Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Malfoy Manor


It’s been 8 months since Draco asked me to be his girlfriend. We still haven’t told our parents. We wanted to make sure that we weren’t going to break up right away if we realized we didn’t want to be more than just friends. I hope that if something does happen to us, we can still be friends because I don’t want to lose him as my best friend.

I just turned 14 and Draco turned 14 a few months ago, and everything with our relationship is absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t change anything. I want to tell everyone how he’s mine. Mainly since all the girls keep flirting with him in front of me, since no one knows we are together.

He’s taking me with him to Malfoy Manor for the long weekend.


“Babe, are you about ready to head to my parents?” Draco calls from the bedroom while I finish getting dressed in the bathroom.

I walk out of the bathroom, “Yeah, I’m ready. Are you sure your parents are okay with me coming this weekend?”

“Have they ever not been okay with coming to the manor? Tell me, have they ever said you couldn’t be there?” He asks me with this dumbfounded look

I stand there and think for a second, “No, they’ve always been welcoming and let me come over whenever I want. Dad said that he will be there for a meeting this weekend too.”

He picks my bag up, “Yes, he will be there. How do you feel about telling everyone about us? It’s been 8 months and I absolutely hate keeping us a secret. I want to show you off baby.”

“Let’s tell them. I’m tired of keeping us a secret too. I really do,” I say as I grab his hand as we grab on to the port key to apparate to the manor.

We apparate to the manor and it seems a little darker than normal. Malfoy Manor has always been dark and sometimes lonely, but when I’m with Draco everything in the manor feels right.

“Are you okay princess?” Draco asks me

I look at the manor then look back at him, “Yeah, just a little nervous on how our parents are going to take this.”

He moves his bag to the hand he is holding mine in, “It’s going to be alright. They won’t think different of us. I promise. No matter what happens, I’m not going anywhere. Now let’s go in, it’s getting cold.”

We walk in the manor and hear a voice, “Draco, Skyra is that you darlings?”

“Yes mum, it’s us.” Draco shouts.

Mrs. Malfoy comes out of the kitchen, “Welcome home you two. Dinner is ready. Draco take y’all’s bags up to your room and meet us in the dining room. Come on Skyra, let’s get seated”

I follow her to the dining room and sit down and see Mr. Malfoy and my dad walk in from the office.

“Hello Skyra, how have you been?” Mr. Malfoy asks with a smile as him and my dad sit down at the table. Him and Mrs. Malfoy both sit at the heads of the table.

Draco always sits next to me, ever since we were little kids.

“I’ve been good. Thank you for letting me come to the manor with Draco for the weekend.” I say with a smile.

Draco comes and sits down next to me, placing his hand on my head before he sits down.

Mrs. Malfoy says, “Sweetie, you are always welcome here. Always have been and always will be. And please call us Narcissa and Lucius. You’ve been around us long enough to know this by know.”

“Yes ma’am.” I respond

The house elf, Dobby brings out our dinner, of course it’s steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and for dessert we have Pumpkin Tart. My absolute favorite dessert.

In the middle of eating dessert, Draco touches my leg and looks at me, I nod my head because I know what he’s going to do. I can feel Narcissa, Lucius and my dad looking at Draco.

My heart begins to beat rapidly


“Mum, Dad, Professor. I- I mean, we have something to tell you,” I says nervously.

They all look at each other then look at us, “What is it Draco? Is everything okay?” Mum asks us

I grab her hand under the table and squeezes, “Well, me and Sky are dating...”

I can feel the look her dad is giving, “How long has this been going on?”

Sky swallows her spit, “8, almost 9 months.”

Narcissa looks at us, “Sweeties, why didn’t you tell us sooner? Why did you wait so long?”

“We didn’t want to tell anyone until we were sure we weren’t going to break up right away. It’s been hard, because I just want to show the world, she’s my girl,” I say looking at her, smiles while blushing

Lucius and my dad looks at us and her dad say so, “Well, it’s been a long time coming. I’m shocked this didn’t happen sooner, as much time as you two spend together. You two always pair up when it comes time to projects and you always eat together. Makes sense why if someone flirts with the other, the other gets super jealous and seems to want to punch the person flirting.”

“Severus, you know how they were growing up. They were always together and bitched the whole time they were apart. It was bloody terrible for us.” Lucius jokes

I get up from the table, and kiss Sky’s cheek, “Well, I’m going to go on up to bed. Goodnight everyone. Goodnight princess”

“I think I’m going to go up too. Thank you for a great night and being understanding of our relationship,” Sky say as she get up.

Narcissa smiles, “Of course we understand your relationship. Goodnight you two. See you in the morning.”

That felt amazing letting our parents know that I am dating the most beautiful girl in the world.

She’s my girl. My beautiful princess of a girlfriend.


Did we really tell our parents we are dating? After almost 9 months, we can finally show our relationship

We get up to Draco’s room. The moment the door opens the scent of expensive cologne and Mint shampoo fills my nose.

“I’m going to take a shower beautiful. Get comfortable and we will watch a movie when I get out,” he says as he goes into the bathroom

I get changed into his sweatpants and his Slytherin Quidditch shirt and throw my hair into a messy bun. I go to the cabinet to figure out what movie I want to watch tonight. Draco always picks the same movie, every time, Lord of the Rings.

I don’t hear Draco come out of the bathroom, “Damn, why do you make all of my clothes look better than I do?”

“Oh shut it Malfoy. They’re just comfier than mine and they smell good” I say while secretly smelling his shirt

He smiles at me, pulling me close to him, “Like I told you when you first moved into the room, you can take my clothes any time you want. You look absolutely beautiful in them.”

Things with Draco seemed so perfect at this moment, more than ever

The way he says I look beautiful, or pulling me close to him

Draco cups his hand on my face, rubbing his thumb across the bottom of my chin and my cheek. He smiles at me with that cute little grin.

I get lost into his Grey/Silver eyes.

They make me feel safe and loved. So much love

He leans in close and kisses me. I automatically kiss back. He pushes me against the wall, kissing down to my neck. He takes my shirt off, kissing down my chest being gentle.

Draco picks me up by my thighs and carries me to the bed, laying me down

“If you’re uncomfortable, please tell me and I will stop. Tell me to stop at any point baby,” He says as he kisses my neck

I can’t help but moan softly, “I don’t want you to stop. Draco, have you done this before?”

He looks me in the eyes and cups my face again, “No, this is my first time. What about you?”

I gulped, “No, it’s my first time too.”

“Don’t worry princess, I’ll be gentle with you. If you’re uncomfortable with anything, please tell me.” He says in a soft and loving tone

“I want to experience it all with you Dray. Rough and all.” I say, not knowing how he will react to it.

“May I?” He asks gesturing to my sweatpants

“Please do,” I look in his eyes

I raise my hips so he can slide them off. He kisses down my neck and my chest, placing one of his hands on my breast massaging it. I let out a soft whimper. He kisses down my stomach and down to my vagina.

He spreads my legs open and places one of his hands on my clit, slowing massaging it.

“Damn baby, you must want me. You’re already wet and I haven’t even started” He says with a cocky tone and the smirk on his face.

After massaging my clit for a minute, he sticks a finger in, I let out a little louder whimper. He sticks another finger in and does his fingers in a ‘come hither motion’

“Draco, I want you,” I say while trying to catch my breath

“Oh, do you now? What princess wants, princess gets” He says with the same grin as always

I lean up and slide his sweatpants and boxers off.

Oh my gosh. His dick is insanely big. It’s thick, long and looks so perfect

I put my hand around the base of his dick, placing my lips on the tip of it, licking slowly putting my mouth around it. I can only suck ¾ of the way down due to how big it is. Not only am I moaning on his dick, but he’s moaning and pulling my hair, pushing my head further down.

Good thing I don’t have a gag reflex


The feel of her mouth around my dick makes me go crazy, I literally can’t even think straight at this point.

“Fuck babe, that feels so good,” I say moaning

I push her off of me and lay her on the bed.

Her body is so perfect. She is perfect in every way possible

I align the head of my dick with the slit of her pussy, she’s so wet. I slide my dick in her pussy and slowly start to slide in and out, getting faster with time.

“You’re so damn tight baby. I love feeling your wet pussy around my dick” He said while kissing my neck

I thrust my dick in her going fast and faster, hearing her moan makes me go faster and harder

“Fuck Draco. Oh god, give it to me harder, please,” She yells loud and digs her nails into my bad. It turns me on even more.

As she requested, I go harder and deeper in her tight pussy.

I never want to fuck anyone else, ever. I just want her forever

“Draco- I’m. I’m coming!” She moans

“Cum for me princess. I’m going to cum for you” I say. Thank god I got a few vials when we went to Hogsmeade this morning.

We both cum and we both let out loud moans as my body collapses on hers. We just had sex for 4 hours. Every second of it was perfect and beautiful, like her.

“Baby, drink this” I hand her the vial

She drinks it, “Bloody hell that shit is so nasty”

“I’m sorry baby,” I cuddle up next to her and lay her head on my chest. “You are literally perfect in every way possible. Did I hurt you in any way?”

“You’re the perfect one, not me. No, you didn’t hurt me at all,” She kisses my cheek

I look at her, kiss her forehead, “Can I tell you something?”

“Of course, you can tell me anything Dray, you know this,” she says to me, looking in my eyes. She has that worried look in them

I gulp and begin, ” I- I lov- I love you so much Skyra Marie Snape”

I just told her I love her, right after we got done doing the deed.

Her eyes begin to water, “I love you Draco Lucius Malfoy, so so much.”

I wrap my arms around her, and she falls asleep on my chest. This is the best feeling in the world and I never want this to change.

“Draco, Sky, I have breakfast ready for you,” I hear my mom say outside my door

“Okay mum, we will be down in a minute,” I respond to her.

I look at how peaceful she is sleeping, I don’t want to wake her up, but she needs to eat.

“Good morning beautiful. Mum made us breakfast.” I whisper in her ear

“Morning Dray,” she leans up and kisses my cheek.

She gets out the bed and changes into my sweats and shirt again.


Last night was perfect. I lost my virginity to the guy I want to spend forever with, and he told me how much he loves me. We’ve said I love you plenty of times, but this time felt a little more meaningful.

We walk down the stairs to the kitchen

“Good morning you two,” Narcissa says with a smile

Lucius walks in, “Good morning Draco, Skyra.”

We both say together, “Good morning”

In the midst of eating breakfast, Lucius says, “Draco, I understand you two are madly in love, but next time, please put the muffliato spell on your bedroom.”

My eyes sink down really low and I feel the tears start to build up, “Excuse me a minute.” I start to get up before the tears start pouring, and I feel a hand grab me.

Draco pulls me into his lap, “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t think about it. Please don’t cry. I’m so sorry. I’m an idiot. ” He holds me with my head in his chest, so no one sees the tears

Narcissa walks over to me, “Sky, please don’t cry. We aren’t mad at all. We just want you two to have your privacy. It’s okay, please don’t cry.”

“I didn’t mean to upset you or embarrass you,” Lucius says.

“I’m really sorry. I should’ve kept it down. Please forgive me. If you don’t want me at the manor anymore, I understand,” I say with tears in my eyes and my voice cracking

Narcissa puts her hand on my shoulder, “Bloody hell Sky. Don’t apologize. We always want you at the manor. The laughter you and Draco have in this place reminds me this is a home of more than just darkness. Don’t ever question if we want you here. This is your home. You’ve basically lived here your whole life”

“Go get dressed princess, I’m taking you out,” Draco tells me, placing a kiss on my forehead

I go upstairs and change into a Green dress and Black heels that Draco bought me.

“I’m ready love. Wow, you look handsome as can be.” I tell him as I look at him in Black slacks and a white button down shirt.


As she walks downstairs and I see her in the Green dress with Black heels. She looks astonishing.

I take her to the special place on the beach we built our first sandcastle together. I had set up a romantic dinner for two, with sunflowers and daisies in a vase, her favorite flowers.

“DRACO! This is beautiful. You didn’t have to do this,” She says as I see the smile on her face grow

“You deserve it. I love you and want you to have the best dates possible,” I tell her as she sits down

“You’re such a romantic Draco Malfoy,” she giggles

I smile at her as I sit down, “Only when it comes to you. No one else baby girl.”

We spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach and talking about what our future may hold.

I love her more than life itself, she is my everything. I will do everything to protect her at all costs.

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