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BOOK 4 IN THE REMEMBER SERIES With the wolf clans leaving the brothers alone, they can start to go back to normal and get ready to welcome the new member of the family. But an old flame is causing a few problems.

Fantasy / Romance
Mama Hoe ♥️
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I was so in love.

Just the way she made me smile and the way she made me feel was perfect. I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my days being around her, showering her with gifts, kisses and my love.

She was perfect. Beautiful. Curvy and feisty.

There wasn’t another girl for me. My beautiful girl was the one and she loved me just as much. I never wanted to see her hurt because it pained me to see those beautiful green eyes cry.

After I dropped her home we had a hot kiss and it was the first time we used tongues. I didn’t hate it at all but she moved away from the kiss first saying that I should get home before my dad gets mad. I was 16 and still not allowed to have fun. We had to keep up the family name but I hated the family name.

I held my breath as I opened the front door and was relieved when the lights were off and no one was up. I didn’t breathe until I reached the room I shared with Aaron. He was sprawled out on his bed, mouth wide open and snoring loudly.

No wonder he woke complaining of a dry mouth in the morning. I covered him back up and got changed before climbing into bed. I grabbed my phone and sent a quick message telling her I got home safely. She responded within seconds saying good night and how much she loved me. I sent the same back and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

It was just a shame it didn’t stay there when I woke up to see my father sitting on Aaron's bed and with the look in his eyes, I knew I was in trouble.

Father never stepped into our rooms unless it was to beat us or yell at us for being a disgrace to the family name. But our beatings had stopped a few months ago and no one knew why. I mean, I had a feeling it had something to do with Leo because he shut down. He stopped smiling and talking as much. Father always sent him away somewhere. Just like he locked Dylan away.

“Good...good morning father,” I said barely above a whisper.

“A good morning you say?” Father said quietly, “A morning is never good with a son like you,”

My heart leapt into my throat and I tried my best not to gulp and show him any fear, “Have I done something wrong, father?”

Father slowly got to his feet and reached forward grabbing my by throat, “You were born but I won’t be discussing that. Get dressed and be downstairs in the dining hall in 5 minutes,”

“Y-yes father,” I managed to say.

The door closed and I finally felt myself breathing again. For once, I wasn’t sure what I had done wrong unless it was for bringing my ass home late.

“Max,” Xander said walking into my room, “You need to agree to whatever the bastard has to say,”

“What?” I asked standing up.

“Don’t question me. I can only do so much to change what will happen,” He sighed, “Do as he tells you and no one will get hurt,”

“I don’t know what I did wrong,” I said quickly changing, “Xander, you know. Tell me,”

“Please, just trust me,”

I nodded and followed my eldest brother to where our father was. The rest of my brothers were sitting around the table with their heads lowered. Theo caught my eyes and I saw the bruise on his cheek. I glanced at my other brothers and they had similar bruises so I was panicking about the punishment I was about to receive.

“I heard you have a girlfriend,” Father said and my heart dropped into my stomach.

“Y-yes, father,”

“Do you love her?”

“With everything I have,” I said quietly.

“Is she of royal blood?” He asked, folding his arms, “Answer me, boy,”

I shook my head, “No father but-”

“Do not ‘but’ me!” He yelled slamming his fist onto the table, “Do not anger me even more!”

“S-sorry, father,”

Father took a deep breath and stood up, “You will end it with her,”


“Do not answer back. You will end it with that low-life vampire. I won’t have something so low taint the family name,”

“I love her, father,”

“If you don’t end it then I will end her life,” Father growled and my eyes went wide, “I will slaughter her family and then kill that bitch in front of you. Do you understand?”

I lowered my head making sure he didn’t see me crying, “Yes, father,”

“Good. Now get out of my sight. I don’t want to see you, boys, again,”

I bit into my lip to stop myself from making a noise as I cried and I left the room. I swiped at my eyes in anger and when I knew we were clear of our father, I turned on Xander.

“You knew!” I screamed, “You knew he would do this!”

“Max, I’m trying to protect you both,”

“By leaving me with a broken heart!” I cried, “How could you do this to me? I love her, Xander. Blair is the only one I love and you have taken it away from me!”

“Hey,” Dylan said, “Xander isn’t to blame for this. He is right. If you want Blair and her family to see another day, then just do as he says. I don’t want-”

“Fuck you,” I snapped, “Nari is...she is...”

Leo put his hand on my shoulder as I burst into tears and he smiled gently at me, “Serendipity,”

I looked at him, “What the hell does that mean?”

“You’ll see,” Leo said walking away.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and my heart stopped when I saw the message from Blair.

“I-I can’t do it,” I whispered.

“I’ll do it,” Aaron sniffed and wiped his eyes, “If she loves you she will understand,”

I never saw her again after that. Blair moved away and took my heart with her.

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