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I wasn’t sure how I felt watching a wolf walk around the room and I tried to look fine with it, but Leila was big. Much bigger than any wolf I had seen before. Although she scared me, Leila’s wolf was truly beautiful. She walked with so much confidence that I was slightly jealous. I could never be as confident as her so when she caught eyes with me, I quickly looked back at the book I was studying.

I heard her huff and she left the room, returning shortly wearing what looked like Dylan’s t-shirt and boxers. It made her legs look even longer and me even shorter. Max was the shortest out of his brothers and I wasn’t born with height. I was born with big boobs, an ass and great hips. I wasn’t fat, I was curvy or as Max described me, delicious and scrumptious.

“Why are you scared of me?” Leila asked, bluntly and I looked up at her, “Well? Why?”

“I...I’m sorry,” I said, “Your wolf much larger than me and-”

“I’d never hurt you,” She tutted, “You don’t need to be scared of me. I’m on your side, remember?”

“I know, I know,” I sighed, “I’m sorry. I’m not confident around wolves but I know you aren’t like the other wolves.”

Leila frowned, “You’ve met wolves before?”

I nodded, “Yes. A little while ago. I had a few wolves bring their mate to my clinic. She was a little worse for wear but I couldn’t do anything to help her.”

Leila smirked a little bit, “Tell me about it.”

“Patient conf-”

“Tell me about it,”

I chewed my bottom lip slightly, “I won’t tell you her name but she was beaten up badly. Her wounds didn’t heal because she had salt thrown in them and-”

“That was me,”

“What? How could you-”

“Ruin the wolves that ruined me for life?” Leila said lifting her eyebrow, “She was lucky I didn’t tear her head from her body. If I wanted to, I’d hunt that bitch down and finish what I started. She is an outcast so if she comes to your clinic again for treatment, you need to turn her away. If you want to remain unharmed that is,”

“I don’t understand,”

Leila sighed, “It’s a long story but after I did that to her, she was kicked out of my father’s clan. They aren’t good enough to be rogues but she has put a hit on my head. She and her mate will do everything they can to kill me. Even if that means using innocent people to target me. So, please, I will beg if I have to. Do not let her inside your clinic again,”

Without another word, Leila walked out of the room leaving me with my thoughts. My shoulders dropped and I sighed. That was one person I didn’t want to hate me and I was sure that I annoyed her.

“You didn’t annoy her,”

I looked up at Dylan who walked into the room handing me a drink, “Are you sure?”

Dylan smiled, “Yeah. Leila hasn’t had it easy but I’m surprised she told you that much. She barely talks to me and we are recently mated. She doesn’t hate you,”

“How did you know I was thinking that?”

“I just know. Listen, Leila finds it hard to talk to people or get close to them. She doesn’t trust easily but she won’t ever hurt you,”

“Thank you...for the drink,” I said quietly, “You’d tell me if I upset her, right?”

“She would do that herself,” Dylan chuckled, “Xander wants everyone in the kitchen. There has been some news and he needs you there.”

I closed my book and followed Dylan through to the kitchen. Max smiled softly at me and I couldn’t help but blush. I sat on the chair next to him and his arm slid across the back of the chair behind me.

“How are you feeling?” Xander asked, “You look better.”

“I am. Thank you for looking after me,”

“It’s no worry,” Xander said, “Now, we need to address a few things before you start asking questions.”

“Great,” Leo muttered.

Xander shot him a look and started talking, “Emily and Theo are safe. They came down to the kitchen after Emily said there was something wrong. Then, they smelt blood. Theo had tried to help you but Salem was in a rage. He whisked Emily out of there as quick as he possibly could,”

“Holy shit,” Max said.

“Theo stopped Salem from killing you and even though we almost lost you, you were lucky,” Xander said, “I won’t tell you where they are because I don’t want Salem to find them. He is out for Emily’s blood and it’s better if no one knows where they are. Now, as for Salem. He is on the run and no one has seen him. Kris has everyone looking for him but again, nothing. Salem always had the power to vanish for years and turn up when we least expect it,”

“What happens if he shows up here and we aren’t prepared?” Aaron asked.

“I’m getting to that, Aaron,” Xander said, “Blair, you’ve been working on Crystal, have you not?”

I frowned, “I have. Why?”

“You know why she can’t die and you also know how to kill her.”

“How did you know that?” I gasped, “I’ve not told anyone that.”

“I’m not stupid,” Xander smiled softly, “I want you to let her go.”

“What?” Willow said, “Are you fucking stupid? You can’t let her go!”

“Let me finish, Willow,” Xander said not looking away from me, and he cleared his throat, “I also know that you have been working on a serum that can probably kill her.”

“Probably? No, it will definitely kill her,” I said, “I also haven’t told you that,”

“There is no time to explain why I know this,” He said, “Inject her with a small dose. A dose small enough to make her sick but not die. She is going to be used as bait. Our father isn’t weak but he is weak when it comes to her. For some reason, he is enamoured with her and Leo says it has nothing to do with being a siren,"

"So," Callum asked, "What do you want us to do?"

"Prepare for a fight," Xander said, "Salem will not go down without a fight. Blair, how fast can you make more of that serum?"

"Um," I said, "I-I don't know. It might take a few days but it could take at least a week,"

"Then head down there now and get started. Max, help her. If you need anything call for help and we will be there for you," Xander said and looked at his brothers, "Leila, I hope you keep your promise."

Leila scoffed and left the room.

"Promise?" Max asked, "What promise?"

Xander grinned, "We are going to have some more houseguests,"

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