Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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The Mark


Me and Draco are sitting on the beach when we hear

“Oh look who it is Ron,” Hermione says

“Leave us alone Granger” Draco snarls

I look at her, “Hermione will you please leave us alone. I don’t want to deal with you. We are trying to enjoy our date.”

Of course she’s with Ron Weasley, “Mione, come on. It’s not worth it.”

She looks at us in disgust, “Why Ron? So the nasty purebloods can enjoy their ‘date’?” she pauses for a second “She betrayed us! FOR MALFOY! I want my revenge.”

“Don’t, let her be happy. She chose who she wants. And it’s not us. Just drop it,” Ron said in a screechy voice

“Let’s go love, we will finish our date at the manor,” Draco grabs my hand

Ron looks at him, “No, we will leave. Sorry Draco. Sorry Skyra.”

Why is it, everywhere we go that filthy mudblood always finds us.

It’s like she has a tracker on Draco

I can see the fury in Draco’s eyes

“Love, calm down, it’s fine.” I grab his hand as he looks up at me.

“I hate that mudblood so much. She can’t mind her own business for anything. She ruined it all,” he responds as I can hear the anger in his voice

I kiss his hand, “She didn’t ruin everything. We are both still here, so nothing is ruined.”

He smiles at me, “Close your eyes, I got you something.” I hear him grab something, “Open your eyes princess.”

Draco hands me two jewelry boxes. I open one of them and it is a pair of Emerald Green earrings with Gold snakes around them. I open the second box and it Is the matching necklace. Draco Malfoy never ceases to surprise me with all the sweet gestures he does. He is full of surprises.

Draco stands up and puts the necklace on you as you put the earrings in.

“They look wonderful on you darling. I hope you like them,” He whispers to me

“Like them?” I say as he looks up at me, “Not a chance. I absolutely LOVE them!”

He smiles at me with the cheesy grin, “Good, I’m glad. Let’s go back to the manor, it’s getting cold and I want to cuddle and watch movies with you. And we will even drink tons of butter beer.”

He knows me so well. Movies, cuddles and butter beer? He just loves to cuddle me. He could care less about the movie we watch, rather than just being with me and holding me close to him. I didn’t mind at all, mainly since he is the person I want to be with.


“Mum, we’re home. We’re going down to the theatre room!” I shout loud enough for mum to hear.

I grab Sky’s hand as I pull her upstairs to get changed into something a little comfier. Of course, she goes for my Grey sweatpants and one of my Slytherin Quidditch shirts; but she looked absolutely gorgeous in it. I change into my Black sweatpants and one of my Slytherin Quidditch shirts.

Why does she make all my clothes look better than I do? I don’t really care; she could take every pair of sweats and all my shirts if it meant that I get to see her in them.

The thought of life with her makes perfect sense. I never want to be without her. She the reason I live, so I can protect, love, and care for her. My favorite part of movie night is being able cuddle her. I could care less about the bloody movie; I just want to hold her body close to mine and smell her Peach lotion that she lives by.

“You pick the movie tonight baby girl. Whatever you want to watch, will watch it,” I pick her up and put her on my back, carrying her down the stairs into the movie room

She giggles and says, “Draco Lucius, put me down! I can walk” Kissing the back of my neck and my cheek

“Nope, not happening. The princess will be carried,” I tell her while still carrying her on my back.

She won’t stop giggling as I tote her down the long, windy staircase. Her giggle is the cutest thing I’ve heard in my life other than her beautiful singing.

We get to the theatre room and mum has it all set up for us. Pizza, chips, candy, ice cream in the freezer, and drinks. Her eyes lit up like the 4th of July with all the fireworks. I would do anything to see her like this all the time.

“Dray, this is amazing. You had this planned out, didn’t you?” She asks me with he deer in headlights look.

“Pick out a movie baby, and let’s get this movie night started,” I place her on the floor from my back.

“Baby, can we watch Titanic? We haven’t watched it since we were kids,” She asks me in her squeaky happy voice with puppy dog eyes. She does this knowing I will always say yes, especially with the puppy dog eyes.

I give her the look. “Whatever you want to watch. I don’t see why you love that movie so much. You always cry in it.”

She pokes her bottom lip out, “I just do. You like it too, mainly because when I cry, I just want to cuddle up to you.”

I put the movie in for her and she cuddles up to me.

The smell of my Mint shampoo in her hair, with her Peach lotion mixed with the smell of my cologne from my shirt, it drives me wild. Knowing that she’s mine, and I’m hers.

All in the world is good, with her by my side.

As we watch the movie, the part she starts crying at is about to come on. So, I go ahead and pull her closer to me, lay her head on my shoulder. Within 30 seconds the waterworks start, and she digs her head into my chest.

“I don’t understand, why couldn’t Cal just let Rose be happy?! He was such an abusive, controlling asshole. All Rose wanted was love and Jack gave her that happiness,” she says through her tears

I let out a small laugh and she looks at me with the meanest look ever. “Why are you laughing?! This is a sad movie! Have some feelings of sadness. Dammit Draco!”

Pulling her closer to me, holding her in my arms, I can feel her tears through my shirt. “Sky, it’s okay baby; it’s just a movie.”

“It’s not just a movie! This happened in real life. Do you not remember? April 15, 1912, when the Titanic sunk in the Atlantic Ocean?!” she sighed, “It’s not just a movie. Jack loved Rose and Rose loved Jack. They were supposed to grow old together, but it’s made me lose the hope.”

Why is she being so dramatic over this movie? Am I missing something?

I don’t worry about it, until I think. What if she feels that we won’t be able to grow old together? Is she giving up on our love?

I put my hand under her chin and lift her head up, “Baby, don’t lose hope in love. We are going to live the life that Jack and Rose never got to experience. We will live the best life there is, I promise.”

She moves her body closer to mine, intertwining our legs together, laying her head back on my chest, “Thank you for all you do for me. The best dates, the gifts. None of that matters to me though. I just love being with you; everything else is a bonus.”

I hold her in my arms, rolling her on top of me so she is looking at me in the eyes, “You deserve it all princess. I want to make you the happiest girl in the world, and I want to spoil you. I love being with you so much.” I pause for a moment, “I love you Skyra”

“I love you Draco” She says kissing my cheek and laying her head back down


After a little while of not hearing them talking, laughing or Skyra crying from the movie, I go into the theatre room.

Draco has one of his arms wrapped around Skyra’s waist as his other hand is still stroking her hair. Even when he’s dead ass asleep he still plays with her hair. I’ve never seen him so happy. He constantly smiles when he’s with her, talks about her, thinks about her. He’s been this way his whole life, but just about Skyra.

I shut the movie screen off, take the big duvet, cover them up and shut the lights off.

I hope the love between them never die out. They have something special between them that I’ve never seen.

I want them to live a happy life together, with a ton of kids running around the manor, bringing more joy and laughter here. I dread that they have to get this god forsaken dark marks and be death eaters. I hope that Severus tells Skyra about her mum and who her family really is.

For now, I just want them to be happy. I see the love that he has for her and I see the love she has for him. I believe it’s stronger than any unbreakable vow or any dark mark.

I rub Draco’s head, “Good night my sweet son. Sweet dreams.” I move over to Skyra, “Good night sweet Sky. Sweet dreams. I love you both”


We wake up at 4:30 AM on Monday morning to head back to Hogwarts. I slept like an absolute baby, most likely since I was in Draco’s arms, just like always. There was something about last night that was different, made it even better than every other night in his arms.

“Mum, dad, we are going back to school!” Draco yells profusely from the front of the manor.

I can hear Narcissa’s heels hitting the tile floor, “Hang on, I have something for Skyra!”

She comes up to you and hands you a ring. A ring that the whole Malfoy family has, my dad has, as well as Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle and Blaise’s parents have.

“Your father knows about this ring and told me to give it to you. If you need anything or in danger while Draco isn’t around, rub this ring and someone will come,” she says looking sort of upset

“Mum, does this mean?” Draco asks her

She gives a sigh and a sad look, “Yes Draco. Her father will explain it.”

At this moment, I am so utterly confused on what is going on.

“Explain what What’s going on?” I ask

Lucius walks up, “Skyra, it’s best if when you get back to school, you both go find your father and he will explain.”

Me and Draco apparate back to Hogwarts, putting our bags in our room. I’m really worried about what is going on. The fact that no one will explain to me, other than saying I need to talk to my dad.

“Draco?” I ask him as we walk out of our room

“Yeah princess?” He responds quickly

I look at him trying not to cry, “What did your parents mean by my dad will explain? What’s going on? I’m scared Draco”

He grabs my hand tightly, “Don’t worry about it baby. We are going to talk to your dad now. Just know I don’t want this to happen.” He stops for a minute, “Promise me something though”

“Of course Dray, anything,” I say quickly

He looks at me, with a look of worry and hurt, “Promise, that when your dad tells you, you won’t think any different of me and our families. Promise me that you won’t leave me.”

I cup his face, “I promise, I will never leave you. I promise I won’t think any different of our families or you. But you’re scaring me Draco.”

We made it to my dad’s office. I take a few deep breaths and march in there.

“DAD! What the hell is going on?!” I snarl at him

He gets up from his desk, “Sky, calm down and listen to me. The ring Narcissa gave you... It connects you to the Dark Lord when you need it.”

I gave a blank stare, “WHAT?! I thought it was a ring that only certain families got.”

“No, it goes along with the mark.” He says to me

I can’t believe what I’m hearing out of my dad’s mouth right now. Draco pulls up his left sleeve of his shirt; and there it is, the dark mark. I always heard rumors about it, but never actually seen one. It explains why they all wear long sleeves and Draco never let me see his left arm.

“Wait! Are you telling me you, Draco, Narcissa and Lucius are death eaters?” Knowing the answer I didn’t want to hear

Draco pulls his sleeve down and walks towards me. I really just want to run away, but I’m not going to run. “Baby, I’m sorry. I’ve been wanting to tell you, but our parents wouldn’t let me.”

I start to pull away from Draco and start to cry. Why would he hide this from me?! Me out of anyone, the person he claims to love?!

“Skyra, listen to me. Draco did want to tell you, but we needed you safe.” My dad took my hand

I look at dad and Draco, taking a few seconds, “Well, if you two are, then I want to be too.”

“What?! Snape, tell her it’s not safe, and with all the tasks are dangerous!” Draco yells

Dad looks at Draco, “Draco, y’know she has to do this. You knew this.”

Draco paces back and forth in dad’s office, “I took the mark to protect her! So she didn’t have to! I can’t let her go through this!”

“Draco, you took the mark to protect me?” I stare at him


“Baby, of course I took it to protect you. I would do it over and over again. I don’t want you to go through the pain or all the shit this mark does to you. It doesn’t make you a nice person, and I want you safe.” I try to explain to her

She takes my hand, as it trembles in her from the fear, “Love, I can handle it. We will go through it together. Remember what you told me, ’It’s up against everything else.”

“Just know, I tried to protect you from this. This is never what I wanted for you baby.” I tell her.

She hugs on to me tightly and I don’t want to let her go

“Come on, let’s go get your mark Skyra. Come along with Draco. She will need you.” Snape says

We apparate back to Malfoy Manor. This house is a bloody nightmare. If Sky only saw half the shit I have seen in my life happen in this office. I took this stupid mark to protect her so she didn’t have to, but I knew it would happen sooner or later.

“My lord, I have brought my daughter Skyra for her mark.” Snape says to Voldemort

Voldemort stands up, “Good Severus. Welcome Skyra”

“Thank you, my lord.” She says in a hush tone

As she rolls her left sleeve up, I hold her right hand and squeeze it tightly as she’s given the mark. As the Dark Lord says, ”Morsmordre" I can see the tears forming in her eyes, but she’s a bad ass so she don’t let anyone see the tears form.

After she receives her mark, I look at her, “Are you okay darling?”

“Ahh, young Mr. Malfoy and Skyra are a couple?” Dark Lord asks

I grip her hand a little tighter, “Yes sir, we are.”


My arm is burning and stinging so bad. I just want to cry. By the time we get back to Hogwarts, it’s nearly 11 PM.

Dad hugs me, “Go get some rest. I know you’re tired and in pain. Malfoy watch over her.”

Draco and I get back to our room, “Come on baby, let’s get you a shower. Don’t scrub it, as much as I know it hurts, don’t scrub it.”

I go to the bathroom and get in the shower; I start to let all my tears crash out of my eyes. Trying to keep it down, but Draco can hear me and comes in the bathroom. He takes his clothes off, other than his boxers. He takes my body wash and lathers me with it. Then he takes his Mint shampoo and conditioner and washes my hair, so I don’t have to move my arm.

“Thank you, Draco. Thank you for holding my hand through it and helping me shower.” I look at him with tears in my eyes

He wipes the tears from my eyes and pulls me closers, not touching or bumping my arm, “It’s my job to protect you. Come on baby, let’s get you dressed and in bed. I know you’re in pain. I’ll get you some ice.”

“It’s okay baby. I will be okay. I just want to cuddle with you.” I say to him

“It’s my job as your man to take care of you. You don’t have to thank me for it.” He says as he shuts the water off, placing the towel around my body

I can’t help but smile, “I love you Draco Lucius Malfoy”

He lays me in the bed, covers me up, gets in bed, holds me close to him, stroking my hair and humming to me. “I love you Skyra Marie Snape. Get some sleep princess, it’s been a long and bad day for both of us. Sweet dreams beautiful.”

“Sweet dreams Dray. Please try to get some sleep.”

I pretend to be asleep until I know Draco is asleep. I wanted to make sure he got to sleep, since I know he’s worried about me. He hated seeing me in pain, and today was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I’m glad that I have him next to me through all of this shit. Now if only my dad would give me some fucking answers about my mum. I want to know more than what I barely remember of her.

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