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James had come and gone. He had done more blood tests on Emily and spoke about the birthing process, but I wasn't paying attention. My thoughts were with Max and how he had been avoiding me for the past few days.

I rubbed my face letting out a sigh and decided to leave my room to find something to eat. I had been sitting at my desk for a while and my stomach was growing in pain.

The place was quiet apart from the few giggles coming from Emily's room and Theo laughing much louder. I smiled knowing how perfect they were for each other and how much stronger they were together. Emily had a traumatic past and he helped her gain the courage and confidence to carry on living. Of course, I was jealous but only because I hadn't mated. Kain hadn't responded to any of my messages. I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to get down on my hands and knees to apologise for what happened.

I still felt guilty and sick to the stomach over calling the wrong name during sex. I knew Kain and I knew he needed more time until he could speak with me.

The kitchen was empty which I was thankful for, so I raided the cupboards for something to eat. Xander had told me to help myself to anything I wanted, which included blood. I wasn't a fan of eating it from a blood pack, so I poured it into a small flask and sipped at it looking for something to put in a sandwich.

"It's dangerous for someone as sweet as you to walk around unattended,"

My heart dropped into my stomach and my mouth went dry. I gathered all the courage I had to turn around and Salem stood there with a small smirk on his face. His hair was slicked back and as usual, he wore all black.

He chuckled, "I'm curious about you. I want to know how someone like you managed to capture the heart of my son."

"Why don't you ask him," I whispered.

"I would but you see, everything that leaves his mouth is lies. I know my boys, and I have always wanted to meet you," He said walking towards me slowly. I felt my body react and I stepped back into the counter. His eyes flashed red and he trapped me, his hands leaning on the counter on either side of me.

My drink was taken from my hand and he took a deep inhale of my smell from my neck. I was frozen with fear. Salem had always scared me. He was powerful, a royal and a total prick. Not to mention he was much taller than me.

"Your smell is exquisite," He whispered in my ear, "Did this trap my boy or was it your body? Hmm?"

"Get off me," I said quietly trying to push him away, "You have no right to-"

"Stop talking female," He growled wrapping his hand around my neck and squeezing, "I should kill you right now for talking without permission. Females do not get to speak to me unless I allow them too."

"F-fuck you," I gasped out and his eyes turned a dark blood red.

"You stupid bitch," He growled lowly in his throat and I opened my mouth, letting out a silent scream as he sunk his fangs into the base of my neck.

I had never felt pain like that before. The ones who had taken from my vein never hurt me. Salem felt as if he was burying his fangs as deep as he could. I was trying my best to fight him but my body was slowly becoming numb and my vision was going blurry.

Sickness had taken over my body and when I felt my blood pour down me, my vision turned black.


Aaron shoved me through the door laughing at me as I tripped over my feet. I went to say something but the smell of blood was heavy on the air.

"Blair," I whispered and I scrambled to my feet, following the smell. My brothers were close behind me and I gasped as I saw Blair lying facedown in the kitchen in a puddle of her own blood.

"Blair!" I yelled and dropped to her side, rolling her over to see half of her neck torn out, "Fuck!"

"Give her your vein. Now," Xander said, kneeling next to me. He rested her head on his lap and Leo threw a tea towel to him.

"Max, give her your blood!" Callum said hitting the back of my head. Xander wrapped the towel around her neck to stop more blood from spurting out and I ripped the skin away from my wrist pressing it to her mouth.

"I'll check on Emily and Theo," Dylan said, "Leo, come on."

Tears burned my eyes and I looked at Xander, "She isn't drinking. Xander, she isn't drinking!"

"Stay calm, brother," Xander said, "Take a deep breath, ok? She will take from your vein. You have to remain calm. Aaron, open her mouth some more."

"Who did this?" I cried, "Who did this to her?"

"That doesn't matter right now. Blair should be the only one you are thinking of," Xander said, "Max, look. She is drinking. After she feeds, you need to feed. Blair will take a lot from you so that her body heals. Aaron, get blood ready for Max."

Aaron nodded and I bit into my bottom lip watching Blair drink from my wrist, "Xander...I'm going to kill them. Whoever did this, I am going to rip them limb from limb."

"I will do nothing to stop you," Xander said, "Let's take this step first and we can-"

"They've gone," Leo said running into the room, "Emily and Theo are gone."

"What?" Callum said, "What the fuck is going on?"

"Find them. Call Leila and Willow. Tell them they have to come back here right now," Xander said, "Callum, call Kris. Let him know there has been an incident and that everyone is on high alert. Aaron, I need you to search the grounds Callum after he finishes with Kris."

My heart skipped a beat when Blair let out a content sigh and I stroked her bloody hair from her face, "I'll kill whoever did this to you. I promise you they will pay for this. I promise."

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