Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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Today marks three years that you and Draco have been together. Everything has been perfect with us, other than Granger starting shit about you and the bloody mark. Life has been wonderful and it’s the end of 5th year at Hogwarts. Regardless of getting the Dark Mark, everything is perfect, and I can’t wait to see what the summer has in store.


I wake up and notice that Draco isn’t in bed and he’s not in the shower. So I get up, take a shower throw on my Black skirt and Draco’s Quidditch shirt. I go to grab my robe but notice that I must’ve left it in the common room last night when I was studying. I grab my books and begin to walk out the room. I open the door and there stands Draco.

“Happy 3 Year Anniversary beautiful,” He says pulling the flowers out from behind his back. He got me Sunflowers and Daisies, my absolute favorite.

I smile and take the flowers, “Happy 3 Years handsome” I hug him tightly

“I have a surprise for you tonight, so dress nice,” he says kissing my forehead. After all these years, the forehead kisses still give me the butterflies. Not only the kisses but just Draco in general.

I start to walk out of the room, “Do you want me to bring you breakfast back to the room for you?”

He takes clothes out of the wardrobe, “Just an apple. I’m not really hungry”

“You’re going to turn into an apple one of these days,” I laugh at him as I walk down the stairs

I hear Draco spit back, “Oh quiet babe!”


Today’s a big day. If Sky only knew the plans, I have in store for her. 3 years of dating my absolute best friend and know that she’s the only one I want.

“Professor Snape, do you have a minute?” I asked him

He looks up from his desk, “Yes Mr. Malfoy, what is it?”

I take a deep breath, I felt like I was going to puke at that moment.

“As you know, me and Sky have been dating for 3 years but best friends since birth. I would do anything and everything for her. I will always love, care, and protect her. I love her more than anything in the world and I want to spend my life with her....”

Professor gives me that side eye look.

“I was wondering, if I can ask Skyra’s hand in marriage.” I feel relieved I finally got it out.

He looks at me, “Let me think on it for a little while and I will let you know.”

“Yes sir. Thank you” I reply, hoping that he doesn’t make me wait forever

I start to walk out of his classroom

“Mr. Malfoy” Snape says

I turn around, “Yes sir?”

He stands up and walks over to me, “Yes, you may ask for her hand. Do not hurt her ever, or I will hurt you.”

“I would never hurt her sir. I love her. Thank you so much!” I say with a huge smile on my face


I cannot believe that git wants to marry my daughter. Even though they have been best friends since birth, and they have always been by each other’s sides.

I threaten to hurt him knowing that he would never hurt her. He loves her too much, but she is my little demon and I have to protect her.


I’m in Pansy’s room talking to Pansy, Ginny, Luna, and Hermione

“Y’all, I’m so nervous for my date with Draco tonight!” I say loudly

Pansy rolls her eyes at me, “You have been dating him for 3 years! Why are you nervous?”

“Don’t be nervous,” Luna says spiritually

“Everything will be fine, Skyra” Ginny says without a doubt

I go in Pansy’s bathroom and change into my dress

“Come on, let’s see the dress!” Pansy yells out

I walk out in a long Red dress with a slit from high thigh

“I’m not sure about the Red” I say nervously

Luna looks at me, “You look WOW!

“OMG! He is going to LOVE it!” Pansy says with confidence

“Wow, girl! Yes!” Ginny shouts

Shockingly Hermione talks, “I must say, you look pretty.”

I smile at them, “Thanks!”

Pansy opens the door and sees the guys talking, “Sky, Draco is in the common room waiting for you”

I open the door and walk down to the common room where Draco and the rest of the group is standing.


“Yo Malfoy!” Blaise says

Goyle elbows me, “Oh dude!”

I turn around to see what the guys are talking about. I look up and see Sky walking down the stairs in this amazing Red dress, her beautiful blonde hair curled how I love it.

“I just fell in love” Tom says

“I would so date her, if she would let me.” Cedric says

I look at them in disgust, ” Back off, she’s my girl. You’ll end up Deadric if you keep it up Diggory.”

I walk up to the steps and take her hand, “You look astonishing my love.”

“Thank you babe. You look handsome yourself.” She says. I wear my Black suit with my White button up shirt, Green vest, and Black and Green tie.

Crabbe walks in the common room with snacks in his hands, just like always. He looks up and stares at Sky.

“Oh shit. You look hot Sky! Draco is lucky as hell!” Crabbe says while dropping a few of his pasties

Sky giggles and thinks nothing of it, “Thanks Crabbe.”

I snarl at them, “If you gits don’t stop staring at my girl, I will destroy you!” I take a breath, “Let’s go beautiful. We have a big night.”

I have the whole night planned for her away from Hogwarts. I’m taking her to Paris. We’ve talking about going there because it’s the City of Love and it’s supposed to be beautiful. We get on the train and are on it for an hour or so. I put a blindfold over her eyes so she can’t see where we’re going. I call a cab over and we ride in it for a few minutes until we get to our destination, and I take her blindfold off.

She opens her eyes, “Draco.. This is spectacular.”

“Not as spectacular as you princess,” I say kissing her, and pulling her chair out for her.

She looks at me as I sit down, “You always plan and bring me on the most perfect dates.”

“You deserve every bit of every date I take you on” I say in a sweet and quiet tone

Dinner is brought out to us. She ordered a Steak, medium with Coconut Shrimp and asparagus. She really loves Asparagus. I ordered the same thing but with Carrots instead of Asparagus. We finish dinner and we talk for a little while.

“Do you want to go on a walk with me?” I ask her

She smiles, “I would love that!”


Draco always plans the best dates. I always wanted to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower in person, rather than in pictures.

We stop in front of the tower and I look at it for a few minutes, then turn back around.

I see Draco on one knee, and I start to tear up...

Draco begins to talk, “Skyra Marie Snape, you make me the happiest man alive. The past 3 years have been the best ever and I want to spend forever with you. You’re my best friend and I can’t imagine a life without you. The smiles you put on my face, make me laugh like a little kid, and how I have a soft spot for you in my cold heart. I have the biggest soft spot for you. You make me a better person. I wouldn’t love anything more than to spend my whole life with you. Will you marry me?”

In tears I say, “OMG! DRACO! YESSS! Absolutely YESSS!”

He slips the most beautiful Emerald Green stone on a White Gold band that looks like a snake with diamonds in it.

“I love you so much. Thank you for making me the happiest and luckiest guy alive,” Draco says with a few tears in his eyes.

I wipe the tears out of his eyes, “I love you Draco!” He picks me up and spins me around and kisses me.

Life is perfect. I get to marry my best friend

You get back from Paris and have to tell everyone, regardless of how late it is. Especially your dad and the Malfoy’s


“What” Blaise says

“Huh?” Ron says

“Yes?” Ginny questions

“What Sky?” Pansy says, smiling

“What is it Sky? Did Malfoy hurt you?” Dad asks me

“What sweetie?” Narcissa asks. She looks at dad, “Severus, he would never hurt her!”

Draco grabs my hand, “I proposed to Sky tonight”

I smile and hold my hand out, “I said YES!”

Everyone runs up to us and hugs us, congratulating me and Draco.

Although we are almost done with 5th year, only Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Goyle and Crabbe know that Snape is my dad. It’s been hard to keep a secret, but I know it was for the best. Maybe that’s why he is meaner to me than the rest of the students.

“The ring is absolutely beautiful. You did good Draco.” Ginny says

“Congrats angel! Malfoy, take care of my daughter” Dad says

“DAD! STOP!” I squeal

“DAD?” Ron says

“Did you just say dad?” Ginny questions me

“Snape is your dad?” Potter asks

“What the hell just happened?” Hermione says

Draco looks at me with that, “Oh shit. That was supposed to fucking happen” look

“Ohh well... SURPRISE! Snape is my dad!” I say with a “fuck this is bad” look

Lucius looks at all of us, “Damn Severus. She’s going to lose friends cause you are her dad. Sorry Sky, but congratulations. You both deserve it. We will see you for dinner soon.”

The next day Draco isn’t at school. He’s having to help Lucius with something, so the day is pretty boring, and you are lonely, but you’re sitting at the table, poking around your food.

Luna asks me, “So, why did you never mention that Snape is your dad?”

“Yeah! That’s huge.” Ginny says

Pansy didn’t say anything since she’s known forever

“Doesn’t shock me. She’s got his attitude and she’s a bitch. Makes sense why she’s with Malfoy.” Hermione says with a snooty attitude

“Pansy, why aren’t you saying anything?” Ginny looks at her

“Shut up Granger! You’re just mad because my dad thinks you’re a know-it-all. Which you are.” I spat back. “And the reason Pansy isn’t saying anything, is because she’s known the whole time.”

Granger laughs, “Figures she did. She’s just as bad.”

“Yeah, me, Sky, Draco, Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle all grew up together. We all promised not to say anything until she wanted everyone to know.” Pansy says


I’ve been working on this stupid ass vanishing cabinet with dad and the death eaters all day yesterday and some of this morning. It has been fucking miserable and all I wanted was to be with Sky. But that couldn’t happen. I can’t wait to see her beautiful face.

It’s just after breakfast that I get back and I see that Sky and Pansy are walking out of the Great Hall, when our eyes meet.

“DRACO!” She yells, running up to me. “I missed you! How’d it go with your dad?”

I pick her up in my arms and carry her to potions with me, “Hey my beautiful. I missed you more. It was alright. Thought of your pretty face the whole time” I sit her down in her chair at our table

“Will you two get a room?! Some of us actually pay attention in class!” Hermione spits out

Fred and George both tell Hermione, “Leave them alone! They’re in love”

Snape walks into the class and automatically you can tell he is irritated.

“Today we will do a love potion. Do not use this for the intent of making someone fall in love, it can end terrible wrong.” He says in his monotone pitch

Me and Sky sit in the back of the class, whispering about everything I had to do for his dad. I rub my hand on her thigh, gripping it tighter when Hermione starts talking. I really hates her know-it-all self; still don’t like how Hogwarts let these mudbloods in.

“Professor, can the potion make someone change who they love?” She asks, looking back at me and Sky.

“Like I said before, Miss Granger, it can be dangerous and is highly frowned upon by the ministry.

Me and Sky roll our eyes just of the thought of who she is trying to make fall in love with her.

Professor makes us smell the Amortentia potion.

“Mr. Malfoy, will you please describe the smell of your potion?” Snape asks me

I smell it and instantly smile, “I smell Sunflowers/Daisies, Peach lotion and Cotton Candy”

“Miss Granger, smell yours” Snape says

“I smell freshly mown grass and parchment” Hermione says

“Miss Snape, smell yours for me” Snape says

Sky smells her potion, “I smell Green Apples, expensive cologne and Mint”

We look at each other and smile. I put my hand on her thigh and rub it.

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