Behind the Dark Mark {D.M}

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After classes are over, you go to the room and change into something comfier and less confining. I change into Draco’s sweatpants and his hoodie. I go downstairs and into the common room and walk with Blaise and Pansy to the Great Hall. As we walk through the corridors when all 3 of you see Draco.


I start crying so loud and hard that everyone in the Great Hall can hear me

“DRACO!! How could you do this to me?! You literally just asked me to marry you and then you kiss Granger?! Have you been cheating the whole time we’ve been together?!” I say screaming

“Sky! Let me explain, please!” He says chasing after me

“Leave me the hell along Draco! Go be with Granger since you like sticking your tongue down her fucking throat so much!” I spat back

He continues to chase after me, “Baby, please listen to me!”


I get to the dorm and start packing all my stuff when there’s a knock at the door.

“Go away Malfoy! I’m done!” I yell

“Sky, come on, open the door for me.” Pansy says.

I open the door, “Pans, how could he do this to me? Out of anyone, why her?! Why Granger?!”

Pansy hugs you tight while you cry on her shoulder


“You’re fucking dead Malfoy!” Tom says

Blaise looks at me, “Dude, why propose if you were cheating on her? She literally loves you with all that she is!”

Hermione smiles and walks away

“I swear I didn’t! Granger handed me a cup and said it was from Sky. I drank it and the next thing I know is Sky is screaming at me and Granger is kissing me.” I tell them with hurt in my voice

Blaise looks at me, “You better find her and tell her that before she leaves. She’s up in the dorm packing and told Pansy she’s going home and not coming back.”


“Pans, I have to leave. I can’t be here anymore. I can’t look at him, I can’t go to any classes or anything. Everything reminds me of him, of us. He broke every piece of my heart and I look like a complete idiot. Thinking that Draco Malfoy actually has any type of fucking love in his heart. He only cares about sleeping around. I can’t do it anymore Pans. I have to go home.”

She looks at me and hugs me, “No! He’s the idiot. Cheating on you, the person who loves him more than anything, with that mudblood. He doesn’t deserve you one bit.”

Draco comes running in the room and sees me packing, “Princess, please let me explain. Please.”

“You don’t deserve to call me princess after that shit. You have no right to even talk to me. This will be the last day you ever see me Draco Malfoy. I hope Granger makes you happy.” I yell at him. I’m pretty sure everyone in the common room could hear me

I slap Draco and run into the bathroom

“Why would you do this to her? That girl loves you more than life itself and you broke her heart,” Pansy says with disgust in her voice

He looks at her, sits on the bed and holds my sweatshirt, “Pansy, I swear I didn’t kiss her! She gave me a cup saying that Sky told her to give it to me.” He starts crying, “I drank it and then next thing I know she’s kissing me. I pushed her off when you, Sky and Blaise were walking up. I didn’t do anything. I would never hurt her.”

“Then if you want to prove it to her, do a truth potion in front of the entire Great Hall.” Pansy recommends

“Okay, just get her to the Great Hall and bring the potion. I have to make this right. I can’t lose her” Draco says, getting up holding my sweatshirt


“Sky, before you leave, will you please come eat with me one last time?”

I can hear her sigh from the bathroom, “Yeah, I guess so. But then I’m leaving”

“Meet me in the common room in 10 minutes!” I yell running out of the room

I run to Professor Snape’s office

“Professor, I need a Veritaserum” I say quickly out of breath

He looked up at me, “What for Pansy?”

I catch my breath, “Granger gave Draco a love potion and kissed him. Sky saw it and she said she’s leaving. Draco wants to do the truth serum in the Great Hall in front of everyone to prove he would never hurt her”

“Okay, I will let Dumbledore know to get all the students and teachers to the Great Hall immediately. I’ll make sure that Granger is there.” He says

Professor hands me the serum and I run back to the common room and get Sky

“You ready to go?” I ask her

She looks at me, with all the hurt in her eyes. You can see she’s flustered from crying, “I guess so”


I go with Pansy to the Great Hall, knowing that everyone has already heard what happened. I just want to go home and never think of Hogwarts or Draco again.

We get to the Great Hall and I look up to the stage and see Draco standing there impatiently, pacing back and forth.

“Why does he look on edge? He’s the one who cheated on me!” I Blurt out

Pansy grabs me and shakes me, “Sky, just pay attention to what’s about to happen, please. For me”

Dumbledore gets everyone’s attention, telling Pansy and Draco to proceed.

“Sky, this was Draco’s idea. It’s the only way,” Pansy looks at me from the stage.

She hands him the truth serum and he drinks it

“Draco, have you been cheating on Sky with Hermione Granger or anyone at all?” She asks

Draco replies, “No, I would never cheat on her. I love her”

“What happened then? Why did you kiss Granger? Pansy asks

Without any doubt in his cracking voice, “I was going to the Great Hall to wait on Sky, when Granger hands me a cup saying it was from Sky. So thinking it was from Sky I drank it. The next thing I know Granger was kissing me and I pushed her off right as Sky, you, and Blaise saw. Seeing her cry killed me.” He looks at me and I see the pain in his Grey eyes, “Sky, I would never kiss her or any other girl that isn’t you. You’re my whole world princess. I don’t want anyone other than you baby.”

I run up to the stage crying, “Draco, I’m sorry! I’m sorry I slapped you and wouldn’t hear you out.”

He grabs ahold of me and hugs me tight, “Baby, it’s okay. Just know I would never hurt you intentionally. You are my everything and I hate seeing you cry or upset. I would’ve never proposed to you if I didn’t love you or was cheating on you. I love you Skyra Snape”

“I love you Draco Malfoy,” I say while crying. He wipes my tears away and kisses me in front of the whole school.


I got the love of my life back; I will do everything in the world to prove to her that I would never hurt her. I would kiss her in front of the whole world if I could, just so they would know she’s mine and I’m hers.

Everyone starts clapping for us. We both see Granger and decided to start going back to your room. As you both walk by Granger decided to start laughing and Sky turns around and punches her.

“You EVER come near me or my fiancé again, I will kill you Granger. Stay away from us.” She yells and punches her as hard as she can

“Fuck... Why was that so damn hot?!” I saw getting turned on how perfect she is, but she’s kinda scary. It’s that Slytherin in her veins.

She looks and giggles at me, “Shut it babe.” She looks at her hand, “I think I broke my hand”

I take her to the hospital wing so Madam Pomfrey can take a look at her hand. She indeed broke her hand from punching Granger.

“You seriously broke your hand from punching that mudblood? Nice punch Sky, but why the hell did your eyes turn Red?” Pansy asks her.

“You okay Sky?” Blaise asks her

Tom looks at her, “That was really hot. But she so deserved it.”

“At least everyone knows not to mess with you or Malfoy now. And that he would never hurt or cheat on you” Goyle tells her

I look at her and grab her hand, “Come on love, let’s get your stuff unpacked and get you in bed. You get extra cuddles tonight”

We get back to the room and I unpack all her stuff while she showers. I give her my hoodie and a pair of her shorts. I get her in bed and cuddle her. I lay her head on my chest while I hold on to her tight. I’m never letting her go. This is what I want for the rest of my life. Me and her, and eventually adding an army of babies to our lives.

“Dray, I’m really sorry about slapping you,” Sky says looking at my cheek

I look down at her, “Baby, don’t be. I understand why you did it”

“I was so heartbroken when I saw you and her kissing. My whole world shattered at that moment. I just wanted to go home and never come back. I never wanted to see you or hear your name again.” She began sobbing

I pull her onto my lap, moving the hair out of her face and wiping her tears, “Hey, don’t cry. When you ran off crying, I knew you were going home. I had to find a way to prove I would never hurt you. I love you and I only want you baby. Everything is going to be okay. I’m not going anywhere. It’s me and you forever, against the world."

“I love you so much Draco. I should’ve heard you out” she says in a soft but upset voice


I knew that after him doing the truth potion that Draco would never hurt me on purpose. That he truly does love me. He kisses my forehead, moving me off his lap and putting my head back on his chest, and starts humming my favorite song.

I fall asleep on his chest. Perfectly sleeping all night in his arms, I wake up to the sound of the shower shutting off and pretend I’m still asleep so maybe I can get a view. Draco comes out of the bathroom with the towel around his waist, walking over to the dresser to get his clothes for the day. He drops the towel, and you see his pale, perfect ass.

“Damn, I have an amazing view right now.” I giggle

Without turning around he says, “I didn’t know you were awake beautiful.”

“The shower shutting off woke me up” I added

He lays next to me in bed, cuddling, kissing, and leaving love bites everywhere.

“Fuck, you’re so perfectly beautiful.” He says while cupping your face and rubbing his thumb across your lips.

He puts my hair behind my ear, starting to slowly and passionately kissing me. The slow kissing turns into making out, and him taking my clothes off.

"I don’t know what I would do if I never got to kiss or touch you again baby," He says while wrapping his hand around my throat.

I look at him until my eyes roll to the back of my head, ”Draco. I want you” I whisper in his ear.

He grabs my throat, biting his lip, contemplating on his next move. I can feel the coldness of his ring pressing into my neck. He kisses my neck and goes down to my chest, and down my stomach. One hand massaging my breasts as the other caresses the side of my body.

I let out soft moans from his touch. He takes one of his hands and slides it down to my clitoris, gently massaging it, moving his head down there, spreading my legs. My moans get louder and deeper. He starts by licking my pussy lips and shoving his tongue in deep while using one hand to still massage my clit.

"FUUUCK!” I scream. “I want your dick... NOW!”

“Beg for it baby. Tell me how back you want it.” He teases me, putting to fingers in making me scream so loud.

“Please daddy. I want your dick. Give it to me. I’ve been a bad girl” I say

“As you wish princess” He tells me

Draco takes his pants and boxers off, climbing on top of me. He is so sexy. With his White hair, Grey eyes, sexy abs, and V cut. I can’t believe I get to marry him and have this for the rest of my life.

He aligns the tip of his dick with my vagina and shoves it in. Starting slowly getting faster and harder. He gives a grin in pleasure knowing that he’s going to make me cum soon.

“I want it harder and deeper. I want you in me all the way” I beg him

He goes harder, deeper, and faster. As he does this, my screaming and moaning gets louder. Not even caring at what happens in that moment.

“You feel so good baby girl. I love being inside you,” Draco says kissing my neck.

“I’m cu- oh fuck! I’m coming baby” I yell at him as I dig my nails into his back scratching down his back, wrapping my legs around his torso.

“Cum together princess?” He says. At that moment we both cum and he plops down on top of me.

We get cleaned up and I look at the time, “SHIT! We’re late to class. Dad’s going to kill us!”

“It’s fine, I think he will understand with the circumstances.” He laughs

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