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If things got any more awkward I was going to jump out of the window. No one was talking and I could barely hear anyone breathing. I sat perched on a chair with my knees tucked under my chin with my hood covering the top half of my face. It was already embarrassing knowing that they knew I screamed Max's name having sex with my boyfriend...ex-boyfriend.

I hadn’t felt so guilty before. Kain didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve the way I was thinking of someone else when he was helping me. He even rushed to me so he could help me during my fertile period but no. I want and screamed Max when I had an orgasm. I was the worse vampire around. I deserved to be alone for the rest of my life and never have another penis near me again.

Leo burst into laughter breaking the silence and I narrowed my eyes at him. He quickly cleared his throat and shrugged, “Maybe you shouldn’t think so loud.”

“Maybe you should mind your own fucking business.” I snapped.

“Hey, no need to swear,” Leo smirked, “You should learn to contain your thoughts more.”

“Stay out of them!”

“Leo,” Xander said, “Leave her alone.”

“Can I leave?” I asked, “To be truthful, I don’t want to be near anyone right now.”

“This won’t take long, Blair,” Xander said, “But I need everyone around to discuss what will be happening the next few days.”

“We aren’t going to enjoy what you are about to say, are we?” Callum asked and Xander shook his head, “Great. Go one. Give it to us.”

“Salem wishes to walk around the mansion without the risk of being attacked,” Xander sighed, “Now before you get angry, please listen. We now have 4 females living under this roof and 1 of them is pregnant. I don’t want to risk their well-being because of the hatred we all feel towards our father. If you see him, then you turn the other way ignoring anything he is saying to you. I made it very clear to him that he is to stay away from the females at all costs. This is our house now and we make the rules.”

“What happens if he breaks them?” Willow asked, “Can I make him go bang like a firework?”

Xander rolled his eyes, “We can discuss that if it happens.”

“If?” Theo said, “I think you mean when.”

“Again, we will discuss that at a later time,” Xander said, “I don’t know what he is up to but I will get to the bottom of it. Callum and I will be looking into why he decided to drag his ass back to us. There has to be a reason and it will come to the surface.”

“I have a question,” I said lifting my hand up.

“Cute,” Max smirked.

“Fuck off, stubby,” I said and his brothers laughed, “What about that succubus in the basement? I was told that Theo killed her but no. She is still alive and if Leo hadn’t arrived at the moment in time, I’d be a dead fucking vampire.”

“I want to know that as well,” Emily said, “Everyone told me she was dead. I was surprised and angry to know that she isn’t.”

Xander exhaled through his nose, “It’s difficult to kill her. We thought Theo did kill her but she came back to life. I’m not sure how or why.”

“Interesting,” Willow said, “I thought there was a funny smell in this place.”

“What do you mean?” Leo asked.

“I’m half-witch and I smelt black magic,” She said and looked at Xander, “Black magic is a dangerous thing to play with especially if you don’t know how to control it. I just want to know the witch who agreed to place the lock on her cell.”

“I can’t tell you that,” Xander said.

“You do realise that I could find out without you, right?” Willow said, “Black magic has a certain smell, and that spell is very powerful. There are only a few witches powerful enough to use black magic. Not counting myself, of course.”

“You can use black magic?”

“Yeah but I’d rather not. It makes me feel things that I don’t like.”

“I want a blood sample,” I said and everyone looked at me, “If you want to know why she can’t die, then let me help. I’m more than just a midwife and I’ve studied demons and-”

“Wait,” Max said stopping me, “You studied demons? When?”

“In university,” I said, “Did you really think that I studied to just be a midwife?”


“A vampire going into the medical profession has to study everything. That includes demons, werewolves, witches and any other supernatural being around,” I said, “Demons were the one thing that I took interest in, so I majored in that as well as nursing and midwifery.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why should I?” I asked, “No one asked what I did at university or how I found it.”

“True,” Aaron said, “Have you seen this before then?”

I nodded, “Demons, as we all know, are very hard to kill. A succubus is a demon and one that is high up in the ranks. They can be killed but no one has ever had the chance to do so. Theo, how did you kill her the first time?”

“Um, I ripped her head clean off her shoulders, pulled her heart out with my bare hand and crushed it under my boot.” He said.

“That’s...that’s very specific,” I said and tapped my bottom lip, “I might be able to find out why she didn’t stay dead. It might be something obvious but I need her blood to find out of my theory is correct.”

“Which is what?” Dylan asked.

“She is cursed,” I said and the brothers frowned, “It doesn’t happen often but it could be true. I need help though.”

“I’ll do it!” Max said throwing his arm in the air, “I’ll help you!”

“You need to get a blood sample,”


“I hadn’t finished,” I said, “I need a blood sample when she is alive when she has fed and of course, when you kill her.”

“Feeding her isn’t a smart idea,” Xander said, “She is-”

“I have a drug that will suppress her power and she won’t be able to get inside anyone’s head. I need a way to get it into her system though,” I said and clapped my hands together, “Got it! Who wants to hunt for a demon for me?”

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