won’t work,” Lydia’s voice announces with disgust. Knowing that everyone knew she didn’t love her daughter.

Sky dried her eyes, them turning red once again. Draco refused to back away from her. He had to stay by her side. She was disgusted with Lydia, “Leave! You’re nothing but a blood traitor. You are nothing and that’s all you will ever be! That’s why I am thr Dark Queen and not you! You’re weak and you could never handle it if you tried. You’d run. This is my family. These people love me and I love them!”

“Skyra please come with me. We can give you a better life.” Lydia tries to plea with her, knowing it won’t happen.

Staying silent, there was nothing Lydia could ever say to her that would make her leave the life her and Draco have created together. She was happy right where she was, no matter the situations they go through. This was the life she wanted.

“I wish you weren’t my daughter,” Lydia shouted at her. No reaction came from Sky.

“Trust me, I wish I wasn’t either. In my heart Narcissa is my mum. Hell, Bellatrix has been there and has done a better job with me than you. I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“You truly are a disappointment. You could be so much more than what you are here.”

Snape stepped in front of his daughter and son-in-law. Tired of hearing what the witch had to say about his daughter. He didn’t care if Lydia was her mother, she didn’t deserve the title. “Leave Lydia. She doesn’t want to go with you.”

“Go Lydia! Sky is happy here and has her family. She has a husband, an army of kids, and tons of people who love her.” Lucius voices with a calm but angered tone.

Lucius loved Sky like she was his own blood. He was thankful to have a daughter-in-law like her, who would give everything for her family and friends. He was proud of the woman she has become and watching his son grow more in love with her throughout the years.

Though when they were younger, Lucius had told Draco love was weakness, he knew that Draco felt nothing without Sky. They were meant to be together and it was the only way to keep Draco in line.

Lydia laughed at what Lucius had to say, “I’m pretty sure that son of yours doesn’t even love her. Who could love someone like her.”

“I do! I love her with all I am! She is my world,” Draco couldn’t handle someone saying he doesn’t love her. He did more than anything. “Just because you couldn’t be a mother to her doesn’t mean anything. I couldn’t ask for a better mum to my kids than her. She’s perfect. Loves with all she has. I have the most amazing wife in the world, and I would die for her.”

Sky did love with all she had and it had caused her heartbreak over the years, especially when it came to the woman standing in front of her. Lydia left her when she needed a mother the most, but she always had Narcissa and Bellatrix. Those women loved her like a mother should.

Life with them was wonderful and she couldn’t ask for a better life. Yes, Snape wasn’t always around due to work at Hogwarts and working for Grandpa Tom, but he always made sure she was with those who loved her. The Malfoy’s treated her life she was their own blood, nothing less. She attended all vacations with them and they gave her presents at Christmas and included her in all Malfoy/Black family events.

“You wouldn’t know love if it bit you in your arse Lydia! Go be with your precious Karie since she’s your perfect child. That’s the only child you have. I have my dad and all my family. I have the two best dads and the two best mums right here,” Sky made sure to include Lucius and Bellatrix because they always protected her and loved her just as much.

“You little bi—” Lydia began

The Dark Lord would not stand around and hear anything bad about his granddaughter, “Avada Kedavra!”

He took a few steps towards his only granddaughter and rubbed her tears away, “You will never have to worry about her again. Ignore everything she said. You are amazing in all ways and Narcissa did the perfect job being your mum. We all love you.”

Blaise hugged her along with Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle, “We do love you. You’re one of my best friends.”

Both Crabbe and Goyle agreed. But what’s new, they always agree with what everyone says.

“You’re my main best friend and you are the perfect friend, mum, and wife,” Pansy hugged her tighter than the rest of them, pushing the boys off of her.

Sky smiled at all the love she’s getting from the people she loves the most. “I love y’all. Thank you dad, Narcissa, Lucius, and Bellatrix for raising me in loving homes. Narcissa and Lucius, thank you for taking me in and having Draco. I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

“I love you Skyra Snape Malfoy,” he cups her face, rubbing his thumb against her cheek, “After all this time.”

“Always,” the largest smile gleamed on her face, staring into the eyes of the man who she loves more than anything in the world.

Snape smiled at the two, “I would raise you the same way again, but I’d obliviate Lydia so she didn’t know you existed.”

“You really are a wonderful woman. She would never see what we do in you. This is your family and we all love you,” Lucius paused watching the tears begin to form again in her eyes. “Your kids adore you, especially your daughters. You are the mother that you always needed.”

“Narcissa was the mother I needed. She raised me into the woman I am today.”

Bellatrix chuckled at her thoughts that she couldn’t hold back any longer. “Damn Sky. Not only do you have Draco soft at your fingertips but you have Lucius and Severus too. Can’t forget the Dark Lord himself.”

“I love all of you. I want to be the best person I can for all of you. The best wife, mum, friend, daughter, and granddaughter.”

“Princess, you are the best thing in the world. I couldn’t phantom being married or having children with anyone other than your beautiful self.”

“You’re the best mum,” Servius begins when he’s cut off by Thomas, “Damn right you are.We have the best family there is. We love you mum.”

After everyone said how much she means to them and the love they have for her, her body dropped into the sofa. She loved everyone in this room and was beyond thankful for them.

Draco picked her up into his arms, “Let’s get you into bed. After today, you’ll be in bed for a few days. Bed rest princess.”

“I agree, you need to relax,” Pansy tells her

She sighs loudly, “I have kids, I can’t relax.”

Lycissa walks to her mum and turns to face her, “Mum, we are old enough to take care of ourselves. We can handle Scorp; he can play with Aurora. You and dad need a few days alone. I promise we have this. Just relax.”

“When did my baby girl grow up?”

Bella looks at her and laughs, “You raised us. Dad, take her home and don’t let her move unless it’s to use the loo.”

“Damn, now my daughters are giving me orders. Maybe we raised them too well.”

Draco carried his very much pregnant wife to the floo and made their way home. He had something special for her. She had been through so much recently that he wanted to show her that even during rough situations like this, that he will always shower her with love and make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world to him.

Stepping out of the floo and into the dining room, the table is decorated with two plates, flowers in a vase, romantic music playing on the harp, and violin.

He stood behind her watching her reaction to everything. All he’s ever wanted was for her to feel loved, cared for, and that he was always going to be next to her until he took his last breath.

Everything he did was for her, nothing was ever enough to him. He wanted the best and could never get tired of ensuring that’s what she got, no matter how hard it was or how long it would take.

A life without her or the kids was something he never wanted to endure. Just the thought of never having them in his life tore him apart and always made him want to be a better husband and father. It didn’t matter how many times she had to reassure him that he would always have her and their kids, he would do everything to be a better man for all of them.

“Are you scared mate?” Blaise asks

Turning my head towards Blaise, “Of course I am. I just want to be the best man for her. I want her happy”

“You’re going to be the best for her. You’ve been together 5 years, no one else is going to be good for her like you. She loves you, and you love her. You’re the best one for her.” Blaise says

Blaise elbows Draco to get his attention from facing the alter

Whispering to Blaise, “She’s absolutely beautiful”

“She looks great Malfoy. You’re a lucky git!” Blaise responds

I can tell Goyle is staring at her, but I can’t be mad. Everyone in this place is stating at her, including me.

The two make eye contact, and I can see her starting to tear up. I can’t help but tear up at how amazing she looks. She looks absolutely breathtaking, but that’s normal. Just a lot more than normal.

“You look so beautiful my love,” I tell her while grabbing her hand from Snape.

“Take care of my daughter Malfoy” he says, the words I have heard my whole life from my parents and her dad.

“Skyra Marie Snape, the past five years of dating you, has been perfect. Of course there was a few bumps in the road, but we made it through it. You have been my best friend since we were in diapers, and I have loved you since we were nine years old.”

A tear falls from his eyes, knowing that the love they share means more to him than anything and he would forever protect her. “You are my everything and I am glad I get to call you mine. I promise to always protect you from everything. I promise to love and care for you through it all. I love you more than life itself”

“Miss Snape, you may go” Dumbledore says

“Draco Lucius Malfoy... Where do I even begin with you, with us. You were my best friend in diapers, we grew up together and been through so much together.”

“You are my best friend, other than Pansy, and you have been there through it all. I have been lucky to call you mine, officially for the past five years, and I can’t wait until forever with you. I will always love you, care for you, and protect you. I love you more than anything, and I’m lucky I get to marry you.”

Dumbledore looks at us, then the crowd, “If there are no objections, then

“Do you Draco Malfoy take Skyra Snape to be your wife?”

“I Do” Draco says with a smile on his face

“Do you Skyra Snape take Draco Malfoy to be your husband?” Dumbledore asks

“I Do” I say with a happy heart that is full of love and joy

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride Mr. Malfoy” Dumbledore says.

We have our first dance as husband and wife. Although we have danced so many times before, it feels different now, a good different. Nothing in that moment could ever compare to how I feel.

“I love you my beautiful wife” Dray smiles and kisses me

I can’t help but smile and kiss back, “I love you my handsome husband”

She turned and faced her husband with tears flowing down her cheeks, “Draco, did you do all of this?”

“It was my idea, but our lovely daughters set everything up for us.”

“What’s it for?”

A slight chuckle left his lips, “Don’t be silly darlin’, you act as if I could forget your birthday. In all the years I have known you and we have been together, have I ever forgotten your birthday?”

“You’ve never forgotten a birthday, anniversary of any sort. I sure did get lucky having you as my husband, that’s for sure.”

He takes her hand and pulls her into his arms, “If there’s anyone who is lucky, it’s me. I have you as my wife and we have beautiful kids, and an amazing family all around. We have our flaws like everyone else, but to me, our family is absolutely perfect.”

She knew that everything Draco was saying, was true. He has never lied about something like that to her, he didn’t have the heart to lie to her or hurt her in any way. Throughout their lives, he knew that he had hurt her in different ways, but he could never lie to her unless it was for her safety.

The way her eyes lit up at all the decorations that filled the entire kitchen, dining area, living room, and the flower petals that were spread all the way up the stairs.

Everyday she fell more in love with the blonde hair boy that was only supposed to be her best friend and nothing more. In reality they were destined for each other, despite their differences, that’s what made their relationship perfect.

The two enjoyed a romantic dinner that was prepared by their daughters who knew exactly what their mum liked. Grilled shrimp, steak that was medium well with just a little pink, mashed potatoes with bacon bits and cheese, rolls that were buttery and for dessert, a peanut butter coffee cake that she knew Narcissa had made just by the taste. After dinner he helped change her into sweats and one of his old t-shirts that hung past her pregnant stomach.

They cuddled in their bed and watched movies like they did when they were children. Not long into the second movie Sky had fallen asleep on Draco’s chest. He pulled the covers up making sure she was warm and comfortable.

Whispering to her as he places a kiss on her forehead and one hand on her stomach, “You are absolutely beautiful. I am the luckiest man alive to call you my wife and the mum of our beautiful children.

Happy birthday my beautiful love, I can’t wait to show you everything you got. Sweet dreams my queen. I love you so much.”

Little did he know that she heard what he said to her, “I love you handsome. I’m lucky I get to call you mine.”

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